Guest Designer – Lil’ Man D “Thanks” card

The lil guy is getting in more craft projects than I am this past week lol…  here is a card I helped him put together for his grandparents who sent him a card and Toys R Us gift certificate for his 5th birthday, which is on Thursday.

Can you tell he likes Giraffes?   This time he painted up 4 giraffes and then chose the one he wanted to send to them.  We will make up some more cards with the others.  We added in one of the new frames that I have been  experimenting with using the Gina Marie Designs Dies in a previous post  Sneaky Peek.. You‚Äôve been Framed !






“THANKS” clear stamp…. no idea what set it came with.. sorry LOL

Stampendous “PenPattern Giraffe”


Recollections Value Pack A2 card set

Zig Photo Tape Runner

H2o brush


Gansai Tambi Watercolor set









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Guest Designer – Lil’ Man D ( 4yrs old ) laminated bookmarks

We had to go get new tires the other day and my lil guy.. much as he loves the dealership and checking out all of the cars and trucks..specially the trucks ( he is just like his daddy when it comes to trucks lol ) .. he gets bored after a while.  So this time I decided to take along my portable easel box I showed you in a previous post earlier this week and watercolors  in case they came in handy… plus it was a great way to test it out and see how well it worked out.

They have a seating area with comfy chairs, but also a large eating area with vending machines and coffee etc and part of that is a long bar area with bar stools…and lots of natural light from the big windows.  So we sat down  with some snacks and drinks and I started to color.. lol.. 2 seconds later as predicted “I want to color please mommy”

So here we go, these are 4 of the bookmarks he painted while we were waiting for our new tires.  I had already stamped everything out  on precut  strips of Canson Mix Media Paper and they were in the easel box ready to go with the H2o pen.  The easel box and the Gansai Tambi box are about the same size so easy to grab and go even without a bag.
I love this first Giraffe because he told me he was painting a rainbow on it too ..  I love his imagination, but I am sure glad he explains what some of it is sometimes haha.  Some of these will go to friends and relatives and others will go in the Abandoned Art box.  The Giraffe is a stamp we picked up at Michaels last month.  The father and daughter image is a Unity Stamp co stamp  that I stamped up for me to color, but he hijacked it haha

The finished pieces were mounted on some plain Recollections 65lb card stock and then laminated and a hole punched for them.  A little bit of ribbon and some beads and they will be all ready to go ūüôā

This portable easel with storage is great .. he loved it so much he asked for one of his own so he could bring his pens along next time too.  These boxes are small enough and light enough for a kid to easily carry around and if required .. you could easy pop on a carry handle or strap. Once his is finished,  he will be able to decorate it as he wishes. He loves to paint wooden blanks and boxes,  so I know whatever it is…. it will be UNIQUE  haha



Unity Stamp co. First Love, First Hero

Stampendous “PenPattern Giraffe”

H2o brush

Gansai Tambi Watercolor set


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One Crafty Kid and a Gelli Plate = Craft Hour Fun

We started our craft hour with some bubble blowing paint project to make background papers.. but that was short lived after his second time of sucking, instead of blowing lol. He gets so excited sometimes he forgets not to swallow.. so after two mouthfuls of paint,water and dish soap mix.. we decided we had enough of that idea for the night..and moved on to the Gelli Plate.


I bought a Gelli Plate at the Blitsy Sleepover last month and we just got a chance to play with it. I say we, since I bought this because A: I was enamored with some gorgeous Gelli Projects I had seen and B: It looked like a fab craft product for my son who is 4 and a half and loves to craft too. And what a hit this one was…. before we even got the paint on it he was enamored by the feel of it, but add in some paint and a roller and he was in LOVE ! There is nothing my kid loves more than making a mess with Acrylic paint lol.

He was painting on canvas when he was one and I have a wooden floor so I’ve always been totally cool with letting him do things like this. As the grandparent were told when they said I was “BRAVE” ….aint nothing that can’t clean up in the washer, or the shower.

Anywho….I wanted to show these off… we tried a few different ideas for adding texture and designs. Stamps work really well on these plates and he has quite a cool little collection growing of wood mounted stamps. BUT …. this is the one I loved the most… his hand prints !! I picked out my three favorites and I am going to mat and frame these…

If you have kids, or grandkids who like to craft with you and you haven’t tried these… I totally recommend grabbing one, even if it’s just one of the small ones. ¬†This time of year is perfect because all of the leaves are dropping here, so tomorrow we are going to go for a walk and collect some to try out on the Gelli Plate.

