Apology !! and updates

First of.. sorry, I got so caught up with personal stuff I totally forgot to post the winner for the last Crafty Awesomeness Challenge… DOH! So that will be posted on the 15th along with the latest Crafty Bugaboo Challenge winner.

We had visitors from out of state and we ran off to play hookey in the woods.. my sons first vacation. He had an absolute blast… so many first were crammed into those 4 days lol.

He got his first horse and carriage ride around the city, petted his first Guinea Pig, first vacation, first time camping, first time fishing, first worm.. lol that was hilarious haha. He got to play on a beach for the first time… admittedly it was sand on the side of a big lake… which to me…. isn’t a beach…. but he loved it. He got his first baseball glove and his first boxing gloves and punch bag.

When we got home we were so tired we went to bed and then when we woke up… lil man was sick :/  …but he is all good now and mommy has some major catch up to do.  I pretty much turned off all technology  for a few days, and now I am paying for it haha.   But so worth it to see how much fun the lil man had.

But now we are back to the real world….and momma got some work to do!

We picked up some cool  items along the lake shore to use in craft projects, there are new shaker card windows coming.. and a bunch more  blog posts to get caught up..as well as the new Bugaboo challenge on the 15th… so lots to do.  I am also still jobhunting and  getting ready to move, so craziness abounds!  But Halloween is coming .. Muhahahaha

Unity Stamps… just a little teenie weenie haul…

 Quick peek at some of the fun things  coming up on the blog   for the end  of Feb/March

..and probably April…. LOL

.. ok ok I have been a bit bad this month… but heh… I had a dry year last year for crafty goodness ….and I am making up for it.. well was..I am now on a self imposed crafty goodness ban till late april.. lol.

But here is my Unity haul from a recent sale, plus I won a sweatshirt from them on one of the Facebook Live sessions..and that arrived  too.  Now these may not all be on sale still, but Unity have great sales promotions all the time… so if you see something you like, just add it to a wish list, and next time they have sales.. check and see what is on sale from your wish list.

First Love, First Hero

Dream of Being

Warm inside

Scattered Pieces

Trio of Beauty

Part of the Story
There is a new sale going on this week, plus new bundle kits and deals… check em out  🙂

If you are on Facebook, try and catch one of the Unity Stamp Co Facebook Live sessions.. fun demos and tutorials with the girls and some fab giveaways  during the Live feed too.

Latest Haul – New Zig Pens

I picked up a handful of new pens to try out.   By now you all know I love my Zig pens.. these came from a different supplier, I picked these ones up from Blitsy as I was looking to  try out their service…and of course hoping for a pair of the most coveted Golden Scissors.

Alas .. no golden Scissors this  time

… but I have 3 more orders coming…. so you never know.  Last night’s sleepover was fun… I am tired  today, but it was totally worth it haha.


so .. here is what I picked up.

Some of the Clean Colors I have been wanting to try… I picked 4 colors I thought I would use most.  I thought these would work great for the Power Poppy Stamps.

2 Chalk Writers ..I had chalk pens  in my Memory System kit, but the white one had different tips to these. I love these chalk pens and the fact they fit in my Cricut Explore with the Chomas Adapters… is totally awesome.

I also picked up some metallics Black, Silver and Gold .. these are also writers and have the fab fine tips I love…AND fit in the Cricut.

I spotted a Millenium Pen and had to give those a  try too..it is like a fine technical drawing tip… much like Precise V5 or the detailer pens.

and last… I grabbed a couple of packs of Daubers.

Looking forward to playing with these … so stay tuned for some projects and more indepth look at these soon.

You still have time to go grab some great deals.. Free Shipping on orders over $29.99 AND

new faster shipping/processing times too…. 🙂


I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page

Quick tip on Wink of Stella & Luna pens


I was recently asked by a message board member if her newly purchased Wink of Stella pens were dried up and not working. If you are new to Wink of Stella, or Wink of Luna pens you may not be aware of the process to get started with these pens. how-to-prime-your-brush over at CraftingAbility.com gives you the lowdown on  getting started with these pens.

