Mixing it up a lil’ with some fun new cut files.

Well there was a bit of everything in today’s crafty fun… Magnets, resin, Velvet paper, stickers, cut files, glue, enamel dots…and some window cling.  Not too bad for someone who hasn’t crafted for a while lol.

I was having fun with some new CUP files. These cut files make great backgrounds  and stencils for allsorts of projects.

Lizzie Mayne’s  Gears & Cogs Frame Card  …starting off with Captain Locke by KennyK, she’s a digital coloring I did  a while back  printed and mounted on silver foil paper and then a Cohas Magnetic Sheet cut  on the Cricut. I only used the front portion of the card file… but this comes in square and rectangle as full card files.

Lizzie Mayne – Cornish Grid 3. I had a lot of fun with this Black on Black project..Cohas Magnet Sheet, Black SEI Velvet paper, Black glitter resin Skull and some Black Gina Marie Designs enamel dots.  Nothing like mixing it up a lil’ haha.. but a pain in the hoo ha to photograph an all black project with various finishes haha

Lizzie Mayne – Dhalia Flower Mat Layer Stencil. This one was fun..I cut just one of the  3 layers in this cut file using  that fab velvet paper. Mounted it on card, then colored it with Zig Clean Color pens and a touch of Chameleon Pens.  I cut that out and sliced it in half …stuck it on this plain black envelope and then stamped some fun typewriter and text stamps in a faded white ink.
Just a fun way to decorate envelopes if you are sending a hand written letter, or just need an envelope and don’t want to be bo-ring!

Lizzie Mayne  –  Brick Wave Matt Layer Stencil.  Such a fun card to make.. it’s the perfect kinda project to do with the kids, or grandkids High contrast, super fast, super easy… cut file, some glue, envelope and a card and some fun stickers… and voila.. one High contrast cute card ready to go.  Makes a fun  card for any occasion.

Judith Henry- Lattice Hearts Embellishments. I cut this heart in Cricut Window vinyl and will be putting it on my new car… this is just one of the hearts included in the cut file.  I love how well this vinyl cuts on intricate designs and fine lines.


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Discover High Hopes Rubber Stamps

I apologize ENABLER ALERT !!!! haha

This is a company that is totally new to me, I discovered them on Twitter and they have some adorable stamps…. they also have a challenge..and we all know how much we love challenges AND new goodies.  More info  on the challenge and how to get the free digital stamp  so you can join in at the bottom of this post  If you are new to this company too, this is a fab way to  join in and maybe win some of these rubber stamps if you are interested in trying them out.

I was having a quick browse around and thought I would share some of the ones that caught my eye.  As most of you regulars know by now, I have a son who is 5 tomorrow ( Where did time go) and we plan to homeschool.  Creativity is a huge part of our learning process and the lil guy LOVES to craft.  That being said I am always on the lookout for  things for him to use and also things that can be used in “school” projects…. hey no one said education had to be boring… lol.

One of the first things that caught my eye were the backgrounds; these are perfect for both of us, both for card making and  adding visuals to  stories and essays etc  later on as he learns to write his own stories.

I love backgrounds, but I am pretty picky  and most of the ones I have are  digital .. but I love these..

Forest Background T057

Treasure Map T054

Speedy Recovery Background U004

Space Scape U149

and then of course we have fairies ..  sorry Merrie haha.. There are so many cool stamps at this store.. they come in foam mounted and unmounted.  Categories galore… oh dear this could get me in trouble if the little guy sees these…No crafty budget right now.. but if he sees Dragons…. oh my !

I will be adding this one into  the  tab above for stamps.. it is currently called DIGIS.. but I think I need to update it to STAMPS, since I  am finding more and more cute stamp companies who do physical stamps…  So expect to see that updated soon.


ok I promised you  details on the High Hopes March challenge..so here they are.

For your chance to win 2 FREE High Hopes Stamps.  

You can enter this challenge to win rubber stamps using  the free digital stamp provided, if you do not currently own any High Hopes stamps. There is a link to the freebies, you have two to choose from.  You must use a High Hopes Image.   Check the High Hopes Challenge post for more details and links to the free images.

I hope some of you join in, I think I will have a go at this one.. maybe see if my little guy wants to enter too…. he is a crafting machine lately  LOL

Don’t lose your keys ..or you get a spankin!

 Ok.. this one is for the  Club KennyK  new challenge.  RED HOT !

