Unity Stamp co. bookmarks for the Abandoned Art Bucket

I wanted to have a quick play before bed last night/this am ..I have had these stamps sitting here staring at me LOL. I had an old paperback of hubby’s sat here on my desk for a while now too. He no longer wanted it and I didn’t want to waste it..so it was a toss up between upcycling it, or finding a new home for it. I am sure it was a fabulous story… but upcycling won.

I see this as a fitting tribute to the author who will now be enjoyed by a potential 322 people if I were to  use the complete book to make bookmarks for Abandonment projects. That’s a pretty good audience, even if they only get to read snippets of it.  Even if I had given it away complete….I doubt it would have ever reached that many people.

I may try that idea next….. like the old Where’s George site for $ bills. I could do a “WheresJim.com” and see how far a book travels; assuming of course the book is by an author called Jim, like this one.  It might be fun to do it with a kids book… hmm, idea to tuck away for when I have some spare time  🙂

I have a bunch of stuff to take care of between now and tomorrow night. A new month is coming and that means Lots of projects and new challenges to be set up and winners to be picked.

So.. quickie description…

One page ripped in half… inked up with Ranger Distress ink pads
Stamps were inked with Good ol Craft Smart Dye ink
Colored with a mix of Zig Kurecolor and a ranger Distress pen.. feather has a touch of Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust
Mounted on Kraft card stock with Zig Photo Tape
laminated on a Scotch TL901 using Scotch laminating pouches
Trimmed up with my new Swingline guillotine ( see previous post)
Hole punched using a Fiskars 1/4 punch
Boho /shabby ribbon was a gift from a friend who was de-stashing

Stamps are Part of the Story & Scattered Pieces


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  • Dorothy S

    Thanks – sounds like fun. I appreciate your speedy reply.

    • welcome… we’re pretty new to it, but if you have any questions… just holler.. there are also a lot of localized groups so if you search for art abandonment or abandoned art and the area you live.. you may find other abandoners 🙂

  • Dorothy S

    I am a recent follower and not familiar with the abandonment project…

    • Welcome Dorothy.. ok.. basically Abandoned Art is just literally that. People all over the world create everything from a doodle on a napkin, to canvas paintings.. then leave them out in public places for some random person to discover and enjoy. You don’t have to be an “artists” to be involved..it’s all about sharing some happy .. I have seen so many cool ideas in the groups I belong to.. people paint rocks, make bookmarks, paint canvas, paint on leaves, woodburn images, create stuffed toys, pottery, jewelry, inspirational notes…. .. there are no rules really

      Usually pieces have a tag with them that tells the finder that it’s free art, some leave a contact email or a link to the abandonment groups so the finder can contact them and let them know it’s found. It instructs the finder that it is free art, and if they don’t wish to keep it, leave it for someone else to discover or take it and give it to someone who will enjoy it.

      If you are interested in something like that, it’s a great thing to do with kids and/ or grandkids. My son is 5 next month and he loves our “secret missions” the idea is to leave them without being seen 🙂

      I have links to two groups on the side panel of the blog and a tab at the top for things we do.. but I have been slacking lately due to the weather and Real Life.. so I have a big box of things to abandon now and will be adding to that section of the blog as we drop them 🙂

      It’s a fun thing to do even though you rarely hear back from finders…

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