Craftsy Black Friday Deals

Craftsy have a big sale on.. including lots of fabulous classes .. if you ever wanted to learn a new craft.. now is the time.  It would also make a great gift  🙂

I saw this one and I had to share it…  Merrie J, this one is for you lol.  I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this class and think about your  mammoth cookie baking marathon a few years back lol.  For those of you who don’t know Merrie personally…  she is one of the Blog Challenge DT’s and she is always blowing up our Facebook pages with the most mouth-watering recipes for everything you can imagine.

Last week it was brownie balls.. OMG ..i have to try those lol.  If my son sees her recipes I am in so much trouble haha… he is 5 and loves to bake.

anyways.. Merrie this one is a class I saw and thought it was so you….

Craftsy Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Everyday Clearance on Paper Crafts Supplies

2017 Craftsy Block Of The Month

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The New Cricut Maker Machine… Easy Press and more!

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Well Cricut sure have been busy… and so have we.  Summer vacations (I wish), getting ready for back to school and all those fun summer weddings and get togethers.  As most of you know  my son is  going to be homeschooled, so crafting is a huge part of our life.

No one said education had to be boring… right LOL

Even though he isn’t technically starting homeschooling till next year, we still do a lot of fun projects designed to help him learn and have fun and be creative all at the same time. Part of that is our abandoned art projects, which is so much fun to do with kids and teaches them to give freely and enjoy it.

Now I wish we had this new Cricut Maker, have you seen this beauty yet? It’s due for release TODAY !!!!. I checked out the video and almost  died when I saw that not only will it cut fabrics, but it’s also  cutting wood  as well as all the stuff we usually do on our Cricuts like paper and vinyl.

Interchangeable cutting heads and the separate pen holders too. I used to own a scroll saw many years ago and this looks like it’s going to do the same kind of fret work that I did back then…..  VERY cool.  Can’t wait to see this one roll out… !!! woohoo.  I think my stepdaughter in Australia  might like this one, she’s a big sewer.

Shop new arrivals from Cricut!

and then of course there is the recent arrival of the light box... I know  that would be really useful for  us, specially me with my aging eyes.

Shop the Cricut BrightPad today!

…and then they up the ante with the new Cricut Easypress..  think of all the fun shirts you can create for back to school.  Kids just love getting a new school wardrobe every year… and the money you can save and being unique… what kid doesn’t want to have something cool and unique.  I hate ironing, but this… I have to confess I think I’d use for every day ironing too lol.  I know this is something one of my DT girls would love, she’s big on HTV projects… I am so sorry Donna lol.  Hopefully you already saw that and won’t blame me haha.  It looks so cool though doesn’t it.

Shop new arrivals from Cricut!Cricut sure are trying to  get us set up for winter with some fab new toys to keep us busy once the summer is over and we get done with back to school, wedding and summer projects. Then the weather starts to cool and we have more time indoors.  It’s right on target for when most of us start thinking about the fall holidays and Christmas gift projects we have to  get stuck into over the coming months.


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 Cricut EasyPress: Get professional iron-on results in 60 seconds or less. Coming Soon!

10% off Air or Air 2 machine (can be applied to bundles) + free shipping with code AUGUSTAIR at checkout. Offer ends August 31st.

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Cricut 12 Days of Christmas Flash Sale extended! coupons & project ideas

If you still haven’t picked your Cricut Explore up..  you still have time.  Cricut extended their flash sale and you can pick up an Explore Machine, or Bundle and still get it before Christmas if you order by the 16th.


Deals on the Explore start at $139, there is a deal for every budget…  Shop now and  have yourself a Very Merry Cutmas!  Deals and Coupons  below
Explore’s aren’t just for the ladies… we’ve had guys on our Message Board too…  Guys who do reenactment and  want to build signs and  props for their events.  Model builders who want to customize their projects with their own vinyl decals, stencils or printable decorations. Woodworkers and  toy makers who  need unique designs to personalize items. so many uses for this machine as well as the  card making and scrapbooking people  usually think of.

Fabulous tool for  Crafty Homeschoolers  and teachers too.  So many Fab designs and things you can use in your daily lessons..personalized reward stickers, labels,  decor,  and so many neat ways to  brighten up Essays, reward charts, certificates, calendars, work books ….and more.

Have a chef in the house? Create fun personalized aprons and storage containers with Vinyl products.

Cricut Design Space has 1000’s of images and fonts available for those of you who prefer digital access over cartridges. **Not All Cartridges are available in Design Space… and Cricut Access

Need something more Unique… they have you covered there too.  Import your own files for Print and cut to add your hand colored digital stamps to your projects, turn them into easy 3D Decoupage designs, make your own stencils and upload your own templates to create stunning card designs, boxes and envelopes using files purchased by fab designers on CraftsUPrint, Dreaming Tree and similar Cut File stores.