It’s 4:30 am so I am not going to go on forever about all the things used..it’s pretty self explanatory… its a round wood blank, some cup hooks .. silver lattice was done with a wax and then sealed with mod podge in a satin finish.  Chain came from an old pair of my thigh highs.. DON’T ASK !!! lol

and the turtle key chain was chosen for me by my son… yes I know it stands out like a sore thumb.. but he loves it and I love it because he chose it for me… and it’s better than the Lego hotdog he was gonna get me haha.

This is a combo image  featuring “Val Ventura” &  “Jayne Jettpack”  and it’s a combo I have been wanting to do since I saw them side by side on a coloring practice sheet I was doing… I couldn’t resist, I finally had to go do it haha.

The image was print & cut on the Cricut Explore and then colored with Zig Kurecolor alcohol markers and a touch of tumble glass distress Marker by Tim Holtz & Ranger.  Some of the subtle shading is lost on these pics, I’ll try and add a few better ones  later when I wake up. The image was cut 3 times, edges were colored up and glued in layers for strength using Zig Photo Tape, but only the top layer was colored.. and then popped on some black foam for depth.

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Crayola Color Escapes 72 count Pencil set ..SCORE !!

Well….I did it, I ordered a set…. well actually …….I ordered TWO sets  lol

I spotted these a few months ago and shared the info on here and Facebook… but at the time, I didn’t have spare funds to try these out.  Well I decided I was going to jump in and grab a set and since they were priced lower than I remembered and they offer free shipping on orders over $30… I grabbed a second set.  Oh and Thank You Crayola for the 10% discount you emailed me while I  was  filling my cart lol.

I am not a brand snob…. I currently color with CraZart pencils, which cost a whopping $8 or so at Walmart..AND I LOVE THEM.  So I guess a set of “Grown up “Crayolas is a step up and progress.  Who am I kidding, I will still color with my CraZart pencils…. I love them lol.  I am the queen of Mix and Match Media, these will play very nicely together I am sure LOL

But I now have another 72 pencils to add to my coloring  repertoire. It will be interesting to see how these  handle the specialty papers I like to use with the CraZart pencils, like the velvet paper.

So if you are just starting out with adult coloring, or crafting, have older kids who love to color and wanted something a little more “classy” looking than the regular ..need a crafty gift. Maybe you just wanted to try something new, but without the hefty price tag of some of the “artist” brands of pencils * rolleyes

Check these out… they are, or were as far as I am aware only available at Crayola.com or Amazon.com and to be entirely honest, I was half expecting Amazon to be the better deal…. WRONG. …  not this time. When ordering 2 sets,  and by some hocus pocus and trickery….of which I am still not entirely sure lol….  I managed to get both sets for a grand total of…..

Hahaha.. nope not gonna tell you, go check it out for yourself….but it’s a great deal.   Add 2 sets to your cart and if you get the same deal I did.. with free shipping and the 10% discount code they emailed to me..and the “?? where the heck did that come from discount”  I paid less than $35  including taxes and shipping for two sets  🙂

…and the regular price is $22.49 per set + taxes + $6.49 in shipping on orders less than $30.. still a fab price.

Free Shipping with $50+ Crayola order

Super excited to get my hands on these and have a play….:)  I have been wanting a set for months and every time I have some spare money, they were out of stock… but not anymore !!!  WOOT

For those of you who prefer Amazon because you get special  bonus points etc.  Here is a link to the Amazon Deal which is  probably a better option when you are only buying one set and have Prime and/ or an Amazon Points card. The Crayola deal with Free Shipping and no taxes is also available through this link.

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page


It’s no BIG secret, if you are a regular….

on my blog.. that I am a Chameleon Pens and Zig Kurecolor gal….  I love these pens equally for different reasons and come hell or high water... not too high…. I can’t swim… but high enough lol.  I SHALL own the complete range of both of these amazing pen sets, slowly but surely my collection is growing and I got another boost to my collection in today’s mail.


Today I got my prize from the World Card Making Day Card Contest over on the Chameleon site. I missed out on the expansion set, but the judge was so kind to all of us and picked some runner’s up….and I was one of the lucky ones to get a runner up pack with this project featuring a Power Poppy image.  There were a lot of fabulous entries and I would have envied the judge on that one… that must have been a tough call.  If you missed all the fun, you can still see all of the entries over here at the Chameleon Pinterest board. 

