Crafty Haul – Pick me up.

It’s been a crazy few months here and me and the little man decided it was about time to have a lil pick me up splurge.   I had an appointment today and lo and behold… it was bang right next door to Hobby Lobby, a new one we have never been to before.  But one we shall most definitely be going back to. Their clearance and sale selection was great…and even better…. the shopping spree was a gift.  Can’t beat that kinda gift 🙂

But it’s been a busy week all round so we had a little splurge to spoil ourselves and get ready to  get down to business with more new Abandoned Art Projects and Christmas gifts etc. We picked up a whole bunch of really great expect to see a lot of this in upcoming posts.

We’ll be sticking and stamping,coloring and woodburning and allsorts of craziness.  so many fun techniques to play with… he’s sure to have fun !

Check out this little pile of goodies.. Tim Holzt inks, stamps, stickers, some really cool Christmas tissue paper and ..I couldn’t resist this awesome paper pad by the Paper studio at 50 %.  there are a couple of extra son the pic that didn’t come from Hobby Lobby.. like the printable vellum and the Gina Marie dies and bling….and a bunch of clear stamps that I picked up.. but can’t show YET lol. And I have a shipment on it’s way over .. which I can’t wait to get and show you all…. but it could be a few weeks before that gets here.

But the best  part of todays haul…. my son, who is 5 … found a flower in the clearance section … and absolutely insisted we had to buy it … because he wanted to give mommy a flower and he thought I would like it.

he was wrong… I didn’t like it…


….. he made my insides go as gooey as chocolate brownie… It was one of those moments you just wish would never end. It’s not the greatest picture… sorry…. but this mommy is happy as a clam.  This is the most beautiful flower any man … or “little” man has ever given me…and it was offered with love,… not as a bribe, not as an apology … or any other reason I have ever had flowers was given just  because he thought I would like it and it would make me smile.

..and I am still smiling  🙂

April -May 2017 Artists Challenge

Due to the late start to the April Challenge I am going to extend this one through till the end of May.

Not feeling very  chatty this month….. so let’s just jump right in  with the new theme.  I’m feeling a little emotionally overcharged this month….

The Challenge theme for April – May is:

“A Mother’s Love”

Inspirational ideas…  for those who may need them.

Mommy snuggles and bedtime stories
Bandaids and boo boo’s
Pregnancy & Childbirth
Knitting /croheted booties and blankets
Child playing dress up in mommy’s clothes
Mom cleaning up a kids mess… toys, food etc
Rocking baby to sleep
care packages from mom
homeschool mom

Whatever springs to mind when you think of all the things your mom did, because she loved you.  Or if you  never experienced that… all the things you wished she had.  If you are a mom… all the things you do for your kid unconditionally.  If you are the mom to an angel baby… HUGZ xxx hang in there. Whether it’s laundry, soccer mom, student teacher….. Mothers day is coming up May 14th, 2017 and all those snow babies are on their way, surrogates will be blessing couples with the gift of life….   Let’s see some images celebrating all of these awesome women.


  • Each artist may enter up to 10 individual NEW digital stamp images per given theme.
  • Images can go on sale as soon as they have been entered into the challenge.
  • You may add single images, or link to a blog post with up to 10 images..but each image must be entered in the challenge linky individually.
  • You may showcase the images in color, or projects on your blog links should you wish to show off  inspirational images too.

Another fun digital stamp… Sugar Plum, or Nutcracker?

I love this one…. it just made me smile. We’re all so worried about appearances and what is socially acceptable nowadays and fitting in… who the hell wants to just “fit in”????

..and this image, “Ballerina Lady” by Gordon Fraser just screams


No matter what shape, size, age, color or even color of your hair..tattoos, no tattoos, peircings, no peircings…… grab life by the ..’Nutcrackers’ and enjoy it.. you only get one.

Colored with Chameleon Pens on
Canson Mix Media Paper
icon Canson Mix Media 9×12

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page

Unity Stamps… just a little teenie weenie haul…

 Quick peek at some of the fun things  coming up on the blog   for the end  of Feb/March

..and probably April…. LOL

.. ok ok I have been a bit bad this month… but heh… I had a dry year last year for crafty goodness ….and I am making up for it.. well was..I am now on a self imposed crafty goodness ban till late april.. lol.

But here is my Unity haul from a recent sale, plus I won a sweatshirt from them on one of the Facebook Live sessions..and that arrived  too.  Now these may not all be on sale still, but Unity have great sales promotions all the time… so if you see something you like, just add it to a wish list, and next time they have sales.. check and see what is on sale from your wish list.

First Love, First Hero

Dream of Being

Warm inside

Scattered Pieces

Trio of Beauty

Part of the Story
There is a new sale going on this week, plus new bundle kits and deals… check em out  🙂

If you are on Facebook, try and catch one of the Unity Stamp Co Facebook Live sessions.. fun demos and tutorials with the girls and some fab giveaways  during the Live feed too.