I’m off to see how big I can get.. because we definitely want a bigger one..and maybe a round one too. These are way too much fun for him and me. ¬†I love doing my own backgrounds and ¬†have been wanting to try my hand at some Mixed Media with him. After trying these.. I know they will be a big hit in this house, with us and his crafty pals on play dates. ¬†I can’t wait to see what he wants to experiment with for textures.

Tools used were just Acrylic paint, a brayer, a gelli ¬†plate and a kid ..if you don’t have a small kid.. someone will probably let you borrow one lol.


One happy mommy …. ¬†with some new wall art for his gallery ūüôā ¬†We might even make some for the great grandparents.

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Unity Stamps Happy mail arrived !!!!

Well I managed not to scare the neighbors by running out to the mailbox looking like a disaster… but when I saw the “delivered in/at mailbox” alert ..I wasn’t doing more than throwing on some clothes and mascara and I was off!.

I did manage to wait till I got back in the apartment before diving in though… very unlike me with happy mail lol.
.. So I know you are all dying to see which stamps I won…. ¬†so I won’t drag this out too long. ¬†I have to say, ¬†these are not stamps I would usually buy…BUT .. that is the reason these are absolutely PERFECT ! ¬† I have limited sentiment stamps and when I need one… yup…. never have one that suits. ¬†These are perfectly timed too, because tomorrow is hubby’s birthday and me and the little guy haven’t made his card yet. ¬† Isn’t it funny when someone you have never met, knows what you need more than you do lol… great choice Unity, thank you ūüôā

so .. here they are, our first Unity Stamps to add to our collection .. this is the “Love is Grand” sentiment set from Unity Stamps.

unity2 unity1
When I first opened the packet I thought ..oh …ok, they are sheets I need to cut up, but Nope….. ¬†all the work is already done for you. ¬†These sheets are pre-scored for easy separation. ¬†Nice touch.. like that a lot ūüôā
unity4I’m off to dig out some ink pads and ¬†stamp these in my book… I keep a huge sketch pad where I stamp all of my rubber stamps. ¬†It’s a quick way to flip through pages and see what I have, when I am looking for something for a particular project. ¬† Specially useful for the unmounted ones for a quick reference.

Stay tuned…. we’ll be working on some cards for hubby later and I’ll share them later today or tomorrow ¬†ūüôā

KennyK New Release – Name that Hero Contest

Enter the KennyK Stamps Name That Hero contest for a chance to win the digi stamp you named, one of our new superhero backgrounds, one of our new superhero sentiment sheets, and bragging rights! All before the release date!

So, stretch out your super spandex, zip up those sexy boots, and let’s rock!!


What you need to do:
We have SEVEN new heroes about to hit the crafting world and we want YOU to name them. Use your creative powers to name 1 character or all 7! Don’t forget the family as a whole needs a name too. That’s 8 chances to win!

Contest Rules:
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You may have more than one entry per character or per family name.
Deadline – Contest will run from Fri, March 4th ‚Äď Wed, March 9th. Contest will officially end on March 9th at 8:00pm EST.
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* Bragging rights!!
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OOh Christmas is coming….hurry hurry


I know you all must be as crazy busy as I am right now with last minute gifts and cards, getting ready for the big day with family and friends.
I’ve been busy making cracker boxes for the little guys grandparent/great grandparent gifts, he stamped images for the candles and ¬†stuck clear decal stickers on the bath salts jars.

I’ve been printing out coloring sheets for me to practice on over the coming months. ¬†I printed a tonne of practice sheets… KennyK, Bugaboostamps and ¬†a bunch of botanical images and various other images from other digi artists in my collection. ¬† Really looking forward to getting some time to color and play with my pen sets and paints this winter.

jack_boardI’ve also been working on some Jack Skellington project for ¬†hubby who is a huge Nightmare before Christmas fan…. of course this one was hijacked by the lil guy who also loves the movie. ¬†I bought some ¬†printables ¬†and as soon as he saw them all I heard was …. “Mommy it’s Oogie Boogie and Jack ” ¬†“Mommy print this, I stick that on…” ¬†It’s another chalkboard vinyl project using the Ziggyboard sheets in a 12×12 scrapbookers frame. ¬†It’s still in progress, but this is how it is looking so far. ¬†The lil man had a blast putting stickers on this frame…

I actually had a couple of different “Jack” projects in mind for him to make for daddy…. but that is cool. Hubby will love the fact lil man helped make this one too. ¬†I’ll share proper pics of those later when they are finished.

