Bargain Hunting on Ebay again

I was taking a break and perusing Ebay again looking for some bargain deals for me and the  little guy to add to our wishlist… and ran across these goodies, so thought I would share them for  anyone interested.  A lot of these are from overseas sellers, so expect a wait  to get your goodies.  There were  so may great finds added to our wish list, but here are just a few of them.

Embossing Folders by  seller 15oceaneshop

There are a lot of fun new designs to choose from and I didn’t see anything priced over $2 in this batch.  Great way to pick up a bunch of designs if you are new to embossing, or if you just want to bump up your design stash.

I particularly like this one… no surprise there really since  I love the Steampunk and vintage stuff so much.  Some of you may remember my adventures in Playdoh a while back… I love embossing folders like this… they make great image presses for Playdoh or Polymer Clay projects too.  I am very into  multifunctional crafts lol… I like to get my moneys worth out of things we buy… so if I can find more than just the traditional purpose for them.. all the better  🙂

Clock embossing folder

Talking of Multifunctional… I love Silicon molds,  these are  great for  icing and confectionary of course, as most are intended.  BUT … they are also great for Plaster of Paris, Polymer Clay and Embedding Resin projects.  Someone asked me once if they could be used for Paper clay projects.. I still don’t have an answer to that one.. but I am probably gonna try it one day  LOL.

I found a bunch of cool molds that would be  fun to play with…. these particular ones were listed by homesale_sky and  this is just a handful of the really cool molds that caught my eye.  These would be great for decorating mix media, upcycled projects or jewelry making.

I also found some really cool metal dies which are definitely going on  my wish list…

3D bridge

Bubbles/ circles
Our Ebay wish list is growing …. lol.

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Perfect packaging for small gifts and stocking stuffers

What a cute way to wrap small gifts… specially those standby gifts for unexpected visitors, or small tokens of appreciation to  delivery drivers, colleagues etc.

  • candy
  • cookies
  • silk scarf
  • perfume/cologne
  • stocking stuffers
  • Blind bag toys
  • jewelry
  • lipstick
  • tree decoration
  • cash
  • Craft Supplies  .. and so much more

This is a great one sheet cut design… only one seam to glue or tape; really quick to cut and assemble…   tie  off the end, stuff, tie off the other end… and decorate as desired.  I actually added a reinforcement band  to mine, for looks and because it will be holding something a bit bulky.  Of course you can make these in any size you want, you can supersize it by splitting the design and using two glue tabbed sections instead and cutting each one on a larger sheet.

Fab way to wrap up  paint brushes, crafters pens and pencils, ink pads, embossing powders, stamps and other small items.  I like to hide presents on the tree as well as under it, so this is perfect for people like me  who like to keep a few hidden presents in plain sight.  These look to be the perfect size for those seasonal stamps at Michaels which we usually grab for the little guys collection.  Fimo Polymer clays would be fun in something like these too… and I bet this would be fab for making small craft kit gifts for kids too.  So many uses 🙂

This is a CraftsUPrint file by Rae Carr  called “175 Christmas Cracker Box”  I cut it on a 12×12 sheet of Craft Smith from their Silver Foil pad.  This particular cracker measure 10 inches in length and  is about 2 1/4 inch  squared.  The main storage area before it starts to curve  in is approximately 3 and a half inches. But of course, you can modify the cut file dimensions to suite your I did by unlocking the file dimensions if needed.

rae_crackerboxI added in the green glitter card band and  some matching ribbon ties, a few bells and some die cuts …  very easy file to assemble and decorate… and perfect for those of  you who find wrapping paper and tape to be like attempting brain surgery lol.

Love this file, definitely one I will be using a lot next year…. I am already planning ahead for next years projects.. * sigh  haha.  The fun thing is because of the design it could be used all year round, not just kind of looks like a big wrapped candy.

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Marvelous Molds – cake decor, polymer, plaster and more

Some of you may have heard me  talking about a desire to start working with resin again.. and you may have already seen Playdoh projects and the like on here in the past.  I was so excited to accidentally stumble across this site when I was updating affiliate info on the blog.  CHECK these out…..


Now these are  Food Grade Silicone molds…. but they can  be used for plaster, soap, wax and a bunch more crafting  media.  They can withstand 400 degree heat, so work with allsorts of materials.

