Who’s ready for Cyber Monday deals at Michaels? 11/27

Michaels is gearing up for cyber Monday with a fab 30% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE…and… FREE SHIPPING (ground shipping, oversized charges may apply)… with no minimum purchase.   So all you ladies who aren’t lucky enough to live in an area like me with a tonne of stores and be surrounded by all of this loveliness..now is your chance !!!

Epic Cyber Monday Deals! 30% Off Entire Online Order + Free Shipping (No Minimum)!

Coupon Code: CYBER30W INCLUDING SALE ITEMS (exclusions apply)

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Have you been checking out the fab deals running right now… tag on this added coupon for all the goodies not already on Sale too…and that makes for one heck of a fun shopping spree.  Coupon valid 11/27  so make sure you go window shop and check out all the goodies and get ready to rumble !!

Here’s a peek at a few of the papercraft deals going on in my area right now…

Cricut Mystery Box – MARVEL SUPERHEROS!!! and a Trade up deal

Oh YEAH !!  Now this is a mystery box I need to own…. Have you seen what’s coming up in the new Cricut Mystery Box for April 2017.  That’s right, on top of the regular April Box which is supplies… see previous mystery box post… there is now this fab new box this month.

Marvel Digital Cartridges.  Yup from what I can tell there will be 3 digital sets valued at approx $69.99 for … $39.99.  So if you, like me have a little Superhero fanatic, this would be a great one to grab.  *Please note that the content is all cutting images – no printable images

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page

Cricut Marvel-themed Digital Mystery Box for $39.99

Free shipping to US and Canada with code CRICUTANNIVERSARY

Trade up your old machine and get $50 off Explore Air 2 Mint Everything Bundle

Time to trade up to a newer model Cricut, looking to retire your old Expression?? grab your trade up deal with this $50 off deal and see what all the fuss is about with the Explore Print & Cut feature.  You will LOVE it!

and Vinyl & Iron-on is on sale  30% off too…. why are you still here???? lol

Perfect packaging for small gifts and stocking stuffers

What a cute way to wrap small gifts… specially those standby gifts for unexpected visitors, or small tokens of appreciation to  delivery drivers, colleagues etc.

  • candy
  • cookies
  • silk scarf
  • perfume/cologne
  • stocking stuffers
  • Blind bag toys
  • jewelry
  • lipstick
  • tree decoration
  • cash
  • Craft Supplies  .. and so much more

This is a great one sheet cut design… only one seam to glue or tape; really quick to cut and assemble…   tie  off the end, stuff, tie off the other end… and decorate as desired.  I actually added a reinforcement band  to mine, for looks and because it will be holding something a bit bulky.  Of course you can make these in any size you want, you can supersize it by splitting the design and using two glue tabbed sections instead and cutting each one on a larger sheet.

Fab way to wrap up  paint brushes, crafters pens and pencils, ink pads, embossing powders, stamps and other small items.  I like to hide presents on the tree as well as under it, so this is perfect for people like me  who like to keep a few hidden presents in plain sight.  These look to be the perfect size for those seasonal stamps at Michaels which we usually grab for the little guys collection.  Fimo Polymer clays would be fun in something like these too… and I bet this would be fab for making small craft kit gifts for kids too.  So many uses 🙂

This is a CraftsUPrint file by Rae Carr  called “175 Christmas Cracker Box”  I cut it on a 12×12 sheet of Craft Smith from their Silver Foil pad.  This particular cracker measure 10 inches in length and  is about 2 1/4 inch  squared.  The main storage area before it starts to curve  in is approximately 3 and a half inches. But of course, you can modify the cut file dimensions to suite your needs..as I did by unlocking the file dimensions if needed.

rae_crackerboxI added in the green glitter card band and  some matching ribbon ties, a few bells and some die cuts …  very easy file to assemble and decorate… and perfect for those of  you who find wrapping paper and tape to be like attempting brain surgery lol.

Love this file, definitely one I will be using a lot next year…. I am already planning ahead for next years projects.. * sigh  haha.  The fun thing is because of the design it could be used all year round, not just Christmas..it kind of looks like a big wrapped candy.

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Marvelous Molds – Silicone Mold Sale & 25% coupon

I know some of you caught my last post about the new Silicone Molds I found…. well if you wanted to try them..NOW is the time.  I just got an alert that there is a 25% discount, free shipping on orders over $50 …..AND some designs are on sale.

These are the silicone molds designed for cake decorating with fondants and marzipan AND other crafts, like Plaster of Paris, polymer clay, resin etc.  SO if you love to upcycle, mixed media, make altered art and create with ephemera. this might be of interest.  This is not just about decorating wedding cakes anymore… they carry a variety of designs from lace, texture, flowers, sea shells and ribbons.. all the way to boats, fish, and skulls. mm_sale_banner

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Cricut 12 Days of Christmas Deals – Day 3

Marvelous Molds – cake decor, polymer, plaster and more

Some of you may have heard me  talking about a desire to start working with resin again.. and you may have already seen Playdoh projects and the like on here in the past.  I was so excited to accidentally stumble across this site when I was updating affiliate info on the blog.  CHECK these out…..


