CraftsUPrint Friday Freebie – Ladies Night!


Celebratory Month – Ladies Night kindly donated by Kim Blundred

Each Celebratory Month Mini Kit contains 4 sheets: A base sheet An insert sheet A decoupage layers sheet A tags and months sheet The kit is designed for use with an 8×8 card blank to create a shaped card.

The main image has a curved label on the oval base.

There are a choice of months – January through December – and a choice of sentiments that can be decoupaged.

There are also tags for you to place as you choose with a variety of sentiments.”

If you are new to Craftusprint you should also check out the awesome cut files by designers like Rae Carr who is one of this months Spotlight Series guests and Joan Clarke, who is also a Spotlight Series guest  and makes these fantastic “on the shelf” cards.

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CraftsUPrint Friday Freebie 06/17/2016


Oh  wow.. how cute is this one? I am so grabbing that for my collection.  This Noah’s Ark Rocker Card is todays Friday Freebie over at CraftsUPrint

The Animals Went in Two by Two Scalloped Rocker Card Kit  by Sue Way ~ Lily~Pickle Designs


“Noah’s Ark on the sea, with lots of cute wild animals. A fantastic fun bright wobble/rocker card that any little boy or girl animal lover would love to receive on their birthday.

Kit includes rocker card, scalloped pyramage, shaped insert, simple to make matching envelope front & back & seven sentiment tags with the greetings: Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy, Birthday Girl, Birthday Fun, Best Wishes & 2 left blank.

Everything you need to make a fantastic card!”




I will be compensated for purchases made using affiliate links on this page


Quick Easter Card Project & Giveaway

It’s a quick and simple card… with lots going on.  This is also my Sketch No1 card for our current  Sketch Challenge over on the message board.  Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see how you can win a set of these Gina Marie bow dies for yourself.

Window Die Spellbinders Oval
Window Vellum Paper from Ebay
Embossed card – Darice Swiss Dots
Card base and Bow Recollections greeting card set & card  stock
Image – Easter Bunny from 2CuteInk
Sentiment StampMichaels holiday stamps from $1.50 bins
Sentiment Stamped with Ranger Archival Ink Pad
Bow background strip cut on a Fellows  paper trimmer with wavey edge blade
Bow Gina Marie Bow die
Insert – scraps from a Recollections Book
Glue Xyron Tape runner
Image & embossed dots
colored with a mix of Chameleon Pens, and a home made alcohol mix


easter_bunny2_wmd easter_bunny2wmd



































My creative Mojo took a vacation this month; lots of family issues etc., but I was determined to get out of my funk…and new dies definitely help challenge me and kick me out of my funk. Expect to see a lot more projects posts now through the end of the month as I recapture my elusive Mojo.

Scrapbook Outlet very kindly sent me a set of bow dies to play with….and not only that, they sent me a spare set.  One of you lucky peeps can get your hands on a set of these bows, just by leaving a comment below.  I’m afraid  this is a US only  giveaway, sorry Internationals…

Leave your comment below  before Midnight March 31st Texas time and a (ONE) random winner will be picked on April 1st from all comments using widget, or similar.  You can share this with your friends from the Crafting Circle Facebook or Twitter or Google+  posts, but you must leave your comment here to be in with a chance to win.  Winner will be posted here on April 1st and you will have 48 hours from the time your name is posted to claim this, or another winner will be picked.



Image- ScrapbookOutlet

This is just a fun giveaway thanks to ScrapbookOutlet’s generosity…. all comments will be pending review, so please don’t worry if it doesn’t show up instantly.

STAY TUNED For a second Gina Marie Die up for grabs later this month… maybe even later this week.  If you don’t want to miss out, be sure to subscribe to the blog 🙂

ScrapbookOutlet  has a great range of dies in the Gina Marie line… I already have some of the stitched dies  that I bought last month and will be adding to my collection as and when I can.   I’m looking forward to trying my circle stitched dies out with the shaker card windows ( link for those is on the side bar for anyone interested ) to make some new game cards. This is a fab range of dies at VERY affordable prices.  Check out the gallery below for a sneakey peek at the kind of  dies you can find in the Gina Marie range.  The Gina Marie range also includes some fab rubber stamps and co-ordinating stamp & die sets

… and be sure to check out the blog of  AJ Bodine  .. this is the lady who does the  card Designs you see on the ScrapbookOutlet site… aren’t they fab.


Vellum Window Envelope and Card

I was playing around with my vellum paper and thought…. instead of putting it on the card like I usually do, I would do the vellum window on the envelope instead.  So here it is…very simple card that can be adapted to multiple occasions by varying the sentiment inside… Happy .. Birthday, Anniversary, I met you, to hear the news!, to call you friend.

