Cricut Window Cling Vinyl Decals

I haven’t played with window cling in YEARS.. but saw that Cricut had some so figured I would have a play with it.  I grabbed a black and what I thought was the  frosted.. but actually turned out to be a white one… oh well.. still cool to play with, I’ll pick up the frosted another time.  I had a quick play with some Bugaboo images to test it out.

Vinyl is not really my thing so I wasn’t too sure of the settings. I did a double pass on  the dot between vinyl and  Iron on on my Explore…. and it  worked pretty good.  It didn’t cut the backing paper and was pretty easy to weed with an exacto.  Some of the  more detailed portions can be tricky, but I just used a rounded point to hold the piece down as I peeled away the excess.  I may rack it up a notch to Iron-on and see if that helps.. but all in all I love how these came out for first attempts. 
I just put these on some spare photo frame glass I had kicking around because it is late and hubby would probably not be amused to wake up and find his car redecorated haha.  I didn’t clean the glass… since it was just test pieces..and I lost his eyes, so he has random spare parts for eyes lol.  I also spotted a stray piece tucked under  the baseball kids shoe after I took the pics, that is easy to remove with a sharp point.

The Stella and Gus “onepersontoannoy” is approx 6×4 inches and the “akv baseball batter” is approx 4×2 inches.  The Bugaboostamps store is no links for these until it’s finished I am afraid.

If you try this idea, be sure to read the TOU ( terms of Use ) for the artist who’s images you use… to make sure that this type of project is allowed.


You can buy the Window cling in a bunch of colors from and it’s also available in a frosted glass effect.

My local carry a few colors of the window cling, usually black, white and frosted.. and online they have red too.

This was not what I actually intended when I bought this cling.. but it’s cool to now I have this option too.

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Cricut March Madness Box . 3 11/15 and …stuff

Are you ready for Box 3? The new box is SUPPLIES…. and we all need those right?

The contents of this box are  going to cost $34.99 and are valued  at $89.91 …. Ok so ..what is in the box.. by all accounts from what I can see.. so guarantees….BUT.. 2 rolls of window cling, 3 rolls of glitter vinyl, a roll of adhesive foil, 3 pearlescent paper sample packs in neutral, pastels and bold colors. All things I don’t have and really would like to play with… hurry up pay day. Quantities are limited so grab it while you can.

Cricut March Mystery Box #3 – Supplies

Free shipping at Cricut with code MYSTERYMARCH

Get $14.99 Flat Rate Shipping to Canada on all orders $50+

10% off + free standard shipping with code LOVECRICUT (EXCLUDES AIR 2 and CRICUT ACCESS)

Have you seen the Cricut Mint Machine Bundle…?  check out that price and all the goodies that come with it.  I am so coveting the new Explore 2… I would love one of these.   If you are totally new to Cricut, which is rare nowadays… but always a possibility..   There are so many cool things you can do with these machines…way beyond what Cricut even show you. Card making, scrapbooking, home decor, kids crafts, personalized clothing, gifts, packaging…… just  the tip of the iceberg.

We had one member on the message board who made all of the signs  for his re-enactment group.

Me.. I bought mine to make custom photo mats then got hooked ..and there is still a tonne of things I haven’t even tried yet.

One of my favorite  things about my Cricut is the aftermarket Adapters I bought,  which sadly are not available for the ONE.. but they are available for the Explore, Explore Air and Air 2 and those are  FANTASTIC. these are pen adapters for the Circut by a company called Chomas Creations and they allow you to expand the range of pens you can use in your Cricut.  For people like me..that is HUGE…it has opened up a whole new world of potential projects that I wouldn’t normally attempt because my handwriting is terrible and my calligraphy skills.. non existent lol.  But not just that..  that means I can draw with so many more pens than before…

One of my favorites and one of the most popular pins on my pinterest page is this.. the powder embossing done on the Explore. Yup.. POWDER EMBOSSING drawn on the Cricut.

This allows me to take  designs and instead of cutting them, I can draw them and emboss them.. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.  There are other embossing pens, including one I made myself.. but these Zig Embossing pens coupled with the Chomas Adapter.. SWEET !!!

Anyone who is a regular on here knows how much I love my Zip pens.. and  most all of them will work in my Cricut with the adapter… with the exception of the  big chalk pens. But that is ok…. because I can outline on the Cricut then trace over it with my bigger pens when I want to do chalk signs.  Way better than anything I could ever achieve by hand.

