Crayola got all grown up – Color Escapes Premium Pencils

I just ran across these on my travels around the web… definitely worth a second look for those of you who want some pencils without the huge price tag.  Love the packaging on these too.. very classy.  These would make a great gift for the upcoming holidays.  ( see available discounts below)

They are an online exclusive, available  from the Crayola store only…


• 72 assorted colors in an array of shades
• Perfect for coloring, drawing or sketching
• Color dipped ends for quick selection
• Soft 3.3mm cores for easy blending, layering and shading
• Thoughtful gift for coloring enthusiasts and artists
• Pre-sharpened tips
• Easel packaging for easy storage and display

Free Shipping with $50+ Crayola order

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OOhh .. New Cricut DIGITAL Mystery Box released!!!

Have you seen this yet..?   now Cricut have digital Mystery  Boxes, with BRAND NEW and EXCLUSIVE content…… how cool is that.
digital-mystery-box (1)


It’s not “to be or not to be,” it’s “Digital or physical?”…THAT is the Question! And the answer to that question is easy peasy lemon squeezy….DIGITAL!!!

Can only use in Design Space. The content is brand new and only available for sale through this mystery box.

All sales are final!

$79.96 $29.99

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page


I won some Unity Stamps ….. Happy Mail heading this way !!

I am super excited, I woke up this morning to find out I was picked as a winner over on the Unity Stamps Facebook page. I don’t have any Unity Stamps YET…. unless there were some in the  random mixed packs I picked up on Ebay for the lil man last year.
I can’t wait to find out what they send over…. I’ve had so much fun checking out the Unity Stamp site too.  Well until I discovered THIS…. Oh boy !! I’m in troubles!
… they have 4 different monthly subscriptions and I want  them all.  I am so adding that on to my want  list  when I can afford to add more into my crafting budget.  Not only do you get  the exclusive monthly stamps… you get a discount… and it’s a bloody good one… on previous kits.

I really like the look of the SMAK kits (Scrapbooking, Mixed-Media, Altered art, Kit), I like to make my own stamped papers, for backgrounds… and those kits would work perfectly for that.APRIL-2016-SMAK-BE-DIFFERENTwm-465x656

But then of course… there is the regular kit of the month ..and you need something to go on top of that hand-made stamped background….

…AND then they have a stamp of the week and a layers subscription…..*sigh.. oh the temptation lol.

I hope USPS take pity on me and don’t send this on the scenic route…. stay tuned to find out what I got…AND what I did with it 🙂

It’s Elementary Dear Watson!

2cute_logoI just joined the 2 Cute Inks Stamps Club earlier today… got all my stamps downloaded and went to poke around the shop to see what else there was… and Lo and behold. I found me two cute digis I just had to have… well actually I bought more than two.. but heh.. for this blog post, we are just concentrating on two.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson …..Mouses…..

Too pigging cute!!

Well the thing is, I was getting a bit burnt out and decided to close out my facebook chats and all that stuff and go be antisocial for a few hours and have fun. And the result is.. the beginnings of a 10 card noteset ..which will have a matching envelope.

It’s a fun project..I get to goof off with my sketchy style of coloring.. make a mess with distress inks and let my sense of humor run loose for a few hours. This is just 2 of 10, I’ll post the entire project ..all 10 cards and matching chunky envelope container when I am done.



You can find the 2 Cute Ink Digital Stamp Group  and Club here.
The Club is a subscription based membership ..  you get access to  new release images early, member exclusives and  great deals on all other  digis in the store.  Definitely worth $5 a month…oh and if you don’t dilly dally.. the first month is FREE !!!!



New – Cricut Access Subscription

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So you got a new Cricut and you are dying to dive in and get started right?  The easiest way to get going is to  hook yourself up with a  wide selection of images, fonts and all the fab projects  in Cricut Access  and you will up and running in no time.

Cricut Access is the best choice for people just starting out who may have only bought a handful of cartridges to go with the new machine… plus you have access to all the fabulous fonts which you will want to use when you start using the write feature too.  Personalizing cards and gifts is a breeze and looks beautiful with all the fab pens you can choose from.

