My latest happy mail. Zig Kuretake Manga Art goodies

I saw something on a live video from CHA that I wanted to try out; I had no idea what they were using on the demo as far as pens and tips went, but I figured I wanted to try it bad enough.. so I grabbed ALL of them lol. Typically these pens are used for Manga art and inking in illustrations, but I saw them or…. something like these used for something else entirely and I wanted to have a play.

Admittedly I will probably use them for the intended use as well.. now that Steve over at CraftingAbility popped in a few extras for me to try out. I wasn’t expecting a beginners guide to drawing Manga to be tucked into my order and a new Manga Pen I haven’t tried yet… but heh.. why not .. LOL.

I had a quick flick through the booklet and it has some easy beginner examples and guides .. some info on drawing faces, clothing folds, shadows and highlights and lightsource so all the basics we learn in drawing and coloring. So, maybe I’ll have a little play with that. I don’t draw by any stretch of the imagination.. but even I like to doodle now and then. Usually when I am on the phone chatting haha..I am notorious for doodling on anything at hand haha.

Now bear in mind I have not used an ink pen in YEARS.. so it will take some practice to get used to working with ink again.  But I am excited to play with these and then try out that idea I saw at CHA.  I have quite a few different Zig Kuretake products, as you know if you are a regular …  some bought, some provided free of charge for testing and to provide projects for review….and so far.. I have not been dissappointed in anything. Seriously.. I refuse to say something is great if I don’t like it…so when I say I like it or LOVE it as is most often the case… I mean it.  Now anyone who is a regular knows I like to experiment and play with allsorts of ideas, and that I love trying new  take into account your own personal styles and  tastes when  picking products.. what suits one does not suit all.

Ok so what did I order...everything on this page lol…

I picked up the pen nib holder… can’t do much without one of those lol. It’s a nice lacquered wood with a rubber grip.  I have to admit I am not a big fan of pens with rubber grips usually, but this one is nice and comfy and I don’t feel like I am getting stuck on it when I move my fingers around like some.  I have hypermobile joints and sometimes my hands lose grip when they flare up…. but  just playing with it out of the packet.. it seems to be something I’ll work fine with.  It’s not too fat , nor to thin and the rubber grip is smooth.. haha I sound like I popped out of Goldilocks and the three bears ..oops

I picked up a pack of each of the nibs to test them out, since I really didn’t know which ones would work best for what I have in mind, plus a selection of nibs would be useful for a few other things I had in mind… all of which you will see in posts coming this month.. maybe even a few short vids for a bit of fun.

I’ll share more on the Manage Drawing guide and Manga Flexible Pen in another post.

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Happy Mail….Spice up your life with some “zig-a-zig-ah”

Soooo…. all you closet 90’s Spice Girl fans… are you singing yet? lol…. was too cool of a post title to pass up on that one lol..and so appropriate…I had the ultimate “Zig a Zig Ah” moment when I opened this one up.

As mentioned in the previous post about Gina Marie dies… I had some tough choices to make with my little spending spree .. this time the Zigs won out.  That is not to say the Expanded Chameleon Pens set is off the table…. it’s just  biding its time hahaha.

So regulars on the blog are well aware of my love of Zig Kurecolor pens  .. I only have a handful of colors out of the 130 something color range. Have.. let me rephrase that, HAD…. only a handful….I now have TWO handfuls lol.  As some of you are also aware, I do review products for ImageAbility now and then and they also sponsor prizes on the blog…but let me  just say I do also buy my own and they get  treat just the same.  What you get is my opinion based on my preferences and my style and my experience when using them…nothing more, nothing less.

This time I scored both my own purchase… and a few extras kindly  added in by the CraftingAbility  team.. thanks guys  🙂 I love surprises in my happy mail.

…so the important stuff….what did I get?  Well for starters I picked up 14 new colors in  my Kurecolor pens.  Now for those of you who haven’t seen these in previous posts, these are not the refillable version… these are the Zig Manga Kurecolor pen version with the fine tips… but .. between you and me.. you can refill them and they are the same colors as the refillables… so you can order refills too.  I love the tips on these, the fact that they are slimline and that they fit in the Cricut adapters I have, should I ever feel the need. ….so this is my pen of choice when it comes to the Zig Kurecolors.  Although these do not have replaceable tips… technically.. lol..I find the Kurecolor tips to be VERY durable.. so that is not really a big concern of mine.


