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KennyK - Download Diva

KennyK – Download Diva

I am loving the blend of Chameleon and Zig Chalk Marker Writers so much, I am going to order the 6 pack so I can get my paws on a white chalk writer marker…. instead of using the calligraphy tipped one.

This was done with a Chameleon base and I intended to use the blue chalk marker as the highlight, but it actually ended up being darker than the base I laid down… but that worked out fine, as I just used it for low lights and added in white chalk marker for the highlights.

I think digitally printed skin tones and a mix of the Chameleon and Zig chalk Markers ….then Sakura and my multitude of gel pens…. throw in a little Wink of Stella and & Luna ..and I have my goto combo for coloring my KennyK‘s….and probably most of my other digis.  I have a tonne of them now too lol.

So I guess now I need to get some printed practice sheets knocked out … I’m pleasantly surprised by how easy hand coloring is with these pen sets…. admittedly very basic…. but still it’s hand coloring and I never thought I would ever be doing that with my abysmal lack of skills.  I always felt intimidated by all the pen sets and felt they were more suited to people who had already developed coloring skills …. but really… these pens are great for all levels.


Chameleon Pens

If anything I think they are a great choice for beginners, because the of the confidence factor and the blending, since beginners won’t already have a vast range of pens at  their disposal.  As a beginner it’s very easy to get intimidated and quickly put off the idea of hand coloring if you struggle to get results. These pens really do help a beginner  gain confidence very quickly…and that makes you want to continue and keep improving, instead of throwing them in a drawer and giving up.  I shall persevere with learning to color skin tones better… but  at least now hair is a whole lot easier than it was.


Zig Memory System Marker Collection

I discovered a bunch of other cool Zig pens which I now have on my Wish list… including some Embossing pens which should…. hopefully fit in the Amy Chomas adapter like the memory system pens do.  I can’t wait to get my paws on some of those and give them a whirl through my Cricut.

Some wood markers and wood stain markers… which will work great with my embossing on wood projects.


Gansai Tambi Watercolors

…and I also eyeballed some cool water based pens which might compliment my Gansai Tambi watercolor set.

Happy Birthday to me…….. Happy.. oh hang on.. my birthday is still months away… hmm maybe a Valentines present… late Christmas….. just because you love me… whatever works lol.  I am sure hubby will be thrilled to shop for crafting supplies… NOT haha

….time to dig out that Exclusive coupon and go shop ūüôā always....there are a mix of affiliate and non affiliate links in this post.  I will be compensated for purchases made through the affiliate links 

Chameleon Pens –

Anyone who knows me from the message board is well aware of my lack of skills in that department. ¬†I’m the digital colorer in a sea of hand colorers. ¬†Markers¬†make me Cringe and my kids washable Crayolas are the only markers in this house….UNTIL NOW.

While diddling around ¬†looking for good affiliate programs, I ran across Chameleon Pens. Right from the outset I was impressed by what I read, but was it really that good…. or just great marketing? ¬†I ummed and agghed a few weeks, why would I…. a self-confessed total disaster at hand coloring, even be considering spending money on markers. ¬†But I tend to follow my gut instincts ….and spend I did…. and boy am I glad I listened to myself.


Chameleon Pens – 22 piece Base set


My markers arrived right before disaster struck and the site servers went down…. so there they sat for a day or so. Staring longingly at me and whispering ‘OPEN ME ..OPEN ME, you know you want to open me’. ¬†But alas updates and reposts were priorities on my agenda…. my pens would have to wait *sigh

Well I finally got to play with my new pen set, I bit the bullet and joined the world of hand coloring.




Chameleon Pens 22 piece base set


First impressions…..great presentation, definitely gift worthy if you have an artist or paper crafter in the family. ¬†The main set comes in a really nice two tier, black cardboard box with a flip top to allow easy access while coloring.


This is specially useful for someone like me with very limited crafting space.





Chameleon Pens 22 piece base set color range

What do you get…. 22 markers, 20 colored markers, ¬†1 blender and a black detail marker.

