HAPPY MAIL!! Chameleon Color Tops Kickstarter Kit

Super excited to finally have my Chameleon Color Tops from the Kickstarter program a few months back.  No big unboxing .. lil man tore into this box the second we got it haha.  He likes Happy Mail as much as his momma does.

Ok..so for those who of you who don’t know what a Kickstarter program is.. a brief explanation.  Kickstarter is used by companies to raise funds to get new products into production and I guess probably gauge the public’s response to an idea to see if it is worth continuing with before committing to Big $’s  in production.

Anyone who was involved in this one will tell you… the public responded… in a big way lol.  this project was open for funding for a month.. and met it’s initial funding goal in the first 2 hours of  going live.  If you are a Chameleon Pens fan… that would come as no surprise to you at all LOL.

Various reward levels are available to suit funding partners of all budgets.  Funding commitments started at $10,  all the way up to a whopping $400+ for those people who just wanted it all. Each funding level had it’s own rewards associated with it.  Basically you select how much you want to pay in to fund the project and you get the rewards on offer for that level BEFORE they go on sale to everyone else.  Much as I would have loved to go all out for the “LOT”, I just didn’t have the funds available to do that * sigh.  But I did jump in and get my  Color Tops… and then on top of the regular rewards there were also goal rewards. As funding offers flew in .. a new goal level  reward was added in…so on top of my color tops… I also received a bunch of extra goal rewards. The detailer pen, an additional blender pen, extra tips and color cards… there was also free online classes offered which we all received  when the funding period closed.

Ok so..what did I pay? and what did I get …  a $70 pledge got me the full range of  the brand new product “Color Tops” plus the extras mentioned above.  If you know what tip to tip blending is, and already know the concept behind how Chameleon Pens work…. then this will  be easy to understand.  Instead of coloring with one color and achieving your tones with the blender tops on each pen…. you can now tip to tip blend EASILY, ACCURATELY AND ….in COLOR!!!   yup.  The exact way you blend with your current Chameleons using clear blender.. but in color.

I am not going to gab on forever about this right now… expect a new post real soon, probably with video. If I can find a quiet minute to make a basic one I will.

One Happy Crafter… thanks Chameleon Pens!!!  comes as no surprise you blew the funding goals out of the water again this time.  And for all of you who missed out on the Kickstarter again this time… The new products will be available soon 🙂  If you haven’t seen these pens before…and this is your  first time hearing the name … WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN !!!!  lol

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Be Beautiful – layered card with watercolor effect

This is my latest project and features  an image by Cute As A Button “Wedding Day” and a bunch of  things from my latest craft hauls.  This is my December Inspirational Project  and also  my No. 3 Sketch with extra credits for the Message Board Sketch Challenge.   Some of the ladies and I are old friends from the Cricut Message Board days and this is a continuation of an old challenge on there. It’s a just for fun  monthly sketch challenge and all are welcome to come hang out and play.

I wanted to try something I’d been playing with the other week, the watercoloring with printer ink.. but expanded on the idea by including some of the new Zig Kuretake Manga ink I just got.  I picked  this particular ink for the fact it was water based, so I knew it would dilute and work with this technique.  It is a fast drying ink that becomes waterproof once dry and  smudge free with Alcohol markers.  Exactly what I need!  I also picked up a Fine H2o brush in this packet…  I have tried cheap versions of these which work.. ok.. but this one is definitely a much higher quality.
I gave the image a color wash with just water and the printer ink, then I slowly layered in a diluted ink to add in more depth and shadow.   It has a very subtle color because I  diluted it and then absorbed the excess as I worked,  but straight out of the bottle.. this is black as black can be. If you let it soak in instead of absorbing  it … the colors are also more pronounced.

The reason I picked up this ink is because  Artists all have their own style of drawing, some use thinner lines than others and that effects the amount of ink you have to pull from the printed image.  I have a gorgeous set of  Gansai Tambi watercolor paints I could have used..BUT  I wanted to experiment… PLUS these inks are waterproof once dried AND I can use the ink with various writing/drawing tools.

k let’s face it.. I just wanted to play with something new lol.  Wait till you get to see the other bottle of ink I picked up….

