Bugaboo Stamps Friday Freebie… Fab for male cards!!

Ok all you Bugaboostamps fans.. shake a leg and make sure you don’t miss out on this week’s freebie…GUS FISH WHISPERER.

Yup our darlin’ Gus is this weeks freebie.  
You still have time to grab it and enter our Bugaboo Crafty Challenge before the 15th too…. even more chance to snag some fab freebies  from Bugaboo Stamps if you are our random winner.

While you are there don’t forget to check out the New Releases 🙂  I saw a fun new  one of a guy with a lawn mower… another fun male image to grab for those guy cards.

My latest happy mail. Zig Kuretake Manga Art goodies

I saw something on a live video from CHA that I wanted to try out; I had no idea what they were using on the demo as far as pens and tips went, but I figured I wanted to try it bad enough.. so I grabbed ALL of them lol. Typically these pens are used for Manga art and inking in illustrations, but I saw them or…. something like these used for something else entirely and I wanted to have a play.

Admittedly I will probably use them for the intended use as well.. now that Steve over at CraftingAbility popped in a few extras for me to try out. I wasn’t expecting a beginners guide to drawing Manga to be tucked into my order and a new Manga Pen I haven’t tried yet… but heh.. why not .. LOL.

I had a quick flick through the booklet and it has some easy beginner examples and guides .. some info on drawing faces, clothing folds, shadows and highlights and lightsource so all the basics we learn in drawing and coloring. So, maybe I’ll have a little play with that. I don’t draw by any stretch of the imagination.. but even I like to doodle now and then. Usually when I am on the phone chatting haha..I am notorious for doodling on anything at hand haha.

Now bear in mind I have not used an ink pen in YEARS.. so it will take some practice to get used to working with ink again.  But I am excited to play with these and then try out that idea I saw at CHA.  I have quite a few different Zig Kuretake products, as you know if you are a regular …  some bought, some provided free of charge for testing and to provide projects for review….and so far.. I have not been dissappointed in anything. Seriously.. I refuse to say something is great if I don’t like it…so when I say I like it or LOVE it as is most often the case… I mean it.  Now anyone who is a regular knows I like to experiment and play with allsorts of ideas, and that I love trying new techniques..so  take into account your own personal styles and  tastes when  picking products.. what suits one does not suit all.

Ok so what did I order...everything on this page lol…

I picked up the pen nib holder… can’t do much without one of those lol. It’s a nice lacquered wood with a rubber grip.  I have to admit I am not a big fan of pens with rubber grips usually, but this one is nice and comfy and I don’t feel like I am getting stuck on it when I move my fingers around like some.  I have hypermobile joints and sometimes my hands lose grip when they flare up…. but  just playing with it out of the packet.. it seems to be something I’ll work fine with.  It’s not too fat , nor to thin and the rubber grip is smooth.. haha I sound like I popped out of Goldilocks and the three bears ..oops

I picked up a pack of each of the nibs to test them out, since I really didn’t know which ones would work best for what I have in mind, plus a selection of nibs would be useful for a few other things I had in mind… all of which you will see in posts coming this month.. maybe even a few short vids for a bit of fun.

I’ll share more on the Manage Drawing guide and Manga Flexible Pen in another post.

Use code Craft20 to save 20% on all orders! Or, for orders $75 and more, use CraftShips to receive free shipping!

Spotlight Series Day 17, Andrea – SheepSki Designs

Who are you?

Andrea Norris – SheepSki Designs




SheepSki Designs

SheepSki Designs Digital Stamps Facebook Group

Sheepski Designs Blog




Where are you? 

Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom


When did you first start drawing/designing seriously?

I’ve always drawn, I remember sitting outside the local library when I was a kid with my sketch book.  I managed to tackle digital drawing properly in December 2015 when my dad told me to try an iPad app (everything else digital was so weird and disconnected) I produced my first “real” digital drawings in January 16 when my fellow DT at Outlawz didn’t have any images to work with for the month so I did some.  I opened my shop in February 2016





What was the first product you ever had for sale?