In case you are wondering how I cut the window on the envelope without going through to the back side…I chopped up one of my old Cricut cutting mats and slid it inside to act as a barrier .. I never throw anything away I can reuse…. and old Cricut mats are great for all sorts of things.



 This post contains some affiliate links and I will be compensated for purchases made using them 

Shaker Card Games Window kits

If anyone is interested,  I have shaker card windows for sale.  These are 3 inch diameter, 1/4 inch high circular windows with a flange for gluing and come with a bonus baggy of balls.. Packs of 10.  US addresses only…. unless you are desperately in need of some which case  holler at me over on Facebook in a PM and I will see what I can work out Approx. 40 balls included and a mix of 4mm metal and 6mm colored plastic to create these fun game cards.

If you aren’t familiar with Shaker cards, or are just curious about this new game card concept…Examples and tutorials can be found here. 

Available on Ebay Shaker Card Windows.

shaker 3











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Shaker Card Window Inserts available on Ebay again…

shaker 3


Now the holidays are over, I have relisted the Shaker Card window inserts …. the link on the right has been updated with the new listing.

If you are new to the blog and haven’t seen these before… check out some previous posts.




Update on Shaker Card Windows on Ebay

Just an FYI for anyone who was thinking about ordering the shaker card window pouches before Christmas.

Last date to ship these out will be November 30th.  I’ll resume Ebay listings again in January and hopefully there will also be some 3 inch square windows  shortly after that too.

I’m still debating on whether to get 3 inch squares or 2×3 inch rectangles next.

** the balls  for the game cards now come in various colors 4.5mm metal and 6mm plastic red, green, white, blue & black and a mixed pack of about 40 is included in the 10 packs of windows.



















Bugaboostamps Friday Freebie


Wow it’s Friday freebie time again.. with all the server Shennanigans yesterday, I totally lost track of time till I was browsing Bugaboostamps and saw this cute lil fella.
Hop on over and check out the cool stamps over at

We’d love to see you in our monthly Members Choice Bugaboostamps sponsored challenge fon the message board too… join us for a chance to show off your skills and win free digis…and of course to vote for your favorite !





While you are over at the message board, check out the Monthly  KennyK sponsored challenge too.  This month we are working with the Happy Holidays stamp, which is the November Freebie at KennyK.

Great timing for all of those Christmas card projects. This image would work great as a shaker card and I am pretty sure we’ll be sing a bunch of those in the coming month  🙂 You can find my 3 inch Circular Shaker Window Inserts for sale on Ebay if you don’t want to make your own from scratch.




Apologies, due to the server issues the last 24 hours and lack of sleep.. I’m just going to list the rest as links this week.

Shaker card tutorial.

Ok.. this is the tutorial I have been wanting to build since I did my first shaker card with the new windows.  Oh how I LOVE these new shaker card windows.  You ladies who have already received yours…I know you are shouting “AMEN sister!”to that one LOL.

I can’t even remember how I got into this big search for a supplier ..I remember  looking a few times and thinking about it, then looking some more for settling on this particular supplier.  The first time we tried this in a card challenge…. oh what fun and games we had, all those layers and shakies sticking to everything.. but it was a lot of fun and definitely a great looking card…. once you got it right 🙂 .. anywho I digress.

So.. this tutorial is  based on 3 inch circular windows…. and at this point all of the instructions are going to assume that is what you are using.  Of course if you don’t have them… you will have to  modify the instructions and find an alternative method to achieve the same look.. but  at least you will get some ideas 🙂  and when you get sick of layers and stuff sticking to other stuff, or leaking out…  come back and see us and  we’ll point you in the right direction to buy some  :)p  Later when the Square and other shapes and sizes become available…. the concept of this tutorial will be the same, and the Free cut files will become available for purchasers of them too.

Ok, lets hop to it and get to the fun stuff..making something super cool.  Now part of this tutorial is going to be about this fun new style of shaker card I came up with… the  game card.  And again, the concept is the same for any style of shaker, the difference is in whether your card face has holes, or no holes in the design.

 Ok..what are you going to need…

Machine wise… well that is up to you. If you have a Cricut Explore,  there are  basic SVG files for you to download and import into Design Space.  If you have another die cutting machine that will import graphic files.. there will be Jpegs you can use.  If you have an old Cricut Expression… and it can cut a 3 inch circle in a  piece of card.. you have yourself a window base.