A quick start pamphlet with all of the information needed to dive in and get coloring.

A spare pack of pen tips.  Yes, these markers are refillable and have replaceable tips.




Chameleon Pens 22 piece base set quick start pamphlet

So, you are the impatient type like myself… you skim the pamphlet and dive right in with your first attempt to prime your pen. Super easy, the blender tank is built right in and clips right on to the pens like the lid. ¬†It works on either ¬†end….






Chameleon Pens, dual tip pens with blending chamber.


oh …. did I forget to mention these pens are double ended too. ¬†You have a choice of tips….bullet,¬†or brush

Every pen has its own blending chamber, so no worries about color transfer. You have complete control over how much blending fluid you use each time, which dictates the amount of shading control you have… It’s not rocket science, you will figure out your own timing preferences pretty quickly based on the project at hand.






Chameleon Pens on 29lb Glama Vellum


Adult coloring is a big thing right now, it’s just not MY big thing.

Digital stamps and rubber stamping, now that is my thing. You don’t have to buy special books, or patterns, this works on all sorts of paper. ¬†Bear in mind that the ¬†inks are wet and you will ¬†get some soak through.. so this is not intended for double-sided projects. Also bear in mind that specialty papers usually take longer to dry.




Where’s the Ctrl+Z ? ¬†That has always been my biggest concern about coloring with pens, paints, pencils etc .. there is no undo. ¬†After 20+ years of playing on computers, you kind of get used to that “get out of jail free” feature in coloring. ¬†Now I have to say, I recently got another graphics tablet, the last time I had one was 15+ years ago and I was terrible lol. This time; I guess I just have more experience and it’s not so intimidating. ¬†I think that was one of the reasons I felt more positive about trying these pens. ¬†I’d been so used to a mouse for so long, pens just didn’t sit comfortably with me for coloring until I got a new tablet.


Chameleon Pens – My first attempt right out of the box.

Speed demons and scribblers… if that is your coloring style, you are going to have to slow your roll and take a more relaxed approach with these if you are using the blending function properly. ¬†If you have seen my dry inking post in the past you will notice on the video its a breakneck speed technique …. that won’t work here.

I wouldn’t call this a slow process; but it’s definitely a more relaxed pace, which is a good thing for me. ¬†Almost everything I do is done at ¬†high-speed, life in general is mile a minute. This actually gives me some mommy downtime to sit and relax and do something creative. It’s very therapeutic, definitely something that would make a great gift for an expectant mom on bed rest, or someone with long-term health care issues.


Chameleon Pens on 110lb Neenah White Index card stock

WOW … I bet you never see that in anyone else’s marketing materials, or reviews lol. ¬†I just happen to have a friend who is pregnant again and her first time round, she was on bed rest real early on…. and she recently started adult coloring. ¬†I’d been thinking about buying a set for her and sending them up as a surprise if they turned out to be cool. She will love these, I have to send her some now. From my time on the pregnancy forums, I can tell you…. bed rest sucks for ladies who like to be active. These would be great and think of all the awesome baby items, nursery decor, announcement cards etc you could get done with these.

… so in a nutshell.. at the age of 45 I finally found something that lets me hand color things, I would not be embarrassed to share. I obviously have a lot to learn and along ways to go, but I no longer feel the urge to claim” my toddler did it”

Obviously some of you already have extensive pen collections and might not be inclined to spend out on a new range, BUT if you, like some … struggle with hair and skin, consider picking up one, or two of the 5 packs and give it a go. These¬†sets ¬†take up less room due to the blending technology, ink refills are very reasonable and a whole new range of addon colors is in development. ¬†I’ll be hooking myself up with those as soon as the come available.


Chameleon Pens 22 piece base set – selection of my first day at hand coloring images

Verdict – 3 thumbs up…

Me – I Love these pens, worth every penny for someone like me who is, or should I say WAS intimidated by hand coloring. Watch the videos and check out tutorials …. or¬†dive right in. ¬†As long as you have a basic concept of shadow and highlights.. you too can create pieces you won’t be ashamed to share. ¬†Total Confidence boost !