I added in some really subtle color on the image using my Chameleon Pens
NU00, BL2, BG1 & GR1.

This image was printed on  a Canson Mixed Media sheet  through the Epson Eco Tank.

ok.. now onto  the card itself.  I am not really  a fussy card maker..  but I do like to play around with ideas and try new things out, so now and then I’ll get a bit “fluffy”.

I had some fab new dies from Gina Marie designs I wanted to try out and so I mixed it up with some of those, some GM’s from a previous order, a die from my latest Blitsy order and some  Cheapie imports from Ebay.  And then I  had a play with my Martha Stewart punches….  for good measure.

Starting at the back and working forward..

Silver Glitter card stock,  local dollar store
Blue Recollections Card Stock  with  Martha Steward border punch set. If you want a continuous border, these punches all come with cutting instructions and sizes so you can get perfect  borders.  For this project I  wanted to play with an off cut pattern, just to add a little interest to the background.
White 110lb index Card
Blue Recollections Card Stock
Image is popped on a layer of Darice Foam
Image is die cut with the new Mini Hearts Square set from Gina Marie Designs

On top of that are 3 cuts from the Gina Marie Flower Branch Die.. 2 were inked with a blue pad..one darker than the other for  some contrast and pearl cabochons were popped in the smaller centers for some subtle bling.

The butterfly and beautiful  cuts are from Gina Marie
The “Be” sentiment is from Blitsy
….and finally the small leafy sprigs came from Ebay.

I used  a mix of glues and tapes… details and links for the products used can be found below for anyone interested.


And now for the details:

Image  –  Cute As A Button “Wedding Day”

Recollections 65lb card from Michaels
Lawn Fawn Scripty”Be”sentiment Die Blitsy

Gina Marie Designs “Beautiful” sentiment  & Butterfly Set Scrapbook Warehouse
Gina Marie Designs Mini Hearts Square set Scrapbook Warehouse
Gina Marie Designs Flower Branch Scrapbook Warehouse

Leafy sprigs My regular Ebay Seller
Martha Stewart Border & Corner Punch Set ….Michaels  used to have them or you can get them on Ebay

Chameleon Pens  - ChameleonPens.com
Glitter Card Stock  - Local $ store , 3 sheets for $1.99 silver, gold & green
Recollections card - Michaels

Fine tip H2o Brush CraftingAbility.com
Manga Ink CraftingAbility.com
Photo Tape CraftingAbility.com
2 Way glue Crafting Ability.com

Neenah White  110lb card stock -Amazon
Canson Mixed Media 7x10 pad Amazon
Pearl Cabochons Amazon
Darice Adhesive foam

Card Challenges entered:

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Confessions of a Chameleon Pen owner

confession time…

As a lot of you already know, I love my Chameleon Pens, but I haven’t really ever taken the time to really get to grips with the whole blending chamber thing… I use other methods to achieve the results I want.  BUT… earlier this week I found myself sat in an apt with no computer, no internet and no tv.. NADA Just a crate, a magnifier light some pre-printed images and my pens… and my desk top easel balanced on my knees.

…and very spotty 4G service on my phone.

Sooo.. guess who went through all of her pens testing them out and playing with blends.. <<< THIS GAL. Well let me just say it had it’s pros and cons…

Pros..it’s actually pretty dang cool… It’s really not rocket science and with a bit of patience and practice… it’s pretty quick and easy to get results.  The blending function  actually promotes a more relaxed style of coloring as you have to be patient and  not rush into it willy nilly scribbling away like a mad thing lol…even a 5 second blend..it’s just that subtle pause in the mania of things.  It gives you time to actually look at the images you are coloring  and take time to see where the shadows  and  highlights should be and just take it easy and chill.  I kinda needed that after the last few crazy months.  I think I’d kind of lost the enjoyment in coloring lately  as it was all about “having to get it done”  instead of just doing it for the pure enjoyment.