One of the really cool features of these molds that I liked a lot was the cutting edge built in to the design and the wide array of designs and texture plates available, which would be great for my playdoh, polymer and plaster projects.  If you enjoy crafting with 3D embellishments…  check these out.  I know a bunch of you do mixed media pieces and upcycle and re purpose pieces in a variety of media.

I picked out a few of my personal favorites to show you, but you really have to go check them out for yourself.  Whether you are a cake decorator… and we have a few of you ladies too in my various Facebook Groups and contacts, or you are a mixed media artist, jewelry maker, modeler or whatever…. these are definitely worth a look.
As soon as I have some spare  money, hopefully after Christmas…. I’m grabbing some of these and a new supply of Tap Plastics resin.  Woot… so excited to find really cool molds  to play with.

The video on the page I am linking to is worth a watch even if you aren’t a cake decorator… it  has some useful information and tips on it that apply to any use.

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Clearance section at Fire Mountain Gems & Beads


For all you ladies who like to beads and gems… I thought I would share this from one of my affiliates.  It’s the clearance page over at Fire mountain gems.. up to 90% off some pieces.

They also have a sale on beads and pearls till October 8th… up to 60% off..

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads 40th Anniversary Sale

Limited quantities on clearance obviously.. obviously, so if you wanted to bump up your  supplies without spending a fortune… check it out  🙂

They also have some fab Halloween goodies for those who  can’t resist the urge 🙂

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Smart Bargains – Ribbon steals and deals WOW !

If you love need to check this place out. I was pretty surprised…. and pleasantly so I might add, to discover  a couple of new companies hidden away in the depth of my available affiliate programs.  This one instantly caught  my attention with a $10 coupon and the awesome deals I found in their smart bargain section…they should have called it Panda HAUL.. every crafter loves a good haul.

“Smart Bargains are great deals on limited quantity jewelry-making supplies. Enjoy outlet store pricing on findings,gemstone beads, pearls, glass beads, tools and much more. Shop awesome assortments that are bargain priced to sell fast.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have a huge selection of ribbons…. I buy a bit here and there as I can afford them  …. but this place.. crazy prices.. I saw ribbons as low as 8 cents a meter.



The other thing I noticed is they sell it by the meter, or full rolls  🙂  I really liked this one, it would be fab for the vintage travel and Paris stamps I have.  1″ BurlyWood Color Eiffel Tower Printed Grosgrain Ribbons

It’s limited quantity and is available in various colors… 20 cents a meter..or $15.96 for 100 yards.







pandahall_pink cross




…or how about this… 7 cents a meter, $3.40 for 100 yards.

Grosgrain Ribbon, DeepPink, 6mm






Shipping seems reasonable if you don’t mind waiting a bit for your bargains…

pandahall coupon


and I noticed this



Sign up and they email you a $10 off a $30 or more order…. so that would make your shopping spree even more fabtastic.  At bargain prices like these, that is a LOT of ribbon LOL.  But they do more than just ribbons, if you make jewelry, or like to add charms etc  to your craft projects… they have those too.  Or you can use that $10 off to grab some tools or extra goodies that aren’t on sale.

If you come to check this out later and can’t find this old post buried in the depth of the CC archive.. never fear.. I added them to my affiliate store list in the shopping  at the top of the page.  I think I might have to bust open the old piggy bank and see if I can shake up some pennies for this one.. There are some fab deal !

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page



Rubber stamp storage solution.. and cheap too

Finally found what I have been looking for.. a storage solution for the rubber stamp collection the lil man have and I have. This won’t hold the big stamps we have, but it is fab for the Michaels budget stamps they have in the $1.50 buckets.

organizationThe top 30 pockets will accommodate a 3 inch stamp and the bottom 3 will accommodate a 4.5 inch stamp. Each hanger holds 33 ++ stamps depending on how many you fit in each pocket. I managed to squeeze in a good 150-160 stamps without even trying 🙂

I picked these particular ones up at a store called $5 and below tonight in our local Mall… $5 each and I grabbed 4.

I will probably go back and grab a few more for the last of my stamps, and perhaps an extra one or two for the stamps yet to come lol. They are designed for organizing jewelry and I am so glad I didn’t get the bigger shoe pockets I was almost ready to buy.. they wouldn’t have been as good size-wise and I think I would have ended up with stamps on top of stamps which kind of defeats the object of the clear windows lol.