Hubby ¬†“Looks cool hun, glad you are having fun” ¬†– ¬†this from my totally non crafty husband is a definite ¬†thumbs up lol
My crafty son who is 3 and a half ¬†“You like it mommy? It looks good”

There is so much more to share about these pens…. but that will come in separate ¬†posts with project pics and details…AND a giveaway. ¬†Stay tuned for posts on:

  • Chameleon pens – Digi stamps and printables
  • Chameleon Pens – Rubber Stamping
  • Chameleon Pens – Adult Coloring Books
  • Various Projects – ¬†Completed projects, step by step
  • Chameleon Pens – Pick your Paper !


This post  contains affiliate links.  This product review was not paid for, nor were the markers provided free of charge for review purposes.




Beginners Guide to Dry Inking Techniques










Ok.. list of what you need for this technique… brushes, ink pads, crayola markers or similar …. scrap paper to work on..and some patience ūüôā

This is the easiest, most effective coloring technique … as a well known insurance advert likes to say “Even a caveman can do it”

.. hell my 3 year old does it. It’s a great technique for anyone…. beginner, or advanced. But specially good for those beginners who haven’t quite found their coloring mojo yet. Do not be scared of trying to color stamps, or ink your edges because you think you can’t… YOU can.

I am your classic example of “that crafter..” I can’t color, paint or draw worth a damned.. but I can do this!!

Before I get into this super complicated coloring technique << insert rolleyes for sarcasm here…. I am going to share with you some of my own project images. Just to show you what YOU can do…. it’s a great starter technique that will allow you to transition into a more detailed technique over time. Saying that…. this is a great technique all in it’s own, which lends itself to certain projects way better than the usual color in the lines style of coloring.

Now be aware that this is a brand new technique for me…and I just kind of fell into it totally by accident. I was actually trying to learn how to do the cool inked edges that a lot of our ladies do. Being the tangent head that I am.. I started with that and it just kind of took on a life of it’s own. I am loving this technique and the versatility of it. It makes even me go “WOW.. I did that!!! …ME !!!”

Ok so that said.. here are some of my personal images…

This is the first stage of an 11×17 sheet of card stock before the background was filled in. I wanted some unique paper for some card projects… and this technique lends itself perfectly to creating your own paper/card stock. These are just rubber stamp images from my personal stamp collection, colored with the dry brush technique.






Then a background was inked in, just because that is what I wanted for my project. Video link below was done using this image set.







Need a quick card… flat card in under 15 minutes ..stamp, ink, bling and go







Card and envelope in a hurry… gotta be a stamp, emboss, ink , bling and go.





Ok.. so now you have a rough idea of what it’s all about… lets get to the serious business… Pay close attention as this is extremely serious stuff and one false move could render your project.. FRICKIN AWESOME !

I kid you not… once you try this and make a mistake, try to fix it and it just starts to breathe on it’s own.. you will often discover your ‘mistake’ was actually cool and you ended up with something better than you were planning to do.. as Bob Ross used to say… no such thing as a mistake, just happy little accidents.

Ok so the highly specialized list of items needed…

  • Card Stock.. cut, ripped, punched ..whatever you desire… to size and shape for your project
  • Scrap card… if you need to mask areas off to keep them clean for text etc later
  • Brushes… I have a set of artist brushes picked up at Michael’s for about $9 after a 50% coupon… these are actually my toddlers paint brush set lol. I have also used smaller artist brushes for finer work.. hell I used the old brush from the top of a mineral makeup. It’s kind of like an old badger hair shaving brush in shape and texture. Pretty much any brush other than the kids plastic bristle ones should work, so don’t be scared to grab old brushes and give them a try.
  • Ink pads.. I have dye ink pads for my toddler… these are cheap old ink pads from Michael’s.. as often as not, they are on sale. They¬†are¬†cheap, come in a range of colors and It’s no biggie if I spread my colors from one pad to another.. it just means I get new shades lol. ¬†I love these ink pads !
  • Crayolas… yup I use Crayola washable markers.. at $2 a pack for the fat 10 pack, it doesn’t matter if my kid grabs my pens or I borrow his. It’s not like he drew on his coloring book with a set of Copic’s and made me cringe LOL. Crayola ink will dry up quicker than dye ink … so be prepared to get subtler shades and have to re-ink your brush more often… or just wet your brush down a bit. I draw on an acrylic block, then pick the ink up from that. If you want a lot of different colors, without a hefty price tag pick up a 30+ multi pack of the skinny ones.