Now.. if you don’t happen to have any of those choices available.. never fear.  I have it on good authority from my ladies,that the Spellbinder standard circles Lrg & Sml sets work perfectly.



They are currently available on Amazon for $11.99 for the small and $11.44 for the large, if anyone else is like me and bought a totally different brand of circular dies that DO NOT fit lol.

**This link has affiliate code embedded and will produce revenue from sales generated.

For those of you who do not have a machine and do not want to purchase dies either.. never fear.. we have a method for you too … where there’s a will there is always a way..right !!

Ok.. now to the fun stuff.  First of all you need a design that will fit into the 3 inch circular space the window will cover.   Once you have that, you need to choose between a regular shaker card and a game card.  If you bought the windows through me, you already have the necessary “parts” for the game card, if you choose to make one.  Included in your packet was a small package of Ball Bearings.  If you got your windows elsewhere.. Walmart or Amazon or any number of places sell BB’s and ball bearings.

Rule of thumb I use for the game cards is:

Toddlers 2 balls
Youngsters 4-6 balls
Teens and Adults 6-10 balls
Nerds and Egotists 10+  balls

Ok.. now to the next decision;  overlay, or underlay….either method works, it just depends on what resources you have available and the  way you want to decorate your main card base.
tutorial_overlayIf you do not have a cutter and you don’t have dies.. you are pretty much going to be stuck with the overlay method, unless you want to cut your circle by hand… which you can of course if you want to.

Overlay just means that you are sitting the window on top of the finished piece..and you will need to find a way to hide the flange ( the lip that runs around the base of the window and you glue to the card.  If you do not have a die cutter to cut a circular frame, you could use something like a ruffled lace, or other embellishments to cover it up.

In this example I have a circular frame that I cut out… you can see the edge of the flange .. that is intentional so you can see it’s the overlay method.

tutorial_underlayUnderlay –  This is where you will feed the window through from behind, effectively masking the flange  with no added frames or embellishment needed, except for aesthetics.  If you want to emboss your surround, or do a design in print and cut, or have the center design extend beyond the confines of the window.. this is the easiest method to use.  **See examples at the bottom of the tutorial.

Ok,  so now you have your image and you have decided on overlay, or underlay.. now we get to decide on  shakies, or game card.  If you are going to build a regular shaker..  you are pretty much ready to start printing and cutting

tutorial_cutsThis image shows the pieces needed for both styles… overlay and underlay  AND both types.. standard, or game card.
Bottom left game card image layer
Top left game card padding layer.  The padding layer is just to give the holes depth, so the balls don’t slip out TOO easily. You can add more than two layers if you want to make it easier, specially on the game cards with 6 or more balls. That can be varied depending on the recipient. Top middle  This is the backing piece for  the game card, once the balls are inserted.. you will need something solid to keep them in.  You can either cut a separate piece to fit the front panels, or glue directly to the card base.  I prefer to cut a separate layer so that the shaker game is sealed and I can flip it over to position it, without trying to keep the balls from escaping. Remember to avoid getting glue on this back section where the holes are, specially if you are using tape runners to attach layers.. No one likes sticky balls.. right?
Bottom middle This is the  image background used for a regular shaker card using the overlay method.
Top right  a plain cut card for use with the underlay method.. if you plan to emboss or decorate with inks or stamps etc.
Bottom right is another overlay, this time however it already has a decorative Faux frame and border which was  cut on the Explore using the print and cut feature.  This was designed in a graphics program before being imported so I could have a text frame.

lastly….and lying around of course is a very simple circular frame which can be used to hide the flange of an overlay… or just to decorate the top of an underlay for effect.

Of course you can design simple cut files in Design space very easily..and now they have released the fill feature.. that makes for some fun and unique designs.  Now you do not have to center your window.. I just did for these designs, but bear in mind you will need to accommodate the flange when you move the circle cut out around your design and you don’t want it  showing between the edges of your layers if it’s too close to the edge.

Game card –  glue the two layers with holes together and line them up.  Attach your window, using the overlay or underlay method of choice.  If you are using the underlay method, don’t forget to add glue to the top and bottom of the flange so it sticks to both the image layer and the overlay. The overlay method also makes it easy to align the circle correctly, as the overlay should line up with the other two layers ….ok, now let it dry if you used a wet glue.  It’s very easy to get impatient with these and want to play with them and test them before they are ready… sticky balls,..sticky balls.. no one wants sticky balls.!!!  I should know…. I had to shake my first one for about 2 hours till they finally stopped sticking together inside my game….what can I say….I’m a Scottish Aries and patience is not on even my list of “non existent” virtues.