And of course.. the ..  how could I not share what is probably my favorite paper to use on the Cricut.. this stuff is AWESOME.

It cuts beautifully, looks and feels amazing and gives a little extra something something to projects.

These projects were done with Black Velvet paper, but it comes in a bunch of other colors.. including white, which I love to print and color digital stamps on.

Did I mention stencils…  check out this etched glass beer stein I made a couple of years ago using a stencil I made and cut on the Cricut. This was for one of our message board challenges. I  Just cut my stencil from vinyl, slapped it on..slapped on etching cream and voila.. a fun beer mug  ūüôā


…so by now, if you are new to the Cricut….you are probably beginning to realize the Cricut can do a lot more than just use images on cartridges and on Design Space Access…. Yup you can upload your own designs or designs purchased elsewhere. Card templates, toppers, digital stamps.  I’ve  got a confession… I don’t subscribe to Access, I own probably 10 cartridges.. and I use my Cricut to make a lot of cool projects.   So if the price of Access, or the designs not being to your taste is something that was holding you back ..  never fear… this machine still has a lot to offer.

Print and Cut is fantastic, and when the DS3 ( Design Space update) comes out soon… it’s going to be even better.  I for one.. can’t wait.  DS3 has so many cool new features… admittedly there are still some things I would love to have added on…  because I am used to having them in my graphics programs.. but it’s not a big deal to do it externally and then upload them.

Check out some of these fun projects done using Cricut Print and cut…

KennyK Stamps key holder

3D layered Cute As A Button Slate Wall Plaque



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3/4 fold Christmas card

Really quick n simple 3/4 fold card that could be used for a variety of things….money card, gift card holder, or a fun 3/4 fold Christmas card… with matching envelope.

Image was printed on 110lb Georgia Pacific Index card, colored with my usual mix of Chameleon, Zig Kurecolor ¬†and some Ranger Distress Markers…with a touch of Wink of Stella for some glam.
pixie_dust_wmdThe inside of the card was then lined with a glitter card stock.. nothing fancy, just dollar store card .. but it gives a  touch of glam and glitz to the card and strengthens the design for mailing if necessary.  The 3/4 edge was punched with a Martha Stewart Punch by the name of Aspen.  a co-ordinating strip was added to a matching envelope along with some matching snowflakes.

This image is a Scrapper’s Delights Image “Winter Elf Digi

I really like the Tim Holtz “Tumbled Glass” ¬†pen for ice and snow effects and for adding a touch of color and shading to white fabrics etc. on images.

To turn it into a cash/gift card/ticket holder etc.. simply ¬†glue/tape down the top and bottom edges of the 3/4 fold…and Voila…. insta pocket.



This is my Mid Month Inspiration Project over at Scrapper’s Delights Challenge Blog…. be sure to drop by and check out the DT projects… ¬†and if you have a good eye for detail, you might even be able to pick up a free digi.






Abandoned Art – drops 5,6 & 7 DFW TX

We dropped a few pieces tonight while we were out on a store run.. 3 more of the plaster rounds ūüôā  Lil man was happy, he got a “secret mission AND M&M’s … mommy just got tired and sweaty lol.  We have 6 more pieces ready to drop later in the week…. a card, magnet, stamped tile, 2 more PoP rounds and a coaster.






We dropped  the glass jar with flowers on the self serve scales at a post office near the store.

This was the only one we managed to get a picture in situ…. without looking suspicious lol






This sunflower went on the counter of an apartment complex laundry room ūüôā











and this  pooch was  popped beside a flower pot outside of a local veterinary office.  It probably won’t  get seen till Monday…. unless a passerby notices it, as it’s tucked behind the pot facing the office door.  It looks a bit different to this picture after it was sealed.. the colors are a bit different.more subtle.. but this is  the general idea.






#abandonedart #artabandonment 

 I am a member of:

‚ÄúAbandoned Art‚ÄĚ Facebook Group

abandoned_art_updated_logo‚ÄúArt Abandonment‚ÄĚ Facebook Group
AA_logoLostAndFoundArtTexas Facebook Group


Abandoned Art Project ~ Pencil on velvet paper

So I was playing around again… super simple project, a framed Sherri Baldy image done on velvet paper and mounted without glass in a plain frame. ¬†I’m not sure where or when this one will get abandoned, but hopefully some young lady will find and enjoy it ūüôā

cuteness framed_cutie

For you crafty peoples who want to know details so you can try this idea yourself….

