Time to Dance Around the Cauldrons ?

Here is  another card I made using Rick St Dennis’s “Cha Cha Witch” ..I love this image.

Hope everyone had a Fab World Card Making Day!!  colored with Chameleon Pens and a dry inked backgroundrsd_witchy_ornage_wmd









How to clean and restick old Cricut cutting mats

These are  questions that comes up a gazillion times with Cricut Explore users…  how do I clean my mats and what can I do to make them sticky again?

Condensed version for impatient peoples in a hurry:


  • Scrape off stuck card/paper with old credit card, or Cricut scraper
  • Clean mat with warm soapy water, leave to dry

    Congratulations… clean mats again.


  • Take gross old mat, scrub with Isopropyl alcohol and an old face clothe.
  • Rinse and leave to dry
  • Apply thin coat of Kuretake Zig 2 way glue
  • Wait till  glue turns from blue to clear

    Congratulations… sticky mats again.

However if you mats are creased, or sliced .. it’s just time to buy some new ones. I always have a stash of spare mats, I grab them when Cricut have sales 🙂

Now here’s the longwinded version for anyone who cares lol.

… well  here’s the answer to at least one of your problems.   First off let me just say that the mat I tested this on was “NASTY”  lol.  I had thrown it in a corner as no longer viable as a cutting mat and  it was in my pile of old mats I use for  various other things…. like protecting surfaces while I cut, glue, paint etc.  They may not be much use on my Cricut, but they are useful enough to keep for other purposes.

Usually when I “clean” my mats..I use an old credit card to scrape off any card or paper that is stuck to the mat and carry on my merry way.  When they get too grungy I run them under warm water with a bit of soap and a terry face clothe, when those two options no longer produce workable results… they are  relegated to the “other uses” pile.



So.. onto the no longer sticky problem… CraftingAbility sent me  this rather handy little glue stick in my latest package. It comes in various tip sizes depending on what your needs are.  This particular one is the  Zig Memory system 2 way glue  with the Jumbo 15mm tip.  My mat was gross….  cat hair, old paper residue, dust ..you name it, that had got suck on it over the months lol.  I have 4 cats  who just love to sleep on my craft space… so my good mats hang on a hook on the wall.  The old ones however get thrown in a stack..and since I am usually using the back side of them. I’m not overly concerned with what sticks to the front. Even when they lose their usefulness for cutting, they are still sticky enough to pick up all that crap.


So.. I grabbed an old mat to try this out with… I have heard a lot of great things about this glue, but I won’t lie… I really wasn’t expecting much as far as results go.  I’ve never had a 2 way glue that worked that well, so I was expecting it to be ….ok, but nothing great.

Warm water, soap and a rag weren’t going to cut it with this mat, so I grabbed my trusty bottle of alcohol and threw it on the mat.  Like magic all the crud was coming off….I was quite impressed by that, even if I wasn’t expecting great results with my mat experiment.  I figured the best way to tell was definitely to work with the cleanest old mat I could;  so I scrubbed it clean with alcohol, rinsed it off and left it to dry. Funnily enough it actually had a touch of tacky still on it after the alcohol cleaned it all up.  But definitely not enough for a run through my Cricut.


So now we are left with a clean-ish old mat.  You can still see the designs that scored into the mat from previous projects, but it was actually green again lol.  At a quick glance it almost looked like a new mat… score!


Ok so these  2 way glues, how they work is first off… you need to prime your glue.  The tip is dry when it arrives and priming it is very simple. Press the tip up and down on a scrap of paper.. you will see the tip nearest the body start to turn blue.  Don’t get too over excited and pump it like crazy…. that blue is the glue soaking down to the tip.  Once it has soaked all the way to the tip, you are ready to Rock n Roll.

Now one important thing to remember, DON’T get glue where your Cricut rollers go along the sides. I just masked mine off with a bit of scrap car to test this out on a section of the mat… but if you are doing a mat entirely, you might want to use some masking tape.  The glue goes on blue when wet, simply apply and wait till it turns clear… and VOILA.. sticky mats again.

cricut_mat2I have to say ….I am suitably impressed with this glue.  It’s sticky enough for anything I use on a regular basis…. 110lb card stock  etc.  It doesn’t leave any residue on the back of my project after removal.  I think I have to give this one a thumbs up.

Good Job Kuretake, yet another fab product to add to my growing collection of Zig craft supplies.  Only problem is I have a pile of about 15 old mats I now need to clean off and reapply sticky to lol.

If you are still unsure about this glue… stay tuned for two more uses I found for it while I was playing around… I know I for one will be keeping a bottle of this in my stash from now on 🙂 along with the new tape runner I also got to play with in this box.