So many awesome projects.. you are limited only by your imagination… because Cricut Access has you covered for almost everything else.

Here are just a handful of the cool things you have access to….

 3f305f70-8a80-413d-84e5-bb53e6401089_thumb  5ca7681c-6886-4c45-a2e3-4989b1c2c4f0_thumb  4a8dc29f-f170-41a0-83d2-42be4db5297f_thumb
 22b8405b-cf8a-4783-aa12-9489164c1cbe_thumb  4d31d69c-6c1a-4c1d-b167-2c4b727ce3bc_thumb  4f2e3113-3f80-451f-aba6-c99162fe4220_thumb
 154118cf-b587-42cd-9024-87d28b4f569a_thumb  91b8915b-e547-4069-9bdc-5655f467151e_thumb  586fbd61-95b2-4721-a5f3-92d97c9e7b17_thumb


Sign up for Cricut Access™ and get unlimited access to images, fonts and projects

Sign up for Cricut Access™ and get 10% off all orders on and in Cricut Design Space™





Exclusive Benefits
Now, enjoy 10% off all orders on and in Cricut Design Space! Plus, be the first to access new images, projects, and exclusive designs.*





The Best Value
Get unlimited access to over 30,000 images, over 1,000 Make It Now projects, and 370 fonts.




Options for Every Style
No matter what your personal style, find the perfect image every time.



AND …you can choose the plan that suits you.. monthly or yearly.

yearly_access (1) yearly_access

Last few days to use your Exclusive Discounts

ziggy_banner_ACE20bb craftingability27

You still have time to grab the discounts at and … they expire 12/31/2015




If you haven’t already checked out the stores, here is a quick run through of a small selection of their products.  You can find reviews and projects for some of these products in the archives.






Adhesive chalk board sheets  12×12
Pre-cut chalk board labels
Chalk pens
Magnetic Chalk board
Magnetic White board



Gansai Tambi Watercolor set 24 count

Gansai Tambi Watercolor set 24 count

Gansai Tambi Watercolor paints
Wink of Stella & Wink of Luna pens
Zig Memory system marker collection
Calligraphy pens



One BIG reason to consider the Cricut Air over the ONE


AMY CHOMAS … Chomas Creations make these fabulous pen adapters that fit in the Cricut Explore Original and the new Explore Air.  Because of the way the ONE was designed with a single head and switchable mounts .. the pen housing is a different size and there is no adapter available.


I don’t have a ONE… but  I do know that there is no Chomas Creations Adapter for it, and there are no plans to produce one.


Now if you are totally new to the Cricut Explore, you may be wondering what I am talking about and why you should shell out those extra bucks for a machine,  just to use some pen adapter ….that you have never heard of and have no idea what it’s for.


Chomas Creations – Marker Adapter

In a nutshell…. Cricut Explore has the ability to write for you… but you are restricted to using only the pens that fit in the original adapter UNLESS…. you buy an aftermarket adapter like the Amy Chomas Pen & Marker Adapters.  This simple little device opens up a whole new world of pens to you.

I have been able to expand my pen collection considerably thanks to these adapters. If you think you will be using your Explore to write and draw with pens…. I highly recommend you give that some serious consideration.




The Zig Memory System Collection I got recently from fit perfectly in my marker adapter and the writer pens are great for adding verse or sentiments to your projects.

Exclusive coupon


Early next year I’ll add a full list of pens I have and whether they need an adapter or not and if so, which  one… for anyone who is interested.



Chomas Creations Pen Adapter

Of course there is also the convenience factor too… if you plan to cut and write a lot, having two separate housings just makes sense.  Tempting as it is to grab the cheaper option, think long term.  Once you get started with the Cricut Explore and start learning new techniques and things you can do with this awesome machine…. you may find swapping pens and blades out a pain in the rear.. specially if you have a big project and want to do a bulk run of one item….say birthday invites, or wedding favors.