They also have a quick explanation on product storage you might find useful if you are new to some of these products like I am.  I love that CraftingAbility and ZiggyBoard include tip sheets in your package too.  I keep all mine above my desk for easy reference.





One of the Benefits of Chalk n Cheese

In English… a husband with ZERO interest in crafting haha

..is that he NEVER, ever looks at my blog  and I don’t HAVE to confess to my shopping splurges… I do anyway, we have that kind of relationship ….and I am disgustingly honest *rolleyes.

This week I’ve been having a bit of a splurge… mostly online.  I added a few new affiliates, which I only add if I am interested in trying, or have already tried.   These links are affiliate or sponsor  links… for those of you who like to know before clicking.  The Affiliate links pay commission on sales generated, NOT per click..so you can safely click if you are interested in the products…without feeling you are being led into clicking to generate money….  and the sponsor links are just recognition of our sponsors who provide prizes for some of our Monthly card challenges.  

I grabbed some new folder and a die  that was on sale from one of the new affiliates, Elizabeth Craft Designs …. and some really cool looking paper.  I thought I would try the sampler packs first.

I got some iridescent shimmer sheetz and some velvet paper, can’t wait to try these out in some projects.

The die I picked up is really cool..it’s Merry Christmas in Spanish… I got that one  for my step-daughter and her husband’s card.  Her husband is Spanish  and I know he will appreciate the gesture 🙂



I also hopped over to this new affiliate, Loralie Designs and even though I don’t sew…. not even remotely LOL… I actually bought some of her fabric.  I want it for an experimental project and this is perfect for what I need.  There are some really cool fabric designs.. I know if this works out for the project I have in mind, I’ll be back for some more.  It was very hard picking  a design to test this out with…   but I was trying to be good LOL.

I won’t show you what I bought… just yet….. that will be revealed in a later project post if it works.  If it doesn’t I’ll send the rest of the fabric to grandma.. who makes the most awesome quilts  🙂

..oh we’re not done yet

I am also hooking myself up with some Chameleon pens .. now all the girls on the message board know, I am much more into digital coloring and do not own anything fancier than a crayola washable marker that I borrow off my kid for wet brush projects lol.   But when I saw these….I was impressed and intrigued enough to want to give these a shot.  Yup…. that will be in another tutorial/ project/product review post later.

..which leads me nicely into my other purchases.. digi stamps.. yeah MsWipz been a bad, bad girl again lol.

Anyone who is on the message board will tell you I am a KennyK stalker.. lol  I love my KennyK stamps and I am probably on their site more than they are looking for new ones to get.

And we have another sponsor, Bugaboo stamps that I have bought  a few here and there from….  well I did have a few … till this morning haha… I picked up 18 new stamps from Bugaboo.

So I have a tonne of digital and Chameleon coloring to get done too .. expect to see those in upcoming card making challenges, projects and tutorials 🙂

I have a couple more new products to play with and share… but those will save for another post :)..and we didn’t even get to my Michaels and Joann haul from Mondays shopping spree. I picked up some cool new stuff to use with the lil  guy..unlike his daddy.. the lil man  loves crafting….and will tell you so LOL

Ok.. now I am off to play with my son.. who scored a bigger haul on Monday that I did.   He got his first halloween outfit that he chose himself, with the help of Batman’s sidekick Robin..who apparently moonlights at Party City. We will be  Bumblebee the transformer..and yes I did have to walk around the rest of the strip mall with him like this..including Joann’s .. it was  fun !   The joys of being 3 and a half and not caring about what people think LOL Everyone was  awwing over him specially when they realized that “little girl” in a transformer costume… is a little boy with long hair in a ponytail.

…his first real board game ..which he clearly announced… “I CHEAT”.. lol..and he did.  Gotta love the honesty of toddlers haha.

He also got his first proper percussion set..which I am sure the neighbors will learn to love .. and a new funko pop vinyl bobble head figure.. we got Deadpool this time.  And mommy managed to squirrel away a couple of sets of the new super hero smasher twin packs… if he forgets about them, I will add them to his Christmas stash.

Once he is in bed Mommy will get cracking on some crafting challenge  pieces and get caught up with all the fun stuff like laundry and dishes.