Cons.. I waited a year to find that out and some of my original set pen chambers were dry…and my clear blender refill was at the other apt. ( some of you know I am in the process of moving )

But I did have two of the newer 5 pen packs too so I did get to play. Considering my lack of desk, or proper seating and the fact it’s my first REAL time actually doing this… I am impressed.

Now I really want to get my hands on the full set… AND a lot of refills for my clear blender. As soon as I got home, I cleaned out the new bottle I had refilling all the dry chambers I could… so now I need to get more to finish up my set.

Just goes to show that sometimes you really should try, try, and try again…. and not just give up when it doesn’t quite work out the first time.

This was my tester piece

I did this one with the new gray tones pack I won … it’s a Power Poppy digital stamp.  I shall be playing with this a lot more now and incorporating it into my usual style. Excited to see how well the techniques compliment each other on a single piece.
I don’t feel so bad about tackling that gorgeous coloring book that came with these pens in my prize now.  WHEN I have time.

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Chameleon Pens 30 piece Expansion set available now

Come to Momma!!!!   I am super excited to see the new  30 piece expansion set is now available… This allows us 22 pen set people to expand our set to the full 52 …. and have that snazzy big case, without having to duplicate pens.   So if you have been waiting for the expansion kit… here it is.   Hubby has been put on alert that THIS is considered a suitable gift and show of affection lol.

That and a bunch of the refills….I love my Chameleons and I sure can tell which colors I use the most lol.  Believe it or not; despite the amount of coloring I do, I bought my set in November and STILL haven’t refilled …. but I do need to soon.

Woot this is gonna look sooo so pretty sitting on my craft carts … hopefully soon lol.CT3001OPENEcom__94248.1463087498.1280.1280 CT3001Ecom__23372.1463087499.1280.1280 CT3001WorkstationEcom__03976.1463087500.1280.1280Expanded Palette:30PenSwatches__49066.1463164598.1280.1280

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Chameleon Pens –

Anyone who knows me from the message board is well aware of my lack of skills in that department.  I’m the digital colorer in a sea of hand colorers.  Markers make me Cringe and my kids washable Crayolas are the only markers in this house….UNTIL NOW.

While diddling around  looking for good affiliate programs, I ran across Chameleon Pens. Right from the outset I was impressed by what I read, but was it really that good…. or just great marketing?  I ummed and agghed a few weeks, why would I…. a self-confessed total disaster at hand coloring, even be considering spending money on markers.  But I tend to follow my gut instincts ….and spend I did…. and boy am I glad I listened to myself.


Chameleon Pens – 22 piece Base set


My markers arrived right before disaster struck and the site servers went down…. so there they sat for a day or so. Staring longingly at me and whispering ‘OPEN ME ..OPEN ME, you know you want to open me’.  But alas updates and reposts were priorities on my agenda…. my pens would have to wait *sigh

Well I finally got to play with my new pen set, I bit the bullet and joined the world of hand coloring.




Chameleon Pens 22 piece base set


First impressions…..great presentation, definitely gift worthy if you have an artist or paper crafter in the family.  The main set comes in a really nice two tier, black cardboard box with a flip top to allow easy access while coloring.


This is specially useful for someone like me with very limited crafting space.





Chameleon Pens 22 piece base set color range

What do you get…. 22 markers, 20 colored markers,  1 blender and a black detail marker.

A quick start pamphlet with all of the information needed to dive in and get coloring.

A spare pack of pen tips.  Yes, these markers are refillable and have replaceable tips.




Chameleon Pens 22 piece base set quick start pamphlet

So, you are the impatient type like myself… you skim the pamphlet and dive right in with your first attempt to prime your pen. Super easy, the blender tank is built right in and clips right on to the pens like the lid.  It works on either  end….






