Zig Kurecolor Alcohol Markers & Giveaway

It seems to come up a lot lately in some of the cardmaking and coloring groups I am in on Facebook… lots of people are trying out the  Zig Clean Color Markers, but few know about the Zig Kurecolor set.  Since I am a huge fan of the Zig Kurecolor markers I have, I thought I would share this info for anyone who might be interested.

I had been struggling to find a skin tone  that suited my style and budget when I ran across these on the CraftingAbility website. I already had the set of Memory System Markers and loved the tips on those… so when I saw that Zig had alcohol markers with the same  fine tip, I grabbed some to try.

The brush tip on the  Zig Kurecolors isn’t like most brush tips I have tried, it’s a bit fatter, rounder and and not so stiff and I love it.  Add in the fab fine tip and … the fact I finally FINALLY found my color. SOLD !!!!

I am not a huge fan of pinky/orange faces… it reminds me too much of girls who can’t find the right foundation makeup.  Just personal preference, each to their own.  I picked up 3 pens to try and get a good skin combo and  the one I  absolutely can’t live without … Pale Beige #731.


Image – KennyK Stamps

Now Zig do two types of Zig Kurecolor….refillables, much like the Copic, Spectrum etc… and one that is not marketed as refillable.. but TOTALLY is and really would be another great selling point if they were marketed as such.  The pens are slimline, so won’t hold as much ink as the ones marketed as refillable.. but they are super quick and easy to fill, so I am not worried about that at all.

No replacement tips for these ones.. since they aren’t marketed as refillable, however that is not to say that the replacement tips wouldn’t work in these, I just haven’t had any to try… but you know I will  give it a shot when I do lol.  But they do come with my two favorite tips and so far, I have had no need to replace them anyway and I am not the most delicate of people when it comes to markers.

Zig seem to have very durable tips that have held up to my scribbling and Cricut Explore perfectly.  They also play nicely with other alcohol markers I have and I am definitely one to mix and match my pens.  So if you have other alcohol pens, but just can’t find the right skintones for your tastes, or feel like you are missing some colors you would like.. or you really just need different tips..check these out.

Me, as soon as I can, I’ll be  buying every single one of them lol.  I just have to decide between the dual tip refillables and these Manga pens I currently have…and really like.




The Refillable version comes in two versions of dual tip.. the twin and twin ‘s’ .   I believe all Kurecolors come in the entire color range, but don’t quote me on that.

The Twin pens ( twin and twin’s’ ) also have replacement tips which can be purchases in packs of 10.  Please check the details on these as not all tips can be used on both pens .  I’m hoping to get my hands on some of these myself soon to try, and if and when I do… I’ll be sure to let you all know.  One of these, not sure which model yet, will be available on special order for anyone interested..( 10 days or less) I’ll let you all know as soon as they are listed, or you can sign up for their newsletter. Because I’ll be grabbing some myself to play with 🙂


and then of course there are the refills… 25ml in whatever colors  you need.  If you fall in love with the 731 like I did, I highly recommend you buy these in multiples ..lol I can tell you it’s hell when you run out and have to wait for refills.  I have 3 now and happy as a clam. I am soo not running out of that color again lol. Refills come in single color, or sets ..I believe it’s sets of 10, or 12 to correspond with the pen sets.

The color range is not as vast as Copic, but with 136 pens in the range ( 135 colors and a blender pen),  plus tip blending capabilities….there is more than enough color variety for most peoples needs …and budgets.   I just got my mits on a set of the Hair and muted tones manga pens… so  expect to see projects  and a review of those soon too.

I think I read somewhere that these inks are also suitable for paint guns.. so I’ll be giving that a shot too. I know my other alcohol inks worked in it.

Ok and now for the fun part…. CraftingAbility.com have very kindly supplied a 12 pack set of the Manga skintone colors for one of you lucky peoples!

The set contains the following colors:

Pale Beige, Vanilla, Ivory, Champagne, Light Bisque, Rose Beige, Flesh Colour, English Rose, Blush, Pale Blush, Pink Haze and Porcelain.

You can enter  here by commenting on this post and telling me why you would like to try these. One random lucky person will get their hands on this 12 pack set.

US Only ( shipping costs again.. sorry)
Ends June 30th, 2016  –  winner will be drawn and announced July 1st.
Winner will be contacted at email used when commenting, be sure to use an email you check. You will need to respond from that email to claim 🙂

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  • OOOh wauw this is THE skincolor everybody is looking for. I Always struckling with the sincolor. I color with Zig clean color real brush nad lots of other media’s. But the zig I’m in love with 🙂

    Thanks for teh change to win the skincolor.

    hugs Annemarie

  • Janet Ingraham

    I’m a fairly new but avid crafter and though my new crafty friends have all gone Copic, Even those crafting for many years seem to still be trying to fill in their Copic sets. I’ve used some Zig Kurecolors at a friends house and fell in love. I would be so grateful to win some!!!!