Hmmm… well I sold a few watercolour paintings when I was in my 20’s but I haven’t any pictures of those.  On my Etsy store it was Annabell







What  job did you have BEFORE you started  drawing/designing for a living?

I still have my job I’m an accountant Zzzzzz….


If you could hang out with ANYONE in the world ….  who would it be?….and what is the one question you would want to ask them?

My hubby, family and close friends – how do you put up with me being like Tigger!


If you suddenly changed careers and went to work at Disney…what character would you want to be?

Jack Skellington


What’s your favorite craftroom/business supply or tool that you couldn’t live without?

ProMarkers, and craft knife – definitely essential


How long have you been in business?

Since February 2016 – I’m an infant compared to most.  I’m probably one of the few that uses a lot of other artists materials and still work on other artists design teams


What’s your favorite color?

PINK!! Have you not seen my blog – LOL!






What is your favorite piece in the whole store?

Now that’s a difficult one.  I think I’ll have to pick one of my newest creations – little Morpheus is just so cute






Who is your inspiration/muse?

Life and nature around me around me we live on an incredible planet full of wonders


How many people work with/for you?

No one directly, I have no design team yet I may be looking for DT soon 😉


Name your favourite cartoon?

The Nightmare Before Christmas


What was your favorite subject in school…?

I had two geography (although it was the geology side I wasn interested in) and maths.  Funny that much later in life I did a degree in geology and ended up an accountant


If you were getting a tattoo… what would it be? 

I have four already and thought i’d better stop there 😀
My last one was a mouse on my ankle


What is your best and worst personality trait?

My drive, determination and loyalty are my best – worst not telling 😉


When was your last REAL vacation and where did you go?

April 2016 I went to the Lake District with my hubby hiking


If you got offered a weekend in a haunted  house/castle etc.. would you say yes?

God yes when do we go


If you were a Cluedo Character, who would you be?

Er… never played but I know the game so I’d probably be Mrs PINK in the dining room…..


What’s your favorite horror movie?



When no one is listening…. do you sing in the shower?

Nope but I sing in the car – no one can here me there – ha ha!








What is your most popular item in the store/shop? 

So far Becca but there are a few close runners






If you weren’t doing what you are doing now…. what job would you have?

I still have my day job and unfortunately and I can’t see me ever giving that up.  I would have loved to have been a marine biologist though


If you got locked in an elevator for 6 hours.. who would you most like to be locked in with?

Oooo my hubby / or my mum / or my friend Diane.


What’s your favorite event, or holiday of the year?

Halloween – I love all the spookyness (is that a word)


Would you go cave diving with sharks?

Yes definitely but I’d have to learn to do the under water bit first


Have you ever been on a blind date…. and if so..  was it fun, or a nightmare?

Yes, I met a guy who signed for the deaf – incredibly interesting guy but definitely NOT my type


What’s your favorite hobby when you want to relax?

Reading a good book, I hardly ever get to read these days


What should be written on your gravestone when you die?

Restless soul beware of haunting – LOL!!


Rudolf’s Selfie



If you were offered a trip to the moon, would you go..and if so .. which of your images/products would leave on the moon??

Yes definitely, chance in a lifetime.  I think I’d leave Rudolf up there to see if I can see his grin






Do you plan to grow old gracefully, or disgracefully?

What does gracefully mean?


How long does the average design/art work take from concept to final product?

To sketch out the idea usually about half an hour, it’s the tidying up that takes hours after.  I’m such a messy drawer


When you are working, what is the view from your window like?

I have various views because I sit at home, work and in my car, none of them are very exotic.


What’s the one song guaranteed to have you shaking your booty anytime, anyplace ..anywhere?

Children Robert Miles


Who scared you most as a kid when you were being naughty.. your parents or the boogey man?

Definitely my parents


What do you love most about all the people you meet through your work?

There creativity and talent, there are so many amazingly talented people out there





Show me the drawing you think most closely resembles you physically or personality-wise

That’s got to be Flamenco – I’m a dancer and this one is the closest one or Lilly I love the serene peace of this image and crave it















If you were a classic car…. what would you be?