Fun block stamp cards for cat & dog lovers

I  picked up these two cute block stamps over at Bugaboo Stamps last night too when I got my unicorns… and a few others lol.

I wanted some fun cards to use for our Abandoned Art missions and these are perfect to be abandoned near the local vet office which is just across the road, as well as  near our local Pet co, PetSmart etc.  I might even drop a few off at a local shelter, they would make cute ‘thank you’ cards for new adopters,  volunteers, veterinary support etc.

These were really quick to make.. just a few shabby card layers, some foam layers and a bit of tape and popped onto a colored card base from some of my card sets I have.  I used double sided adhesive tape on the foam courtesy of my friends at Crafting Ability.  They sent me some of their “commercial grade” tape to try when I mentioned I was on the look out for something heavy duty.  It’s fabulous stuff and saves me using up my Zig /Kuretake photo tape runners on the foam sheets.

The images I used are from the January Releases BugKittyBlocks & BugPupBlocks and they were colored with Chameleon Pens

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page

Do you digital?

I have to be honest;  I rarely EVER  use digital papers, but I liked this new store I found and she has a great sale on this weekend… so I figured I would share 🙂

I usually buy my paper, or decorate my own backgrounds…BUT … once in a while I have an idea and I don’t have the paper, and it’s something I either can’t do quickly and easily, or don’t want to take the time to create from scratch.  Plus I have an Ecotank now so printing my own papers is not such a big deal… LOVE this printer  lol.

And that is when I go on the hunt… usually I start off with google images as a quick place to source visuals. Once I see something I like, I track it down .. sometimes to an Etsy store, sometimes to Pinterest etc.  I love it when it’s a direct hit to the store, so I don’t have to run around like a headless chicken in Pinterest circles trying to find the original source.

Sometimes I head straight for Etsy…. and tonight..I needed BANANA’s !!!  I poked around and finally landed at this store AT Art Digital which apparently is run by by a lady named Tanya Kart.   So I had a poke around, found the paper set I wanted.. and a few more, but was trying to be good.  went to check out and saw this… 50 % SALE this weekend.

Well Why didn’t you say so !!!  LOL

So yup I went back and grabbed the other ones I wanted too lol.

Now as with most collections, there are usually one or two that grabbed your attention and you really like.. one or two that are.. “yeah I can probably use that at some point”..and the .. “hmm probably never gonna use that”.  And we all know that sooner or later that “never gonna use that” is going to be  “OMG, that is just what I needed for this”  Happens all the time lol.

So if you ever wanted to try out some Digital Paper, now’s a great time to grab some  and save some pennies..  or grab a 2 for 1 deal.

I think it will be fun to have a few back up papers I can print at will…and maybe they will inspire some projects along the way.

Artist Palette Wall Art “I must Protest”

Bloobel stamps  have a new Progressive Challenge image for January, “I must Protest” .  I have been playing with non-card projects this year and this was perfect for some art fun.

I imported the image into Cricut Design Space and did a print and cut, colored it with Chameleon Pens and then  print and cut a few extra placards to complete the theme.

Someone recently called me a colorist, and I do NOT consider myself a colorist.. sorry  it just sounds so pretentious to call a scribbler like me a colorist LOL.. I love my crafting.. but I have no  illusions of grandeur about my skill, or lack of lol. I am too much of a tangent head and experimental crafter to ever claim  to be a “colorist” it just fit  my sense of humor.

I grabbed a wooden paint palette blank  and squirted on some paint, left it to dry  with a cutout  to  maintain shape for my image in the  paint, this gave it a more 3D effect as it wraps around the  image instead of just being flat.

I stuck everything down with a thin coat of Mod Podge and then gave it a top coat using a sponge for a satin effect.

Love the Image Lisa… thanks for letting me join in  🙂

for anyone struggling to read this

“I am not a colorist”

“I love all colors equally”

“Well except Puce
That sounds to much like PUKE !”

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Club KennyK Challenge card.. with a twist….ed sense of humor.

The minute I saw her, I knew I had to have some fun with this one…. she’s just too dang cute to be scarey. I grew up loving 50’s music, songs like “Love Potion No.9”  and when I saw this image that is exactly what popped into my head.

So here she is..  my naughty lil witch looking for love.  “Book of Spells” by KennyK.  she is part of the New Releases that came out recently.  If you missed that post, go check them out 🙂

Colored with Chameleon Pens  then scanned in.. given digital borders and hearts and reprinted on canvas paper for a lush deep color and texture.  I love my Epson Eco tank Printer, I no longer worry about printing out  in color and heavy black borders… *wub and running out of Ink too soon.

She is foam padded for an elevated effect and the background card is from the Red 12×12 Craft Smith pads, punched with a Fiskars heart border for a little extra fun.  The close up below shows how gorgeous this canvas is….

I entered her in the current Club KennyK challenge over on Facebook… and I think I’ll be sending this over to one of my witchy friends so she can give it to her hubby…she’ll get a kick out  of this one  🙂

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page






CAS Arched card with love birds design feature

What a fun design and so  versatile…. this would make a great base for a Wedding, Anniversary ….or even Valentines Day card.

