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Well here we are… finally the end of Series Giveaway is about to kick off.


spotlight series

Now  you are going to wish you had commented on the spotlights when you read them..I dropped enough hints to sink a battle ship, not that I should have needed to *cough.

Anywho….  There are a lot of different prizes on offer, some US only, but most are worldwide.. please be sure to read the eligibility on each one you wish to enter.

I would like to thank the spotlight guests  and sponsors for  such a fab series.  It all started off with a crazy idea in the wee hours one morning and snowballed from a maybe once a week or month thing to..all of a sudden daily. It’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun.. and for sure has been an eye opener for me.  Trust me  when you have a month of 5am bedtimes.. an eye opener isn’t always bad thing lol.  AND .. we have more guests who want to play along..so look forward to more spotlights in the coming weeks and months 🙂

Thank you everyone ..and GOOD LUCK !!!



    Winners will be announced by July 16th at the latest

  • I love this spotlight series! A fun way to find out about each artist!

  • Eleanor

    I wish that I didn’t miss it. good luck everybody.

    • You didn’t …. but you must have missed a lot of original posts 🙂 The series ended so the giveaway started .. if you had clicked on the links you would see that they run until the 10th and the Chameleon one till the end of the month.


  • April Catalogna

    You did a fabulous job…. thanks for all your hard work!

  • I commented on 3 different ones

  • KT Fit Kitty

    This was a lot of fun – and very interesting to read! I enjoyed this series very much and hope you continue it! I am a new subscriber! Thanks for all of the awesome giveaways from these wonderful designers!

    • Glad you enjoyed it … I’m hoping to keep bringing new spotlights every now and then as we had some that couldn’t make it this time that I am sure everyone will enjoy just as much 🙂 Glad you subscribed too, then you won’t miss future giveaways 🙂

  • Thank you so much for putting this together – I had an amazing afternoon reading all about everyone and drooling over their talent 🙂

    Greetings from Australia

  • kate

    thank you for this amazing spotlight series i have found some great new artists and learnt some cool things about my favorite artists. loved every minute i have spent reading these great insights

    • Well feel free to subscribe to the blog, or find me on Facebook, google+ or twitter… there are going to be more throughout the year 🙂

      glad you enjoyed it

  • Lots of great interviews went and played catch up on a bunch of them and missed a few comments in the process that is all fixed up now
    thanks for holding this found some new companies and artists out there and learning about others is always fun
    hugs Nikki

  • Kennykstamps

    This was a BLAST!! So fun and interesting reading about other artists. Great job! You ROCK!!!

  • Wow you did a lot of great work on this to do something for a whole month takes a lot of dedication. Each one is fun to read for sure. Plus a few new places to visit to
    thanks for including me in all this fun and I’m off to read a few more
    hugs Nikki

    • that’s what happens when you get a crazy last minute idea in the wee hours of the morning instead of sleeping like normal people lol. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • Merrie

    Thank you MsW for doing this. I can’t begin to imagine the time it took to do everything. As I’ve said before- when do you sleep? So, just to be clear- we only have to leave a comment on the ‘spotlight post’ before the 10th? We don’t need to go back if we have already left a comment? Just checking.

    • Yes ma’am, if you left a comment on the spotlight before that is groovey just post in the giveaway “I commented”

      ..if not you need to comment then come back to the giveaway and then post “I commented”


  • It´s been an awesome month with loads of amazing previews of sooo many amazing crafters, and I wish, I had commented on everyone, but my life has been crazy, so only managed some of them, I´m afraid, but it doesn´t mean, I didn´t think the rest wasn´t worth to comment on, cause they were all aafabulous, and I wish, I´ve had more time for all, and it was so much fun to read soo much about everyone, and I almost feel, I got to know them all a lot better after this round here. Sooo well done everyone and best of luck in the future too with all your awesome stores.

    • well you have 29 reasons to go and leave some comments before the 10th lol .. lots of great prizes 🙂 and I am glad you enjoyed the series… I have some more fun ones lined up for the coming months too… but not on a daily basis … phew !!! NEVER again lol

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