Beginners Guide to Embossing with Folders

This is a totally different technique to embossing with powders as seen in Nanadonna’s Tutorial.


Sizzix Machines

Embossing with folders usually requires a machine such as Sizzix Texture Boutique Embossing Machine, Big shot or similar.

There are lots of machines on the market and we will link to some of them at the end of this post. Choosing a machine comes down to budget and personal preference based on your crafting needs.

Embossing machines use what are referred to as embossing folders to create a raised design on your card stock or materials.

Embossing folders consist of two sides….a negative and a positive image and your card stock goes in the middle.  The plastic texture plates are hinged to take the guess work out of matching the two plates.  The folder is then sandwiched between the machines plates and inserted into the  machine… crank the handle and voila, beautifully embossed card is now yours to play with.  You can emboss directly onto your card blanks, or on to sheets of card which can then be applied to your base.  There are lots of examples of projects using embossing folders in our Message Board and on the galleries.


Here are some examples:


Embossed Card Samples


This is a selection of  card stock that has been embossed using  the Texture Boutique Embossing Machine.  This machine uses A2 size folders and is great starter machine for someone on a budget or just testing the waters.  My 3 year old loves to help  emboss with this, and it’s manual crank….so safe for little fingers.  so far we have only tried to emboss one alien figure LOL






Embossed and decorated Card Sample



This is a card with an embossed greeting that has been embellished with a Gelly Roll Stardust clear gel pen for  some extra bling. You can learn how to do the  dry inking effect HERE







Embossed and decorated Card Sample




Again, more examples of  embossing  done using an embossing folder and Gelly Roll Stardust pens. These particular folders are the Dandylion folder from Darice and in the background is the Daisy folder, also from Darice.







Embossing folders range in price  depending on the brand and the size.  Make sure you check the maximum size  capabilities for your particular machine.  The Texture Embossing Boutique is a budget machine intended only for embossing and it only takes the A2 size and border folders.

If you want to be able to use dies too, you should consider looking at something like a Sizzix Big Shot, or  Big Kick ….or if you have the budget for it and need larger capabilities.. check out the Big Shot Pro with an impressive 13 inch capacity and a price tag to match.

The range of dies available is take into consideration what you want to do now AND what you think you might want to do in the future when selecting a machine.  I just ordered a Big Shot  because I want to be able to die cut some of the fancier card templates and got a great deal on some Sizzix dies a few weeks ago…which you can read about HERE

Sizzix Die Cutting & Embossing Machines
Darice Embossing folders
Sizzix Embossing supplies

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