Digi Artists Challenge June-August 2016

Challenge Invitations have been sent ….


The Gauntlet has been thrown!

…. who dare pick it up first ?


This is a challenge for Digi Stamp Artists to play with new ideas, have some friendly competition and get the  creative juices flowing.  It’s a fun community art event which we hope will be a quarterly  occurrence.  It’s a new spin on the  old card challenge idea…  but now our favorite artists get to  play.

New artists are welcome too, if you are a new digi artist trying to get established and meet a fab group of established artists  and mentors, or an existing artist in need of some fresh fun ideas.  Come on in, the water is great.

“THEME: SHAKESPEARE – deadline midnight Central time August 31st, 2016

This is open to anything Shakespeare related….. characters, inspired by quotes, pretty much anything goes as long as it has something to do with Shakespeare.

If you want a cat with a beard and a ruffle and an ink pen…. that is totally ok…. Romeo and Juliet… fine.. midsummer’s night dream fairies… works for me.
A giraffe reading a book by Shakespeare.. stretching it a bit, but still ok ( giraffe, long neck, stretch.. bad joke ..ok I’ll stop now…).


Each artist may enter up to 5 separate  submissions based on the theme…ah what the hell let’s make it up to 10…. for those of you with nothing better to do LOL.

Please remember these artists involved  are fitting this in between regular projects and day to day business too…. and that these digi stamps can take hours or days to complete… so patience is needed.

So get your thinking caps on … let’s do this”

If anyone would like to participate in this artist challenge, but didn’t get an invite … you can PM me on Facebook, or send me an email.  All submissions  are held for approval, so please don’t worry if it takes a few hours for them to appear.  I  think I still have a life..???

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