The glue used in this post was provided free of charge for test and review purposes

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CAAB May Freebie “Daddy and Me” card

The minute I saw this image I knew exactly what I needed to do.  This image reminds me sooo much of my son in law and granddaughter… it just had to be a  vintage style soft card for my stepdaughter.

Don’t get me wrong, she loves the grungy, goth and steam punk stuff just as much as I do….. but I just felt this one needed to be more subtle.  It would be great for a Mother’s Day or Birthday Card….it would also be a great card for grandparents 🙂

It’s colored in a very sketchy, soft manner using  Zig Kurecolor, Chameleon and some distress inks and a dry brush technique.


  • Background was stamped and dry inked using a variety of stamps and Tim Holtz distress ink pads and SN Markers
  • Image is  printed on 110lb card and colored  with Zig Kurecolor and distress inks, and a touch of Marvy detailer for the hair and additional sketchy lines.
  • Butterflies are Playdoh.. yes I did indeed say PLAYDOH lol….   molded in silicon molds then  colored with SN alcohol Markers.
  • Cream Ribbon is from my stash, I pulled a few threads to gather it up a bit into a ruffle on the garland and added two Recollections pearl heart brads and a rose from my stash.



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CAAB DT New Release Project “Touch from the Master”

This was my pick of the new release stamps for Cute As A Button this month and my first project as a CAAB DT, “Touch from the Master”.

I decided to go with a 3D layered image.  I double matted it and put it in a 16x 20 inch frame.  This will be a gift for a neighbor, who I am sure is going to love it.

I kept this project pretty simple, so as to not detract from the subject and so it would suit the recipients style.

You can find this and the other April New Releases here in the CAAB store.


For this project I used the following:

Image  “Touch from the Master” which is layered in 5 layers, with the left hand being the final,  highest layer.

Image Coloring This was a mix of Zig Kurecolor, Ranger Distress pens and Ranger Distress inks. The inks were dry brushed on as a final detail, to create some texture to the robes and to create ground shadow.

Sentiment has some subtle shading on the “Touch”,”Master’s” and “Healing”,
inner mat was inked using the Ranger Distress ink pad.

Matting and frame were in my stash.

Thanks for looking, hope you like her 🙂   ~ MsWipz

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Quick and easy “general” note card

This one isn’t designed for a specific occasion, it’s more of a note card, “Hi,  hello, I miss you” type of occasion. When I saw this image at Bloobel Stamps, I had to grab it….. anyone who knows me, knows I am a serious Tea Drinker.  I would be hooked up intravenously if possible LOL.

I found the poem on link that came up on a Google search for  “tea poems and quotes” and it just made me laugh and suits the quirky nature of the Bloobel Stamps to a tee…or in this case.. to a TEA.


  • Card Base is from a Recollections 5×5 Square card and envelope set at Michaels
  • Image and poem printed on  110lb Georgia Pacific Card stock
  • Image from Bloobel Stamps  “My Cup of Tea” colored withR anger Distress pens
  • Die cut panels using Gina Marie X stitch Rectangle Die Set and Sizzix Big Shot
  • Edges dry brushed and inked with Tim Holtz distress ink pads in Frayed Burlap and Walnut
  • Image panel mounted on Darice adhesive foam pad.
  • Poem by Jessica Nelson North, found on Goodreads.com
This post contains affiliate links, I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking my links.

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Quick tip on Wink of Stella & Luna pens


I was recently asked by a message board member if her newly purchased Wink of Stella pens were dried up and not working. If you are new to Wink of Stella, or Wink of Luna pens you may not be aware of the process to get started with these pens. how-to-prime-your-brush over at CraftingAbility.com gives you the lowdown on  getting started with these pens.

They also have a quick explanation on product storage you might find useful if you are new to some of these products like I am.  I love that CraftingAbility and ZiggyBoard include tip sheets in your package too.  I keep all mine above my desk for easy reference.





Ziggyboard Mini Challenge

With all the goings on in November.. server issues, getting sick TWICE..I got a bit behind on this challenge. I had a couple of other pieces I wanted to get finished… but they will make an appearance in another project post soon.

So here are my 3 challenge pieces. The challenge was to make 3 gift items using the Ziggyboard kit’s we got to review….we being NanaDonna, Deescraps and myself.  It just so happens I am gifting two of them to my own household haha.




#1 is a chalkboard I plan to hang up in my dining area.  I have a toddler so it’s perfect, or “Perdeft” as he says for  teaching him new words and  leaving messages on for each other.

This was a picture frame, glass removed and a sheet of 12×12 Ziggyboard adhesive chalk board vinyl mounted on a photo mat sheet I got at Michaels and cut to size.


The lettering at the top is cut on the Cricut and glued on.







