Black Friday Deals from Cricut

Shop Black Friday Deals from Cricut!


Wahoo.. it’s time to go grab your Cricut deals again… time to stock up on some supplies, maybe even treat yourself to one of the fab new machines and accessories….  like the Cricut Maker, Lightbox or press…

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this post.

Valid 11/23: $30 off Cuttlebug machines

Valid 11/23: 50% off supplies (excludes New, bulk, bundles)

Valid 11/23: Special machine pricing: Cricut One available for: $134.99, Cricut Air available for: $149.99, Cricut Air 2 available for: $199.99 

50% off supplies

Spend $50, get $10 digital

Black Friday Mystery Box available for $24.99 ($68 value)! Launches at 9PM EST on 11/22, available while supplies last.

Valid 11/23: Cricut Bags starting at $29.99


I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this post.

The New Cricut Maker Machine… Easy Press and more!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated
 if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Well Cricut sure have been busy… and so have we.  Summer vacations (I wish), getting ready for back to school and all those fun summer weddings and get togethers.  As most of you know  my son is  going to be homeschooled, so crafting is a huge part of our life.

No one said education had to be boring… right LOL

Even though he isn’t technically starting homeschooling till next year, we still do a lot of fun projects designed to help him learn and have fun and be creative all at the same time. Part of that is our abandoned art projects, which is so much fun to do with kids and teaches them to give freely and enjoy it.

Now I wish we had this new Cricut Maker, have you seen this beauty yet? It’s due for release TODAY !!!!. I checked out the video and almost  died when I saw that not only will it cut fabrics, but it’s also  cutting wood  as well as all the stuff we usually do on our Cricuts like paper and vinyl.

Interchangeable cutting heads and the separate pen holders too. I used to own a scroll saw many years ago and this looks like it’s going to do the same kind of fret work that I did back then…..  VERY cool.  Can’t wait to see this one roll out… !!! woohoo.  I think my stepdaughter in Australia  might like this one, she’s a big sewer.

Shop new arrivals from Cricut!

and then of course there is the recent arrival of the light box... I know  that would be really useful for  us, specially me with my aging eyes.

Shop the Cricut BrightPad today!

…and then they up the ante with the new Cricut Easypress..  think of all the fun shirts you can create for back to school.  Kids just love getting a new school wardrobe every year… and the money you can save and being unique… what kid doesn’t want to have something cool and unique.  I hate ironing, but this… I have to confess I think I’d use for every day ironing too lol.  I know this is something one of my DT girls would love, she’s big on HTV projects… I am so sorry Donna lol.  Hopefully you already saw that and won’t blame me haha.  It looks so cool though doesn’t it.

Shop new arrivals from Cricut!Cricut sure are trying to  get us set up for winter with some fab new toys to keep us busy once the summer is over and we get done with back to school, wedding and summer projects. Then the weather starts to cool and we have more time indoors.  It’s right on target for when most of us start thinking about the fall holidays and Christmas gift projects we have to  get stuck into over the coming months.


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Get $14.99 Flat Rate Shipping to Canada on all orders $50+

30% off Supplies at Cricut!

 Cricut EasyPress: Get professional iron-on results in 60 seconds or less. Coming Soon!

10% off Air or Air 2 machine (can be applied to bundles) + free shipping with code AUGUSTAIR at checkout. Offer ends August 31st.

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated
 if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Roving Reporter – Shopping Gina Marie Designs Dies by Merrie

Hi! My name is Merrie and I am doing a ‘roving reporter’ write up for CraftingCircle.

Last spring I was lucky and won a Gina Marie Designs ‘Sympathy’ die in a give-a-way on the CraftingCircle blog. It cut paper like butter, so I decided to see what else they had in their line. Imagine my surprise when I found out their store was in Michigan- and only half an hour from my son’s house. ROAD TRIP!


Scrapbook Outlet store front

Scrapbook Outlet
5357 Alpine Ave
Comstock Park, MI 49321

Due to personal reasons I wasn’t able to go until a few weeks ago.  So, with my son, his girlfriend and her mother in tow- I headed to The Scrapbook Outlet. I was hoping to meet Gina herself. Unfortunately she wasn’t working that day, so I asked them to pass on a ‘hi’ from our group.

The store is small, but chock full of paper, stickers, stamps and of course dies! I must admit I did not check out the rest of the merchandise that closely. My focus was the GINA MARIE dies. I headed for them like a homing pigeon.
image2 image3It was hard to narrow it down, but I finally picked out 10 (my budget).

However, I have my eye on more of them and know what to tell my son he can get me for Christmas!


I made a card with 2 of the dies I got- tree frame and buck and die. I hope you like it.

