Finally got to set up my big portable draft table

Hubby’s Grandma is an interior designer and a couple of years ago she gave me her old portable draft table that she had when she was doing classes. She didn’t need it anymore and it had been sat in a corner gathering dust, so she thought I might be able to make use of it.  It’s big…which is great…. but I really didn’t have anywhere I could put it without taking up valuable it sat in my closet instead lol.

Well ..I have a few wood projects I wanted to tackle and as some of you know, I live in an apt, so  no workshop any more. Pretty much no tools anymore either, dang but I miss my old crafty workshop back in the UK.  Anyways I finally bit the bullet and stopped “making do” without a bench.. I got a cheapie Black and Decker bench, cost me all of $30 at Walmart. I figured I could just fold it away in a closet when I wasn’t using it.


I put it together in the wee hours while everyone was asleep and  then had a genius moment… I could  use that as a base for the draft table… and just take the draft table off when I had wood projects to do… GENIUS..

I just dropped it in the corner of my bay window  so I have  some natural light.  ok so maybe not the most high tech fancy looking draft table.. but it works, it’s cheap and it can pack up in a closet at any time and doubles as a woodworking bench when needed.

It is also the perfect place to pop my WRMK Laser Square which I didn’t really have space to leave assembled…and my Bluetooth Cell Phone base.  Now I can make answer calls again when my lil man runs off with my cell phone to watch Youtube Kids in the bathroom lol. He’s all male, that kid will sit there for hours if you don’t make him get off the pot lol.

So now I have my work bench and a draft table and  a place with natural light to photograph projects AND a place for my Laser Square and  it didn’t cost the earth or take up a lot of room.
Happy clam .. now I just need to get rid of that dang Cat 5 cable and finish tidying up in here 🙂  Excuse the mess lol.
I still plan to use my little desktop easel I made  to do most of my coloring, but this is going to be really handy to have too.

Note to self… crafting hauls….

Should really wait till you actually have time to craft!!! LOL  Sadly this little lot doesn’t even include the pens and such I ordered last month and still haven’t had time to play with properly .. but dang me and the lil man are gonna have fun next year  LOL.. I hope!

This little lot includes 3 Blitsy orders
Chameleon Pens from Hobby Lobby and refills and nibs order from Chameleon Pens
CraftingAbility order
Stazsh Up order
and an order of Cricut Blades that a special lady gifted to me 🙂

It also doesn’t include CraftsUPrint cutfiles and various artists digital stamps I might have grabbed this  month *grin

And I already put away 1 Scrapbook Outlet order of Gina Marie Designs Dies, Crafting Ability Order and a Blitsy order that I showed you sneak peeks at the end of last month..mostly pens.  I am making up for almost 8 months of virtually no craft shopping  🙂  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME !!!

I’ll be showing some of these a bit more closely in upcoming posts and projects..  but if you have any questions, leave a comment 🙂


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Blitsy Cyber Sale extended!

If you didn’t manage to grab all the deals you wanted yesterday, the Blitsy Cyber Sale has been extended…  woo hoo.  Free Shipping on orders over $29.99 and faster shipping times
Lots of big name brands still on sale up to 80% off !!!

….and of course…. still a chance to get some scissors  on orders placed before  the end of the month.


I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page

My Blitsy sleepover Black Friday Haul

Just in case hubby peeks at this…. THANK YOU honey’s perfect.. just what I hoped you would get me for Christmas LOL

I was naughty.. not THAT naughty.. but naughty….  but if I get me some Golden Scissors and  won the $1000 prize..oh hell yeah..I could spend that in under 15 minutes lol.

I picked up the We R Memory Keepers Laser Square I have been covetingblitsylasera new extended platform for my Big Shot.. badly needed
A gelli print plate which will be fun to use with the little guy and something I have  been dying to try

A Hampton Art Stamp Perfect Tool


..and a couple of little dies including this oneblitsyleaves

I have a packet coming tomorrow with my first order too…

You still have time to go grab some great deals.. Free Shipping on orders over $29.99 AND

new faster shipping/processing times too…. 🙂

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page

Inkjet printable Vellum… love it !!!


Printed in color on Epson WF2630 Image from

One of the girls on the  message board has been  telling me to try vellum for ages,  I finally bit the bullet and bought a pack on Ebay.  OMG…. this stuff is awesome, why I waited so long to take her advice I will never know.

The particular seller I used has two weights 17lb and 29lb. Make sure you pick the right one for your printer if you plan to print designs that way.   The 17 is designed for Laser printers and the 29lb for Laser  or Inkjet.

I photographed these images specifically to show the level of transparency you should expect with  29 lb Glama Translucent Clear Vellum Paper , if you purchase the same paper I bought.




Outline Printed on Epson WF2630 Images from


I have an Epson Workforce 2630 that I use for general craft printing and it sails through that like a dream.  Now be aware that when you print on the Inkjet, it’s a wet ink and it’s going to take a while to dry properly like most specialty papers, specially if you are printing in full color.  This is equally awesome if you are printing line drawings and digital stamps to hand color.





Outline Printed on Epson WF2630, colored with various pens. Image from


One thing to bear in mind when hand coloring is that the inks you are using may not be compatible with the inkjet inks, so always do a test piece.  I  have been playing around and for the most part all of the pens I have used, have been fine… but there were one or two issues.

One of the glitter gel pens didn’t dry as quick as the rest of the pens I used and I smudged it.

And one of my pens  that has a blender tank, smeared the inkjet ink into the color a little if you run the pen over the outlines. Now that may just be because I didn’t leave it to dry long enough before coloring… so I shall try and be patient and wait a bit longer to test that out again later.






Now rubber stamping on this should prove to be fun.  I’m not sure which inks would work best, I guess we’ll find that out in a later project post 🙂  I’m going to stamp up some sheets and print up some digi stamps and leave them to dry for at least 6 hours…and see if that makes a difference to the outlines and smearing with certain media.  Now I have 3 types of stamping ink…. pigment, dye and archive.  I’ll be using all 3 and obviously with the pigment one, I shall be powder embossing this too.
It will be interesting to see how the paper holds up under the embossing heat gun.

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