Chameleon Pens, dual tip pens with blending chamber.


oh …. did I forget to mention these pens are double ended too.  You have a choice of tips….bullet, or brush

Every pen has its own blending chamber, so no worries about color transfer. You have complete control over how much blending fluid you use each time, which dictates the amount of shading control you have… It’s not rocket science, you will figure out your own timing preferences pretty quickly based on the project at hand.






Chameleon Pens on 29lb Glama Vellum


Adult coloring is a big thing right now, it’s just not MY big thing.

Digital stamps and rubber stamping, now that is my thing. You don’t have to buy special books, or patterns, this works on all sorts of paper.  Bear in mind that the  inks are wet and you will  get some soak through.. so this is not intended for double-sided projects. Also bear in mind that specialty papers usually take longer to dry.




Where’s the Ctrl+Z ?  That has always been my biggest concern about coloring with pens, paints, pencils etc .. there is no undo.  After 20+ years of playing on computers, you kind of get used to that “get out of jail free” feature in coloring.  Now I have to say, I recently got another graphics tablet, the last time I had one was 15+ years ago and I was terrible lol. This time; I guess I just have more experience and it’s not so intimidating.  I think that was one of the reasons I felt more positive about trying these pens.  I’d been so used to a mouse for so long, pens just didn’t sit comfortably with me for coloring until I got a new tablet.


Chameleon Pens – My first attempt right out of the box.

Speed demons and scribblers… if that is your coloring style, you are going to have to slow your roll and take a more relaxed approach with these if you are using the blending function properly.  If you have seen my dry inking post in the past you will notice on the video its a breakneck speed technique …. that won’t work here.

I wouldn’t call this a slow process; but it’s definitely a more relaxed pace, which is a good thing for me.  Almost everything I do is done at  high-speed, life in general is mile a minute. This actually gives me some mommy downtime to sit and relax and do something creative. It’s very therapeutic, definitely something that would make a great gift for an expectant mom on bed rest, or someone with long-term health care issues.


Chameleon Pens on 110lb Neenah White Index card stock

WOW … I bet you never see that in anyone else’s marketing materials, or reviews lol.  I just happen to have a friend who is pregnant again and her first time round, she was on bed rest real early on…. and she recently started adult coloring.  I’d been thinking about buying a set for her and sending them up as a surprise if they turned out to be cool. She will love these, I have to send her some now. From my time on the pregnancy forums, I can tell you…. bed rest sucks for ladies who like to be active. These would be great and think of all the awesome baby items, nursery decor, announcement cards etc you could get done with these.

… so in a nutshell.. at the age of 45 I finally found something that lets me hand color things, I would not be embarrassed to share. I obviously have a lot to learn and along ways to go, but I no longer feel the urge to claim” my toddler did it”

Obviously some of you already have extensive pen collections and might not be inclined to spend out on a new range, BUT if you, like some … struggle with hair and skin, consider picking up one, or two of the 5 packs and give it a go. These sets  take up less room due to the blending technology, ink refills are very reasonable and a whole new range of addon colors is in development.  I’ll be hooking myself up with those as soon as the come available.


Chameleon Pens 22 piece base set – selection of my first day at hand coloring images

Verdict – 3 thumbs up…

Me – I Love these pens, worth every penny for someone like me who is, or should I say WAS intimidated by hand coloring. Watch the videos and check out tutorials …. or dive right in.  As long as you have a basic concept of shadow and highlights.. you too can create pieces you won’t be ashamed to share.  Total Confidence boost !

Hubby  “Looks cool hun, glad you are having fun”  –  this from my totally non crafty husband is a definite  thumbs up lol
My crafty son who is 3 and a half  “You like it mommy? It looks good”

There is so much more to share about these pens…. but that will come in separate  posts with project pics and details…AND a giveaway.  Stay tuned for posts on:

  • Chameleon pens – Digi stamps and printables
  • Chameleon Pens – Rubber Stamping
  • Chameleon Pens – Adult Coloring Books
  • Various Projects –  Completed projects, step by step
  • Chameleon Pens – Pick your Paper !


This post  contains affiliate links.  This product review was not paid for, nor were the markers provided free of charge for review purposes.