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Lisa Graham – Bloobel Stamps


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Where are you ?



When did you first start drawing/designing seriously?

I worked as a “serious” artist from 2010 – 2013, I’d never do that again. I prefer art to be fun 😉


What  job did you have BEFORE you started drawing/designing for a living?

I was a software developer before I moved to France, and the last time I worked for a salary was on technical support for World of Warcraft, a video game.


If you could hang out with ANYONE in the world ….  who would it be?….and what is the one question you would want to ask them?

Stephen Hawking. I’d probably ask him a stupid question and spend my life mortified that I had embarrased myself.


What’s your favorite color?



What is your favorite piece in the whole store?


Thank you for the Flowers












Who is your inspiration/muse?

Cartoons like Sponge Bob, Oggy and the cockroaches, Video Games.


Name your favorite cartoon?

At the moment I’m watching Adventure Time, that is pretty cool. I like everything by Miyasaki.


Favorite quote?

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


What was your favorite subject in school…?

Maths. Funnily enough I didn’t like art at school, I found it restrictive and boring drawing pieces of wood and fruit.


If you were reincarnated…who would you have been in a former life?

A spider.


What is your most popular item in the store/shop?

I don’t know how long the bunny will be popular now that spring is over, but I think a lot of people who visit my store will like coffee whatever the weather.

muchogrande (2)

Boingy Rabbit

muchogrande (1)

Need Coffee













Who was your first celebrity crush…and have you drawn them?

Danny Kaye. I never drew him, but I think his goofiness has inspired some of my characters.


If you weren’t doing what you are doing now…. what job would you have?

Software Developer. Although I’m a bit out of date these days. I do video game design on the side to keep my hand in.


What’s your favorite craftroom/business supply or tool that you couldn’t live without?

My mechanical pencil, if I don’t have at least 3 in the house at one time, I start to get nervous. I seem to have bought about 20 in the past year. I think my cats eat them.


If your parents had named you something else… what would you have picked?

Pollyanna. My mum wanted to name me that after the novel.


What’s the one song guaranteed to have you shaking your booty anytime, anyplace ..anywhere?

Bob Sinclar – Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) – oh my. It has the “everybody dance now” sample from the 90s, which makes me forget I’m over 40. I’m going to kill myself one of these days or break something.


Who scared you most as a kid when you were being naughty.. your parents or the boogey man?

I was nearly never naughty, but when I was it was the “disappointed” face of my mother that scared me the most.


Show me the drawing you think most closely resembles you physically or personality-wise

This is me multitasking, I wear lots of hats 🙂


muchogrande (3)




What do you love most about all the people you meet through your work?

Everyone that I have met so far have been so nice. I think the crafting community really look out for artists and are very supportive. I really like that, rather than creating a “finished” product that people consume, digis are more like collaborating with hundreds of very individual artists all over the world, and I love to see how everyone interprets one image in their own way.


If you were a classic car…. what would you be?

I don’t know if I’d be it, but I always wanted to own a Chevy Camaro 69 SS.


When you are working, what is the view from your window like?

I’m lucky to have a big garden with trees and birds that play in them. Our garden is a bit unkempt so it’s a bit like living in a forest sometimes.


Which decade do you think had the best music?

70s Disco.


What’s your favorite hobby when you want to relax?

Independant video games, board games, gardening, sci-fi films, audible books about space.


Which drawing/product are you the most proud of in your collection?

This one was quite difficult to get the balance right, and I was quite proud of myself for even attempting the pose 🙂

muchogrande (4)

Expert Gardener
















What should be written on your gravestone when you die?

Game Over





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  • Very creative images! Love them all!

  • I just found your shop a couple of days ago. The need coffee digi caught my eye, right away! Love your work.

  • Nicole

    A truly quirky sense of style–Love it!!

  • karenladd

    Your quirky images made me chuckle…especially the one busily multi-tasking! There were many days that felt like that for me!

  • sherry

    I love all your “quirky” characters…..each and every one is so thought out and perfect. I had to get your coloring book, my Grandson said it was silly…keep them coming!

  • Shelley

    I did think I’d already commented but I guess not lol. Love Lisa’s artwork. Just makes me smile 🙂

  • Jenn

    OMG!!! Your headstone literally made me laugh out loud!!!! Your work is so fun!

  • Naz Smith

    So great to learn about the artists. Love your images xx

  • Francesca Lopez

    Love your quirky drawings!

  • Love your headstone answer and to have worked on war craft must have been fun I know a few friends that have hundreds of hours playing it
    Your digital images are fun and quirky keep it up
    Hugs Nikki

  • Nicky Greenfield

    Love the final comment about the gravestone 🙂 Funny. I love your work, your images are great to work with and fun to use.

  • Great to meet you. Love the Q&A. Love your quirky images. They are so unique. I have played World of Warcraft for 6 years and don’t miss it.
    Danny Kaye was always fun to watch when I was little. Hè made me laugh so hard.

  • One of my favorite spotlights so far for sure!! =) I laughed out loud at ‘Game Over’ haha.. Awesome!!!
    Always fun to see another Warcrafter haha..

    Since I play both sides I’ll just say “For Azeroth!” 😉

    Thanks for sharing a little about yourself. It was wonderful getting to know more about you =)

  • Andrea Norris

    Fab spotlight Lisa, I love your quirky designs and have some of your images in my basket ready to buy. I just need to find sometime so I can do them – LOL!!
    Andrea x
    SheepSki Designs

  • I had to laugh at your favorite car I own one that still starts right up even though it’s hardly driven. Hopefully one of my grandsons will help me fix it up. It was the last car I bought before I got married lol.
    69 Chevy Camaro S/S lives on!

    • Lisa

      hehe what are the odds? 😀 I haven’t got a hope of having one while I’m in France… even if I could get my hands on one, the roads are too small and the gas is too expensive lol.X

  • Super spotlight for one of my favorite artists! xxx

  • Dee

    I’m so glad that you included Lisa in your questions and answers. I love her “quirky” images and a peek into her mind is really a treat for me. I’m also so impressed with her computer background and all that she’s accomplished besides her digital images. I’d like to send her a special “thanks” for the free images that she’s posted for her fans since I began following her blog and shopping at her store. The “Prince” one will aways be a favorite of mine. 🙂

  • Oh my I had thought about Danny Kaye in YEARS, it was great that you mentioned him. As a kid we watched his show, the whole family sitting in the living, mostly I sat on the floor. Plus I can see how he has inspired your images. I love your images and have a few but have not actually sat down to color one. AND I loved your song choice and had to google it to actually hear what it was (hardly ever know songs by their title). Played the video/song and was actually rockin out here in my chair, lol

    • Lisa

      lol, I was wondering if anyone would even know who I was talking about. 😀 I didn’t see many of his shows because I grew up in England, but have seen all of his films 🙂

  • Janice Cullen

    Hi Lisa
    “GAME OVER” Love it lol
    love your spotlight honey <3

  • Aw man… I miss playing world of Warcraft!!!

    For the HORDE !!!!

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