Quick and simple notecards

I had a project for a friend that involved 100 cards.. yes I said ONE HUNDRED. This was a mix of cards for various occasions .. birthdays, welcome cards, congratulations on a new baby .. all the usual kind of things you like to have on hand.

This project was a mutual thing, I wanted to practice my card making and not have a tonne of blog project cards hanging around and she wanted cheap but unique cards to send out. Win Win for both of us, she covered the cost of materials and so… we had a project !

One of the things we had to bear in mind was the materials.. as card makers we all know how much money we can pile onto just one card LOL. We forget about the hidden extras like foam padding, glues, printer costs etc…. and of course the inevitable Foobahs, where we have to start over from scratch and it ends up in the trash bucket.  And of course anyone who doesn’t craft is clueless to the time and money that goes into one card

.. let alone 100 LOLcard_project2

I have a set of rectangular dual stitched Lil’Inkers dies that played a big part in this project. She needed some simple “welcome” cards that were suitable for any age, sex or cultural background. These dies were perfect for a super simple but attractive card set, that not only look good, but also let me use up a bunch of my scrap card stock too.

This is a close up to show how I used the dies to make a nested rectangle background ….which I then mixed and matched in various color themes and added a “welcome” sentiment to.  The Welcome die was a Gina Marie, but is currently unavailable.
welcome_inkers_wmdI mixed these up between plain and simple die cuts and some hand stamp/ digital stamps and colored images. I think the set came out rather well.  Every card is unique and some were left sentiment free so she could pick and choose what occasions to use them for or just because they didn’t really need it.

These ones feature the Gina Marie X stitched dies and the Gina Marie stitched rectangular dies and some bugaboostamps that were just perfect for this set.  These one I used with a polka dot base card from Michaels, which is rather cute. The images are colored with pencil and blended with alcohol to give a soft almost watercolor, feel to them.


Of course I threw in a bunch of my project cards too, even though most of them were NOT quick and simple cards, I would rather someone got some enjoyment from them rather than have them gather dust on my shelves.  So she got hold of some of my past Bloobel stamps, Sheri Baldy, Scrapper’s Delights and Cute As A button project cards too.


The dual stitched nested dies is a great way to use up scrap card and build up a stash of nested frames… which you can simply add  a sentiment to or add in a center panel image of your choice.  Great way to use up your scraps bucket too, so keep those scraps and then crank out some blanks on your Sizzix Bigshot, or whatever you use… and put them in a box for projects like this.

They work great for smaller note sets too and I have a fab cut file for a chunky envelope from Myscrapchick which is perfect for those.  It was designed for the layered deep cards that  won’t fit in a regular flat envelope, but work perfectly for a 10 set of note cards and envelopes too ..and it makes a fab gift for someone. ** keep an eye out on my blog for discounts and sales at MyScrapchick  These are another great one to have on hand, I set my Cricut Explore off cutting these while I prepared dinner one night and I have a stack of precuts waiting to be assembles as needed.

Last year I made a Christmas card note set for a friend and mailed them to her in the chunky envelope inside a bubble envelope..and they reached their destination in perfect shape 🙂


Once you get started and have a theme/idea ..it’s really not such a huge task as it sounds when you say  100 cards.  You can make very pretty notecards sets quickly and without costing a fortune.  They make great gifts…. go on try it…. it’s fun and will put a smile on the recipients face 🙂

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It’s Elementary Dear Watson!

2cute_logoI just joined the 2 Cute Inks Stamps Club earlier today… got all my stamps downloaded and went to poke around the shop to see what else there was… and Lo and behold. I found me two cute digis I just had to have… well actually I bought more than two.. but heh.. for this blog post, we are just concentrating on two.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson …..Mouses…..

Too pigging cute!!

Well the thing is, I was getting a bit burnt out and decided to close out my facebook chats and all that stuff and go be antisocial for a few hours and have fun. And the result is.. the beginnings of a 10 card noteset ..which will have a matching envelope.

It’s a fun project..I get to goof off with my sketchy style of coloring.. make a mess with distress inks and let my sense of humor run loose for a few hours. This is just 2 of 10, I’ll post the entire project ..all 10 cards and matching chunky envelope container when I am done.