Ok so are we all good this far?   Feel free to ask questions on the message board, or in the comments section below.  You will need to be registered for either/both options… but we don’t bite : )

Don’t worry ..we are getting towards the end of  War n Peace -Crafter Edition

Ok .. so now you have waited patiently and your  glue has dried, you won’t  have to worry about sticky balls.   So flip your window over and assuming you cut big enough holes for the balls to sit in during the game.. you should be able to pop those balls right in from the back… much easier than trying to  pop them in and then glue the windows to the base… trust me…. these lil suckers…. if you drop  em on a non carpeted floor…. GONE !!! like magic.. Don’t worry about that one extra layer of card you have to cut.

I promise, it beats the alternative..I live in an apartment with wooden floors in the area I craft… let me rephrase that… UNEVEN wooden floors in the area I craft in.  I know somewhere in the vicinity of my crafting carts and my computer desk … there are at least 3 Escapees I haven’t found yet.  I have a pot of 6000 of these suckers…I can afford to have a few strays to hunt down later, most of you don’t ! LOL

Ok… so here are a few sample cards ..  in the coming week or ….so…. there will be some step by step projects for creating these cards from start to finish … Right from coloring the image, to completed cards.  Lots of pictures and videos for anyone who finds reading instructions hard to follow.

Again, if you have any questions.. hop on over to the message Board and we’ll  get you fixed up 🙂   We’d love to see your shaker cards too.. so if you make any.. come on over and show us your pics.

card_challenge_Laundry bear fishy_kisses











Images used are :

Laundry Nanavic  This was a September Challenge Card over on the message board.

– Ornate background is a CUP cut file by Lizzie Mayne, Bear image is a stamp that is hand inked

–  KennyK  isn’t she too adoreable, she was one of my my Bi  Weekly challenge submissions.

Upcoming shaker card step by step projects will feature images from KennyK, Bugaboo stamps and freedeariedollsdigistamps.  If you are a digi artist and would like to see your work featured in some of the Crafting Circle projects.. come find me on the message board and PM me a link to your site and portfolio 🙂

And stay tuned for an upcoming review of my new graphics tablet 🙂   I’m having a lot of fun with that.  For the price.. it’s pretty dang cool.

Shaker card windows inserts have arrived

I’m super excited… the packages I sent out have all arrived… and in perfect shape too.  I was worried about how to package these for their Epic voyage through the USPS system.

4  of our message board ladies have their packets already.  I am really looking forward to seeing  what they come up with.  Everyone seems to be using different techniques, which is awesome as it shows the versatility of this project  regardless of what machines and tools you have at your disposal.

Some of the ladies are using  spellbinder circular dies for the cut out and to frame the window and hide the flange, I used my Cricut Explore and made cut files… for those of you using other machines and software, I am sure the basic cut templates will be a  breeze for you.  It’s very simple really… you need a 3 inch hole  LOL.

Now most of the time these are used to create  what is referred to as a shaker card.  In basic terms.. it’s a snow globe style card.  Me being me.. of course I have to be different and I decided to  make something different… GAME CARDS !!!   and these are soo much fun.  I have never seen this done before and it  just came to me one night… so apologies to anyone who is shouting “.. oh but I saw this done years ago…”

These are such cool cards for kids and adults.. even my toddler loves these.

My personal rule of thumb for these game cards is

Toddlers –  2 balls
Youngsters – 4 balls
Teens and the inept adult – 6 balls
Nerds and Egotists –  10+ balls

Here are my first test panels I made.   These are made using the underlay method, except for the stamped bear which is an overlay ..which will be explained later and a full tutorial will be coming soon.   Images used on the cards come from, and the bear is a stamp.









Here are a few of my latest cards… 2 game cards and a regular shaker.












 Ok quick technique tips:

I have it on good authority that these dies work perfectly with these 3 inch windows  for cutting out  the hole on underlay templates AND for cutting out circular frames if you choose the overlay method.


Brief explanation of overlay V underlay.  Different techniques suit different people and projects.. so just pick the one that works for you 🙂   The underlay is  great of you want to emboss the surrounding area as seen in the snowman shaker.


Image one shows the cut pieces  I  made on my Cricut Explore for both methods.

Image 2 you can see the edge of the flange showing beneath the circular frame… that is the overlay method… the windows sits on top of the main piece and design.

Image 3 is the underlay method,  where the window  flange is beneath the  main card and doesn’t need a frame to hide it at the top, however it will need a backing sheet with the image on this would be at least 2 layers of card/paper.


1 2