Marvelous Molds – cake decor, polymer, plaster and more

Some of you may have heard me  talking about a desire to start working with resin again.. and you may have already seen Playdoh projects and the like on here in the past.  I was so excited to accidentally stumble across this site when I was updating affiliate info on the blog.  CHECK these out…..


Now these are  Food Grade Silicone molds…. but they can  be used for plaster, soap, wax and a bunch more crafting  media.  They can withstand 400 degree heat, so work with allsorts of materials.

One of the really cool features of these molds that I liked a lot was the cutting edge built in to the design and the wide array of designs and texture plates available, which would be great for my playdoh, polymer and plaster projects.  If you enjoy crafting with 3D embellishments…  check these out.  I know a bunch of you do mixed media pieces and upcycle and re purpose pieces in a variety of media.

I picked out a few of my personal favorites to show you, but you really have to go check them out for yourself.  Whether you are a cake decorator… and we have a few of you ladies too in my various Facebook Groups and contacts, or you are a mixed media artist, jewelry maker, modeler or whatever…. these are definitely worth a look.
As soon as I have some spare  money, hopefully after Christmas…. I’m grabbing some of these and a new supply of Tap Plastics resin.  Woot… so excited to find really cool molds  to play with.

The video on the page I am linking to is worth a watch even if you aren’t a cake decorator… it  has some useful information and tips on it that apply to any use.

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  • Wow! Love them a lot. Do you know if paper clay can be used in resin molds? Edwina Brown

    • If you meant in silicone molds? I really don’t know..I have never used it. but I would imagine so. If you aren’t sure you could either contact these guys .. or you could pop into the local Hobby Lobby,Michaels or Joann and try out one of the cheap silicone molds they carry. They have very limited choice..which is why I am so excited by this company lol… but if it was just a tester buy.. it would give you an idea.

      I am glad you liked this one as much as I did … I almost missed it, but the name intrigued me lol.

      I know I saw a list of things you could use in them other than the regular cake decorating items.. but I don’t think that one was specifically listed.. but I think it said .. AND MORE lol…

      I am dying to get my hands on some of these… If you get some..please let me know and share your projects or a blog link… I would love to see what you do with them

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