It’s Elementary Dear Watson!

2cute_logoI just joined the 2 Cute Inks Stamps Club earlier today… got all my stamps downloaded and went to poke around the shop to see what else there was… and Lo and behold. I found me two cute digis I just had to have… well actually I bought more than two.. but heh.. for this blog post, we are just concentrating on two.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson …..Mouses…..

Too pigging cute!!

Well the thing is, I was getting a bit burnt out and decided to close out my facebook chats and all that stuff and go be antisocial for a few hours and have fun. And the result is.. the beginnings of a 10 card noteset ..which will have a matching envelope.

It’s a fun project..I get to goof off with my sketchy style of coloring.. make a mess with distress inks and let my sense of humor run loose for a few hours. This is just 2 of 10, I’ll post the entire project ..all 10 cards and matching chunky envelope container when I am done.



You can find the 2 Cute Ink Digital Stamp Group  and Club here.
The Club is a subscription based membership ..  you get access to  new release images early, member exclusives and  great deals on all other  digis in the store.  Definitely worth $5 a month…oh and if you don’t dilly dally.. the first month is FREE !!!!




  • DeeScraps

    I keep trying not to miss the free stamps but half the time I can’t get them to download. 🙁

    • This one is a monthly stamp club.. $5 a month gets you the new release stamps and a club exclusive, access to the old club exclusives and 75% off all stamps in the store for the duration of your membership. Pretty much in a nutshell it gives you $1 digis… which is pretty dang good 🙂

  • LOL.. yeah I don’t even try and keep up with all of the groups’s impossible I just check back a bunch when I log in and do my likes and comments on what I see.

    I even turned my chat off today and had an anti-social moment so I could play with crafting, instead of worrying about blogs and such.. some days I just need a break from it all to have some fun 🙂 I share most of my stuff on here, the message board or on my facebook.

    ..and you can turn off the alerts from the groups and just get the ones from your friends on there too .. that will help. Or you can turn them all off ..I don’t need to know about every single post made on every group lol.

  • DeeScraps

    These cards are really cute and I bet the set will be great.

    It’s hard to keep up with all the Facebook post even if you don’t comment. I had 500 to delete from my phone after a few days.


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