  • Light Gray
  • Pale Gray
  • Warm Gray 1
  • Warm Gray 5
  • Blue Gray 1
  • Marine Green
  • Mid Green
  • Green Shadow
  • Nutmeg
  • Light Brown
  • Pink Haze
  • Blood Red
  • Carmine Red
  • Burnt Sienna




  • Bimoji Marker pen – fine tip
  • Mangaka Marker Set – 3 tip sizes. these were a very welcome suprise as I use these type of detailer pens a lot. and this set has 3 tip sizes… so I will definitely be playing with these.
  • Another surprise in my packet was this Twin Black tips set – if you ever saw the Memory system kit I have… these are the same tips selection..but all black. Scroll, brush, fine, writer,calligraphy and chisel.  Each pen has two tips..either two of the same in 2 sizes, or 2 different tips. Definitley a welcome surprise for someone like me who likess to draw and write on the Cricut.  these have  definitley been  the better pens as far as durability goes for that purpose as the tips don’t seem to be affected at all, unlike other pens I have used on it.
  • Then we have one of my favorites…if you ever saw my post on embossing pens you have seen one of these. When I got mine I could only get my hands on a dual tip fine & chisel pen… so this time I ordered the writer as it has two sizes of writing tips.  What I love about these and a lot of the Zig pens is that they work perfectly with my Amy Chomas Pen & Marker Adapters and are awesome for embossing on my Cricut.  ImageAbility decided I needed to brush up on my hand writing skills I think because Steve kindly upgraded me to include the full set of Zig Embossing Pens.  The full set includes the writing tips, the calligraphy tips as well as the fine and chisel and the scroll and brush tips.  I guess I best get practicing LOL
  • Black Fabricolor twin tip Pen


Now I couldn’t place an order without  grabbing some Photo Tape Refills.. I LOVE this tape runner.  My Xyron Megarunner is fabulous for most paper craft projects, but I find this Zig Photo Tape to just have a little extra something, something for things like the foam sheets… and regulars know I love to pop my foam sheets on a lot of projects.

….also included in this image is a couple of different sizes of the 2 way glue.  I have the big applicator tip, but wanted to try out some of the smaller tips  too.

And something that has me very excited…. double sided tape.  Steve kindly threw in a reel of the commercial grade tape they use in another branch of the business after listening to me moan about wanting a really heavy duty tape for my foam  and needing something that came in wide reels.  It’s always handy to know a man who knows a man …. so I will be testing this out too.  I threw a quick 1 inch strip on a piece of card and foam and so far, as I can tell… I could probably stick myself off the ceiling with this stuff lol.  I need wide tape in big quantities at an affordable price… so 3 sheet packs just don’t cut it for me.  I have one other  reel I just ordered and should be here by Monday… I picked it up at a discount online and  it’s 6 inches wide.

It will be interesting to see how they compare since one is marketed for commercial use and one is marketed for craft use.  My biggest pet peeve is I really want it to  have release paper on both sides… but I guess I can always add my own secondary release paper to these rolls.  Stay tuned for updates on these tape reels later in the month if you have been looking for similar products.zig_adhesive
Then  I found the extra goodies I wasn’t expecting.. I found a canvas tote bag, which is perfect for the Fabricolor pen I ordered. And something   that had been mentioned in a recent email and was definitely of interest to me…. a ChalkFlex sheet and white wet erasable chalk marker.  Now this is a bit different to the original chalkboard vinyl I reviewed last year and have used in various projects since… this one isn’t black.  It’s a really deep slate gray and has a subtle texture to it.  Really looking forward to trying that one out.



almost forgot to include this one…. this is one of the wet erasable Chalk Pens, to go with the chalk board sheet.


….and there we have it… that is today’s happy mail from and  ..time to get busy and have some playtime me thinks.  Stay tuned for more posts and projects and a closer look at some of these new pens in action.

