ooh yeah.. just ordered an air brush


Nothing too fancy…  but this is more than plenty for me and the little guy.  He has shown a lot of interest in air brushing with the hand held and with air cans..and this will be much easier for him.  Am I the only one with an almost 4 year old who will be air brushing haha.

My plan is to rig up an adapter to hold  marker pens too.. so if I manage that..I’ll be sure to share the details later on.  Last year someone  gave me a brand new Testors compressor that they bought and never used.. and I have wanted to try air brushing for years.  Super excited.

The kit I got has 3 tips .2, .3 and a .5 … so I am sure I will find something cool to do with it on my cards etc …

I got it on Ebay for $26.99 +Free shipping..