Zig Embossing pen


I have had these a couple of months and finally got to test them out. Some of you may remember last year I created my own super fine embossing pen  because I was frustrated at not finding anything fine that fits in my Cricut

… Well for all you peeps that aren’t up for creating your own.. here is your answer. Now please bear in mind… this won’t fit in the Cricut One…. and it doesn’t fit in the Cricut Explore regular pen holder.   BUT they do fit in the Explore original & AIR with an Amy Chomas marker adapter 🙂

The possibilities are awesome… since you can write and  draw with the Cricut Explore, making your own embossed papers for projects is limited only by your imagination.

I like these pens a lot,  they are not  quite as fine as the ones I made….. but they are close enough, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab it and use it for projects over my own.

So all you lovely ladies and gents who have been wanting to add a touch of bling bling to your projects and don’t have the stamps you wanted… this may be  what you were looking for 🙂

Zig/Kuretake Supplies:
CraftingAbility.com –  they are currently adding more of the Zig catalog to the site store, so if you don’t see something on the site  drop them an email. 🙂  These guys are awesome.

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  • The Ranger one is cool but it’s way too thick to do writing with in my opinion… I gave them all the details on my pens I created but they never did anything with it.. shame really because they really could do a lot with some super fine pens in the range 🙂 … as you can see lol

  • NanaDonna

    This awesome. Looking at it I think I had on years ago but never used it except for filling in boo-boos when embossing. I have a Ranger one now, I will have to give it a try. Thanks so much for always keeping us posted on the cools things we can do.

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