Mixing it up a lil’ with some fun new cut files.

Well there was a bit of everything in today’s crafty fun… Magnets, resin, Velvet paper, stickers, cut files, glue, enamel dots…and some window cling.  Not too bad for someone who hasn’t crafted for a while lol.

I was having fun with some new CUP files. These cut files make great backgrounds  and stencils for allsorts of projects.

Lizzie Mayne’s  Gears & Cogs Frame Card  …starting off with Captain Locke by KennyK, she’s a digital coloring I did  a while back  printed and mounted on silver foil paper and then a Cohas Magnetic Sheet cut  on the Cricut. I only used the front portion of the card file… but this comes in square and rectangle as full card files.

Lizzie Mayne – Cornish Grid 3. I had a lot of fun with this Black on Black project..Cohas Magnet Sheet, Black SEI Velvet paper, Black glitter resin Skull and some Black Gina Marie Designs enamel dots.  Nothing like mixing it up a lil’ haha.. but a pain in the hoo ha to photograph an all black project with various finishes haha

Lizzie Mayne – Dhalia Flower Mat Layer Stencil. This one was fun..I cut just one of the  3 layers in this cut file using  that fab velvet paper. Mounted it on card, then colored it with Zig Clean Color pens and a touch of Chameleon Pens.  I cut that out and sliced it in half …stuck it on this plain black envelope and then stamped some fun typewriter and text stamps in a faded white ink.
Just a fun way to decorate envelopes if you are sending a hand written letter, or just need an envelope and don’t want to be bo-ring!

Lizzie Mayne  –  Brick Wave Matt Layer Stencil.  Such a fun card to make.. it’s the perfect kinda project to do with the kids, or grandkids High contrast, super fast, super easy… cut file, some glue, envelope and a card and some fun stickers… and voila.. one High contrast cute card ready to go.  Makes a fun  card for any occasion.

Judith Henry- Lattice Hearts Embellishments. I cut this heart in Cricut Window vinyl and will be putting it on my new car… this is just one of the hearts included in the cut file.  I love how well this vinyl cuts on intricate designs and fine lines.


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Capt. Locke 3D Topper Card

There is some debate over the technique name used in this project.. some call them pyramid toppers, some refer to them as Decoupage.  I’m just going to refer to it as a 3D Topper Card …you can make your own mind up after you have seen the project 🙂

This is something I have wanted to try FOREVER !!! and I finally got to do it as part of our July Challenge over on the message board.

It’s not a quick project, but it is fairly easy to  do, and the technique would work for all sorts of different themes and styles. There are lots of artists who sell premade sheets for projects like this, or you can go ahead use your own images and layer sets.


Ok..as a brief introduction to the project here is a supply list of items I used.

    • Digital Image  – Capt.Locke from KennyK’s Steampunk Collection
    • Jasc Paint Shop Pro V7  – used to color Capt. Locke
    • 11×17 110lb card –  for card base & embossed scraps
    • Darice A2 folders – Music, Time pieces, brick and some random borders
    • Black Dye ink pad, any will do but I use CraftSmart for these  dry ink projects
    • Double sided tape
    • Sticky back foam from Walmart for spacers between the layers
    • A set of Paint brushes in various shapes and sizes

STEP 1 – Coloring your main image The first thing I did was choose my image and color it in PSP 7 (there will be a video tutorial soon showing how I digitally color my images). If you prefer you can always hand color, then scan and upload the finished piece into Design space…. or if you are not a Cricut Explore user…. hand cut these images.

STEP 2 – Cutting your layers in Design Space
The image was loaded into my Design Space Account and set up for Print and cut. The image was print and cut 6 times. Because this was a one off card project and rather large, I only cut the main outlines on my Cricut…. the parts I needed to remove for each layer were done by hand. If this was a project I intended to make multiples of, I would have created the individual layers in my graphic program first.
For those of you who need it, there will also be a video for the design space portion of this project too.



Step 3 – handcutting your layers Each layer had some portion of the previous layers removed, it’s easier to show in an image than to explain in text.






STEP 4 – Building your layers  I wanted my layers to be pronounced so I used a sticky back foam sheet from Walmart.  If you don’t have it, or don’t want to buy it… there are other alternatives. If you simply don’t want to give it such an exaggerated depth… either use no spacers at all, or something much thinner like a sheet of card.






Step 5 – Assemble your 3D Topper  As you can see Capt. Locke has some depth to her now.  I personally do not like the white edges that are left after cutting dark images.  Even if your Cricut is perfectly aligned, the actual paper edge is still going to be white.. so before I assemble my cards, whether they be single layers or multilayered like this one… I run a crayola marker along the edges.
and there she is …. one completed 3D Topper, multi-layers of  Steampunk Hawtness!!




STEP 6 – Now the background… that is  totally up to you based on your design and style.  for this project I simply took 110lb card stock ripped it into sizes that would fit my embossing folders.  Ran it through my Texture Boutique and then I dry brushed these  to pick up the embossing and to make the ripped edges  pop.  The Base card was an 11×17 110lb card stock, it was folded in a similar fashion to a 3/4 fold card and then dry inked  for a vintage look.

STEP 7 – Assembly Finally I stuck on my embossing and inked pieces and Capt. Locke took her pride of place.  Now this card could easily be blinged out with sentiments and  some steampunk style objects..  but right now I haven’t decided exactly what I want to do with her. So she shall sit safely tucked away till I do.

So here she is…  click for bigger view