I would say this is the last craft haul for the year….

BUT.. Grandma just sent me a Joann Gift card lol.

I had a quick run through Michaels on Wednesday night and Hobby Lobby yesterday… I guess today it’s Joann day haha

anywho.. here’s a quick look at what I picked up, got some great deals.mini-spree

I finally got my 12×12 frame for my Brianna Blaster project…. I inked it up in black and brown last night  for an old distressed look using a Craftsmart Black Dye Ink pad and Ranger Tim Holtz Distress ink pads in Burlap and Walnut. Michaels don’t appear to be carrying  the larger ink pads anymore. Little man picked out a small wood frame for one of his projects.

I also picked up 4 packs of 6×6 canvas panels board for the lil guy to use with the Gelli Plate we just got.  In the Christmas  Sale  section we found a 3 pack of fondant rollers which will be fun to play with. they have 3 Christmas designs on them.


I grabbed a few reels of ribbon,  some Celebrate It Tempo sheer black…  and a skinny lace in green that I use for lacing up cards like this.

And then I also grabbed 3 sets of clear stamps.. all on clearance andstampendous_skaters 2 of  them have matching dies.  I have been wanting this Stampendous Poinsettia one and when I saw it down to less than $5..I had to grab it.  Then we grabbed this one for the little guy, it is another Stampendous  called Skaters also under $5

and lastly this little set by Inkadinkado Warm Wishes.



I also snatched up a couple of wood mounted stamps, the Patient Puppy was also on sale for under $5 and the fFern….I got 50% off with my coupon.

Of course I had to stock up on Recollections card too since it is on the buy 5 for $10 deal again.

And to make matters even better the young lady also  tacked on a 30% off everything code for me too.  So that little haul from Michaels cost me just $66 instead of over $130 at regular price.

Then we have  Hobby Lobby… I got the two oversized sentiment dies by Momenta Believe & Dream on clearance for $5.99 each and  hubby and I each grabbed a set of the Chameleon pens  with the 40 % off coupons.  SCORE !  I have now completed my Chameleon set…   minus the fabulous case..which I would have loved.

..   but such is life.  $74  haul for only $46 .. can't complain at that.

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Loralei Black Friday Sale

If you love embroidery ..and you love the fun and fabulous Loralie ladies… you won’t want to miss out on this deal.  Her Fabric panels are adorable and are great for card toppers  and mixed media  projects too.



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Printed Craft Canvas Panel

Here is a quick look at something I was experimenting with.  This is a scanned copy of something I colored,  then printed on craft canvas and then it was die cut using the Gina Marie Designs Lacey Lattice set ( link addded..sorry Dee lol ) I got recently.  I testing out some new double sided adhesive  I bought.

I like the look of canvas prints and this works just as well as buying the Inkjet canvas paper .. but doesn’t have the same coating on it  which some canvas papers have  that I personally find too glossy.


Quickie Happy Birthday Card & Giveaway Reminder

Here’s a quick Birthday card I whipped up, with a matching envelope.  Very quick and simple birthday card, suitable for any age.

  • Card Base – Recollections Powder Blue 5×5 Square card and envelope set from Michaels.
  • Balloons & Stars stickers  – Stickos themed stickers – Walmart clearance 50 cents a pack
  • Center Panel – 110lb Card Stock Gina Marie X stitched Die with Fiskars Corner punch.
  • Panel padding – Popped on white Darice Adhesive foam pad from Walmart
  • Center Panel Text –  Double run through the Cricut Explore using a Zig Memory system Writer Pen and a white Sakura Glaze for a raised ghosting effect from my scraps bucket.
  • Balloon strings   Black sewing thread
  • Die Cut BowGina Marie bow die set (click here if you’d like to try and win one)
  • Glues – Xyron Mega runner & Tombow Aqua Mono Liquid Glue
I may be compensated for purchases through affiliate links on this post.



Popping your images with foam



If you haven’t tried it yet… it’s pretty dang cool.

Most people I know use foam dots to pop their decoupage pieces.  I like using the adhesive backed foam sheets  picked up in the kids craft section at my local Walmart.




It can be die cut, cut on paper trimmers (some trimmers cut this better than others.. my cheapie Recollections trimmer cuts it way better than my Fellowes )  some punches work great…others…. it is just too thick for. I find the cheap circular mini punch  from the $1.50 section at Michaels works great for small circles.




It comes in a wide range of colors so you can use it to  blend in, or contrast as required.

What I really like about this foam is using it as a large sheet to cover the back of raised panels.  It gives the whole piece a spongy yet firm feeling which is really cool and makes the panels less likely to sustain damage.



I usually cut mine a touch smaller than the panel, unless I want the contrast color to show. If you don’t have any in your miscellaneous craft stash….I highly recommend you grab a pack and give it a shot sometime.  It’s hard to explain how these raised panels feel, it’s just something you have to try for yourself.

