Beginner Guide ..Stuck on Sticky?

As a beginner one of my big questions was..”what do you stick everything with ?”

There are so many choices of glues and tapes and such to use.. what do you buy?? paper glue, rubber, glue, all purpose glue, glue dots, tape runners… the list is endless!  Everyone has their own preferences as to what they use on their projects… here are just a few of the things I use, and what I use them for.



Tombow Aqua –  Personally I find that this glue is too wet for card and paper ..unless you use a sponge applicator or your finger to spread it around thinly.  I find if I use the large applicator the card gets too wet and warps.  However I find it is fantastic for sticking on the nail bling that I bought at Amazon. If I have small pieces of card to add to a project, it is perfectly fine, I just don’t like to use it for  sticking large pieces to base cards unless I thin it out.


Elmers Tape Runner



Tape Runners  – Love this thing….I just wish they came in longer lengths, or bigger refill packs.  I know there are other brands that have longer lengths, I just haven’t tried them ..YET.  These tape runners are fantastic for sticking large background pieces and It’s a must have for any card maker.





Glue Dots


Glue Dots …I know a lot of people love these, but I can’t quite seem to get into these as much as the tape runner.  They definitely have their uses and I would always keep one handy, but for actual assembly…. for the most part I find them too thick and obvious and not so permanent as the tape runner. Maybe I need to find a lower profile dot or just use them on the smaller pieces of thick card.  Definitely a good thing to have on hand..but I wouldn’t use it for everything.




Double sided tape –  basically its a not so convenient tape runner.  Works the same it is just not as quick and easy to apply as a tape runner.

Rubber Cement – always a useful thing to have on hand.  You can pick this up in the local hardware store.  Very handy for sticking wood, rubber, and other heavier materials to your projects. Comes in handy for sticking unmounted rubber stamps to wood blocks too if you decide you want a permanent bond.  It stinks a bit and comes with a brush applicator that is over-sized for a lot of projects. It’s designed for use by plumbers really  not just use your own applicator.  It’s definitely worth having tucked away for those moments when.. and we all have them… when you  decide to use something crazy on a project and then realize you have nothing in your box of tricks to stick it down with.


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