Jaguar E-Type


If your parents had named you something else… what would you have picked?

Hmmmm not sure I’d change it – I just wouldn’t be me!


Which decade do you think had the best music?

Love the 80’s and 90’s


Favorite quote?

I’ll sleep when I’m dead


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Bread and olives – I could so live off that, and Lindt Chilli Chocolate and ginger covered with chocolate 😀


Which drawing/product are you the most proud of in your collection?

That’ll be Strawberry Season, but mostly because of how I coloured it, the strawberries just look amazing 😀


Strawberry Season


Strawberry Season – colored














Voucher Code for 20% discount


Expires 30 June 2016



Starting a big card project – 1 down

I am working on a big card project for a friend.. she wants a mix of cards for various occasions. I have free reign on design so that will be fun and I can play around with ideas and styles. Here is one I made…. it’s a welcome to the neighborhood/moving in card.

I kept the coloring cartoonish/childish to match the image ..I think it’s kinda cute. Nice and quick, simple card.


 This post contains some affiliate links

Gansai Tambi Watercolor Paints


Gansai Tambi Watercolor set

Well… It’s been a rather expensive month all round really… between craft supplies and server/website upgrade costs. But  boy did I get a tonne of  fun new stuff.  Really…. I have soo much new stuff to play with this winter, I might never leave the house till spring haha

You may, or may not have read the post I did a while back about dry inking.  I’m not a hand colorer, so when I discovered this technique by accident… I had a lot of  fun with it.  But ink pads are a bit limiting and killer on your brushes… luckily I had a set that I got 50% off at Michaels for me and the little guy to use, they are built tough enough to withstand a toddler….and dry inking!


Gansai Tambi Watercolor set 24 count

Gansai Tambi Watercolor set 24 count

But I wanted to try something else and when I came across this set of Gansai Tambi watercolors  I was like OOOHHHH !!  Now you can probably tell from  previous posts, I’m a stuck in the mud digital colorer ….determined to bust out and try new things.  I haven’t really done any painting since I was in school…and even then I was awful at it.  I think that is why my artistic nature sprouted out into photography.


But here I am at the grand old age of 45…  trying all sorts of new crafting things I never thought I would attempt.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.. These were very reasonably prices and even more so with the discount code available on ZigManga.com


I originally bought my Cricut Explore to make custom photo mats… thus far I have made one LOL


Then I got hooked into card making by the ladies on the message board… and oh dear.. let’s just say that was not attractive.  But under their guidance and wisdom, my card making has improved dramatically and I am ready to  break out and experiment.   Of course when the old Cricut Forum closed down and I offered to make us a new home, I had no idea where this was going to go.  But I seem to be wearing my old webmistress hat again… I guess fashion really does rotate… even virtual fashion LOL.



First attempt at Watercolors with rubber stamps ….on an old envleope

So while the server was dying and I was on the phone for hours and hours with tech support… I grabbed a pot of water and started playing, bear in mind I am NOT an artist and this was about 5 am and I had been up all night… but I have to say.. I like these paints a lot.  With winter coming this is definitely going to be something I use a lot in the evening to relax and hopefully It won’t take too long before I have reasonably cool projects to share.


These are considered professional water colors… so perhaps I should have started off with a beginner set.. but when have I ever been conventional.



Second attempt at Watercoloring with Gansai Tambi on 110lb card stock using a rubber stamp for design

One of the things I love about these paints is you can manipulate this media to suit your own tastes.  To me watercolor has always been a bit ….’wishy washy, for want of a better description.

Far too subtle for someone like me LOL,  but I noticed that when your mix is more paint than water, at least with this set…. you get strong vibrant colors with a slight sheen to them, which I like a lot.

I really do need to work on my subtlety though….so I am sure  by next year and some winter painting practise, lots of youtube videos and just goofing around… some of my watercolor painting will end up in the card challenges over on the message board.