I stayed very clean and classy with this one and didn’t add in a sentiment.  The Card design itself is a Rae Carr Cut file ”  211 Two Birds Arched Card”  that I picked up in my last haul on CUP.

The decorative corner element is made up of a mixture of Gina Marie Designs dies (see below), Off cuts from a Martha Stewart punch for the petal effect and a white glittery flower with large stone was from a bargain bin embellishment bucket at Michaels… as were the silver pearl Cabochons.



Fern Dies 

Tiny flower die –  is actually the center portion of my X stitch rectangle set, how cool is that  🙂

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page.


Spotlight Series Day 6 – Heidi, 2 Cute Ink Digital Stamps

Who are you ?

My Name is Heidi Arrowood and I am the Owner/Illustrator of 2 Cute Ink2cute

Etsy Store

Digi Stamp Club



Where are you ?

I live in Southern IL with my husband, 2 dogs ( German Shepherd and Chihuahua) and fish 🙂


When did you first start drawing/designing seriously?

Back in 2010 I decided to start drawing with an intent to create some type of business/freelance work.  But I have been drawing since 5th grade!


What was the first product you ever had for sale?

let’s see the very first image I would have to say is “Cat Knit” digital stamp ( which i think still is one of my favorite designs today!












What’s your guilty pleasure ?

I love Swedish flop cake!  which you can’t get really anywhere lol ( favorite childhood guilty pleasure) now would be angel cream filled donuts 🙂


Favorite quote?

right now I think is…If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain.  -Dolly Parton


What  job did you have BEFORE you started  drawing/designing for a living?

I use to work for the Bradford Exchange


What’s your favorite color?



If you got offered a weekend in a haunted  house/castle etc.. would you say yes?

lol ha ha i couldn’t do it!  I would be too scared!  that reminds me when we went to the smokey mountains we went though this haunted castle, which I didn’t think was going to be scary and yes it was!


What is your favorite piece in the whole store?

I really Love My doodle digital stamps. Let’s see i would say Octopus doodle












Who is your inspiration/muse?

Let’s see I am inspired by anything and everything!  I love to participate in monthly doodle challenges which gets my juices flowing with an inspiration word everyday.  ( Doodle a Day- @ellolovey and 365 Doodles- @JohannaFritz on instagram)


How many people work with/for you ?

Just me and I have 5 Design Team Members that make card/papercraft samples.


Name your favorite cartoon?

Hmm…How about favorite cartoon movie?  Monsters Inc 🙂


What was your favorite subject in school…?

Biology I had the best teacher, Mr. Brusa


When was your last REAL vacation and where did you go?

oh gosh I would say last real real vacation was back in 2001 when I went florida with my aunt/uncle and cousins lol..  though I just recently went to the smokey mountains with my mother/father in law and husband which was pretty cool too!


If you suddenly changed careers and went to work at Disney…what character would you want to be?

Anna from Frozen! I love her hair, outfit and personality!


When no one is listening…. do you sing in the shower?

oh yes!  lol


What is your most popular item in the store/shop?






Owl You Need Is Love digi






Who was your first celebrity crush…and have you drawn them?

Ha ha my first celebrity crush I think was Thomas Ian Nicholas when he played in ” Rookie of the Year”  ha ha I never drew him but I did write him a letter  ha ha… and then there was justin timberlake back when he was with Nsync.. i was obsessed with Nsync and Justin.. made banners drew some caricatures Oh and managed to score front row seats at an Nsync Concert way back when!  ha ha


If you weren’t doing what you are doing now…. what job would you have?

I am not sure …something from home, and something creative…..maybe jewelry business?


How long have you been in business? 

Well I started back in 2010 but I have done different things, not just digital stamps.


What’s your favorite craftroom/business supply or tool that you couldn’t live without? 

Right now it is my iPad!  I ink all my digital stamps with it so it is a must have 🙂


When you get the midnight munchies… what do you grab?

cheese its lol the four cheese kind lol


What do you love most about all the people you meet through your work?

I love that people can take my artwork and make it their own little pieces of art 🙂


Show me the drawing you think most closely resembles you physically or personality-wise












well I created this digital stamp called “Heidi and Cosmo” Based on myself and my chihuahua cosmo.. lol doesn’t really look like me but maybe the hair and the version with glasses lol


Which decade do you think had the best music?

I love the oldies station- 50’s, 60’s and 70’s!


How long does the average design/art work take from concept to final product?

It depends it can take 1-3 hours


What’s the one song guaranteed to have you shaking your booty anytime, anyplace ..anywhere?

Right now “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake 🙂


Which drawing/product are you the most proud of in your collection?






I think Snowman Couple because I love the overall drawing, line widths and concept 🙂









Code: 2ci25 for 25% off, expires June 30, 2016
* excludes 6 & 12 month club memberships and watermarks 


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