Image is Fancy Pants Little Pixie
Colored with Good ol’ ¬†CraZart pencils
Paper is SEI velvet coconut white
Printed on an Epson Eco Tank

I removed the glass and popped it in the middle of the layers so the person who finds it can put it on the front if they prefer.


Challenges entered:




Stamping and coloring on Plaster of Paris

Yup…I went and done it again lol

went off on another one of my crazy little adventures in crafting.. so who’s along for the ride… All ABOARD !!!

SO.. long story short, one of the girls on one of the Facebook coloring/cardmaking groups I am in.. shared a post about another Facebook Group and this crazy worldwide thing they got going on.  It was late, I was between projects and being as the giveaways ended ..I figured it was hookey time for me..  so I went off to read the article she was a featured artists in and ended up checking out this group.

It’s called Art Abandonment…. some of you may have heard about it already on my Facebook page and wall… ¬†some of you may not.

So anywho.. I decided me and the lil guy just had to get involved in this and so I signed up…. I needed a project that was ¬†cheap, preferably with materials I already have and something both of us could do together..and maybe even get hubby in on ¬†it. ¬†He’s not ¬†the crafty type… but he will try and join in when we ask lol.

The group are fantastic….I wasn’t sure if this was even an idea that would fly as abandoned art.. but they were all totally supportive. So here we are.. and I have yet another crazy project idea to share.

The first batch of abandoned art ¬†me and the lil guy will be doing is these………….. I don’t have a technical term for it.. so call it what you will. ¬†I’m just going to call it “stamped PoP rounds”

Ok so if you follow the blog at all you will remember I picked up some Stazon Ink pads to use on my acetate a week or so ago…. so.. for the record that is also the ink I am using on these projects to stamp with.

The Blank rounds are made with Plaster of Paris, I find craft stores charge too much for too little… so I always try and grab mine at the local DIY store because when I get stuck into projects like this… I’m gonna make a lot. ¬† I actually had ¬†virtually untouched and an unopened bag sitting around already from other project ideas…. so I was sorted. ¬† A 25 lb bag will set you back about $15 at Lowes or Home Depot.


Mixing instructions come on the pack … but I’m not one to A follow instructions B wait patiently… so I tend to mix mine up a bit thicker and ¬†that speeds up dry time.. ¬†that also drops the time you have to shake it around and get air bubbles out and make it nice and smooth… so if you are a newb at this ..try their ratios and don’t mix too much at a time. ¬†The time you save with a thicker mix will be ¬†doubled when you have to start sanding the back flat because you didn’t get it ¬†leveled in time.


Ok molds… molds molds.. you can get sooo many molds for ¬†plaster of paris ¬†silicon, rubber, plastic… just depends on what you are doing and how many times it will need to be reused. For this project, ¬†you don’t need anything fancy.. just a simple ¬†shallow shape round square whatever you have handy… ¬†just make sure whatever you use if you are recycling…. that it has some flexibility to it. ¬†You can get items out of rigid molds EVENTUALLY lol… ¬†but if you are new to this and just want to craft and have fun… don’t do it lol.

shaker 1


For¬†this particular project, I just happen to have some shaker windows that I won’t sell because they have some imperfections… ¬†nothing major and nothing that will affect this project.. but still.

..So I keep those in my stash for blog projects and other craziness where tiny blemishes aren’t a big deal for me. ¬†These are 3 inch diameter and 1/4 inch deep. ¬†I have a few other shapes and sizes and depths.. but have’t tried them yet. ¬†Obviously these won’t handle mass production… but I have already reused ¬†the set I put aside for this 4 or so times… no problems at all.









The first one I did as a tester… was just a random stamped floral pattern… ¬† nothing spectacular.. and to be fair the PoP wasn’t even really dry ¬†yet…. it was dry enough to stamp and color on.. but still holding a lot of moisture. As we will discover.. that does make a difference LOL






This one … is a mixed media.. the red and blue are Crayola inks that came with the blank markers I picked up in a Crayola Marker Maker kit on Clearance at Walmart …and usually use as blender pens.

The  Eagle is colored with a fine brush and Ranger Adironack Ink.