It can be cut on the Cricut Explore…BUT the foam is so thick and so soft the rollers leave lines in it, so it’s not something I would cut if it was showing…. however you could do a mirrored image and cut it  in reverse.  This also comes in a non adhesive pack if you prefer.

PS it also works great  with fabric and iron on bondaweb type materials to attach fabric onto it.  Just don’t over Iron it.  I used  these to bond and then cut out  images from a Loralei Designs fabric panel I bought.  Looks fab on card fronts when you want something a bit different.

You can see details on that on a previous post

Fabric Crafting for the sewing Impaired – October 2015 Archived post.

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Fabric Crafting for the sewing impaired

I can’t sew for toffee, at least not with a machine…. but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with some of the gorgeous fabrics available.. right? Here are a few ideas for fun things you can try with fabric block panels, velvet and recycled fabrics.

Fabric Block Panels –  cards, memory box frames ….and more.




Fabric Panel
Fabric Heat Bond
Foam Sheet
Pens for embellishments * optional
Acrylic Sealer * optional
Scissors/cutting tools



The first panel I did as a tester, which you got a sneak peek at in a previous post is this cute panel from Loralei Designs ( << AFF. LINK ) .  This idea will work with any fabric you can iron heat bond on with, so you recyclers…. have a dig around in your closet for old fabrics before you throw out clothing.  Specially you ladies with kids; before you throw out that piece of clothing, or fabric that got stained beyond redemption.  It’s perfect to use on that favorite photo of your kid covered in peas,or spaghetti sauce. the stains will actually enhance the project   LOL

Later on in this post you will see a few ideas you can try to spice up plain fabrics too 🙂




Ok, this is a super simple project… these panels can be used on cards, in picture boxes on the front of photo albums… all sorts of cool places you can use these.


Cut your fabric panel out.. this image is part of a panel from Loralei Designs  ( << Aff.Link ) originally had the border frame on it and was trimmed away at the end.  It just made it easier to trim the shape.  So lets get to the technicals…. this is  a very technical process…so play close attention.




  • Cut the panel to size
  • Cut a piece of Heat bond to size
  • Iron fabric to heat bond
  • Remove Heat Bond Backing Paper
  • Iron Fabric  on to a sheet of foam
  • Seal, trim and embellish as desired.
  • Mount on project

I like to spray mine with an acrylic sealer so that I can decorate it with Wink of Stella Glitter pens and glitter gel pens, without the worry of bleeding.  Plus it protects the fabric somewhat and also gives it a slightly stiffer texture and sheen.


This one is mounted to a 65 lb card stock in a complimentary shade of purple. The Wink of Stella Clear glitter pen was  just enough bling without being OTT.  The edges were done in Wink of Stella Black glitter, but if you want the contrast between foam and the card base.. you can leave it showing.  These multi packs of foam come in so many shades, you may not want to hide it.

Very simple idea…. you can add a sentiment, or embellishment if you want to.  I would have added a ribbon or flower to the hat, over the image for a 3D feel if I had one that matched… but I didn’t have one.  Don’t be  afraid to experiment with texture and layers and 3D .. it can be a lot of fun.

Ok, here is the what NOT to do…. the first panel came out so nice, I cut out a second one.  It didn’t even occur to me that the acrylic spray was going to soak through into the card behind and lift the panel….DO NOT mount directly onto card stock if you plan to use the Acrylic sealer. Of course at the time I was more concerned with…. ‘iron it on to the card after spraying it’….lol

Well following the method used on the other panel, except for the foam backing….resulted in a  lifted fabric panel,so I removed it from the cardboard backing and attached it to a foam sheet  with glue instead.  I really like the spongy feel the foam sheets gives to these projects, so I don’t even know why I decided to try direct on card anyway lol.


…so here she is salvaged and foam mounted.

This one I kept the fabric frame on, unlike the one above which was trimmed to the inner frame and cut around the pieces that overlapped the edge.

Now there is a story behind this one and it will also explain why I chose to put this one in a box frame, instead of on a card.

The minute I saw this image on my fabric panel, It hit me how much she reminded me of my friends mom, who sadly passed away suddenly a few years ago.  I think it was the attitude and the short spikey hair do.  Mrs B had some feisty LOL.  Well when I saw it,  I decide to go ahead and frame this one and I am going to give it to her daughter.  It’s a very simple project…. it’s just a  background paper with  text about  memories and such….which seemed appropriate.  I just added a  few small simple red flowers and it’s mounted in an 8×8 box frame.  The word imagine was a die cut that was glitzed with a WOS clear glitter pen.