  • JaneyG

    Thank you for sharing. I have a very small Copic collection (maybe 35?) and don’t have skin colors I’m happy with. I’m new at all this and am trying to learn as much as I can, so this post was very helpful to me. Due to health issues, my coloring budget is limited to “anything free” lately. Winning this set would really give me a boost!

  • Hi Mswipz, Would love to have a products, as you describe, for skin tones. The cost is one reason I can’t experiment with various products. These sound to good to be true!!! I have struggled for years to find something for the perfect skin tones. Thanks so much for offering these as a giveaway. Keeping fingers crossed.

  • Laurie eierman

    Oh man Samantha you are getting me in trouble again lol!! I too have struggled with skin tones heck I struggle using my copics compared to you and the chameleons are great but I am still learning. Would love to win this set to experiment?

    • Both the Zig Kurecolor AND the new Chameleon Skintone sets are fab… I use both equally as much. I’m more of a mix and match kind of girl and I love the way my pens all work together 🙂 I plan to have a full set of each of them ASAP… and then add in some more of the other Zig pens available…. like the Clean color and the writers and brushables… and of course I want the full set of chalk pens ..love those. What I really love about these are the tips… they are unlike any of the others I have seen or tried… and the tones of course 🙂

      Of course it doesn’t hurt that the Zigs have really durable fine point tips and just happen to fit in my Cricut Explore with the adapters I have for writing and drawing 🙂

  • Kimberly Dunn

    I would like to win these for my sister. I’m not really big into crafting, but she is and would love these!

  • Meredith McKenna

    I have never been able to afford Copic or any other markers that come in skin tones! Everything is so far out of my price range! I hate having to use the “cream” colored pencil as my only skin tone option….or risk the atrocious orange skin that you mentioned!! It would be a dream come true to be able to win and use these markers! 🙂

    • I found these to be very affordable… you can also buy them in single colors Meredith which is great if you are on a budget like me too, so you can build a collection based on the colors you use most first. CraftingAbility’s shipping is very reasonable too… Plus for all you ladies who like to craft, make sure you check out their coupons. AND at the bottom of the page…. they also have an offer … if they publish your project on their site you get a $15 credit to your next purchase. Always fun 🙂

      I know everyone can’t win the set of pens..and I really wish I had more sets to give away. But seriously .. give them a shot, I think you will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

      I started off with just 3 pens to test them out when I first discovered KureColor… now ..in the words of Freddy Mercury “I WANT IT ALL !!!” I haven’t had a Zig pen yet I didn’t love. The tips are fab on all of them so far… embossing pens, the memory system set the Kurecolors… all fab..and I am dying to try the Clean Colors too.

  • Tazmadazz

    I’ve only used Copics, but these markers sound intriguing and would love to give them a try! Skin tones are my hardest things to master. Thank you for the chance to try to win these to try!

  • Hello,
    These look and sound fantastic. As a DT an Guest DT I find it so difficult to find the right product to use for with the various images I work on. I would absolutely love to try these out on my various customers digi’s and include them in my listing of products used. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Lee Tucker

    I’ve tried all kinds of pens, but I always seem to go back to my Prisma colored pencils. I also never liked the flesh tones in the markers even after I broke down and bought some Spectrum Noir alcohol markers. Since I’ve always been a big fan of Zig, I was excited to see that they now have alcohol markers. I can honestly say that I’ve never been disappointed with anything that I’ve purchased from them. Thanks for the chance to win these markers, so we can try them out and see if we are as impressed with them as you are.

  • Stephanie

    I would so love to try this set! I have about 30 copics but I always struggle with skin tones! It’s always too dark or too light and I have all the skin tone colors on copic. I would love to try these and see if they work!

    • For anyone that doesn’t win… but wants to try these, my personal favorite for skin is the No. 731 Pale Beige .. you can get all of these pens in singles too.
      It’s also included in the skintone set 🙂

  • i really struggle with skin tones..and i think for the same reason as you do..seems like it’s always the wrong foundation/blush color etc..especially with whatever hair color i’ve chosen. Would love to try these, my local mom/pop art store where i normally buy my zigs doesnt have these.

    • Hi Betsey, I have found that most people know about the Zig Clean Color markers, but not the Kurecolor. I was lucky enough to run across these on CraftingAbility and grabbed some to try..love them 🙂

  • Nancy McDonald

    I would love a set to try. I only use colored pencils and would love to try pens

  • Janelle Bittle

    Wow what a great giveaway! ! Skintones are always so tough!! Yes most colors out there give the illusion of someone who can’t find the right foundation. …you nailed that on the head!! These look fantastic and wpuld love to give them a shot! I tend to shy away from images with faces because of the lack of good color selection to make the best skin tones….but these just may change that! ! 🙂

  • Kai

    I would love to try these mainly because I have only ever tried prisma markers, so i would love to try different brands. Also I don’t really have any skin tone markers so it would be great to actually have some.