Ok.. so .. did I miss anything .. oh yeah… obviously if your project requires images… you need some stamps.. rubber, clear, Digital… whatever floats your boat.

Dry Inking – Quickie example video.

And here we go…. nothing special, it was just a quick rush video to show some of the ladies the technique, I will try and add a better video later ūüôā There is no verbal commentary to this one as it was done in the wee hours of the morning while my boys were fast asleep… however there is music, so speakers down ladies and gents !!

It will appear upside down to you… sorry about that…. but it’s either you see it upside down, or spend 10 minutes trying to watch the brush work and not stare at my cleavage ūüôā

Upside down or back to front.. the technique remains the focus of this video.. so it doesn’t really matter..for those who really need it right side up, may I suggest viewing on a tablet or phone and lock your screen rotation and then flip your device. soooo much easier on your blood pressure than trying to watch a 10 minute video on your head. The video cuts off before the project is finished… but the technique is the same all the way through and even the background is done the same way.. just with a bigger brush. I got a new software for desktop capture so stay tuned for more on screen videos showing projects and techniques..including digital coloring in a graphics program, working in Design Space .. and anything else I happen to be up to that might be of use.


and lastly.. a few more samples

This was a collaboration piece by myself and my 3 year old… he rocks the dry brush like a pro.

I inked the edges and did the Gelly Roll highlights on the fireworks.. which is kind of hard to see on this one.

He stamped the fireworks and the red ink in the center is all him. He hijacks my projects all the time.. but I love being able to share crafting with him…. so you won’t hear me complaining.



This is a KennyK digi image which I colored on the computer, printed out and then inked a flag on.. It’s a work in progress. The cop has some serious Gelly Roll Stardust bling going on for a touch of fun, white stars were glued on…and a rectangular scrap sheet was used to mask off the area I plan to put text when I am done. This piece is for a LEO friend of the family and will probably have some humorous verbage along the lines of .. “No ladies you can’t pay in dollar bills… this is a speeding ticket, not an autograph”.

The photo’s really don’t do this piece justice. If you try this technique you will see just how much fun it is and how easy it is to create unique pieces for all sorts of cool projects.


..another KennyK piece… can you tell I love his style.. haha

This piece is actually one of my submission for one of the July super Card Challenges currently going on. This is Capt. Locke part of KennyK’s Steampunk collection. This is an over-sized card.. you can read more about the techniques used and see progress pictures over on the message board. Sorry you have to be a member to view this.. so come on over and sign up.. we’re mostly house trained over there ūüôā

In a nutshell.. large base card made from an 11×17 card stock done in 3/4 fold style.

Background card was dry inked.. card stock was ripped into pieces that were then embossed and ..dry inked. and then Capt. Locke.. bless her heart is the major player on this piece. She was colored in a graphics program and then imported to Design space and a print and cut on the main outline was done… she was printed 6 times and then each layer was hand cut to remove sections for the layers. She is a 6 layer, pyramid style topper and stands about half an inch off the base card at her highest point.

*** FOOT NOTE ¬†Do not throw away your ¬†scrap paper you use underneath when inking edges and drying ink off¬†brush. ¬†It makes awesome backgrounds for cards. ¬† The card in ¬†the image at the top of the page was made using my scrap paper .. it can make a great vintage/rustic style background. ¬†I usually throw down an 11×17 sheet of card stock ¬†as a protector sheet on my desk.¬†