As is this sunflower PoP round below…. ¬†this was ¬†colored with Adironack Inks and a fine brush.







Foobahhed! ¬†(messed up)… cover up with Stazon base and then stamped a few ghostly images in White Stazon, dropped blue and purple Adirondack on background and over stamped a last time with White Stazon while still wet








Wax crayon heat bonded with embossing heat tool…polished with scrap paper to lift¬†off excess








Cheap $8 pencils from Walmart blended with Isopropyl alcohol in a marker pen








Adironack Inks and a fine brush












Adironack inks in a blender pen with a touhc of Ranger distress ink pen










Pebeo Porcelaine 150 glass paints. ( original version  ) Now renamed and with new colors, but available at Michaels.






And this is the results after spraying with Modge Podge Acrylic Matte sealer ( except the wax and Pebeo versions )


Adironack inks fade to a much gentler color.. but still really nice results. In some cases the color change was quite remarkable..not just a fade ….but a total color change. ¬†Most noticeable on the Hello floral and ¬†the text on the pooch.

Pebeo glass paints retain vibrancy and is probably the most durable of all the techniques. Water based so can be watered down to make painting easier, specially if they are old like mine and a bit thick. << the paints.. not me lol.

Pencil is  harder to apply, but  gives a soft color

Stazon is great to do a cover up if you mess up the original stamping and can give a vintage Goth look with some fun color effects when mixed with  inks. Be warned, when sealed the inks will bleed into the white Stazon.. but it looked cool LOL ..and you could easily spray THEN apply the white design and  the spray a second coat.

Wax Crayon – ¬†very ¬†strong coverage and depth of color… but not as durable since it has no top coat. ¬†Great if it won’t be handled much…and def a cheap fun ¬†project for the youngsters, obviously with adult supervision since you are using heat tools.

Crayola markers... great  way to do this project on a budget,  or with kids, but make sure your base blank is fully dry and expect some soft bleeding and color absorption when sealed.

Alcohol based markers ¬†same as with the Adironack inks.. a softer more subtle color after a day or so….sealer will brighten them up quite some… but not to the original color depth.

Now I can’t say at this point whether residual moisture in the blanks is partly to ¬†blame for some of the color shifts etc… or whether they would still react this way if fully dried and ¬†a few weeks old… ¬†I guess we will find out ūüôā ¬† but all in all even the ¬†Crayola marker one which was very “new” and had a lot of moisture… still shifted into something kinda cool. ¬†But I am guessing that if I had waited a day or so and done it, the shift wouldn’t be quite so dramatic… and if I hadn’t of already sealed it I could have done a second coat to ¬†make it much like the original image before it absorbed the inks.

Now that is a lot of information and still doesn’t really cover please feel free to ask questions based on specific need to knows and I will do my best to answer them ūüôā But at the end of the day… the best way is to jump in and try it with whatever media you have at hand or want to try. ¬† We all have different tastes, budgets and requirements’s the limit !!!

so .. Comment away and feel free to share your results ¬†if and when you try this ūüôā



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CraftingAbility/Ziggy Day 21 Mystery Box Prize

sooo…. The CraftingAbility  Ziggyboard mystery Box…. prize that is up for grabs on the Day 21 Amy Chomas End of Spotlight Series Giveaway… have you all checked to see the products the sponsor ImageAbility carries in these stores??

For those of you that don’t already know… this is the place I get a lot of my goodies… like the Zig pens, Wink of Stella and the fun magnetic chalkboard,chalkboard vinyl and frosted vinyl. And the slate I used on my CAAB projects also came from here. Check out some of my the reviews and projects here  Reviews and Projects

And they were the sponsor for the Zig Kurecolor skintone pack giveaway that just ended.

Well .. I can tell you this mystery box will be fun for anyone with a cutting machine .. specially if you have one of Amy’s adapters. But even if you don’t have an adapter yet…or a cutting machine….. it’s still a fun box because I tried to pick out the most versatile products I could to cover lots of different crafty needs and uses.
It’s a little bit of a mix… so you get to try out a bunch of stuff instead of just one thing. And most all of it is items I have myself and really I figured someone out there might want to try them too.
Even I don’t know EXACTLY what will be in it… but I sent in my list of suggested items and asked for a special sampler pack to be put together just for this giveaway…. and I know at least some of them will make it into the box ūüôā
I’m excited to see what makes it into the mystery box too ūüôā

Smart Bargains – Ribbon steals and deals WOW !

