Essential item – the Crafter’s Toothbrush

I just got a fab new  Gina Marie Die today, well two actually and  a few more on the way lol…. but that is a whole nother blog post.  Today I want to introduce you to this one particular die.   Ok, so what has that got to do with Crafter’s Toothbrushes I hear you mumble… and what the hell is a “Crafter’s Toothbrush” anyway!!  something crazy, new and expensive that I just have to add to my craftroom??

Never fear….we shall get there…. be patient grasshoppers.  This is more for the new crafter’s, but may be useful to some seasoned veterans who haven’t already discovered it.

The new die I  got today is this one  “LACEY LATTICE RECTANGLE DIE SET”

gmd_latticeI have to admit I did get a good giggle from the description… not only do I love Gina’s Designs and her prices are fabulous… but she’s honest to a fault lol.

“PLEASE NOTE!  The inner lattice panel is VERY tiny and petite.  That means you could need to shim or use a precision plate and that there will be LOTS of little pieces.  I like to be honest about my products.  It is a beautiful set and cuts great you just need to have knowledge to make it work best with your machine.”

Now we all have those dies that have  the most gorgeous designs,  but take forever to weed out the offcuts…   well you might…. LOL .. NOT ME haha.

I have the almighty Crafters Toothbrush.

Ok enough messing around…   a quickie video to show you all how quick and easy it is to clean up these  gorgeous intricate cuts. My regular Sizzix cutting plates are shall we say a tad worn and as warped as I am….so you wouldn’t really see much, so I skipped right to the clean up.

I ran my new dies through my Big shot on said old and warped plates… no shims needed, using 110lb card stock.  I  popped them  out of the Big Shot, now pay attention… this really helps.. DO NOT pop them out of the dies.  If they pop out anyway.. not a huge deal.. but it’s quicker if you keep them in the dies. Specially if you didn’t get a good, clean all over pressure cut the first time round.

Flip that baby over die side up  and here comes the Crafters Toothbrush … old, new, electronic, Colgate, mickey mouse .. who cares… grab a toothbrush and  brush the back side of your dies…and watch those tiny pieces pop right out.

(no audio needed unless you have a toothbrush fetish ..I recorded this last night while everyone was in bed no voice overs) 

If you have a few reluctant ones…   you can used the  brush in an up and down motion to pop them out.  For those overly reluctant ones that didn’t get enough pressure, I find a quick re-run through my Big Shot will fix that right up… then flip and continue with your tooth brush.

When all of your weeding is done… pop the cut out of the die and there you go.. one clean die cut lacy piece..  nice n easy 🙂

Always keep a toothbrush in your tool  box…. 🙂

New Projects coming over the weekend with the new Gina Marie Designs dies  that just arrived in the mail 🙂

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  • Merrie

    Hmm, never thought about a toothbrush. I’ll give it a try. Saw that die and thought about it, but didn’t pick it up. LOL. My review is still coming. I’m slow.

  • Great tip. I have that silly tool they make just for this but I think the toothbrush is a much better idea and I think it will work way better too!

  • karenladd

    Wow! Thanks so much for this great die tip! I usually keep a piercing tool by my die cut machine to pop out those little bits but never even though to use an old toothbrush. I’ll have to give it a try!

    • Well I am glad at least one person found it useful… and as long as someone did .. my post was thank you for letting me know you enjoyed it 🙂 I can’t wait to get stuck in with the new dies I got

      … I have 4 new Gina Marie Die sets including this one. But this was the one that seems to be the problem child as far as being very intricate…so I wanted to give it a post of it’s own. But it cleans up in a jiffy I shall be using this a lot. If you get any strays it usually pops them out when you remove your piece

      … but I am not complaining when you think how many pieces are in that lattice section alone lol.

      Let me know how you get on trying the Tooth brush… 🙂

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