Thank you Merrie for sharing your haul,  looking forward to seeing what you get  next visit and also all of the upcoming projects  🙂   – MsWipz

3 inch circle shaker card windows for the iostamping globe

I had a lady inquiring about the shaker card windows I have, she has a die by iostamping that she could no longer buy windows for… well as it turns out, mine fit this die… so if you have a iostamping globe  die lying around unused.. now you can use them again 🙂
Just thought I would share the information; since it is not a die I own, so it’s not one listed onThe shaker card page as compatible.  Of course if you don’t already own it, you can pick that up too if it’s something you need in your collection.

iostamps snow globe

Alyce Keegan Dolphin Postcard Non Profit Fundraiser Art Pieces

I ran across this page while I was checking out the other Kit & Clowder classes.  Alyce Keegan, our coloring teacher at Kit & Clowder  created these beautiful postcards to raise funds for Clearwater Aquarium.  Not only do you get this beautiful artwork, but you get to help some of the most beautiful creatures on our planet.  If you are, or know a dolphin lover…. please at least share,  or check this page out.  Alyce_charity

Clearwater Aquarium is a rescue, rehab, and release non-for-profit organisation. They are featured in the movie A Dolphin’s Tale with the true story of Winter the Dolphin. Clearwater have done valuable research for animals and were the first to develop prosthetics for animals, leading to advanced research for humans.

For more information please visit


Apologies for a slow start to the month

logo_smFamily drama …. gotta love it.   But I’m back on track and ready to get cracking on some new projects.  I have some new Gina Marie dies, new digis from a whole bunch of fab artists and  some fun new ideas to play with.

I need to get caught up on my challenges too…. the ladies on our message board are showing off some fab projects.  I can definitely see the influence  of the Kit & Clowder classes showing up in the recent challenge pieces.. it’s fab!

I found a new die manufacturer all the way over in Australia… she has these really cool corner dies that some of us are dying to get our hands on.. woohoo …so stay tuned for more on that coming soon. We are grouping up to save on shipping costs.  I admit it, I have totally been enabling our girls this past month or so with all the fab new products and sites I have been finding.   Sorry .. but NOT Sorry girls ..loving your cards with all the new die cuts too much to say sorry and mean it lol.

Ok.. time to get cracking on some new projects.. let’s crank up the Cricut Explore and Sizzix Big Shot and see what happens   🙂

Kit and Clowder upcoming Create and Learn class


If ever there was a time to grab one of these classes…. this upcoming one would probably be it. We already knew that this upcoming one was going to have bonus backgrounds… BUT ….I saw a sneak peek at one of the class images tonight on the Kit & Clowder Facebook group and I am soooooo taking that class.

If you like mythical… mark your calendar for the 15th…you are going to love this.

New classes are released on the 15th of each month, one for markers and one for pencil. Of course you can buy whichever class you fancy…or both, and no one is going to scream at you for doing it in another media… * whistles innocently… like I would do such a thing.

The Create and Learn classes teach you how to create backgrounds for your colored images and even though I have only been hanging out with the group a couple of months or so… I have seen some really cool stuff.

Check out the store at Kit & Clowder to see the current C&L classes… or wait a few days and get ready to grab the next set of classes. Some of the older Create and Learn classes are available as bundles now too.

If you haven’t already checked out the Free class, “Mindful Me”, you really should. It’s a great introduction to Alyce and her awesome coloring lessons.  The free class gives you a great intriduction to coloring hair and skin as well as using shadows and light direction.  The group consists of all levels so don’t be shy and think you aren’t good enough…. everyone is really nice and  supportive …and Alyce is a great teacher.  Her technique classes include One on One feedback which is really helpful and the videos and course material are really well put  together.

PS if you are not a mythical fan…  Alyce is also working on a new technique class .. so nature lovers..stay tuned for that one.  The sneak peek botanical images from that class have been amazing so far….she is such a tease.

Hannah Lynn Adult Coloring book available

50 fan faves – Hannah Lynn

Some of you will have seen the Hannah Lynn digis I have been coloring on the message board and Kit and Clowder Facebook Group and in a post or two… but if you haven’t.  Here are a few I have done since I started learning to color with markers.

Hannah Lynn has a bunch of products, both on her site and Etsy, not just digital stamps… and now you can pick up her book at Amazon.  50 images printed single sided for colorers… Woot.  Just because you may not be a card maker, does not mean you can’t enjoy her work. Adult coloring has  gone nuts lately.. so many of my friends I didn’t even know colored are popping up with books and showing their work.

There is a great facebook Group for anyone interested in Adult Coloring too…adultcoloringworldwide   check it out and be sure to check out Hannah Lynn’s giveaway post too.

I am just a beginner at coloring with pens… but  these work great for practicing my skin and hair class I am taking at Kit and Clowder.

night_dwellers birthday_girl_wmd

Shaker Card Window Inserts available on Ebay again…

shaker 3


Now the holidays are over, I have relisted the Shaker Card window inserts …. the link on the right has been updated with the new listing.

If you are new to the blog and haven’t seen these before… check out some previous posts.




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