We still have coasters to stamp for all the grandpas and great grandpas and more frames to decorate… busy, busy times.

Hope everyone is keeping well..  may you all have a fantastic Christmas, or holiday season.

Reminder:  We have exclusive coupons available for and which expire on the 31st.

…and if you haven’t noticed the banner on the right… ¬†the new KennyK shop is up and running with digi and clear stamps and has a 30% off your first¬†purchase available too.





Practicing with my watercolor paint set

Just thought I would share this… it’s an image I just had to grab when I saw it on It reminds me of two VERY special people in my life and gave me a good chuckle. I still have a long way to go learning how to watercolor.. but this was fun…and that is what matters most ūüôā ¬†It was printed, then painted on 110lb card stock with Gansai¬†Tambi¬†paints¬† ..I really should bite the bullet and go buy some watercolor paper soon ūüôā


















Recycling Playdoh Part II

Ok, this recycled Playdoh project just keeps growing lol…. I started off with a very basic idea. ¬†But I keep finding cool things to experiment with and me and the lil guy are having a lot of fun. This idea is so versatile and ¬†great for kids and adults alike…and the perfect project for you crafty parents and grandparents to do with your kids.

When the kids want to “help” and you are thinking Noooo not in my craftroom.. never fear. This is a great ¬†project for them to “help you” keeps them occupied and happy and learning new things, whilst giving you blanks to decorate.

So, before this gets any bigger and ¬†out of hand.. here are the basic ideas of ¬†what I have tried so far. ¬†I am sure there will be future posts with other new ideas, but if I don’t draw a ¬† line somewhere this post will never happen haha. ¬†And if this one never happens… I will never get to the project pieces post…. and I am sure some of you want to see some actual finished pieces… right? ¬†Not that all you crafty creatives need to see what I do, you will be too busy creating masterpieces.

molds2Anywho…. obviously if you read the first post…. you saw the silicon molds. ¬†They can be a bit hit and miss and I recommend leaving them in the mold to dry out before popping them, but I got some cool butterflies out of them. ¬†These ones I tried with pigment ink and embossing powder for a metallic shimmer. ¬†Obviously if you take more time you can get a lot more detailed.. but I just jammed an ink pad on mine for all over coverage and embossed. ¬† Some of them were double embossed to bring out the detail. ¬†If you don’t ¬†powder emboss. ¬† You can get a similar effect by painting these and then rubbing a metallic ¬†paint across the raised areas with your ¬†finger.

Next !!

Ok the next thing I tried was embossing folders, most of us already have them…if you don’t Darice do some really cool ones and there are always deals on them. ¬†It’s easy enough to pick up a folder for a couple of bucks.

I started off doing this manually, flattened out the playdoh roughly by hand then threw it in and used a rolling pin to squish it.  This gives you a fairly thick piece and the embossing hold great on these.

playdoh_boutique_2Later on I decided to bite the bullet and try this through my old Sizzix¬†Texture Boutique Machine. depending on the shims you use you can vary the thickness from paper thin to about the same as doing it by hand. ¬†The paper thin tends to be quite tricky, as it will actually perforate the Playdoh in some areas… but this would be awesome for the old vintage ¬†tattered lace effect.

I’m going to try this with some “good” white Playdoh too so I don’t have to base coat it. Just a rub ¬†over the design for contrast should do the trick. ¬†It’s so thin it’s almost I am excited to try this on the single color Playdoh. ¬†My son loves cranking the Boutique so this is another great one for the little kids to help with. ¬†I threw mine on a baking sheet and it was dry in a day or two.

playdoh_boutiqueRemember if you paint these the moisture will  make it flexible again till it dries out again. This is helpful if your piece curled as it dried.  I painted one and it is currently sitting between two shims to dry out again and that should stop it curling up so much.
Depending on the project you may want it flat, or the curling may actually enhance the look… so it’s very versatile and there are no “wrong” ways to do this.