  • MCM

    Ooh, these look great! I would love to use these because I’m obsessed with markers…and drawing with markers. 🙂

  • Natalie Capps

    I would love to have these markers to use in my cardmaking. Flesh tones are always trickly without the right markers to use. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Sarah

    I just started card making agian in the past all i used was copic markers and loved them but now i want to try new things i loving coloring and woyld love to try these thank you for the chance to win these

  • I thought Zig only made watercolour markers, now that I know different I would love to try them out. My old markers are fast drying out and aren’t refillable.

    • “Technically” these ones aren’t refillable either…. but they can be 🙂 They also have a refillable version, which I may try out soon. Just waiting for them to get added to the CraftingAbility.com catalog. I do so many projects and practice colorings I really have no choice, I need to refill lol. But I really love these slim pens and the tips they come with, so since I can refill them..that is what I do. I can’t wait to have the entire color range of these. I love my Zigs …. heck I haven’t had a Zig product yet I didn’t love… the tape and glue I just got is fab and my Gansai Tambi watercolors are awesome… and then I have the memory system set I got last year and loved those, specially the chalk pens.

      Zig have a huge range of products… fabric pens, wood pens, chalk pens.. all sorts of cool things. If you subscribe to the blog you will see me review stuff all the time, as I try new things 🙂 stay tuned, there is a spotlight series coming up starting tomorrow… and I may have some more Zig stuff come up in that.. maybe a coupon and prizes in the end of series giveaway 🙂

      Good luck .

  • Jane

    Always interested in new products to try. You review sounds wonderful and would be the marker to try. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Dee

    Great give away…I’d love to try these pens and see why you like them so much. The tip on them sounds very interesting.

  • I would Love to try these, I am a newbie to Adult Coloring but did some crayon and pencil coloring with my girls when they were young.. I have never colored with markers and would like to try using them…

    • The blog is mainly aimed at card makers and scrapper’s so you will see a lot of fabulous Digital Stamp Artists featured on projects here. I don’t know if you buy and print your own, or buy books? but some of them also sell coloring books…. so be sure to check out their Facebook groups and blogs/stores if you see an artist you like on here. Coloring is so much fun, enjoy and good luck 🙂

  • Beatrice Thomas

    I would love these markers. I am new at coloring and would LOVE to have this set with these particular colors. Plus you make these sound so fabulous!!

    • I love mine …. I have two types of markers I use and love them both… and they play so nicely together 🙂 Good luck. If you are new to coloring, be sure to check out the spotlight series coming up on June 1 st, lots of fab artists you may not have seen before 🙂

  • Micki Krieger

    I, too, would love to win these. I’ve been buying markers as I could afford them – some Copics, some SN but in doing so haven’t been able to afford anything in the flesh tone range (too busy filling in the color wheel, I guess). What a great giveaway – thanks!

  • I would love to win because I only have one skin colored Copic marker… sad, huh? LOL!

    • The fact you only have one… or that it’s a Copic? lol… I know I am the odd sheep on this farm *grin

      Until last week I only had 1 main skin tone too… I had a few secondaries for shade and tone,..but only one base color that really worked for me..and that is actually in this set… lucky lucky peoples. 🙂 Now I have another set of skintones which I do really like too and I’ll hopefully be getting my mits on this set too …soon. I love where my collection is going right now… LOVE these pens and they play so nicely with my other alcohol markers… **WUB

  • Merrie

    Wowzers- it would be fantastic to win this set. I have my SN pens and a few Copics and still struggle to find the right skin colors. Plus I have never tried this brand- so I would love to see how they work. Please thank CraftingAbility for offering such a great prize.

    • I have to say so far I have been happy with all the pens I have. I think these will be a surprise to anyone who gets them that is used to coloring with the big name pens. The tips are not what you are used to.. I gather most pens come with a chisel at one end….which to me personally, pretty dang useless for anyone coloring detailed digi’s lol. If I get the refillables, I will def be switching those out 🙂 But I have a feeling I will be picking up a lot more of the manga styles…and Refills …. oh yeah this girl is gonna need refills lol.

      I can’t say I wasn’t tempted to keep this set for myself when offered the option lol… but I’ll get my own soon 🙂

  • Great review. I too do not like the orangey skin tones so I would love to get my hands on this set and give them a try. From the looks it seems there are perfect colors in there for my liking as well.

  • Nicky

    I would love to win them because i NEED new pens. My promarkers are running out and they need replacing.

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