Greetings,  so you were curious about the who’s behind the what’s n where’s.  My name is MsWipz  although you may also find me posting under the Webmeister Byline.  Nothing sinister, Webmeister is just my alt account for the board and this blog .. sometime I just forget to switch to my “Regular Everyday User” Account.  So what do you need to know.. nothing really.. but heh.   I’m 45, married with a gorgeous 3 year old little monster usually referred to on here and the message boards as  “the lil guy” ..and hubby goes by “DH” which stands for Darling Husband for those of you unfamiliar with that acronym.

I’m British, you will notice a sli “dry” sense of humor … slightly dry if you compare it to the Sahara desert maybe  LOL  …. I’m probably the more rebellious  one of the bunch.  I  have a unique style of writing which will drive  school teachers and professional writers crazy…. but oh well.

I type like I think…. and  oh yeah…. I’m a serious tangent head LOL.  Believe it or not. I am actually educated and can spell and use grammar and punctuation..unless it’s 4 am like now… in which case all bets are off LOL

.. I even passed French with a Grade 1 (A)  much to my old French teachers amazement …. and probably disgust .. ooo la la

I love my Cricut Explore and my new Sizzix Big Shot .. The lil guy and I enjoy stamping, card making, and decorating his bedroom door.. well he enjoys doing that when he steals something I am working on LOL.  Card making was not my primary motivation to purchase a Cricut Explore, but I got hooked by the ladies in the Bi Weekly Challenge..and I am sooo glad I jumped in and joined the fun.  I have learnt an awful lot from the ladies.. and it’s always a lot of fun trying new things.

If you asked me what my favorite craft item is.. I would be so pushed to narrow it down to one thing… everyone knows how much I love my Gelly Roll stardust  clear gel pens…. but there are sooo many cool things..I just can’t pick one.

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