Some products in this post were provided free of charge for review & project purposes.

It’s no BIG secret, if you are a regular….

on my blog.. that I am a Chameleon Pens and Zig Kurecolor gal….  I love these pens equally for different reasons and come hell or high water... not too high…. I can’t swim… but high enough lol.  I SHALL own the complete range of both of these amazing pen sets, slowly but surely my collection is growing and I got another boost to my collection in today’s mail.


Today I got my prize from the World Card Making Day Card Contest over on the Chameleon site. I missed out on the expansion set, but the judge was so kind to all of us and picked some runner’s up….and I was one of the lucky ones to get a runner up pack with this project featuring a Power Poppy image.  There were a lot of fabulous entries and I would have envied the judge on that one… that must have been a tough call.  If you missed all the fun, you can still see all of the entries over here at the Chameleon Pinterest board. 

anywho…. PRIZES !!!!  I am not going to do a big ol’ review right now, but I wanted to show off my prize. Not because I am boasting that my card got picked…. but because I was shocked and very pleasantly so, to see just how good the coloring book REALLY is. Now coloring books are not really my thing.. but I have to say, of all the coloring books I have physically laid eyes on THIS ONE.. totally in a class of it’s own.  This book is like  HELLOOO. spiral bound hard cover, color samples, divider pages to prevent bleed through… gorgeous quality.
If you like coloring books; I highly recommend you check  this out, I luckily caught the video of Julia BenBen showcasing these on her recent spot on the shopping channel.  I watched this video, saw the coloring book before I even knew I had won one….and I STILL wasn’t expecting this quality. All I can say is….if I was gonna buy a coloring book…. this would be it.  My 4 year old saw me open the box and immediately asked to color..and I’m like Nooooo these are mommy’s special pens…  he is so used to me letting him share my print outs to color together he must have been thinking  “WTH mom!!!”

It’s so cool I don’t even know if i can bring myself to color it… let alone let my 4 year old loose on it LOL

and of course.. the pens… can’t forget the pens. I chose the gray tones  because my style of coloring  utilizes gray tones for shading and color depth…and I have a whole bunch of dark grays,but I am lacking in the light grays.   So now I have 2 of the 6 new color palettes, I will  by hook, or by crook …. get the remaining 20 colors LOL.  I love my skintone set and now this gray set will be a fab addition to my color palette.

Be sure to swing by the Chameleon Pens Facebook Page and the Blog for even more fab project ideas.

and of course…stay tuned for a more in depth look through this fab book…  I’m in the middle of packing to move so crafty things have taken a back seat to packing up my sons version of his own Toys R US store… aka his  room lol.  Hopefully we’ll be moved and settled in and back on track by Mid-Late November.  For now enjoy the peace and tranquility of me not blowing up your mailbox/Notifications every day LOL.. well except for tonight… I have a bunch I need to get out tonight… then it’s back to packing.

Well maybe I can flip a few new pen lids off just to have a quick peek test lol…. they have been sat her for over  8 hours now and I have resisted the temptation.. but it ain’t easy LOL

Crafters Corner Mega Giveaway

crafterscornerCrafters Corner have a big giveaway running on their Facebook Page, check out all the fab goodies  up for grabs for one lucky winner…  Of course if you don’t like free craft supplies and Happy Mail… by all means skip this post *grin


Abandoned Art “Team N” Drop1 – DFW, TX

WOOHOOO… we snuck out and made our first drop near the mailboxes at an apartment complex in the DFW area of TX. It was too dark to take pictures without alerting everyone to the fact we were there .. I don’t need to be explaining this one to local PD at 9 PM haha
But this is what we dropped. Lil man had a blast on our “secret mission”
It is a  Plaster of  Paris round, stamped with rubber stamps and Stazon ink.  Colored with Adironack inks and Ranger Distress pen and clear coat lacquered with Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer.  The back was  covered with a felt disk using rubber cement glue.  More details on this project can be found here for anyone who wants to give this a try, great project for adults and kids to make stamping & coloring on Plaster of Paris

 I am a member of:

“Abandoned Art” Facebook Group

abandoned_art_updated_logo“Art Abandonment” Facebook Group



Happy Mail Time – New Gina Marie Design Dies

I just got some happy mail…  I ordered a  few new dies, something I am sorely lacking in.  I love the Gina Marie Designs dies, lots of variety and fab prices.  Shipping is very reasonable too

I picked up these 3 new nature dies, perfect for  the over-sized Christmas cards I have on my to do list  🙂  Can’t wait to try these out properly.


