Abandoned Art – drops 5,6 & 7 DFW TX

We dropped a few pieces tonight while we were out on a store run.. 3 more of the plaster rounds ūüôā  Lil man was happy, he got a “secret mission AND M&M’s … mommy just got tired and sweaty lol.  We have 6 more pieces ready to drop later in the week…. a card, magnet, stamped tile, 2 more PoP rounds and a coaster.






We dropped  the glass jar with flowers on the self serve scales at a post office near the store.

This was the only one we managed to get a picture in situ…. without looking suspicious lol






This sunflower went on the counter of an apartment complex laundry room ūüôā











and this  pooch was  popped beside a flower pot outside of a local veterinary office.  It probably won’t  get seen till Monday…. unless a passerby notices it, as it’s tucked behind the pot facing the office door.  It looks a bit different to this picture after it was sealed.. the colors are a bit different.more subtle.. but this is  the general idea.






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OOh Christmas is coming….hurry hurry


I know you all must be as crazy busy as I am right now with last minute gifts and cards, getting ready for the big day with family and friends.
I’ve been busy making cracker boxes for the little guys grandparent/great grandparent gifts, he stamped images for the candles and ¬†stuck clear decal stickers on the bath salts jars.

I’ve been printing out coloring sheets for me to practice on over the coming months. ¬†I printed a tonne of practice sheets… KennyK, Bugaboostamps and ¬†a bunch of botanical images and various other images from other digi artists in my collection. ¬† Really looking forward to getting some time to color and play with my pen sets and paints this winter.

jack_boardI’ve also been working on some Jack Skellington project for ¬†hubby who is a huge Nightmare before Christmas fan…. of course this one was hijacked by the lil guy who also loves the movie. ¬†I bought some ¬†printables ¬†and as soon as he saw them all I heard was …. “Mommy it’s Oogie Boogie and Jack ” ¬†“Mommy print this, I stick that on…” ¬†It’s another chalkboard vinyl project using the Ziggyboard sheets in a 12×12 scrapbookers frame. ¬†It’s still in progress, but this is how it is looking so far. ¬†The lil man had a blast putting stickers on this frame…

I actually had a couple of different “Jack” projects in mind for him to make for daddy…. but that is cool. Hubby will love the fact lil man helped make this one too. ¬†I’ll share proper pics of those later when they are finished.

We still have coasters to stamp for all the grandpas and great grandpas and more frames to decorate… busy, busy times.

Hope everyone is keeping well..  may you all have a fantastic Christmas, or holiday season.

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…and if you haven’t noticed the banner on the right… ¬†the new KennyK shop is up and running with digi and clear stamps and has a 30% off your first¬†purchase available too.





Ziggyboard Exclusive discount code – now through Dec 31, 2015

Here is your Exclusive coupon code for ZiggyBoard.com.  If you are new to the blog you may not have seen the older posts and projects using the ZiggyBoard products.  Use the search bar on the right  to see some of the products available and in use.

To name but a few….  Chalkboard adhesive vinyl sheets… 12×12 sheets  for all your Die cut projects.  I made  chalk boards and a sign and also did some decorative jar labels. If you don’t have a machine like the Cricut Explore, never fear ziggy also offer pre-cut labels in loads of shapes and sizes.

You can see some of those in the project post by Deescraps, she organized her spices and her craft room with these labels.

You can get a sneaky look at some  magnetic sheet in my Jack Skellington Magnet post…this cuts like a dream on my Cricut Explore…and also comes in a white board finish ūüôā

and the slate… I got some in my latest review box, but haven’t used it yet… so excited to get stuck into that one  ūüôā

Chalk Markers of all  sizes and colors.. wet wipe and permanent.

If one of your New Year resolutions is to get organized… or you need some quick and easy gifts for last minute presents… then hop on over and grab some deals.  Ziggyboard offer FREE SHIPPING…. so  don’t miss the boat if you want this before Christmas.


Here comes the disclaimer... get ready for it!!  