Create  one of a kind Scrapbook covers and pages, or framed artwork like this:

Don’t have a Large Format Printer to  print out super Sized digital Stamps for your project ? Cricut has you covered.  This little lady is printed on a sheet of  11×17 Neenah card stock.
kk_toontimeWant to make  intricate cut  layered cards? vellum flowers?  gift boxes….  here’s a quick peek at some of the past projects you can find on the blog.  Everything from Chalk board vinyl and chalk pens, boxes, intricate cuts, 3D layered images, fabric painting, powder embossing…


Make your own magnets with printable vinyl and Magnetic sheet ( also available as pre-cut shapes, perfect  for  gluing your cut projects to).

Draw and Write on Fabric with fabric pens, Create designs for Powder Embossing on the Cricut, love  the Chalk Marker look? .. sorted.  The Adapter I use lets me do it ALL.

Aftermarket Pen and marker Adapter from Chomas Creations  allows you to utilize a wide range of pens for embossing, drawing, fabric design etc.  These Adapters are not available for the Cricut ONE as it utilizes a single cut/writing head feature.  The engraving adapter is available for all Cricut Explore Machines.  My marker Adapter is a permanent fixture in my Explore  🙂
The possibilities are endless.. so grab your Cricut Explore and supplies and get ready to start off  2017 in style…

Cricut December Mystery Box –   rumor has it this has a  lot of really cool foil in it and some Cartridges…

30% off most supplies at Cricut  Stock up  now, once you get started you won’t want to stop.  Great deals in Supplies, bulk buys and clearance.

Extra 10% off everything (excluding Cricut Access and Explore 2) + free standard shipping with code 12DAYS

Home & Family have a promotion  on Facebook right now, including  promo code Hallmark16 for 20% off .  No  details on any exclusions, so you will just have to give it a try.. but it probably excludes Air 2 and Cricut Access?

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The 3 C’s of Crafting .. Crazy, Cricut and Chomas

.. blend that all in with some Fabric pens and a Walmart bed sheet and what do you get.  Some fun experimentation again…. I love goofing off  LOL

Having a quick play with some new Fabric pens I got from CraftingAbility recently in my Cricut Explore. Drew this Flower Block by Bugaboo stamps on my Cricut with a Fabric pen and then colored it in with more fabric pens…same brand, different type and different tips. For this test piece I actually wanted a kind of rustic boho look.. so I didn’t sit down to color it up perfectly as it will be added to a project with a patchwork style. Plus I only have the black for outlining and then a red, blue, yellow, white combo pack for everything else. Definitely gave me a good idea of how they work and what I can and can’t do with now I know what to order for additional colors and what type suits which kind of style and project.. Woot.
It’s amazing what you can do with an $8 Walmart bed sheet lol.  I think the bleed might have been less if I had put the bonda sheet stuff on first, but I appear to have mislaid that box in all of the past few weeks of madness here lol ..and I am not cutting up 600 thread count Egyptian sheets to see if they have a better bleed resistance lol.  Plus to be honest I kinda like it as it gives that had drawn, hand made look instead of the perfectly faked reproduction  look lol.

anywho… here it is in progress .. a bed sheet, 5 pens a Cricut Explore and a Chomas Creations Adapter…. and this cute little flower Block  from a set by Bugaboo Stamps.  I ironed it  after the outlining and again after the color..  just to stabilize the colors while I worked on it.


I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page

Note to self… crafting hauls….

Should really wait till you actually have time to craft!!! LOL  Sadly this little lot doesn’t even include the pens and such I ordered last month and still haven’t had time to play with properly .. but dang me and the lil man are gonna have fun next year  LOL.. I hope!

This little lot includes 3 Blitsy orders
Chameleon Pens from Hobby Lobby and refills and nibs order from Chameleon Pens
CraftingAbility order
Stazsh Up order
and an order of Cricut Blades that a special lady gifted to me 🙂

It also doesn’t include CraftsUPrint cutfiles and various artists digital stamps I might have grabbed this  month *grin

And I already put away 1 Scrapbook Outlet order of Gina Marie Designs Dies, Crafting Ability Order and a Blitsy order that I showed you sneak peeks at the end of last month..mostly pens.  I am making up for almost 8 months of virtually no craft shopping  🙂  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME !!!

