Guest Designer – Lil’ Man D ( 4yrs old ) laminated bookmarks

We had to go get new tires the other day and my lil guy.. much as he loves the dealership and checking out all of the cars and trucks..specially the trucks ( he is just like his daddy when it comes to trucks lol ) .. he gets bored after a while.  So this time I decided to take along my portable easel box I showed you in a previous post earlier this week and watercolors  in case they came in handy… plus it was a great way to test it out and see how well it worked out.

They have a seating area with comfy chairs, but also a large eating area with vending machines and coffee etc and part of that is a long bar area with bar stools…and lots of natural light from the big windows.  So we sat down  with some snacks and drinks and I started to color.. lol.. 2 seconds later as predicted “I want to color please mommy”

So here we go, these are 4 of the bookmarks he painted while we were waiting for our new tires.  I had already stamped everything out  on precut  strips of Canson Mix Media Paper and they were in the easel box ready to go with the H2o pen.  The easel box and the Gansai Tambi box are about the same size so easy to grab and go even without a bag.
I love this first Giraffe because he told me he was painting a rainbow on it too ..  I love his imagination, but I am sure glad he explains what some of it is sometimes haha.  Some of these will go to friends and relatives and others will go in the Abandoned Art box.  The Giraffe is a stamp we picked up at Michaels last month.  The father and daughter image is a Unity Stamp co stamp  that I stamped up for me to color, but he hijacked it haha

The finished pieces were mounted on some plain Recollections 65lb card stock and then laminated and a hole punched for them.  A little bit of ribbon and some beads and they will be all ready to go 🙂

This portable easel with storage is great .. he loved it so much he asked for one of his own so he could bring his pens along next time too.  These boxes are small enough and light enough for a kid to easily carry around and if required .. you could easy pop on a carry handle or strap. Once his is finished,  he will be able to decorate it as he wishes. He loves to paint wooden blanks and boxes,  so I know whatever it is…. it will be UNIQUE  haha



Unity Stamp co. First Love, First Hero

Stampendous “PenPattern Giraffe”

H2o brush

Gansai Tambi Watercolor set


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  • Would you give me more information about the portable easel (brand, store, etc.)?

    • You can use any box that suits the size you want as long as it has a base and a lid, is hinged and has a lock on it.. you could even build your own from two trays/ wooden canvases just by adding the hinges and a lock yourself. This particular box is by Plaid and I got them at Walmart in the craft section… they are about $5 a piece and then whatever you use to secure the top section.. I have used a wooden ruler on the one I have for the lil man, I used a strip of flexible Magnet on mine… and Popsicles lol… yup popsicle sticks for the supports when you use it as an easel. I left mine free to just drop in the box .. but you could use bolts to make them permanently hinged.

      It’s as quick, easy and simple as you want it to be..or you can go all out and get fancy if you want to. I have plans to build one with a built in battery operated light box next 🙂

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