Chameleon Skintone Giveaway Winner Announced




Thank you to everyone who entered the Chameleon pens giveaway as part of the Spotlight Series.. I am sorry you couldn’t all get a chance to try these fab pens out for free, but as in the Highlander “..there can be only one!”


and that one is…..

LINDA T,¬†you have won the new skintone 5 pack. Please check your email….. you should have one from me ūüôā

Congratulations Linda, ¬†you will love these pens, can’t wait to see what you do with them ūüôā


I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page


Crafty Bob’s Crazy 5 Minute Game – prize is over $70


For anyone who hasn’t already seen the games over at CraftsUPrint.. ¬†this is one of the crazy fun ones. ¬†Anyone who has made a purchase at CraftsUPrint is automatically entered into it with a chance to win every 5 minutes ….YES every FIVE minutes a new name is drawn and money added to the pot ¬†until someone claims the prize.

I’ve won Crafty Bob’s Crazy 5 Minute Game once myself.. missed a couple too lol.

But the current prize pot is over $70 right now .. CALL MY NAME !!!! lol

Chameleon Pens – New Skintone 5 Pack Giveaway

chameleon_logoChameleon Pens have joined us as a End of Spotlight Series Prize Sponsor. ¬†If you missed the whole spotlight Series ¬†last month…. you can find all of the Spotlight Series Guests & their fun Q&A’s as well as the main post for the Spotlight Series Giveaway¬†with all the fab prizes up for grabs HERE.

Chameleon Pens; as you know if you are a regular blog visitor are one of my top two preferred pens for cardmaking and coloring my stamps & digital stamps. ¬†I got a set of these skintone pens to play with from the recently released new color palette…and I am “in luuuuurrrv”¬†You will have seen these used in my recent projects..shame on you if you haven’t been following my blog *grin.

I have to say I was and still am extremely impressed with the new skintone palette, specially NU00 Nude .. LOVE ¬†that pen….. and now you have a chance to try them too.

chameleon_skintone chameleon_skintone2
If you aren’t lucky enough to score a set for free…. ¬†these pens are available for purchase at Chameleon Pens and I’d be ¬†a happy lil clam if you considered purchasing them through the links below, or throughout the ¬†blog.

.. I earn commission on purchase made through my affiliate ¬†links….every lil helps…. but even if you don’t …. here’s the run down anyway.

CT5201Ecom__94454.1463084650.1280.1280 CT5201WorkstationEcom__57085.1463084650.1280.1280ColorWheelWHiteV2__11634.1463084700.1280.1280


The new expanded range comes in a gorgeous carrying case. ¬†I was well impressed with the packaging on my original 22 pen set… but the new one ¬†* sigh… one day you will be mine !!




If you already own the 22 pen ¬†set, you can buy the expansion… I know all you online gamers just love that word “expansion” ¬†which includes the new colors in the awesome carrying case.. with room to add in your original set …. totally rockin idea there ¬†Chameleon ūüôā
* may not be available everywhere just yet, check your region.







If you are on a tight budget … of course you can always just grab the ¬†new palette range in 5 packs.. either individually..or in the bundle¬†deal they have available.

and if you are REALLY REALLY strapped for cash but still would love to try these.. guess what.. you can buy these pens individually too….. so that NU00 can still be yours.





But …. in the meantime, I have a set with someone’s name on them and you don’t even have to ¬†leave a comment…unless you want to and that would be really cool too. ¬†It helps me and the sponsors see which of the posts/offers are popular and whether it’s worth repeating similar offers/giveaways or not in the future.

So if you want to see more offers and giveaways…. say now, or forever hold your piece!!!

Big Shout Out to Chameleon Pens, not only for a fantastic product which I love…. but for giving me a chance to share this fab product with one of you!

I know, I know..get on with the giveaway details…. ¬†It’s very simple…………..




click here and enter your email address and one lucky person is gonna be getting an email from Chameleon in August congratulating them on their new Skintone 5 pack.

Contest Ends July 31st 2016.
Winner will be notified via email on Aug 1st 2016

…and it’s open Internationally..yup that’s right Internationally ūüôā

Prize is sponsored and furnished by Chameleon Pens
I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this



Sneaky Peek at the new Chameleon Skin Tones 5 pack


I got my new Chameleon skintones in the mail this week.. I have had a quick play with them,  just to see how they are straight out of the pen, no blender…. and then I had a mix and match  blending session to see how they all worked together and see what combo’s I might like.

So far I have to say I am LOVING these new skintones.

It was the only minor let down for me in the original pack.. As a card maker using a lot of digital stamps with skin….the two skintones were cool…. they just weren’t quite “my colors”.   But now with the addition of this new 5 pack… OMG I love these. The 7 colors are fab,  NU0, NU00 and BR4 are my personal favorites and suit my style….some work great solo and others are definitely ones that need to be blended, or mix n matched with others… so much more variety  now with the additional 5 colors.

First impressions.. LOVE THESE.   They nailed the base color skintones  this time.  If you have the original 22 piece, I highly recommend you grab these 5 packs…or if you are feeling flush ..the expanded set.

I can’t wait to get the entire expanded palette …. I am specially eager to get my hands on some new gray tones.

These practice sheets feature  images from KennyK Stamps, they are perfect for practicing  the skin and hair techniques  on my Kit and Clowder coloring classes.


These pens were provide free of charge for test and review purposes. The opinions and comments expressed are my own and not influenced by the provision of said pens.

I will be compensated for purchases made using affiliate links on this page

ooh yeah.. just ordered an air brush


Nothing too fancy… ¬†but this is more than plenty for me and the little guy. ¬†He has shown a lot of interest in air brushing with the hand held and with air cans..and this will be much easier for him. ¬†Am I the only one with an almost 4 year old who will be air brushing haha.

My plan is to rig up an adapter to hold ¬†marker pens too.. so if I manage that..I’ll be sure to share the details later on. ¬†Last year someone ¬†gave me a brand new Testors compressor that they bought and never used.. and I have wanted to try air brushing for years. ¬†Super excited.

The kit I got has 3 tips .2, .3 and a .5 … so I am sure I will find something cool to do with it on my cards etc …

I got it on Ebay for $26.99 +Free shipping..

Doodle Pantry $5 gift Certificate message board giveaway

Over on the message board we have a $5 gift certificate to Doodle Pantry, digital stamps. ¬† This is for ¬†registered members only….so if you aren’t already a member.. hop on over and sign up.

All you have to do  to be eligible to win is share one of your latest projects, a crafting tip or for new members.. Introduce yourself to the  ladies and gents.  Full details available on the message board.

Giveaway runs now, through the end of November….