I’ll be showing some of these a bit more closely in upcoming posts and projects..  but if you have any questions, leave a comment 🙂


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Loralei Black Friday Sale

If you love embroidery ..and you love the fun and fabulous Loralie ladies… you won’t want to miss out on this deal.  Her Fabric panels are adorable and are great for card toppers  and mixed media  projects too.



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Loralie Designs Coloring Books & Fabrics

Some of you may recall  the Loralie designs fabrics I got for some projects last year, church Ladies was one of than and it’s also available as a coloring book.  I know a lot of you ladies and gents like the adult coloring books, so you should check out these fab designs in the Loralie Affiliate Store in the shopping section located at the top.

I’ll be updating that this week with some new products and  clickies for anyone interested… in the meantime here are  some links to her books and a fabric panel card topper  and framed artwork I made.
loralie_blossom loralie_church loralie_precious



Here is one of my old posts showing projects I made with the fabric panels I is  a card topper and the other was a framed piece in a shadow box frame.






I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page




Spotlight Series Day 20, Sherri- My Besties

Who are you?  Sherri Baldy, My-Besties



My Besties Designs Color & Create Facebook Group
My Besties shop
Sherri Baldy Etsy Store



Where are you?

Riverside, California


When did you first start drawing/designing seriously? 

I sold my first works of art in the 4th Grade, so that was it for me I was a forever artist.


What was the first product you ever had for sale?



How many people work with/for you?

We are a small family based company that is run from our farm… We have over 150 from staff to designers.



Img031 New Fluffy Besties



What’s your guilty pleasure ?

Loads of Chocolate, Cafe Mochas every morning !


What job did you have BEFORE you started drawing/designing for a living?

I have always been a artist in one fashion or another, Makeup artist for Ester Lauder, Designing clothing for the Country Music Awards, Illustrating Books…Creating and licensing my art for years, as Doll, Figurines, greeting cards and more and now many years in the crafting and scrapbooking.


What’s your favorite color?



What was your favorite subject in school…?



What’s your favorite horror movie?

Jeepers Creepers …. 🙂


When no one is listening…. do you sing in the shower?

Yes often 🙂


What is your most popular item in the store/shop?

My Besties digis and Coloring Books on XO













What’s your favorite craftroom/business supply or tool that you couldn’t live without?

Pencil and eraser!


Which decade do you think had the best music?

50’s 60’s and 70’s ..Sorry couldn’t pick just one…


Have you ever been on a blind date…. and if so.. was it fun, or a nightmare?

No, but I have had a Nightmare date before …Haven’t we all 🙂 LOL


What’s your favorite hobby when you want to relax? 

..Draw, Color, Gardening, Cooking!


What’s the one song guaranteed to have you shaking your booty anytime, anyplace ..anywhere?

“Miss Otis Regrets she is unable to Lunch today!” Bette Midler



The Night Before Christmas





What’s your favorite event, or holiday of the year?

Hummmm that is a hard one I love them all… But I would have to say a Mix between Christmas and Halloween!






Do you secretly watch WWE wrestling when no one is around?



If you were offered a trip to the moon, would you go..and if so .. which of your images/products would leave on the moon??

Don’t like to fly or heights, but I would ask someone to take a Messy Bessy Bestie and put it on the moon!


If you were a classic car…. what would you be?

Hummm I love so many, but a Thunderbird convertible would be so FUN!


How long does the average design/art work take from concept to final product?

From start to finish if I color it in takes a full day! If I am just drawing, I can whip them out! 🙂



Big Eye Big Head Dolls Charlie Sue

If your parents had named you something else… what would you have picked?

Charlie, Loved that name for a girl when I was a kid 🙂


When you are working, what is the view from your window like?

… I see the back side of our farm… Our Barn, Gardens and horses and across the valley..its very peaceful .


What do you love most about all the people you meet through your work?

I have been so Blessed to meet so many amazing wonderful and talented people with my work! I just feel so very Blessed and Thankful! to have the opportunity to work with them and have them create with my work it is truly wonderful!


Which drawing/product are you the most proud of in your collection?

Hmmm another very hard question, I am so thrilled that My Besties have be made into so many things, Stamps, crafting products, figurines, Dolls, Fabric, Back to School products and so much more …BUT that said I am so over the moon to say that Oprah Winfery has one of my Dolls that was hand made by me …Commissioned by Mark Victor Hansen Author of “Chicken Soup for the soul! He came to me and asked me to design and make a Doll for Oprah for him to give her for Christmas .. so that was pretty exciting when she had it on her show …





for 50% off all printables /digis in the Etsy Store

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page


My First Flipbook Snail Mail Card

Most of these flip book snail mail cards I have seen are craft  themed to send to fellow crafters, but I did something a bit different.  It’s still crafting, but not paper crafting… this one is for a sewer 🙂

Front  Cover

Front Cover

I had fun doing this, even though I admit this was a second attempt, the first one was just way toooo bulky and  I had to change themes.  Originally the theme was going to be a leaving home/moving survival kit.  I also changed the base layout to this new one, which seems to have worked out better.