I do NOT get compensated for purchases made using the Ziggyboard.com link.  
I do  receive Free products to review occasionally.  
I have quite enthusiastically spent my own money at ImageAbility (Craftingability.com & ZiggyBoard.com)
...and those items are reviewed and used in projects in an equally honest and unbiased manner as the ones I receive for review purposes.




Cracker style gift boxes

This particular design is a single piece of card with only 4 flaps to  glue, so super fast and simple.  You could of course add to the design if you want to by dropping in some cutouts and adding in an acetate window feature.  I kept this one plain to show the original design, and also because the little man will be decorating these.

I can see me making quiet a few of these in the coming weeks, they cut real quick and  clean.  Very easy to resize to fit your gift needs.   These would be perfect for candy, cookies and other small gifts.


It works perfectly for these glass¬†jars I picked up at the local craft store for about ¬†$1, Lil man decorated these with clear backed stickers we picked up on sale at Hobby Lobby 50% off. ¬†Super easy and cute ¬†gift for grandparents, or of course you can make them too and they make great coworker gifts … They can be as simple or lavish as you want.

Great cut file and I shall definitely be back to see what else this designer has. ¬†I’ll be adding a link in to the blog cut file section too, for anyone who needs cut files.
These files are free, but there is a donation button for those of you who appreciate some unique designs

The cut file I used for these boxes comes courtesy of:






I used Cracker Box 4
Check out her free cut files, she has a tonne of really cool including 3D models, doilies, cupcake wrappers and more. Various formats available.












If you snooze you lose….

…. be sure to check out the new ¬†posts coming up tomorrow through Friday. ¬†I’ve been a busy, busy bee and have a new product review box that arrived today. ¬†The Post Office decided to give it the scenic route treatment .. it should have been here Friday. ¬†But heh..it’s here and I am super excited to dig in and play.

Hint…. A great new set of pens
something truly magnetizing…
..and for you artists who like rustic, you will love what’s coming up.

..and to make it even better, there will be some Crafting Circle Exclusive coupon codes so you can snag ¬†some of these goodies for yourself at a great price. ¬†Be warned, this pen set coming up is limited quantities at this price, so if you like ¬†what you see… be ready to snag a set before they are all gone.

You ladies that scrapbook, or do planners and journals definitely need to check this one out…. and I am dying to try these out on my cards too.


Also project wise




…some cute cracker boxes for those small Christmas gifts – ¬†I found a free cut file that works like a dream on the Cricut Explore.¬†Absolutely perfect for the glass jars my son Decorated for the grandparents ¬†this year.

A completed recycled playdoh project


A review on the Amy Chomas Pen & marker adapters for the Cricut Explore.. and standard Cricut adapter.. you can see my current pen collection..what works and what doesn’t.

My¬†Ziggyboard mini challenge pieces are almost complete… so you will see those soon too.

gansai_tambi_box chameleon-4.. plus if I have time.. you might get to see some projects using my new Chameleon pens and Gansai Tambi Water color paints…


..and hopefully some completed cards.  One can only try!


** hint… if you fancy a set of these water colors… they will be covered by the Crafting Circle Exclusive discount code coming up ¬†*grin

Can you say B U S Y !!!!

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Quick and easy Toddler craft gifts




My son and I are making a bunch of grandparent/ Great Grandparent gifts this year..now that he is finally able to create things ¬†without too much help. You saw his first Frame…. now he is making some decorative bath salt jars for the grandmas’s and great grandma’s …. I had an important role.. peeling the stickers off the backing once he chose what he wanted and filling them with bath salts lol… Go me !! Master Crafter at work ….



I put a towel down on my craft table, since these are glass just to avoid  any accidental
drops smashing the containers. ¬† This is a super cute project…. supplies are very simple :












  • Small glass container, or plastic if you prefer or have smaller ¬†kids.
  • Bath salts – ¬†dollar store salts work great and these are just for decor
  • Some clear based stickers
  • Ribbon to finish off if you want
  • & a kid….LOL














…and yes, ¬†that is my son.. he has long hair and it comes almost to his butt now. ¬†We tie it back in a messy Japanese knot when he is crafting.