You can find the 2 Cute Ink Digital Stamp Group  and Club here.
The Club is a subscription based membership ..  you get access to  new release images early, member exclusives and  great deals on all other  digis in the store.  Definitely worth $5 a month…oh and if you don’t dilly dally.. the first month is FREE !!!!



MyScrapchick – ALL SVG’s Updated….Free Belly Box File


Some of you may have already seen previous posts about Myscrapchick.com and the fab files you can get there… along with her awesome 50 cent deals.

Well all you SVG users, good news…. I just got an email informing me that all of the SVG files are now updated. Better score and cut lines and all sized perfectly for Design space import.

Note for existing customers: ” Feel free to download any previous purchases to get these updated SVGs. There is no time limit on downloads”.

SVGs import at correct size to Design Space.

Each and every SVG in our store will now import to Design Space at the correct size with no resizing needed. You won’t have to look up the measurements elsewhere. Also note: Design Space users can use the files in the “SVG” folder. (The svgDS folder has now been eliminated.)

Better score/dash lines.
Each group of dash lines (like the fold line on a card) has been combined into a single object, instead a billion tiny pieces. Just click on any part of the dash lines on a pattern piece and the entire set of dash lines is selected. You can choose to either cut or score those fold lines in Design Space.




STEP by STEP for Design Space.. All you newCricut users will find this useful









Last year I was lucky enough to receive an unexpected and very much appreciated gift card to Myscrapchicks from a friend who shops there, just in time for a fab 50 cent sale.

If you haven’t ever checked out these files… hop over and grab the Free Belly Box File they have available.  These files are great and so much fun.  If you design for kids and grand-kids, you will love these… and you ladies who do the  chunky cards with a lot of embellishments will love the chunky envelope file.  I actually used that one myself to make a 10 card – note card set… I resized the file to fit my notecards and it mailed to a friend in a jiffy perfectly.

I can’t even begin to tell you about all the different boxes and envelopes and  fun designs on here… you really have to just check it out for yourself 🙂   and be sure to  sign up for their Freebie Friday newsletter and keep an eye out for 50 cent sales alerts.  I try to share them on here when I can…. so feel free to subscribe to my blog too so you can get alerts on new posts…and of course so you can comment on the posts…. if you want to 🙂

There is also a sale on the other belly box designs, check out some of the selection in the image below..aren’t they fab














All images courtesy of myscrapchick.com

MyScrapChick – 50 cent SALE!

Another great sale… I got a whole bunch of awesome cut files last year from here.  Great time to stock up if you have been eyeing up these files.

You ladies who make the beautiful 3D layered cards.. she has a great file for making  chunky envelopes that work great for protecting those. So many cute kids files too…. check it out  🙂

MyScrapChick 50 cent Sale

Jack Skellington magnet, boxes, envelopes ….and Daffodils

I haven’t had much time to craft this last few days… but I did get a few little bits and pieces done.


I tried out the new ziggyboard magnetic sheet  that came in last week’s review box.  Love it… this stuff cuts like a dream on the Cricut Explore.. can’t wait to have a good play with this when I have more time.   The white sticker paper I used on top wasn’t great, so I am going to redo these Jack Skellington magnets with some white vinyl I think.  Hubby is a huge Jack fan…. so when he came home from work and saw a 6 inch Jack head on the fridge, he was a happy bunny.



I dragged out my Chameleon pens and practiced  on some new Botanical digi stamps I bought.  This particular one comes from Power Poppy and is called “Dancing with Daffodils “


I still need a lot of practice, but it was definitely fun..and that green pen in the Zig Memory System Set I said was one I probably wouldn’t use to write with…. yeah well…. WRONG lol.

It would go perfectly with this image and the Daffodil poem. Just as well the Cricut liked those pens LOL

I had a play with some of the cut files  I got last month too.  The boxes are from CUP ( Craftsuprint.com) and are super easy to make and very  pretty.  I kept these simple, but you could easy glam these up if you wanted to.

The envelopes in the background are Chunky envelopes from myscrapchick.com,  these are designed to hold the 3D decoupage cards, but make excellent gift boxes for a 10 card note set if you wanted to make one as a gift. I just used one to  mail a set of Christmas cards  to California.  It was packed nice and  tight in a chunky envelope, then inside a jiffy envelope…. so well protected.


Anyways…. just a few things I have been playing with these last few days.


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