I will say that this is a project best shown in video, but unfortunately that isn’t possible right now with a houseful of people…. so the project is show in pics….  sorry !

Card base was made from two square Recollections cards joined to make a double flap book with only one taped seam.

  • Front Cover – Die cut patchwork using dies from some of my Sizzix Flip card sets, scraps and recycled buttons from old scrap clothing compliment this vintage style sewing image from Cute as a Button “Sewing Susan”. She is colored in Zig Kurecolor and Ranger Distress pens. I was tempted to color her shoes royal blue, as the recipient has a pair almost exactly like these that she wore to a vintage wedding…and her own,  but I decided not to.
  • Image1 – Inside flaps Left: Flap featuring Cute as a Button “Button Love”  colored with Chameleon, Zig Kurecolor, Zig Memory system Brushables and Ranger Distress pens.  Corners punched with a Fiskar corner punch design and the image was  dry brushed with Smart Craft inks. (Image 2 shows what is beneath the image flap) Right Flap: Patchwork scraps with a  Khaki fabric pocket to hold buttons, this is a pocket I reclaimed from an old pair of maternity pants… 🙂  It’s from the side leg/knee and perfect size for this project.  The recipient used to wear combat boots and camo’s,  so it’s the perfect fabric for the personal touch.
  • Image 2 – The stamp on the inside was triple stamped and  colored with Zig Kurecolor and distress pens..and yes the blurry image is intentional… my girl likes a glass of wine…. or two  LOL. The lacy edging on the sequin and bead pack is a Martha Stewart corner/border set punch and the bear is an iron on  patch.
  • Image 3 – The bear flips down to reveal two needles attached to the back.
  • Image 4 – The main flap opens to reveal a  mini CD pocket, this could  contain photos, images, video message etc. This is housed in a pocket that is one of my shaker card window frames that I had pre-cut on my Cricut. I just scored some folds and  used those flaps to  glue it to the base. The other page is just a patchwork stamp, colored in Ranger distress pens with a smile stamp and some silly eyes.. for fun.
  • Image 5 – This has a vellum window made from 29lb Vellum Paper  cut with a Gina Marie Stitched Rectangle Die Set  and sports a gold glittery Gina Marie Bow Die for decor and contains some felt pieces I die cut. The opposite side shows a letter which is folded and attached to the card.  The page is decorated with a sewing reel  and buttons stamps, colored with  Ranger distress pens.
  • Image 6 –  The letter is printed using a handwriting font, added in a second button stamp and some decorative corners and inked edges to match the Button Love” image
  • Image 7 –  Open letter to show folds, this was a fake letter for show purposes.
  • Back Cover –  Just a very simple  wavy edge bar with decorative corners, some label dies that came free with some cutting plates and a stamp from Michaels bargain buckets.

This flip book was fun to make, I learnt a lot from doing this project,  mostly that I don’t have nearly enough supplies LOL and that  a project like this can be adapted to so many other themes, not just paper craft swap mail.  I think it would be a fab card project for kids cards.  I may have to try one of those for my granddaughter next 🙂

DT CALLFlip Book Cards are one of the application requirements over at Cute as a Button’s current DT call.. for anyone interested  🙂

I may be compensated for purchases made using affiliate links on this page.

Gelli Arts® Printing on Sheer Fabrics! … and a Giveaway!!

This is something I have been dying to try…. Gelli printing in general, not just on sheer fabrics….  It looks so cool.  I ran across this post on my twitter feed, doesn’t it look fab. Check out the Gelli Arts blog post and facebook page  and don’t  forget to enter the giveaway before  the 29th to  be in with a chance to win this fab package:



• 1 – 12˝ X 14˝ Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plate
• 1 – Speedball 4˝ Soft Rubber Pop-in Brayer
• 1 – Jacquard Textile Traditionals Exciter Pack – 9 – 1/2 oz bottles
• 2 – Miracle Sponges® Compressed Sponges Packs -3˝x4˝ – 4 pcs. per pack
• 10 – Assorted Sheer Fabric pieces – stabilized on 9˝x12˝ Palette Paper
• 1 – Blick 9˝x12˝ Palette – pad of 50 sheets -disposable paper palette

Enter here:



1 2