playdoh_plunger_cut 2Here’s a great one for the kids to get involved in. ¬†These are actually Fondant Icing plunger cutters, found in the cake decorating section of Hobby Lobby. ¬†I saw these on my last big Craft Shopping Expedition and figured at $3 a set, I was going to grab a bunch to try out with the lil man. ¬†AWESOME BUY !!! he had a blast with these. ¬†they have limited designs so I’ll be Ebay shopping for new designs after Xmas.

playdoh_plunger_cut 3I was actually ¬†playing around with these while he made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…. but he decided it looked cool and he wanted to try. ¬†So now I have a craft assistant to help¬†me make project blanks. ¬†I barely got more than a handful done before he hijacked my project…. and as you can see my the picture above…. he was cranking them out like a production line lol.

playdoh_plunger_cut 1

And here they are all ready to dry out .. ¬†mine are on the right in the mushy green… his are all the left hand colorful ones , since he got to ¬†use all the good Playdoh that he had been modelling with lol. ¬†Did I mention that yesterday was his first REAL modelling with Playdoh… he actually modeled .. not just cookie cutters and hulk smashed it.

SOOooo Proud .. I shall probably show you that in another AWWW post ūüôā He made all 4 TMNT’s ( Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) ¬†by himself ¬†while I cooked dinner… I just rolled up the balls for heads and bodies and eyes etc …. and rolled stringy pieces for arms and legs and left him to it. ¬†I was shocked and ¬†thrilled when I walked back and saw 4 “baby turtles” as he calls them¬†LOL. ¬†He is learning to roll the balls himself too which is great.


…another thing I picked up in the cake decorating section was this silicon fondant mat.. this worked great too.

All you ladies who got hooked into the sugar crafting and cake decorating craze  years ago and then tossed it all in the back of the cupboard to collect dust.. now you have something to do with it all LOL.

Don’t forget if you don’t have kids and playdoh.. Polymer clays are perfect for this too.

Ok so here are some sneek peek pics of projects in progress… ¬†nothing overly complicated. This is easy stuff that can be done in a few hours once all of your Playdoh is ¬†dry and ready to decorate with.



You may have already seen… my aged journal. ¬†I am loving this piece and I got some great advice on aging from a lady in Australia while hanging out at the Blitsy Black Friday Pajama Party.


My son’s frame for grandma is staying as is… I think its “Perdeft” as he would say LOL ¬†.. since a lot of this Playdoh came from Grandma I thought it would be nice to make that the focus of the project. ¬†We just have to find a good sentiment to stamp in the middle on the Ziggyboard … then he is done.




Very easy .. this is a simple MDF frame from Michaels I had lying around.  The Playdoh was glued on and then the whole thing was spray painted

…. full details will be available in the finished piece coming soon.



Great under $1, 30 minute gift idea for kids to make

This was just a quick little gift idea to make with your kids.wood_emboss



It’s very simple, just a piece of wood ¬†stamped and embossed, colored with crayolas and then you can spray it with a clear acrylic sealer if needed.




Makes a great door, or wall hanger for the grandparents … if your kids are old enough to color between the lines it’s a super cute quick and cheap gift. ¬† Just pop in some hooks and a chain…voila !!! ¬†If they aren’t they can still stamp away…. my toddler stamps up a storm.

If you want to use clear embossing, you can use this as a resist and stain the piece instead.

Supplies were just some clear cling stamps,pigment ink, clear embossing powder and some¬†wood ¬†that comes in a 6 pack in most hobby stores for under $3… most stores have a selection of wood blanks so lots of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Makes a great all year round gift if you have the right selection of stamps.

Costs less than a $1 each to make… very quick project and super cute.



Quick and easy Toddler craft gifts




My son and I are making a bunch of grandparent/ Great Grandparent gifts this that he is finally able to create things ¬†without too much help. You saw his first Frame…. now he is making some decorative bath salt jars for the grandmas’s and great grandma’s …. I had an important role.. peeling the stickers off the backing once he chose what he wanted and filling them with bath salts lol… Go me !! Master Crafter at work ….



I put a towel down on my craft table, since these are glass just to avoid  any accidental
drops smashing the containers. ¬† This is a super cute project…. supplies are very simple :












  • Small glass container, or plastic if you prefer or have smaller ¬†kids.
  • Bath salts – ¬†dollar store salts work great and these are just for decor
  • Some clear based stickers
  • Ribbon to finish off if you want
  • & a kid….LOL














…and yes, ¬†that is my son.. he has long hair and it comes almost to his butt now. ¬†We tie it back in a messy Japanese knot when he is crafting.

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