Super happy with this new organization … now I just need somewhere to hang them 🙂  I might pick up a couple extras for  the lace and flowers and embellishment bling too… clear out another canvas tote on my cart 🙂  These would probably work out for my embossing powders and alcohol inks and such too… hmm ok I might be  turning one of our obsolete coat closets into a hanging craft closet haha

Shutterfly…. One very very Proud Momma

First off let me tell you.. Shutterfly is an affiliate program on this site.. purchases made through the links do earn commission.  BUT  I was a customer Looong long before I became an affiliate, as you will be able to tell as you read this post lol.  I only choose affiliate programs I either use, or have an interest in using personally.

Shutterfly is an online photo service that sell everything from mouse pads to throw blankets.  I have to say when I first started shopping with them I was a bit  hesitant about the quality  of product I would receive.. but I was impressed.. as you can tell lol.

As I said I have been a customer for a long time.. over 3 years now.  I can’t even begin to tell you, or show you EVERYTHING I have had from them.. but I’m going to try and show you a good selection.  Our family are used to seeing the latest haul from Shutterfly 🙂 and I often get multiple copies of books and  mouse pads etc to send as gifts to the grandparents, Great Grandparents etc.  Stay tuned for photo mat projects in the future, I have a tonne of prints that still need to be framed !!

Scroll to the end for current deals and coupons:


Flat cards, Tri fold cards,  Single fold cards, note card sets ..I’ve had them all !!!  You have noooo idea how many different card designs I have had.  I love these cards!  Daddy always gets his birthday and fathers day cards from Shutterfly.





Mugs…. lots of mugs.  this one was for My mom… from the little guy on his first Christmas.  She came to visit from Scotland and meet him for the first time.

gma_mug2gma_mug daddy_mug




















I have to admit I was not expecting my calendar to be as great as it was, despite having ordered loads of stuff already and everything was always great quality….I dunno, I gues syou just don’t expect much form calendars right LOL…I was very impressed by the quality of the calendars.








OOh  I have lost count of how many mousepads I have ordered. Anyone with a computer has a mousepad with my kid on it.

I got one for myself..and hubby took one look at it, said “oh that’s that for me… thanks honey” and there went my mousepad  *rolleyes














Posters, love the posters…I frame mine like the large prints 🙂


Labels.. great for when you send mail to family ..




…and of course prints… OMG  the prints!!! lol  I have had everything from  the regular 4×6 all the way to the 16×20’s.  This is one of my all time favorites and I have it printed on Lustre /Pearl paper at 16×20.  One of the main reasons I bought my Cricut Explore was to make custom photo mats to mount  my huge collection of Shutterfly prints  🙂cowpoke

But my favorite has to be the books…. My all time favorite I think has to be the “I love you A thru Z” book I made of my lil man when he was still a baby. This one I made with all my photos in sepia Tone.  Usually when I make books I leave them text free, I like to add my own handwritten notations and extras like ticket stubs and such.. a bit like scrapbooking.. but on this one the text was all done on Shutterfly.

It’s a great little book and you can personalize you ABC sentiments like I did.  This was a standard photo book, not a template….the ABC idea was just something I thought would be cute.

They have lots of page layouts available to choose from, or you can customize your own..and a really cool feature is the 2 page spread where you can print  one picture across the two pages.. super cool for those Extra special picture. Be sure that important picture parts aren’t along the seam unless you choose the premium lay flat style books.

..and yes that is my big old pregnant belly on the front lol.  You can’t tell by this picture, but I looked like I ate someone *grin


A_Zcovera_zbook a_zbook2






























I’ve also had:

Pen organizer: Grandpa has that one on his desk at work
Notepads: I still can’t bring myself to use it, it looks so cool.
Jewelry Box:  Grandma  got one of these… these were very impressive.



All customers enjoy your choice of one free 16×20 print, one reusable shopping bag, one magnet or two 8×10 prints plus 50% off additional prints, reusable shopping bags and magnets with promo code PICKONE at checkout  Begins 10/10/2015 ends 10/11/2015

All customers enjoy $20 off one qualifying merchandise order of $20 or more with promo code FIRSTGIFT at checkout Begins 10/08/2015 ends 10/13/2015