So here we are, almost ready for another new year and boy do I have some fun stuff  to play with and share… November was a crazy shopping month for me and the little guy, so get ready for some fun projects.

I must let my niece know about these, she does beautiful watercolors. I have no idea where she got that from, must be her dads side of the family LOL

I love the box on these… I was expecting the old tin style paint box for some reason. If you bought this as a gift, you wouldn’t even need to wrap it, just throw a matching ribbon around it and tag this baby and you are done. Beautifully presented !


Manga Artists .. Zig Manga Art supplies 20% coupon

Now let me be clear, I am not a Manga Artist .. I can barely draw a stick figure.

But I do have some old friends from my Deviant Art days that  are… one in Particular who I miss  dearly and would love to get back in touch with. Reckless… if one day you discover this post… miss ya lil bro xxxx Wipz

When I saw these  advertised on the side of one of my  favorite sites winkofstella.com  I had to go take a look.  These look pretty cool,  so all you manga Artists check this out and don’t forget to use the 20% coupon  if you shop.




They have pens and  inks and  some starter kits for someone new to Manga Art.

  • The starter sets have
  • 10 Kurecolor markers, with two tips
  • 2 Mangaka pens for outlines and details
  • step-by-step instructions, and a practice drawingKurecolor markers contain an alcohol-based dye that is permanent after drying and won’t smudge or smear Mangaka pens



What they also have that I personally am very interested in  trying, not for Manga Art .. but for coloring my Stamps….is this set of Gansai Tambi watercolor paints. These are traditional Japanese watercolors for professional artists and crafters.  I’ll be adding these to my  wish list for sure.  Up until now I have been coloring my stamps with  ink pads and brushes.. but I really want to try a proper set of water color paints.





ZigManga.com and ZigCartoonist.com are owned and operated by ImageAbility Inc

Why buy Fabric…if you can’t sew ??

Well let me tellya you…. I can’t sew for toffee…BUT

I was having one of my “moments” again…. I have those where I get a crazy thought and run with it.

Like my super fine embossing pens I created, which …. by the way are awesome and I should pull that out and use it on some of the projects and I may at some point share that project with you all.  All you ladies with Cricut Explores and a pen adapter, you are going to love that one.  I tried to get Ranger pens to  run with the idea, but so far looks like they haven’t…. their loss. It’s an awesome idea and the pens are so fine, you have never seen embossing this good and certainly not anything you could write and emboss on the explore.

Or my attempt to make inkjet embossing ink… I haven’t given up on that one yet, it’s just on a back burner LOL

Anywho, I digress… fabric… yup..so many cool things you can do with fabric, even if you can’t sew.
Here’s a sneak peek at an upcoming project featuring Loralei Designs fabric that arrived in the mail today. Great designs, great prices and fast delivery…
ALERTPurchases made through the links in the post will generate affiliate commission.  This is not a pay per click.
I saw this while I was checking out the affiliate programs  I’m signed up with… and I had to have some.   You didn’t think they were there just for you guys did ya lol.  I never add affiliates I have no interest in personally too.  If I don’t wanna shop with them.. why would you?

This is just my initial test piece to see if the idea would even work… and now that I know it does… expect a full step by step tutorial sometime over the weekend or early next week 🙂




NOTE: This is something that caught my eye.. if any of you ladies or gents  are interested she has a really cool panel that features ladies with cancer… it’s a beautiful homage to women who have lost their hair and are still beautiful.  It’s called “On the mend” and it’s another one going on my wish list…  I have to have this, it’s just awesome to see something  that takes the ugly out of cancer  in a fun colorful way.  🙂

Hint,  If you think you might want to try this upcoming project … dig around in your craft supplies and see if you already have the following:  fabric heat bond and some foam sheets… the kind you buy at Walmart for kids crafts… not the adhesive one tho.  I have a big stash of both, as I use that a LOT  for 3D topper cards and to back card images for a super cool spongy raised feel… more about that another time tho.

Optional is Something like Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer… I have Matt and Luster… and I like the  fact it seals and protects the fabric for projects like this as well as stiffens it up  and makes  embellishing the fabric afterwards much easier.

