It’s shakey shaker window time again…

I just got a new batch of shaker windows in..  new shapes and sizes.  This time I have 3″ Square, 2.5″ round and some 2×3′ rectangles to add to the 3″ circles I already have.  I haven’t had a chance to bust them open and make any projects yet…. but expect to see some later this month. These are all 1/4 ” high as usual, so lots of room if you want to try out the fun shaker card games I make.

In the meantime…. leave a comment below telling me what new craft goodies you just got, or what you would make with these….and I’ll pick a random person and send you a mixed pack to play with.  And since I am feeling very nice and relaxed after my much needed mini-vacation… I won’t even restrict  it to US only entries this time.

Crayola Color Escapes 72 count Pencil set ..SCORE !!

Well….I did it, I ordered a set…. well actually …….I ordered TWO sets  lol

I spotted these a few months ago and shared the info on here and Facebook… but at the time, I didn’t have spare funds to try these out.  Well I decided I was going to jump in and grab a set and since they were priced lower than I remembered and they offer free shipping on orders over $30… I grabbed a second set.  Oh and Thank You Crayola for the 10% discount you emailed me while I  was  filling my cart lol.

I am not a brand snob…. I currently color with CraZart pencils, which cost a whopping $8 or so at Walmart..AND I LOVE THEM.  So I guess a set of “Grown up “Crayolas is a step up and progress.  Who am I kidding, I will still color with my CraZart pencils…. I love them lol.  I am the queen of Mix and Match Media, these will play very nicely together I am sure LOL

But I now have another 72 pencils to add to my coloring  repertoire. It will be interesting to see how these  handle the specialty papers I like to use with the CraZart pencils, like the velvet paper.

So if you are just starting out with adult coloring, or crafting, have older kids who love to color and wanted something a little more “classy” looking than the regular ..need a crafty gift. Maybe you just wanted to try something new, but without the hefty price tag of some of the “artist” brands of pencils * rolleyes

Check these out… they are, or were as far as I am aware only available at or and to be entirely honest, I was half expecting Amazon to be the better deal…. WRONG. …  not this time. When ordering 2 sets,  and by some hocus pocus and trickery….of which I am still not entirely sure lol….  I managed to get both sets for a grand total of…..

Hahaha.. nope not gonna tell you, go check it out for yourself….but it’s a great deal.   Add 2 sets to your cart and if you get the same deal I did.. with free shipping and the 10% discount code they emailed to me..and the “?? where the heck did that come from discount”  I paid less than $35  including taxes and shipping for two sets  ðŸ™‚

…and the regular price is $22.49 per set + taxes + $6.49 in shipping on orders less than $30.. still a fab price.

Free Shipping with $50+ Crayola order

Super excited to get my hands on these and have a play….:)  I have been wanting a set for months and every time I have some spare money, they were out of stock… but not anymore !!!  WOOT

For those of you who prefer Amazon because you get special  bonus points etc.  Here is a link to the Amazon Deal which is  probably a better option when you are only buying one set and have Prime and/ or an Amazon Points card. The Crayola deal with Free Shipping and no taxes is also available through this link.

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Happy Mail…. Some Bling Bling!!

I love these nail art rhinestones… they are perfect for a touch of bling on cards.  I recently discovered that they also fit my  “My Little Paper World” corner dies perfectly too.  You can see that project  featuring a Conie Fong image here.  If you want some cheap bling and you aren’t worried about  waiting for it to arrive, these kits from Amazon are a great deal. I have a few more on the way, but the first set arrived today.  You can buy these individually if you have a specific need, but I wanted a mix of colors and shapes.. so I grabbed this 10 pack.

