Beauty and the … Stick Bot???

This was my challenge image over at Cute As A Button’s Progressive Challenge for March…. I was running late after a fun month of craziness and then my 5 year old decided that my picture was lacking a little something something.. enter the stick bot.  Apparently he thinks that we needed a Stick bot in it.. so here she is .. this is Flamenco Dancer and Stickbot.

You can find Flamenco Dancer in the Cute As A Button store This was done on Canson Mix Media with  Gansia Tambi watercolors and a touch of Crayola Color Escapes pencil. I added a double layer photo mat  and she’ll most likely wing her way into the Abandoned Art bucket we are filling up for our great adventure next month.


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  • Regina Furman

    Beautiful! How do you like the crayola pencils? I’ve been thinking of getting them.

    • I like them.. but to be honest I never owned any of the expensive pencils ..I had $8 CraZart pencils before this… I got a 12 pack of Prismacolors free on a pack of permanent markers.. haven’t really tried them yet… but when I do I will let you know if there is much difference. I know the CraZart and Crayolas leave a shiny finish if you are heavy on them.. but I often as not am using them with alcohol blenders which tones that down… I don’t know if all pencils are like that.. or just the cheaper ones??

      I guess I will find out… if I have a play with them all side by side lol.. I shall add that to my to do list for next month 🙂

  • Shannon

    Wow oh wow this is gorgeous ❤❤❤

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