I’ll happily skip the built in bluetooth addon for my Original Explore in favor of the dual head system.  If you have no intention of using the writing facility, or VERY rarely… then the ONE is a great choice .. but if you want to be able to write and cut  a lot.. definitely consider moving up to the Original, or Air models.


This post contains some affiliate links, I will be compensated for purchases made through these links.


Ziggyboard Exclusive discount code – now through Dec 31, 2015

Here is your Exclusive coupon code for  If you are new to the blog you may not have seen the older posts and projects using the ZiggyBoard products.  Use the search bar on the right  to see some of the products available and in use.

To name but a few….  Chalkboard adhesive vinyl sheets… 12×12 sheets  for all your Die cut projects.  I made  chalk boards and a sign and also did some decorative jar labels. If you don’t have a machine like the Cricut Explore, never fear ziggy also offer pre-cut labels in loads of shapes and sizes.

You can see some of those in the project post by Deescraps, she organized her spices and her craft room with these labels.

You can get a sneaky look at some  magnetic sheet in my Jack Skellington Magnet post…this cuts like a dream on my Cricut Explore…and also comes in a white board finish 🙂

and the slate… I got some in my latest review box, but haven’t used it yet… so excited to get stuck into that one  🙂

Chalk Markers of all  sizes and colors.. wet wipe and permanent.

If one of your New Year resolutions is to get organized… or you need some quick and easy gifts for last minute presents… then hop on over and grab some deals.  Ziggyboard offer FREE SHIPPING…. so  don’t miss the boat if you want this before Christmas.


Here comes the disclaimer... get ready for it!!  

I do NOT get compensated for purchases made using the link.  
I do  receive Free products to review occasionally.  
I have quite enthusiastically spent my own money at ImageAbility ( &
...and those items are reviewed and used in projects in an equally honest and unbiased manner as the ones I receive for review purposes.




KennyK Safari Guy Chameleon pens & Zig Memory system


KennyK Safari Guy

This one isn’t finished yet, but I have been dying to play with some of the KennyK digis I bought a month or so ago.  I also got my new pens last month, the Chameleon pen set and the Zig Memory System Marker set I got in my latest review box.

Both totally different pen sets; but while I was coloring last night with the Chameleon pens, I realized  that the hair was  just not quite working out the way I wanted it to… enter the Zig chalk pens.

BINGO !! the  white calligraphy pen in the set was perfect for highlighting the hair. I didn’t have a white one in the regular tip in this particular set .. so I made the calligraphy tip work.


I can see me having to order a few of these chalk pens for highlighting…. they are perfect to go over the top of darker colors.  I also used it for the highlights on the boot’s.

I am still not a huge fan of handcolored skintones, just a personal preference of mine. They often seem too orange, or too pink to me and I prefer to use the brown tones on the Chameleon set I have and use the blend function to get the correct color. I still prefer to color skin digitally, it seems to have a much softer blend and a better tone for my tastes.


But that is the cool thing about digital stamps, you have that option…. I can color the skin tones BEFORE printing and then continue with the hand coloring.


Is everyone as excited as I am about the new KennyK site that is coming VERY soon? I can’t wait to see what new stuff they have and what the new site looks like.


Don’t forget there is an exclusive coupon code for which gives you 27% off your entire order while supplies last and we now have our 20% ZiggyBoard Exclusive coupon too for all your chalkboard adhesives sheets and labels, magnetic sheets, slate and more….and ZiggyBoard offer FREE SHIPPING.  I’ll be adding that shortly… be sure to check out our older posts and projects by searching for ZiggyBoard in our search bar on the right. Both coupons are valid through December 31st, 2015 while supplies last.

This post contains some affiliate and sponsor links.  I will be compensated for any purchases made through affiliate links.

Zig Memory System Collection review


First impressions of the Zig Memory System 48 piece Collection from

Seems like a pretty cool collection, nice variety of pen types nice packaging.

