Abandoned Art Project – Readers Series

I had a fun idea for a new Bookmark Series to combine my CUP ( CraftsUPrint)  digital stamps by Gordon Fraser, with my Abandoned Art Projects.. doing something fun, and hopefully Inspiring people to read some of the classic literature that may not have crossed their path.
I was trying to decide on how to make my bookmarks when it hit me.. I could  pick classic tales  inspired by the images and add a short Synopsis to the back of each bookmark .. maybe inspire someone to hit the local library, or bookstore and check it out.

Now i am no literary  genius, so some of my book choices may be a bit obscure, based on books I have personally read.  Others will be pulled from the depths of Google based on search queries like “Pirate story book”  “traveler tales books” etc, ..and once I find a title I like.. I am going to see if I can pull up some fun info to go with it and  of course ..a Synopsis.  Wikipedia is such a fab place to get info on authors, artists, entertainers and  details on so many subjects… so Thank you Wikipedia for helping me further  the  cause of educating people on some great literature.

So here is the first bookmark in the series… Inspired by Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.


Image “Pirate Dude” by Gordon Fraser

Printed on Canson Mix Media

Colored with Crayola Color Escapes and blended with Isopropyl using a paper stump

Distressed with Tim Holtz distress Ink Pads in Frayed Burlap, Walnut Stain & fossilized Amber


Synopsis courtesy of Wikipedia

Printed on Canson Mix Media

Stamped Image “Sailboat of Dreams” from LDRS

Distressed with Inks listed above

Both Layers were attached to a piece of raft Card using Zig Photo Tape, then Laminated using a Scotch TL901 lamintor and Scotch laminating Pouches.  A hemp Rope/twine will be added to the hole punched with a Fiskars 1/4 hole punch.

This will be added to our abandoned Art bucket  to be abandoned  in the coming months, and hopefully found and enjoyed by a book lover.

Stay tuned for the next in this series….

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  • Merrie

    What an absolutely fabulous idea. I may ‘steal’ it and show it to the teachers at the schools I guest teach at. “March is Reading” month in our district and what a neat idea to make for the kiddos. Course it’s too late for this year- but next year.

    • Awww thanks Merrie.. it’s never too late.. getting the kids involved in associating images with books helps them discover new reading materials if they don’t already know one and have a particular image in mind…and abandoning them would give them a lesson in giving ..start them off now would give them a whole year to build a great collection to abandon 🙂 plus encourage them to read between now and then … and they could write their own synopsis on books they have read too..which would be cool.

      These kind of projects are great for kids… its a mix of learning and fun…. 🙂

      It’s really not a long drawn out project either so they could still do at least one before the end of march if you guys give them precut images and precut backings,..it’s just a case of color , add synopsis and laminate ..add string…

      and enjoy 🙂

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