Fill in the blanks “saucy” Birthday Shaker Game Card

Ok.. before you click on the link …or scroll any further down this post, if you are overly sensitive, PC… or easily offended.. leave NOW. I take no responsibility for the minds of anyone who comments on this post LOL. Although I do have moderation turned on….I am not going to refuse to publish any comments, unless they are beyond even my limits of bad taste..and let me be clear.. aint much offends me lol.

It’s all in good fun ..and if you can’t take it in the way it is intended… best go check out some flowery cards 🙂  I have those too.

Ladies feel free to use Hash, @ signs etc. when you filling the blanks whilst commenting…. if you feel the need  🙂 .  It is not  necessary to make a saucy comment.. just a fun and fitting one, but there is always the possibility that someone will GO THERE ! Remember this is more a reflection on your minds.. than mine LOL .. so feel free to make use of the tags, I am sure everyone will be well aware of what you are trying to convey  LOL.

This is a card I have had on my todo list for a good 4 months or more.. and I finally got to do it in the wee hours of this am. I was chatting with one of the girls online about 5 am about what sentiments I wanted to use….when it occurred to me, this would be a fun giveaway.  So yet again… here is a chance to grab a 10 pack of shaker card windows and balls and have a laugh at the same time.

I love these kind of fill in the blank cards, so much fun to personalize them to the recipient.

shaker game cardI am sure I don’t need to tell you .. she is a KennyK girl… This is “Cabaret”  colored with Chameleon pens and riding a  3inch diameter shaker window game card.

Ok ladies..start filling in the blanks…  anyone can comment with their ideas, but only US residents are able to win the shaker windows.  Sorry, shipping is way too expensive internationally for small packets like this…and this all comes out of my own pocket.  To make it easier on everyone, specially me.. please indicate if you are outside the US in your comments.

A winner will be picked randomly  May 31st and announced June 1st .. If you are the winner, please make sure you check and respond to the email you will receive at the address you used  to comment.


challenges entered:

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WARNING…some of these ladies are GOING THERE !! Read comments beyond this point at your own risk 

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