#2 Super simple idea and another quick project.  This vinyl cuts like a dream on my Cricut Explore.

Just a quick scroll pattern with a central label block applied to a glass jar from the local craft store. Unfortunately I  did this one before I got my new   pens…..

candy2 candy1












finished sign….

#3 There are a bunch of different reasons I love this one.   First off ….I left this Ziggyboard sheet intact backing and all, which means it is reusable if you clean it off.  And  that means I can run it through the Cricut to update a seasonal sign.

Did I mention running it through the Cricut.. yes I sure did.   Most chalk markers will not fit in the Cricut Pen Adapter, not even the Amy Chomas adapters which I love… at least not the pens I have.   And they have a pump and prime system which makes them unsuitable for that anyway



Img_3057a… BUT

as I have said before, my handwriting sucks..and I really can’t draw… but my Cricut can.  I  was  contemplating the various ways to get around my predicament… stamps, stencils, tracing…. and then I totally stumbled across some pens on a site in the UK when I was diddling around online.   I took a gamble, going by images alone.. and order them I did.  I am soooo glad I took a chance on these pens…. they are perfect for someone like me.

Img_3063aNow the only thing with these pens, they are the wet wipe style… so if you are looking for a permanent design… these are not  for you. But what they are perfect for… outlining BEFORE you use your Zig Posterman chalk board markers.

Img_3065aThese are an absolute godsend for someone like me… and you still get that hand drawn feel because you obviously have to go back over the design.  The permanents are so much stronger and bolder, you can definitely tell the difference. so it’s very easy to combine these two pens to complete a project. They both have their strong points and uses separately, but when combined and you throw a Cricut in the mix…. BINGO !!!  I love the versatility of this chalk board vinyl and with a little imagination and thinking outside of the box.. artist, or otherwise.. you can get great results.

The  rollers on your Cricut may pick up and smear your design a bit if you are writing/drawing close to the edges and rollers… but that is no big deal since these are wet wipe and for a design pattern only.  All of that wipes off after you go over it with your permanents anyway 🙂


The opportunities for me are so much broader now I found these pens… worth every penny… and surprising cheap and fast delivery from the UK. I am betting these pens become available here REAL soon which is fabulous for us Cricut Explore users who need a little help in the writing and drawing department.


Ok so these are the sheets.. but wait till you see all the cool precut shapes too.  If you don’t have a Cricut Explore or similar, never fear ziggyboard did the work for you.  You can get this cool adhesive Chalk Board in precut label packs.  You may have seen them in a review that Deescraps did a week or so ago, she labeled  her spices and her craft room and made some cool plant pot labels for her cuttings.

If you do a search of the blog for Ziggyboard, you will get to see all the cool things we have been doing with these kits since we got them. I love how versatile they are.

Now if I recall correctly.. and do not quote me on this… but I think I read that this stuff is dishwasher proof and suitable for outdoors, so when I get a chance….you bet I plan to test that theory.  We are heading into a wet and nasty winter according to reports, so I guess we shall see how it likes a good old Texas miserable winter.   I think maybe the heat cycle  on my dishwasher would prove too much…. but only one way to find out.  I don’t usually run my heat cycle /dryer anyways, but my son has a habit of flipping that switch when he is being “helpful”

Ok here comes the disclaimers......  


.... The vinyl adhesive chalkboard and Zig Posterman pen used in these projects were provided free of charge for review purposes.  The other products used were bought andpaid for out of my own pocket, or were things I had laying around the apartment. 

This post contains some affiliate links from which I will receive compensation for   purchases made using said links.


Wink of Luna pens and playdoh

Just a real quick post… I am working on Part II of my recycling old playdoh post… and one of the  pieces I am decorating to use on the final projects..well it just looked so cool I had to share.  You will see more pieces later when the post is complete…. but for now, check this out.

That nasty old playdoh on the left was run through a Darice Embossing folder and left to dry after a quick 15 minute low bake in the oven to hurry it up a bit, it’s still a bit flexible..it almost has a tough old leather feel and flexibility to it.  I sprayed it with a black enamel spray and then I ran my new Wink of Luna metallic copper pen over it horizontally…. the  bits where I over shot the raised design… no brainer. I just rubbed it in with my finger and created that old rubbed bronze look.  This is going to be really cool for creating steampunk themed crafts….and if you are a follower, or message board member, you already know how much I love my kennyk steampunk digis.

My wink of Luna pen was provided  free of charge by www.winkofstella.com for an upcoming review. This is NOT my review. I just happen to have used it for another great project before I got started on it haha…. so look forward to seeing my review  on wink of Luna and wink of Stella pens coming soon 🙂


Recycling Old playdoh into unique embellishments Part I

If you have kids, this is probably a familiar sight.