Now these are  Food Grade Silicone molds…. but they can  be used for plaster, soap, wax and a bunch more crafting  media.  They can withstand 400 degree heat, so work with allsorts of materials.

One of the really cool features of these molds that I liked a lot was the cutting edge built in to the design and the wide array of designs and texture plates available, which would be great for my playdoh, polymer and plaster projects.  If you enjoy crafting with 3D embellishments…  check these out.  I know a bunch of you do mixed media pieces and upcycle and re purpose pieces in a variety of media.

I picked out a few of my personal favorites to show you, but you really have to go check them out for yourself.  Whether you are a cake decorator… and we have a few of you ladies too in my various Facebook Groups and contacts, or you are a mixed media artist, jewelry maker, modeler or whatever…. these are definitely worth a look.
As soon as I have some spare  money, hopefully after Christmas…. I’m grabbing some of these and a new supply of Tap Plastics resin.  Woot… so excited to find really cool molds  to play with.

The video on the page I am linking to is worth a watch even if you aren’t a cake decorator… it  has some useful information and tips on it that apply to any use.

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New – Cricut Access Subscription

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So you got a new Cricut and you are dying to dive in and get started right?  The easiest way to get going is to  hook yourself up with a  wide selection of images, fonts and all the fab projects  in Cricut Access  and you will up and running in no time.

Cricut Access is the best choice for people just starting out who may have only bought a handful of cartridges to go with the new machine… plus you have access to all the fabulous fonts which you will want to use when you start using the write feature too.  Personalizing cards and gifts is a breeze and looks beautiful with all the fab pens you can choose from.

So many awesome projects.. you are limited only by your imagination… because Cricut Access has you covered for almost everything else.

Here are just a handful of the cool things you have access to….

 3f305f70-8a80-413d-84e5-bb53e6401089_thumb  5ca7681c-6886-4c45-a2e3-4989b1c2c4f0_thumb  4a8dc29f-f170-41a0-83d2-42be4db5297f_thumb
 22b8405b-cf8a-4783-aa12-9489164c1cbe_thumb  4d31d69c-6c1a-4c1d-b167-2c4b727ce3bc_thumb  4f2e3113-3f80-451f-aba6-c99162fe4220_thumb
 154118cf-b587-42cd-9024-87d28b4f569a_thumb  91b8915b-e547-4069-9bdc-5655f467151e_thumb  586fbd61-95b2-4721-a5f3-92d97c9e7b17_thumb


Sign up for Cricut Access™ and get unlimited access to images, fonts and projects

Sign up for Cricut Access™ and get 10% off all orders on Cricut.com and in Cricut Design Space™





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Now, enjoy 10% off all orders on Cricut.com and in Cricut Design Space! Plus, be the first to access new images, projects, and exclusive designs.*





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Get unlimited access to over 30,000 images, over 1,000 Make It Now projects, and 370 fonts.




Options for Every Style
No matter what your personal style, find the perfect image every time.



AND …you can choose the plan that suits you.. monthly or yearly.

yearly_access (1) yearly_access

Is there Life after Cricut Message Board ?


It’s almost Christmas and I am sure a lot of lucky girls and boys will be unwrapping a new Cricut Explore in a few days.  As with any new toy, we all have questions… but where do you go for help?

Cricut closed their own message board in June of this year, much to the dismay of many users…. but never fear….. Cricut help is still out there. Thousands of users are willing to share their knowledge and ideas, tips and tutorials all over the web.



Two new message boards sprang up from the ashes of the old Cricut Message Board … our own, Crafting Circle ….which was started to keep the bi weekly card challenge group  alive and give it a new home.  There was also the Unofficial Cricut Board,  started by another group of Cricut members.  Both boards are still running 6 months later and are open to new members who need help and advice, or just want to hang out with fellow crafters and share projects.





Crafting Circle is not exclusively Cricut…. so you ladies and gents who own other machines are more than welcome to hop on over and join us.  We have sections for all kinds of crafts, however at this point…. the majority of members are  Cricut users.  But the other areas will only grow, if you come and participate and develop them… so feel free to hop in and start new discussions.




There are facebook groups, blogs, Youtube channels and websites dedicated to sharing Cricut knowledge with other users.  Whether card making, or scrapbooking is your thing….or you bought your Cricut to make unique home decor, tshirts,  stencils….and a gazillion other things you can do with this machine…there are still places and people for you to learn from.


No matter what your taste, style or budget…. trust me…. someone out there has the answer to your questions.  If you don’t have your Cricut yet and just want to explore the possibilities of which machine to buy, or you just like to check out all the creations for inspiration…. somebody  can point you in the right direction.


I  don’t post reviews and information on other machines, simply because …..I don’t own one.   If that changes…. then so will my blog posts, but for now my blog is mainly centered around  Cricut and my Sizzix Big shot …and other non paper crafts.