If you love need to check this place out. I was pretty surprised…. and pleasantly so I might add, to discover ¬†a couple of new companies hidden away in the depth of my available affiliate programs. ¬†This one instantly caught ¬†my attention with a $10 coupon and the awesome deals I found in their smart bargain section…they should have called it Panda HAUL.. every crafter loves a good haul.

“Smart Bargains are great deals on limited quantity jewelry-making supplies. Enjoy outlet store pricing on findings,gemstone beads, pearls, glass beads, tools and much more. Shop awesome assortments that are bargain priced to sell fast.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have a huge selection of ribbons…. I buy a bit here and there as I can afford them ¬†…. but this place.. crazy prices.. I saw ribbons as low as 8 cents a meter.



The other thing I noticed is they sell it by the meter, or full rolls ¬†ūüôā ¬†I really liked this one, it would be fab for the vintage travel and Paris stamps I have. ¬†1″ BurlyWood Color Eiffel Tower Printed Grosgrain Ribbons

It’s limited quantity and is available in various colors… 20 cents a meter..or $15.96 for 100 yards.







pandahall_pink cross




…or how about this… 7 cents a meter, $3.40 for 100 yards.

Grosgrain Ribbon, DeepPink, 6mm






Shipping seems reasonable if you don’t mind waiting a bit for your bargains…

pandahall coupon


and I noticed this



Sign up and they email you a $10 off a $30 or more order…. so that would make your shopping spree even more fabtastic. ¬†At bargain prices like these, that is a LOT of ribbon LOL. ¬†But they do more than just ribbons, if you make jewelry, or like to add charms etc ¬†to your craft projects… they have those too. ¬†Or you can use that $10 off to grab some tools or extra goodies that aren’t on sale.

If you come to check this out later and can’t find this old post buried in the depth of the CC archive.. never fear.. I added them to my affiliate store list in the shopping ¬†at the top of the page. ¬†I think I might have to bust open the old piggy bank and see if I can shake up some pennies for this one.. There are some fab deal !

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OOh Christmas is coming….hurry hurry


I know you all must be as crazy busy as I am right now with last minute gifts and cards, getting ready for the big day with family and friends.
I’ve been busy making cracker boxes for the little guys grandparent/great grandparent gifts, he stamped images for the candles and ¬†stuck clear decal stickers on the bath salts jars.

I’ve been printing out coloring sheets for me to practice on over the coming months. ¬†I printed a tonne of practice sheets… KennyK, Bugaboostamps and ¬†a bunch of botanical images and various other images from other digi artists in my collection. ¬† Really looking forward to getting some time to color and play with my pen sets and paints this winter.

jack_boardI’ve also been working on some Jack Skellington project for ¬†hubby who is a huge Nightmare before Christmas fan…. of course this one was hijacked by the lil guy who also loves the movie. ¬†I bought some ¬†printables ¬†and as soon as he saw them all I heard was …. “Mommy it’s Oogie Boogie and Jack ” ¬†“Mommy print this, I stick that on…” ¬†It’s another chalkboard vinyl project using the Ziggyboard sheets in a 12×12 scrapbookers frame. ¬†It’s still in progress, but this is how it is looking so far. ¬†The lil man had a blast putting stickers on this frame…

I actually had a couple of different “Jack” projects in mind for him to make for daddy…. but that is cool. Hubby will love the fact lil man helped make this one too. ¬†I’ll share proper pics of those later when they are finished.

We still have coasters to stamp for all the grandpas and great grandpas and more frames to decorate… busy, busy times.

Hope everyone is keeping well..  may you all have a fantastic Christmas, or holiday season.

Reminder:  We have exclusive coupons available for and which expire on the 31st.

…and if you haven’t noticed the banner on the right… ¬†the new KennyK shop is up and running with digi and clear stamps and has a 30% off your first¬†purchase available too.





Ziggyboard Mini Challenge

With all the goings on in November.. server issues, getting sick TWICE..I got a bit behind on this challenge. I had a couple of other pieces I wanted to get finished… but they will make an appearance in another project post soon.

So here are my 3 challenge pieces. The challenge was to make 3 gift items using the Ziggyboard kit’s we got to review….we being NanaDonna, Deescraps and myself. ¬†It just so happens I am gifting two of them to my own household haha.