That dreaded mush of  Playdoh  that is barely distinguishable as  the original bright fun colors it once was.

Now it’s just…. kind of like old socks….no longer that sparkling white after years of use and abuse



Well never fear…. Playdoh is cheap enough, specially if you manage to snag a deal on it around Black Friday like we did a few years ago.  Splash out and get your kid some new Playdoh, they will love you for it…. and you get to make some cool new crafting embellishments.  What makes it even cooler is your embellishments will be one off, unique creations and if your kids or grandkids are crafty… this is something you can do with them too.  A great crafting time and a valuable lesson in recycling  “trash” into treasure.


Now for this project tutorial… I am using some molds I bought a year or so ago.  These are sugar icing molds I believe, except for the alphabet one which if I recall correctly is a Mod Podge mold designed for use with some glue sticks they also produce for mold making purposes.

But never fear… if you don’t have molds like these, you don’t have to run out and buy them.  Check the toy box I bet you have things in there that have potential..and your house is a virtual gold mine for  items that can be used.  You are a crafter…. I will lay bets you have at least one rubber stamp or embossing folder in your supplies that has a design that  will work.


Don’t forget that it’s not going to look much of anything  untill it hardens and you can paint it.. so use your imagination when choosing  mold designs.

PoPNow if you are a thrifty crafter, you may already know that plaster of Paris is damned
expensive when bought at crafting stores…. usually it’s a small bag and barely enough for a project or two.  Well let me tell you a secret…. DIY stores carry 25 lb bags for around $15, so check your local stores.  This is a great way to buy P of P if you have kids, teach, or plan to make larger projects.  It sets super quick and  then it can be painted with a variety of different paints and finishes.  One day I may write about my escapades back in the UK and the giant eggs made of plaster.  That is a whole post on its own and a project for the brave LOL



The other thing you can use if you don’t have old Playdoh around and don’t want to mess with P of P …. is Fimo or similar polymer clay, which come in a  huge variety of colors….including glow in the dark.  OMG that was so cool back in the day when I made my own Jewelry beads.  Fimo is one you had to bake in the oven…. some of the others may, or may not require baking, so check first.


anywho…. sidetracked again…. LOL


All you need to do is fill the molds with the crappy old Playdoh and I use an old Credit Card, or gift card to scrape off the excess.  The less excess the better, then you won’t have to do so much clean up on the edges later once it dries…. and then leave it to dry.  The first time I tried this; I turned them out onto a sheet of card, but they dried funny as the card absorbed moisture and warped a bit in the process.



These molds are not super deep, so turning them out on a glass board, or  other non porous surface is a bit challenging too if the playdoh is very soft and moist.  So this time,  I am going to exhibit some rare patience and leave them to dry in the molds ….or at least partially before turning them out LOL.  I did not smooth the back sides of these down intentionally, so there was more purchase for glue to achieve a good solid bond later.

Now I am pretty sure if you are impatient like me…. you could probably speed up the drying process by baking this in the oven like Fimo.  If you google baking Playdoh there are a gazillion posts on the subject.

Come back for the 2nd part of this tutorial next week when I take my hardened Playdoh pieces from these molds… and some pieces you haven’t seen yet….and turn this ugly mush into something really cool.


War and Peace – “Playdoh Edition” To be continued …… later this week !!!  That should give you plenty of time to find some old Playdoh and some cool things to use as molds…. and maybe even get some pieces drying while you wait.

Coming up in part II
 A variety of molded pieces and decorating ideas to turn your Playdoh from grubby, to gorgeous.  

Coming up in Part III  –  Project sample gallery, ideas for using your gorgeous new embellishments.    Lots of cool ideas for unique Christmas gifts.



Bi Weekly Card Challenge August 12-26 2015

The First Bi Weekly Card Challenge on our new message Board is now Officially  O P E N !!!  Rules are the same as they always were… and I quote our lovely host for the Challenge  MsDeescraps:

Do one or do them all. The shapes in the card sketches are primarily “markers” …meaning a circle doesn’t have to be a circle, but it does marks the spot for a card element.


The Ad Colors are there to help you narrow down your paper choices for one card, or to give you an excuse to buy more! (Only Kidding!) You don’t have to use them, but I think they are always fun to do.


For those who finish and want more to do, here’s the Extra Credits for this challenge:

#1. Make a shaped card (anything but square).
#2. Make a card using only an Embossing folder and ink.
#3. Make and “Clean and Simple” card of your choice.

Have fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing your cards.

We have 4 sketches and a set of Ad Colors to accompany the 3 Extra Credits (EC’s). Come on over and join in the fun Bi Weekly Card Challenge – August 12, 2015 , all levels and styles welcome.




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