anywho…. PRIZES !!!!  I am not going to do a big ol’ review right now, but I wanted to show off my prize. Not because I am boasting that my card got picked…. but because I was shocked and very pleasantly so, to see just how good the coloring book REALLY is. Now coloring books are not really my thing.. but I have to say, of all the coloring books I have physically laid eyes on THIS ONE.. totally in a class of it’s own.  This book is like  HELLOOO. spiral bound hard cover, color samples, divider pages to prevent bleed through… gorgeous quality.
If you like coloring books; I highly recommend you check  this out, I luckily caught the video of Julia BenBen showcasing these on her recent spot on the shopping channel.  I watched this video, saw the coloring book before I even knew I had won one….and I STILL wasn’t expecting this quality. All I can say is….if I was gonna buy a coloring book…. this would be it.  My 4 year old saw me open the box and immediately asked to color..and I’m like Nooooo these are mommy’s special pens…  he is so used to me letting him share my print outs to color together he must have been thinking  “WTH mom!!!”

It’s so cool I don’t even know if i can bring myself to color it… let alone let my 4 year old loose on it LOL

and of course.. the pens… can’t forget the pens. I chose the gray tones  because my style of coloring  utilizes gray tones for shading and color depth…and I have a whole bunch of dark grays,but I am lacking in the light grays.   So now I have 2 of the 6 new color palettes, I will  by hook, or by crook …. get the remaining 20 colors LOL.  I love my skintone set and now this gray set will be a fab addition to my color palette.

Be sure to swing by the Chameleon Pens Facebook Page and the Blog for even more fab project ideas.

and of course…stay tuned for a more in depth look through this fab book…  I’m in the middle of packing to move so crafty things have taken a back seat to packing up my sons version of his own Toys R US store… aka his  room lol.  Hopefully we’ll be moved and settled in and back on track by Mid-Late November.  For now enjoy the peace and tranquility of me not blowing up your mailbox/Notifications every day LOL.. well except for tonight… I have a bunch I need to get out tonight… then it’s back to packing.

Well maybe I can flip a few new pen lids off just to have a quick peek test lol…. they have been sat her for over  8 hours now and I have resisted the temptation.. but it ain’t easy LOL

Steam Punk New Release Sunday Blog Hop

What a fab  new release we have at Scrapper’s Delights and a fun blog hop full of really cool projects.  I am so looking forward to playing with these.  This is my DT piece for the blog hop.  I wanted to try something a bit different from my regular “Steampunk” with these.  I found this fabulous quote ….unfortunately it didn’t have a name on it, so I can’t credit the author.

But I love this quote …. I am 46, still chasing my dreams… and you bet I am still wearing my heels lol.

It’s a standing joke with my Oby because I wore my 4 inch heels till the day I gave birth to my son.  I think I was the happiest pregnant woman that office ever saw lol.
Every time I have an appointment with my Oby, he comes in to the examining room and the first thing he looks for is my shoes/boots.  If he cant see them he shakes his head and tells me he is disappointed in me.. till I produce “them heels” lol.

Well what did you expect.. that I would have a normal Oby?    This is the guy who started singing Rhinestone cowboy as I delivered….just as he had promised. Yup, my favorite crazy Asian Oby Dr singing Rhinestone Cowboy.  If you have ever seen the movie Air Am, you will probably know why that was funny…. you kind a had to be there LOL.

I’ve  been wearing boots like these since I was about 16 and in my Goth /Biker days.  Ah fun, fun times !! lol  That is what I love about images like these….memories….and personalization.  So many 80’s kiddies in here…. come on, I know some of you wore these boots and rocked  out to all the hair bands too lol.

boots_DT_wmdedOk ok enough wandering down memory lane…. But, are you humming Bon Jovi  Living on a prayer yet? lol…

Sooo details… details… let me see


  • Image  – Steam Punk Boot 1 from the brand new  Steampunk Collection, fussy cut.
  • Image colored with Zig Kurecolor pens from the Hair and Muted Tones set.
  • Bling is a mix of big brad stars from a Recollections brad pack and some small stars from the new Rhinestone bling I picked up on Amazon  that arrived last week.
  • Sentiment was done in Paint Shop Pro and  then foam padded with Darice adhesive foam and  Zig Photo Tape ( review here .. LOVE this  new tape runner, specially for foam ) and a slap dab of glitter round the edge.
  • Card base was from a Recollections card & envelope set.
  • Image and sentiment printed on 110lb Georgia Pacific Index Card

Happy Hoppin’… and don’t forget to use your coupon while shoppin!!!!!


Can’t wait to see all the fab new projects in the Scrapper’s Delight Group real soon. Don’t forget to comment along the hop for a chance to win digis.  You can find the rules/requirements and entry point on the challenge blog. 