#1 is a chalkboard I plan to hang up in my dining area. ¬†I have a toddler so it’s perfect, or “Perdeft” as he says for ¬†teaching him new words and ¬†leaving messages on for each other.

This was a picture frame, glass removed and a sheet of 12×12 Ziggyboard adhesive chalk board vinyl mounted on a photo mat sheet I got at Michaels and cut to size.


The lettering at the top is cut on the Cricut and glued on.







#2 Super simple idea and another quick project.  This vinyl cuts like a dream on my Cricut Explore.

Just a quick scroll pattern with a central label block applied to a glass jar from the local craft store.¬†Unfortunately I ¬†did this one before I got my new ¬† pens…..

candy2 candy1












finished sign….

#3 There are a bunch of different reasons I love this one. ¬† First¬†off ….I left this Ziggyboard sheet intact backing and all, which means it is reusable if you clean it off. ¬†And ¬†that means I can run it through the Cricut to update a seasonal sign.

Did¬†I mention running it through the Cricut.. yes I sure did. ¬† Most chalk markers will not fit in the Cricut Pen Adapter, not even the Amy Chomas adapters which I love… at least not the pens¬†I have. ¬† And they have a pump and prime system which makes them unsuitable for that anyway



Img_3057a… BUT

as I have said before, my handwriting sucks..and I really can’t draw… but my Cricut can. ¬†I ¬†was ¬†contemplating the various ways to get around my predicament… stamps, stencils, tracing…. and then I totally stumbled across some pens on a site in the UK when I was diddling around online. ¬† I took a gamble, going by images alone.. and order them I did. ¬†I am soooo glad I took a chance on these pens…. they are perfect for someone like me.

Img_3063aNow the only thing with these pens, they are the wet wipe style… so if you are looking for a permanent design… these are not ¬†for you. But what they are perfect for… outlining BEFORE you use your Zig Posterman¬†chalk board markers.

Img_3065aThese are an absolute godsend for someone like me… and you still get that hand drawn feel because you obviously have to go back over the design. ¬†The permanents are so much stronger and bolder, you can definitely tell the difference. so it’s very easy to combine these two pens to complete a project.¬†They both have their strong points and uses separately, but when combined and you throw a Cricut in the mix…. BINGO !!! ¬†I love the versatility of this chalk board vinyl and with a little imagination and thinking outside of the box.. artist, or otherwise.. you can get great results.

The ¬†rollers on your Cricut may pick up and smear your design a bit if you are writing/drawing close to the edges and rollers… but that is no big deal since these are wet wipe and for a design pattern only. ¬†All of that wipes off after you go over it with your permanents anyway ūüôā


The opportunities¬†for me are so much broader now I found these pens… worth every penny… and surprising cheap and fast delivery from the UK.¬†I am betting these pens become available here REAL soon which is fabulous for us Cricut Explore users who need a little help in the writing and drawing department.


Ok so these are the sheets.. but wait till you see all the cool precut shapes too. ¬†If you don’t have a Cricut Explore or similar, never fear ziggyboard did the work for you. ¬†You can get this cool adhesive Chalk Board in precut label packs. ¬†You may have seen them in a review that Deescraps did a week or so ago, she labeled ¬†her spices and her craft room and made some cool plant pot labels for her cuttings.

If you do a search of the blog for Ziggyboard, you will get to see all the cool things we have been doing with these kits since we got them. I love how versatile they are.

Now if I recall correctly.. and do not quote me on this… but I think I read that¬†this stuff is dishwasher proof and suitable for outdoors, so when I get a chance….you bet I plan to test that theory. ¬†We are heading into a wet and nasty winter according to reports, so I guess we shall see how it likes a good old Texas miserable winter. ¬† I think maybe the heat cycle ¬†on my dishwasher would prove too much…. but only one way to find out. ¬†I don’t usually run my heat cycle /dryer anyways, but my son has a habit of flipping that switch when he is being “helpful”

Ok here comes the disclaimers......  


.... The vinyl adhesive chalkboard and Zig Posterman pen used in these projects were provided free of charge for review purposes.  The other products used were bought andpaid for out of my own pocket, or were things I had laying around the apartment. 

This post contains some affiliate links from which I will receive compensation for   purchases made using said links.


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