Sneaky Peek.. You’ve been Framed !

So.. ready for a sneaky peek at a few more  fancy frames using the Gina Marie Designs Die Collection?  As you can tell I added a few more fun die sets to my collection this week .. so now I have even MORE combinations I can make up and play with.

I just ordered my final missing  die that I REALLY wanted for this project, the Dot Stud Rectangles.   The Dot Studs are the ones with the larger circle cuts…I have the circles you can see in the picture and  already had squares, but Rectangles were  out of stock and I  REALLY REALLY like  the Dot Studs, so I had to go hunt a set down.  I think these are my favorite of all the IN/Out dies….  I hope that gets here soon.

There are so many combinations for this technique… and it’s such a great way to get a Bonus cut from your in and outs… expect to see these  A LOT in projects 🙂

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  • My hunt for the elusive Dot Stud Rectangles continues.. OUT OF STOCK, OUT OF STOCK.. twice I have found, and ordered only to get a return email for OUT of STOCK.. lol..I will find these damned dots if it takes all month…..

  • Cool, the first one is my favorite 🙂

    • The combo possibilities could keep me busy for a year lol… so I think I am going to make the others into sample projects and just show off the cuts along side them haha…or I will never get anything done

  • Merrie

    So jelly. Love these. See several new ones and I see you got some rhinestones too! Play time.

    • OH YEAH !!!! haha.. trouble is now with all these combos..I will be making frames for a month haha just for samples

      and there are still more I don’t have yet !!!

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