Digi Artists Challenge September – November 2016

SEE UPDATES to the Challenge here  


Wow… Last quarter’s maiden Artist Challenge  got off to a slow start, I think everyone was either shy…or playing their cards VERY close to their chest.  But what a finish huh?  As a brand new concept and challenge, it’s natural that it will take time to pick up and gather momentum…but I had such a blast seeing all the fab Shakespeare inspired images…which of course by now are, or should shortly be available in the respective Artists stores… so be sure to check those out.

and the winners are… EVERYBODY… artists and crafters alike.  So congrats to  everyone on some fantastic new digis   <<INSERT APPLAUSE SOUND HERE …… LOL

This is a challenge for Digi Stamp Artists to play with new ideas, have some friendly competition and get the  creative juices flowing.  It’s a fun community art event which we hope will be a quarterly  occurrence.  It’s a new spin on the  old card challenge idea…  but now our favorite artists get to  play.

New artists are welcome too, if you are a new digi artist trying to get established and meet a fab group of established artists  and mentors, or an existing artist in need of some fresh fun ideas.  Come on in, the water is great.

Now onto the new challenge…. I ummed and agghed and ummed some more while trying to decide on a new theme.  It’s perfectly timed for a Christmas theme….BUT… all the artists usually have one of those running independently anyway..

The idea behind this challenge is to break out of the comfort zone and  so..without further ado.  The new theme is….

“In a state”


deadline midnight Central time November 30th, 2016

This is open to anything related to the theme ….and how you interpret it.  It’s pretty loose so there should be lots of room for  personal style in this one again.

I shall give a few ideas to show the flexibility of this theme ..and then you can run with it however suits you.  

State of mind
State of shock 
Texas themed
New Hampshire themed
State flower
State animal
State flags
State of emergency
State of confusion
State of undress <<<< someone will go there  LOL
Garden State
State of the Union
State fair

For those of you who like to draw characters, there are opportunities to practice facial expressions and body language.

For the quirky ones among you… again plenty of fun expressions to be had. 

For the saucy ones… well no need to guess where you are going

For those of you who love animals, nature, floral and such… there  are plenty of ways to make that work too.

If you want to play and are stuck for ideas… you can always hit me up….I am full of crazy ideas lol.

SEE UPDATES to the Challenge here  


  • Each artist may enter up to 10 individual images per given theme.
  • Images must not be made available for sale until the end of each challenge period. ( December 1st  for this one )
  • You may add single images, or link  to a blog post with up to 10 images..but each image must be entered in the challenge linky individually.
  • You may showcase the images in color, or projects on your blog links should you wish to …but challenge entries must be watercolored black and white lineart format.

So get your thinking caps on … let’s do this”

Bennett Klein – Book 3…Available in digital format :)



I was cruising through my  Facebook wall.. a gazillion posts about EVERYTHING, when all of a sudden this popped up.  Some of you may remember that Bennett Klein was one of the Spotlight guests in the recent series on the blog. His previous books were available on Amazon ..BUT this new book 3 is also available digitally.. wooot !!




Spotlight Series Day 23, Bennett Klein

Who are you?
Bennett Klein




Facebook Page





Where are you?
Toronto, Ontario

When did you first start drawing/designing seriously?
In art school, 1980, Montreal Dawson college.

What was the first product you ever had for sale?
A poster for a Fur Coat manufacturer when I was 14 (wouldn’t do that today

Who is your inspiration/muse?
Bernie Wrightson

How many people work with/for you?

Just me, but I have a 4 person Mural team that I bring in when needed.

Name your favorite cartoon?
Still has to be bugs bunny, hard not to love that classic.

Favorite quote?
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Ghandi

What’s your guilty pleasure ?
Afternoon naps

What job did you have BEFORE you started drawing/designing for a living?
I was a marketing creative director in the ad industry.


Coloring Books on Amazon


Coloring Books on Amazon

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