Super simple  project …. the possibilities to personalize are endless.  I have seen projects that used  fabric from a relatives outfit,  to frame or create a background for a photo of them wearing said outfit.   This would work great for a photo of a deceased loved one… or even just a memories frame of your kid in a favorite outfit.

The fabric panel doesn’t have to be the main focal point of the project.. but it can be.  There are soooo many fabric block panels out there, covering so many themes, in so many sizes… you can probably find one for any occasion, lifestyle etc.  Be sure to check the panel sizes….not the overall panel, but the block sizes  for each individual block if you have a particular project in mind.

I have a huge bucket of recycle material waiting for the right project… so expect to see more of this idea in the coming months.

Now while we are on the subject of fabric and recycling etc.. it may surprise some of you to know.. you can heat emboss on fabric too.  I tried it out on a piece of denim when I first started heat embossing….it’s kinda cool.  Obviously you have to bear in mind the fabric you are going to be doing this on, so don’t try it on flammable materials that will melt under the heat.  You can heat emboss on all sorts of materials.. I have tried it on wood too.. that was pretty cool.

Now I haven’t tried this ….YET…. but I am under the impression that the Cricut Explore will cut material quite nicely, specially if it is pre-bonded.  Think of the possibilities if you used the writing feature, even if you didn’t cut it out on the Cricut…..  you can create your own fabric design ….and then color it.  That is definitely something to try for a future project methinks. I have Amy Chomas adapters on my Explore, so my range of pen options is huge …and my home-made, super fine embossing pen would be great to test this out with.  Maybe you will see that in an upcoming project Post… we shall see.

Anywho… next…. Velvet embossing

I don’t have any velvet handy to recycle.. that’s on my list for the next Joann shopping spree.  I’ll hit the bargain bins for end of roll or scraps…. because I have been dying to try Velvet embossing.  All I have here right now is a sample pack of adhesive backed velvet sheets I just got in the mail last week from Elizabeth Craft Designs ( << Aff.Link) .. yeah you bet I tried it lol.  I have to say it has mixed results depending on the stamp you use for the design….some work better than others.  But I think the biggest problem for me,was the  ironing.  It seemed to move the  velvet around a bit in places and  that created a few bald spots which you can see in the photos. If you have an iron press, as opposed to a hand iron…. this probably wouldn’t be an issue.  Practice however would take card of that issue, I’m sure  🙂

It may have been the heat was too much in places…. or movement…. not too sure at this point. I liked the overall idea and effect, it just needs more practice.  One thing I had to try, because I found some of the stamps were just too busy to be embossed as is….and didn’t have enough impact…. I inked it first LOL.
Yup I know…. it’s a crazy idea since you would expect it to get all over the fabric/velvet… but it was surprisingly clean.  With patience and practice, I bet you could get a pristine stamp with no residual.  And there you have it, I was left with a velvet embossed image with a contrast outline.  Again a few bald spots.. but the idea is definitely worth further exploration.  I think if it was done on regular velvet fabric that the  problem would be resolved.

It’s hard to photograph this  to show how cool it really is.. but I hope you can at least get an idea from the pictures.



















Stay tuned for lots more fun fabric projects in the future … If you have any cool fabric projects you want to share…. leave a comment below, or hop on over to the message board and share your projects.   We love to see other people’s project pics. 🙂


If you are looking for Fabric Panels…. try Ebay or Amazon …. and your local fabric stores like Joann and Hancock Fabrics all carry great fabrics

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Why buy Fabric…if you can’t sew ??

Well let me tellya you…. I can’t sew for toffee…BUT

I was having one of my “moments” again…. I have those where I get a crazy thought and run with it.

Like my super fine embossing pens I created, which …. by the way are awesome and I should pull that out and use it on some of the projects and I may at some point share that project with you all.  All you ladies with Cricut Explores and a pen adapter, you are going to love that one.  I tried to get Ranger pens to  run with the idea, but so far looks like they haven’t…. their loss. It’s an awesome idea and the pens are so fine, you have never seen embossing this good and certainly not anything you could write and emboss on the explore.

Or my attempt to make inkjet embossing ink… I haven’t given up on that one yet, it’s just on a back burner LOL

Anywho, I digress… fabric… yup..so many cool things you can do with fabric, even if you can’t sew.
Here’s a sneak peek at an upcoming project featuring Loralei Designs fabric that arrived in the mail today. Great designs, great prices and fast delivery…
ALERTPurchases made through the links in the post will generate affiliate commission.  This is not a pay per click.
I saw this while I was checking out the affiliate programs  I’m signed up with… and I had to have some.   You didn’t think they were there just for you guys did ya lol.  I never add affiliates I have no interest in personally too.  If I don’t wanna shop with them.. why would you?

