Chameleon Pens 30 piece Expansion set available now

Come to Momma!!!!   I am super excited to see the new  30 piece expansion set is now available… This allows us 22 pen set people to expand our set to the full 52 …. and have that snazzy big case, without having to duplicate pens.   So if you have been waiting for the expansion kit… here it is.   Hubby has been put on alert that THIS is considered a suitable gift and show of affection lol.

That and a bunch of the refills….I love my Chameleons and I sure can tell which colors I use the most lol.  Believe it or not; despite the amount of coloring I do, I bought my set in November and STILL haven’t refilled …. but I do need to soon.

Woot this is gonna look sooo so pretty sitting on my craft carts … hopefully soon lol.CT3001OPENEcom__94248.1463087498.1280.1280 CT3001Ecom__23372.1463087499.1280.1280 CT3001WorkstationEcom__03976.1463087500.1280.1280Expanded Palette:30PenSwatches__49066.1463164598.1280.1280

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Chameleon new color Palette 5 packs & bundle in stock now!




The new Chameleon color palette is available NOW !!  30 new colors available in individual 5 packs for $26.99  ….or pick up all 6 new sets in a bundle for $129.99

I just got the new skintone pack and I love it… look forward to some projects this week showing off the fab new skintones.

You may have seen the  quickie test  color I did with these recently.






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Power Poppy 3 marker Challenge

I think I might have a crack at this one… sorry for the late notice, I only just found it.  I picked up some Power Poppy stamps last year,  you may have seen the daffodil image in past projects.  I kinda enjoy the monochrome style, so this challenge should be fun.  It doesn’t hurt I have Chameleon Pens at my disposal either  ….  🙂 I wonder if the blender capabilities of the Chameleons is ok??, technically it’s just one marker…right?

Have you heard about the 3 Marker Challenge? Google it to find tons of videos on YouTube that show artists creating with only 3 markers. The real rules say you have to choose 3 markers at random (close your eyes and just pick) and whatever you pull out, you colour with! There’s some pretty creative things out there and really gifted artists. For this month with Power Poppy, I’m going to go a little easier on you. I’m asking you to choose one of three options:


1.  Pick three markers from the same colour family to create a monochromatic design

2.  Pick three markers from complementary colour families  – (this will be easier to blend, for example red, yellow, orange or blue, green, purple)

3.  Or, for the courageous or expert: Pick three random markers and colour away!

Remember only 3 markers! They can be alcohol-based or water-based, your choice. Use only 3 markers to colour!

  • Use Power Poppy stamps if you have them, but if you don’t, this is a great way to WIN them
  • Link your creation below using our Linky (please use the exact URL from your post instead of a generic blog address.)
  • Please mention Power Poppy in YOUR blog or gallery post with a link back to THIS challenge
  • The winner will receive a free clear or digital stamp set of choice from the Power Poppy Shop
  • Enter as many cards as you’d like, as long as they fit the theme of the challenge!
  • Deadline to enter is April 30th @ 8:00pm EST.  At that point, we’ll draw the winner randomly and make the announcement right here on the first Friday of May!

Win the new Chameleon Pen Color Palette

OH YEAH ….. I am sooo entering this one… not only are my Chameleon Pens fantastic and I am dying to get my hands on the new colors.. I love doing dimensional projects, this contest is right up my alley.

Full details are available  here one the Contest Page 

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The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge” and giveaway

he  4th The Daily Marker “30 day coloring challenge” is  coming up soon..  are you ready?  and while we are waiting for this to begin.. The Daily Marker has a giveaway. Check it out and then go share….share …share …daily_marker

GIVEAWAY is.… a goodie bag chock full of stamps over a $50.00 value. All you need to do to qualify to win is….

Great under $1, 30 minute gift idea for kids to make

This was just a quick little gift idea to make with your kids.wood_emboss



It’s very simple, just a piece of wood  stamped and embossed, colored with crayolas and then you can spray it with a clear acrylic sealer if needed.




Makes a great door, or wall hanger for the grandparents … if your kids are old enough to color between the lines it’s a super cute quick and cheap gift.   Just pop in some hooks and a chain…voila !!!  If they aren’t they can still stamp away…. my toddler stamps up a storm.

If you want to use clear embossing, you can use this as a resist and stain the piece instead.

Supplies were just some clear cling stamps,pigment ink, clear embossing powder and some wood  that comes in a 6 pack in most hobby stores for under $3… most stores have a selection of wood blanks so lots of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Makes a great all year round gift if you have the right selection of stamps.

Costs less than a $1 each to make… very quick project and super cute.