12 Calligraphy Markers
12 Writer Markers
6 Journal and Title Markers
6 Scroll & Brush Markers
6 Brushables
3 Writer Chalk Pastels
3 Calligraphy Chalk Pastels


Ok, I just jumped right in and threw in a writer pen…. when it comes to my Cricut, I am in for a penny, in for a pound as they say. No point in pussy footing around, it’s either going to work great… or it’s going to turn my nice new pen tips to smush.  Only one way to find out.

Ok, so initial  impressions…. these pens will not work in the Cricut Explore with the standard adapter.

They will however work perfectly using the Amy Chomas Marker adapter.

SCORE Brownie points for that one Zig.


I’m sure we are all familiar with the poem “daffodil”  by William Wordsworth.

I picked this one because it was a well know verse and if I am honest… it suited my pen color preference. I am nothing if not honest and a realist.

If you are going to test a set of pens out.. the first one you pick is the one you are least likely to use.  That way if it gets smushed….it’s not such a big deal right!

So I picked the green writer, it’s not a color I am going to use to write on my cards on a regular basis… trust me!

Now the thing with this  decision making technique is…. guaranteed the one you smush and think is no big deal… is the one you want NEXT week.

But as luck would have it… these pens are built pretty dang tough.  I have had markers with broader tips than these…smush like a pancake after a sentence or two.  Not these… even using the fine tip end, 2 verses in and it is still as good as new.  SCORE Brownie points for that one Zig.



I wasn’t joking when I said a quick squiggle 🙂

The Calligraphy markers have a chisel tip, flat and thin and I am excited to try those properly… I just had a quick squiggle with all of the pen types.  It’s been years since I tried anything like that, and I will probably suck… but I’ve got all winter to practice getting my handwriting skills back on course.. Texas is heading for a very wet and cold winter by all accounts.

I deliberately picked up products last month that I knew I needed to work on my skills with.. like coloring pens and watercolor paints… knowing this winter would be a great time to  get back into lost skills and develop new ones.


These pens will work in perfectly to other projects I have on my todo list… like my Recycled Playdoh Journal and card making.


All of the pens are dual tipped.  The brush and Scroll markers are interesting too.  The Scroll ones have a kind of forked tip, definitely looking forward to playing with those ones. The variety of tips and colors in this pack is pretty cool, definitely a good kit for people like me who want to try new techniques and ideas. It’s also a great kit for anyone who handwrites on papercrafts and needs a good mix at a decent price.  At the regular price, these pens work out at less than $2 a pop.. with the CraftingCircle Exclusive deal… you are talking just over $1.50 a pen… that’s a dang good deal.  We all know how much  it costs to build up our pen collections.


One of my personal favorites right  now, the pastel chalk markers.. these are soo cool.  At first I thought I had misinterpreted the description of these pens and they weren’t intended for dark papers afterall.  But watch this video…. this is pretty damned cool. My creative director was on hand …. sorry LOL




Now something cool I noticed on the the top  left corner at the back.. is this…it says BLENDABLE.  Now Steve mentioned something about this and a video… so I shall get that information and post it in a comment later.




As you can see I got a bit distracted and just had to try those big chalk markers too…LOL

I just tested the Illumigraph and the giant orange marker with rubber stamps on the magnet and dark paper….  but enough of that, they will have their own post in a few days  🙂

VERDICT – I like these pens, I definitely need to brush up on my handwriting skills, too many years on computers has made me lazy. I’m looking forward to working with these over the winter months and hopefully I’ll be able to used these in our message board card challenges real soon. I found the scroll ones a bit tricky to use, but I am pretty sure that is more me than the pens, I just need to get used to playing with pens more than I have in recent years. Practice makes perfect right!


Crafting Circle Offer good through December 31, 2015

DISCLAIMER – Nothing like stating the obvious here…
*The products mentioned above were provided free of charge for review purposes.
*No monetary compensation was received and as always, all reviews and comments regarding products on this blog are my own honest “personal” opinions whether products were supplied or purchased. <<<< SURPRISE !!!

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