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Shaker Card Games Window kits

If anyone is interested,  I have shaker card windows for sale.  These are 3 inch diameter, 1/4 inch high circular windows with a flange for gluing and come with a bonus baggy of balls.. Packs of 10.  US addresses only…. unless you are desperately in need of some ..in which case  holler at me over on Facebook in a PM and I will see what I can work out Approx. 40 balls included and a mix of 4mm metal and 6mm colored plastic to create these fun game cards.

If you aren’t familiar with Shaker cards, or are just curious about this new game card concept…Examples and tutorials can be found here. 

Available on Ebay Shaker Card Windows.

shaker 3











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Hair made easy

KennyK - Download Diva

KennyK – Download Diva

I am loving the blend of Chameleon and Zig Chalk Marker Writers so much, I am going to order the 6 pack so I can get my paws on a white chalk writer marker…. instead of using the calligraphy tipped one.

This was done with a Chameleon base and I intended to use the blue chalk marker as the highlight, but it actually ended up being darker than the base I laid down… but that worked out fine, as I just used it for low lights and added in white chalk marker for the highlights.

I think digitally printed skin tones and a mix of the Chameleon and Zig chalk Markers ….then Sakura and my multitude of gel pens…. throw in a little Wink of Stella and & Luna ..and I have my goto combo for coloring my KennyK‘s….and probably most of my other digis.  I have a tonne of them now too lol.

So I guess now I need to get some printed practice sheets knocked out … I’m pleasantly surprised by how easy hand coloring is with these pen sets…. admittedly very basic…. but still it’s hand coloring and I never thought I would ever be doing that with my abysmal lack of skills.  I always felt intimidated by all the pen sets and felt they were more suited to people who had already developed coloring skills …. but really… these pens are great for all levels.


Chameleon Pens

If anything I think they are a great choice for beginners, because the of the confidence factor and the blending, since beginners won’t already have a vast range of pens at  their disposal.  As a beginner it’s very easy to get intimidated and quickly put off the idea of hand coloring if you struggle to get results. These pens really do help a beginner  gain confidence very quickly…and that makes you want to continue and keep improving, instead of throwing them in a drawer and giving up.  I shall persevere with learning to color skin tones better… but  at least now hair is a whole lot easier than it was.


Zig Memory System Marker Collection

I discovered a bunch of other cool Zig pens which I now have on my Wish list… including some Embossing pens which should…. hopefully fit in the Amy Chomas adapter like the memory system pens do.  I can’t wait to get my paws on some of those and give them a whirl through my Cricut.

Some wood markers and wood stain markers… which will work great with my embossing on wood projects.


Gansai Tambi Watercolors

…and I also eyeballed some cool water based pens which might compliment my Gansai Tambi watercolor set.

Happy Birthday to me…….. Happy.. oh hang on.. my birthday is still months away… hmm maybe a Valentines present… late Christmas….. just because you love me… whatever works lol.  I am sure hubby will be thrilled to shop for crafting supplies… NOT haha

….time to dig out that Exclusive coupon and go shop 🙂

 ..as always....there are a mix of affiliate and non affiliate links in this post.  I will be compensated for purchases made through the affiliate links 

Digi Monthly Challenge – Starting in August

Starting in August we will be hosting a Monthly Digi Challenge on the Message Board.  The challenge is open to all styles and levels and the stamp of the month details will be revealed at the start of each month.  The challenges are just for fun and to try & learn new things.  If;  like me, you feel your coloring skills aren’t quite what they could or should be.. come on in and give it a try.

The best way to improve your skills is to practice and learn from other people.  Don’t have the budget for Copics ?.. don’t worry, we have a variety of  ideas you can try that won’t break the bank.

Prizes for the monthly challenge ……. to be eligible for prizes you must be a message board member, who has posted a pre-determined amount of posts… and Hi, Thanks, smilies and filler posts to bump post counts DO NOT COUNT.. they must be what I consider…proper posts. This will stop people just jumping in to challenges for the prizes and not actually being active members.

You can submit as many different projects as you like to increase your chances of being picked by the judge ….as long as they are all different projects using the Monthly Stamp.

If you live outside of the US your Prize will be one or more Digital Stamps .. if you live inside the US you may receive one or more digital, or one clear stamp …..depending on the prize on offer for that challenge. Occasionally other prizes may be offered, other than digital/clear stamps.

The judge’s decision is final and I assure you I have ZERO influence over the Prize Winner Selections .. since this will be probably the ONLY time I am eligible to enter and win prizes on the any of the challenges :lol: :lol: :lol:  A guest judge will pick their favorite creation for the month and award prizes accordingly.