When the announcement was made to close the official Cricut Message Board, a  member very kindly compiled a list of places to get help.  You can find a copy of that list HERE on our message board, it’s available to non members too.  We’d love to have you join us if you would so desire, but it isn’t necessary to access the information.



If you are looking for a  place to hangout and get ideas, learn from fellow crafters and try new ideas and techniques… come on over and join us on the Message Board.  Most areas require registration and new members are under post moderation for a short period, this is simply to deter spam from ruining our board like many others, including the late Cricut Board.



We have 5 monthly challenges as  well as our long running Wednesday Bi Weekly Card Challenge. The Bi weekly is a sketch based challenge with Extra Credit ideas and Ad Colors.

Modern Day – I created Frankenstein Challenge is a monthly challenge that is not card related…  past challenges have included gift boxes, shirt decorating, Halloween containers and  the like.

We have a regular sponsored coloring challenge, Creative Coloring Card Challenge….  which is sponsored by the Awesome KennyK.

We have another sponsored card challenge, Bugaboo Stamp Members Choice Challenge with the awesome Bugaboo stamps as our sponsor and  members vote for their favorite.

We have a 3rd coloring challenge, Creative Coloring Card Challenge ….this one features a different digital artist each month.

And last, but not least we have our I am the Executioner – Card Challenge!!!!, this one is to lean new card styles and techniques.


so all you knew Cricut owners.. Welcome to the family 🙂

This post contains some affiliate links and I will be compensated for purchases made using those links.

If you snooze you lose….

…. be sure to check out the new  posts coming up tomorrow through Friday.  I’ve been a busy, busy bee and have a new product review box that arrived today.  The Post Office decided to give it the scenic route treatment .. it should have been here Friday.  But heh..it’s here and I am super excited to dig in and play.

Hint…. A great new set of pens
something truly magnetizing…
..and for you artists who like rustic, you will love what’s coming up.

..and to make it even better, there will be some Crafting Circle Exclusive coupon codes so you can snag  some of these goodies for yourself at a great price.  Be warned, this pen set coming up is limited quantities at this price, so if you like  what you see… be ready to snag a set before they are all gone.

You ladies that scrapbook, or do planners and journals definitely need to check this one out…. and I am dying to try these out on my cards too.


Also project wise




…some cute cracker boxes for those small Christmas gifts –  I found a free cut file that works like a dream on the Cricut Explore. Absolutely perfect for the glass jars my son Decorated for the grandparents  this year.

A completed recycled playdoh project


A review on the Amy Chomas Pen & marker adapters for the Cricut Explore.. and standard Cricut adapter.. you can see my current pen collection..what works and what doesn’t.

My Ziggyboard mini challenge pieces are almost complete… so you will see those soon too.

gansai_tambi_box chameleon-4.. plus if I have time.. you might get to see some projects using my new Chameleon pens and Gansai Tambi Water color paints…


..and hopefully some completed cards.  One can only try!


** hint… if you fancy a set of these water colors… they will be covered by the Crafting Circle Exclusive discount code coming up  *grin

Can you say B U S Y !!!!

This post contains some affilaite links and I will be compensated for purchases made through these links



Fave Crafts – Giveaways Galore

Ornament and Stencil Kit Gifted by: Stencil1 Enter to win an Ornament and Stencil Kit! One lucky winner will receive 4 Stencil1 ornament pattern stencils and 6 eco-friendly recycled wood composite holiday shaped ornaments. The deadline to enter is November 15, 2015 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern time. 

Adult Coloring Book Bundle Gifted by Leisure Arts Enter to win an Adult Coloring Book Bundle! One lucky winner will receive 6 Color Art books: Natural Wonders, Botanical Wonders, Kaleidoscope Wonders, Living Wonders, Floral Wonders, Mandala Wonders. The deadline to enter is November 28, 2015 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern time.

Premier Yarns Knot Easy Yarn Bundle Gifted by Premier Yarns Enter to win a Premier Yarns Knot Easy Yarn Bundle! One lucky winner will receive 8 skeins of Premier Knot Easy Yarn in Red, Navy, White, Fuchsia, Black and White Zebra, Hot Pink Zebra, Tan Cheetah and Hot Pink Camo. The deadline to enter is November 22, 2015 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern time.

The Ultimate Christmas Decor Kit Gifted by FloraCraft Value: $150 Enter to win The Ultimate Christmas Decor Kit from FloraCraft! Filled with everything you need to create amazing Christmas decorations, this giveaway is sure to help you add sparkle and shine to your decor scheme this year. The deadline to enter is December 20, 2015 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern time. One lucky

Bernat Super Value Yarn Bundle Gifted by: Yarnspirations Enter to win a Bernat Super Value Yarn Bundle ! One lucky winner will receive 2 skeins of Bernat Super Value in red, white and blue and yellow and blue. The deadline to enter is November 22, 2015 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern time.