I just did a quick test cut with these. I double up the card to get some clean cuts and some embossed effects and  layers.. these pine cone dies are very cool.  I inked up the left hand one to show what  it’s like with the two layers together. Center ones are more embossed, not cut through and the one on the right is like a negative of the left hand cone.  It had the top frame removed and only the off cuts remained for a textured cone. .. pretty dang cool.


Here are the links for anyone interested … and I’ll have projects coming up this month using these too.







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Kit & Clowder Facebook Freebies – there are always  lots of giveaways and free images at Kit & Clowder for group and class members.  Be sure to check out the Free class “Mindful Me ” too… fabulous class.













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Scrapper's Delights _New challenge image every two weeks

Scrapper’s Delights _New challenge image every two weeks













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Unity Stamps Happy mail arrived !!!!

Well I managed not to scare the neighbors by running out to the mailbox looking like a disaster… but when I saw the “delivered in/at mailbox” alert ..I wasn’t doing more than throwing on some clothes and mascara and I was off!.

I did manage to wait till I got back in the apartment before diving in though… very unlike me with happy mail lol.
.. So I know you are all dying to see which stamps I won….  so I won’t drag this out too long.  I have to say,  these are not stamps I would usually buy…BUT .. that is the reason these are absolutely PERFECT !   I have limited sentiment stamps and when I need one… yup…. never have one that suits.  These are perfectly timed too, because tomorrow is hubby’s birthday and me and the little guy haven’t made his card yet.   Isn’t it funny when someone you have never met, knows what you need more than you do lol… great choice Unity, thank you 🙂

so .. here they are, our first Unity Stamps to add to our collection .. this is the “Love is Grand” sentiment set from Unity Stamps.

unity2 unity1
When I first opened the packet I thought ..oh …ok, they are sheets I need to cut up, but Nope…..  all the work is already done for you.  These sheets are pre-scored for easy separation.  Nice touch.. like that a lot 🙂
unity4I’m off to dig out some ink pads and  stamp these in my book… I keep a huge sketch pad where I stamp all of my rubber stamps.  It’s a quick way to flip through pages and see what I have, when I am looking for something for a particular project.   Specially useful for the unmounted ones for a quick reference.

Stay tuned…. we’ll be working on some cards for hubby later and I’ll share them later today or tomorrow  🙂

I won some Unity Stamps ….. Happy Mail heading this way !!

I am super excited, I woke up this morning to find out I was picked as a winner over on the Unity Stamps Facebook page. I don’t have any Unity Stamps YET…. unless there were some in the  random mixed packs I picked up on Ebay for the lil man last year.
I can’t wait to find out what they send over…. I’ve had so much fun checking out the Unity Stamp site too.  Well until I discovered THIS…. Oh boy !! I’m in troubles!
… they have 4 different monthly subscriptions and I want  them all.  I am so adding that on to my want  list  when I can afford to add more into my crafting budget.  Not only do you get  the exclusive monthly stamps… you get a discount… and it’s a bloody good one… on previous kits.

I really like the look of the SMAK kits (Scrapbooking, Mixed-Media, Altered art, Kit), I like to make my own stamped papers, for backgrounds… and those kits would work perfectly for that.APRIL-2016-SMAK-BE-DIFFERENTwm-465x656

But then of course… there is the regular kit of the month ..and you need something to go on top of that hand-made stamped background….

…AND then they have a stamp of the week and a layers subscription…..*sigh.. oh the temptation lol.

I hope USPS take pity on me and don’t send this on the scenic route…. stay tuned to find out what I got…AND what I did with it 🙂

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