$8.99 for 15000 pieces, be warned.. great deal that these are… I am highly doubtful these packs contain anywhere near 15,000 pieces. But I’m not about to sit here and count them all LOL.  for what you pay, compared to the regular crafters supplies… I don’t think you will be disappointed at all.  Now these are  SMALL..  and I do mean small, so if you have problems handling small items.. I  highly recommend using some kind of tool with these.   a friend of mine sent me a picker upper thing and these literally suck up into the end of the tube almost exactly.. so if you use this type of picker upper, watch out for glue on the tip  when you place them 🙂








I also have what look like some cool stud style bling which would work great with my steampunk /vintage projects

$1.59 & FREE Shipping







..and some rather cool looking pearl beads.
the pearl beads come in a pack of 1200 and various sizes. 3, 2 and 1.5mm  for :

$1.82 & FREE Shipping






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LAST CHANCE ..Cricut 10 year anniversary sale ends tomorrow

cricut10Don’t miss the Cricut 10 Year Anniversary Celebration Event

Find great deals like these on the Cricut Air… and loads of great clearance items.


$589.77 $329.99 Cricut Explore Airâ„¢ Machine + EVERYTHING Starter Set


$299.99 $229.99 Cricut Explore Airâ„¢ machine

Get free shipping on Cricut orders $35+ with code CRICUTSHIP!

Get 10% off at and free Fed-Ex home delivery with code CRICUTSPRING!

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Cricut Mystery Box, easy pay and other offers !




Don’t forget to grab your April Cricut Mystery Box before they sell out.

This month the mystery box contains goodies worth $175.93




Also I spotted a deal in my email which some of you ladies who have been coveting a Cricut Explore may like…. they now do easy payments.


The trade in deal ends April 15th… so now is a great time to grab one.  get a $50 credit towards a new machine 🙂

Get 10% off at and free Fed-Ex home delivery with code CRICUTSPRING!

Cricut will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary  later this month too…  should be interesting to see what they have planned.

If you have your own blog, you may want to join  the Cricut Affiliate Program


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Shaker Card Window Inserts available on Ebay again…

shaker 3


Now the holidays are over, I have relisted the Shaker Card window inserts …. the link on the right has been updated with the new listing.

If you are new to the blog and haven’t seen these before… check out some previous posts.




Update on Shaker Card Windows on Ebay

Just an FYI for anyone who was thinking about ordering the shaker card window pouches before Christmas.

Last date to ship these out will be November 30th.  I’ll resume Ebay listings again in January and hopefully there will also be some 3 inch square windows  shortly after that too.

I’m still debating on whether to get 3 inch squares or 2×3 inch rectangles next.

** the balls  for the game cards now come in various colors 4.5mm metal and 6mm plastic red, green, white, blue & black and a mixed pack of about 40 is included in the 10 packs of windows.



















Sakura Glaze Pens…. wow, pretty impressed

Thanks to a tip from one of the ladies over on the Craftsuprint forum, I picked up a set of Sakura Glaze pens. I’d mentioned on there that I was still searching for the elusive clear pen for fine details. I ordered a set from Ebay as the seller offered a much better price than anyone I had seen and had free shipping.  My set cost me $9.50 and arrived this morning. Now I know I am sick, but I’m still breathing, which means I was opening those pens regardless lol.

I tested them out on a couple of scrap circles I had sitting around and I have to say, I am impressed.  The clear is a little glossy for what I wanted.. but it is definitely the closest thing I have found to what I want.  These pens come in a set of 10 , one of which is clear.. but you can buy the clear glaze pens separately too.  I just figured while I was testing it out I might as well get the full set. They have a slight raised feel to them, a little like powder embossing which is kinda neat.

When I feel better I will give them a run through my Cricut Explore and see how they perform, but if they are anything like the other Gelly Roll stardust pens I have from Sakura.. they will work a treat.

I can’t reiterate enough how much I like Sakura pens… I order my stardust pens in bulk packs..I like them THAT much lol.



This glaze set comes in a 10 pack which includes: a pinkish red, copperish orange, 2 shades of Green, 2 shades of blue, black, white, clear and a silver/gray color.
I tried the white on a piece of black card and on application it seemed very milky and clear.. so I thought I had picked up the wrong pen.  White and clear look very similar.  But once it dried it was  definitely white.

Big thumbs up for Sakura Glaze pens 🙂

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