One of the Benefits of Chalk n Cheese

In English… a husband with ZERO interest in crafting haha

..is that he NEVER, ever looks at my blog  and I don’t HAVE to confess to my shopping splurges… I do anyway, we have that kind of relationship ….and I am disgustingly honest *rolleyes.

This week I’ve been having a bit of a splurge… mostly online.  I added a few new affiliates, which I only add if I am interested in trying, or have already tried.   These links are affiliate or sponsor  links… for those of you who like to know before clicking.  The Affiliate links pay commission on sales generated, NOT per click..so you can safely click if you are interested in the products…without feeling you are being led into clicking to generate money….  and the sponsor links are just recognition of our sponsors who provide prizes for some of our Monthly card challenges.  

I grabbed some new folder and a die  that was on sale from one of the new affiliates, Elizabeth Craft Designs …. and some really cool looking paper.  I thought I would try the sampler packs first.

I got some iridescent shimmer sheetz and some velvet paper, can’t wait to try these out in some projects.

The die I picked up is really cool..it’s Merry Christmas in Spanish… I got that one  for my step-daughter and her husband’s card.  Her husband is Spanish  and I know he will appreciate the gesture 🙂



I also hopped over to this new affiliate, Loralie Designs and even though I don’t sew…. not even remotely LOL… I actually bought some of her fabric.  I want it for an experimental project and this is perfect for what I need.  There are some really cool fabric designs.. I know if this works out for the project I have in mind, I’ll be back for some more.  It was very hard picking  a design to test this out with…   but I was trying to be good LOL.

I won’t show you what I bought… just yet….. that will be revealed in a later project post if it works.  If it doesn’t I’ll send the rest of the fabric to grandma.. who makes the most awesome quilts  🙂

..oh we’re not done yet

I am also hooking myself up with some Chameleon pens .. now all the girls on the message board know, I am much more into digital coloring and do not own anything fancier than a crayola washable marker that I borrow off my kid for wet brush projects lol.   But when I saw these….I was impressed and intrigued enough to want to give these a shot.  Yup…. that will be in another tutorial/ project/product review post later.

..which leads me nicely into my other purchases.. digi stamps.. yeah MsWipz been a bad, bad girl again lol.

Anyone who is on the message board will tell you I am a KennyK stalker.. lol  I love my KennyK stamps and I am probably on their site more than they are looking for new ones to get.

And we have another sponsor, Bugaboo stamps that I have bought  a few here and there from….  well I did have a few … till this morning haha… I picked up 18 new stamps from Bugaboo.

So I have a tonne of digital and Chameleon coloring to get done too .. expect to see those in upcoming card making challenges, projects and tutorials 🙂

I have a couple more new products to play with and share… but those will save for another post :)..and we didn’t even get to my Michaels and Joann haul from Mondays shopping spree. I picked up some cool new stuff to use with the lil  guy..unlike his daddy.. the lil man  loves crafting….and will tell you so LOL

Ok.. now I am off to play with my son.. who scored a bigger haul on Monday that I did.   He got his first halloween outfit that he chose himself, with the help of Batman’s sidekick Robin..who apparently moonlights at Party City. We will be  Bumblebee the transformer..and yes I did have to walk around the rest of the strip mall with him like this..including Joann’s .. it was  fun !   The joys of being 3 and a half and not caring about what people think LOL Everyone was  awwing over him specially when they realized that “little girl” in a transformer costume… is a little boy with long hair in a ponytail.

…his first real board game ..which he clearly announced… “I CHEAT”.. lol..and he did.  Gotta love the honesty of toddlers haha.

He also got his first proper percussion set..which I am sure the neighbors will learn to love .. and a new funko pop vinyl bobble head figure.. we got Deadpool this time.  And mommy managed to squirrel away a couple of sets of the new super hero smasher twin packs… if he forgets about them, I will add them to his Christmas stash.

Once he is in bed Mommy will get cracking on some crafting challenge  pieces and get caught up with all the fun stuff like laundry and dishes.