This is just my initial test piece to see if the idea would even work… and now that I know it does… expect a full step by step tutorial sometime over the weekend or early next week 🙂




NOTE: This is something that caught my eye.. if any of you ladies or gents  are interested she has a really cool panel that features ladies with cancer… it’s a beautiful homage to women who have lost their hair and are still beautiful.  It’s called “On the mend” and it’s another one going on my wish list…  I have to have this, it’s just awesome to see something  that takes the ugly out of cancer  in a fun colorful way.  🙂

Hint,  If you think you might want to try this upcoming project … dig around in your craft supplies and see if you already have the following:  fabric heat bond and some foam sheets… the kind you buy at Walmart for kids crafts… not the adhesive one tho.  I have a big stash of both, as I use that a LOT  for 3D topper cards and to back card images for a super cool spongy raised feel… more about that another time tho.

Optional is Something like Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer… I have Matt and Luster… and I like the  fact it seals and protects the fabric for projects like this as well as stiffens it up  and makes  embellishing the fabric afterwards much easier.

One of the Benefits of Chalk n Cheese

In English… a husband with ZERO interest in crafting haha

..is that he NEVER, ever looks at my blog  and I don’t HAVE to confess to my shopping splurges… I do anyway, we have that kind of relationship ….and I am disgustingly honest *rolleyes.

This week I’ve been having a bit of a splurge… mostly online.  I added a few new affiliates, which I only add if I am interested in trying, or have already tried.   These links are affiliate or sponsor  links… for those of you who like to know before clicking.  The Affiliate links pay commission on sales generated, NOT per click..so you can safely click if you are interested in the products…without feeling you are being led into clicking to generate money….  and the sponsor links are just recognition of our sponsors who provide prizes for some of our Monthly card challenges.  

I grabbed some new folder and a die  that was on sale from one of the new affiliates, Elizabeth Craft Designs …. and some really cool looking paper.  I thought I would try the sampler packs first.

I got some iridescent shimmer sheetz and some velvet paper, can’t wait to try these out in some projects.

The die I picked up is really cool..it’s Merry Christmas in Spanish… I got that one  for my step-daughter and her husband’s card.  Her husband is Spanish  and I know he will appreciate the gesture 🙂



I also hopped over to this new affiliate, Loralie Designs and even though I don’t sew…. not even remotely LOL… I actually bought some of her fabric.  I want it for an experimental project and this is perfect for what I need.  There are some really cool fabric designs.. I know if this works out for the project I have in mind, I’ll be back for some more.  It was very hard picking  a design to test this out with…   but I was trying to be good LOL.

I won’t show you what I bought… just yet….. that will be revealed in a later project post if it works.  If it doesn’t I’ll send the rest of the fabric to grandma.. who makes the most awesome quilts  🙂

..oh we’re not done yet

I am also hooking myself up with some Chameleon pens .. now all the girls on the message board know, I am much more into digital coloring and do not own anything fancier than a crayola washable marker that I borrow off my kid for wet brush projects lol.   But when I saw these….I was impressed and intrigued enough to want to give these a shot.  Yup…. that will be in another tutorial/ project/product review post later.

..which leads me nicely into my other purchases.. digi stamps.. yeah MsWipz been a bad, bad girl again lol.

Anyone who is on the message board will tell you I am a KennyK stalker.. lol  I love my KennyK stamps and I am probably on their site more than they are looking for new ones to get.

And we have another sponsor, Bugaboo stamps that I have bought  a few here and there from….  well I did have a few … till this morning haha… I picked up 18 new stamps from Bugaboo.

So I have a tonne of digital and Chameleon coloring to get done too .. expect to see those in upcoming card making challenges, projects and tutorials 🙂

I have a couple more new products to play with and share… but those will save for another post :)..and we didn’t even get to my Michaels and Joann haul from Mondays shopping spree. I picked up some cool new stuff to use with the lil  guy..unlike his daddy.. the lil man  loves crafting….and will tell you so LOL

Ok.. now I am off to play with my son.. who scored a bigger haul on Monday that I did.   He got his first halloween outfit that he chose himself, with the help of Batman’s sidekick Robin..who apparently moonlights at Party City. We will be  Bumblebee the transformer..and yes I did have to walk around the rest of the strip mall with him like this..including Joann’s .. it was  fun !   The joys of being 3 and a half and not caring about what people think LOL Everyone was  awwing over him specially when they realized that “little girl” in a transformer costume… is a little boy with long hair in a ponytail.

…his first real board game ..which he clearly announced… “I CHEAT”.. lol..and he did.  Gotta love the honesty of toddlers haha.

He also got his first proper percussion set..which I am sure the neighbors will learn to love .. and a new funko pop vinyl bobble head figure.. we got Deadpool this time.  And mommy managed to squirrel away a couple of sets of the new super hero smasher twin packs… if he forgets about them, I will add them to his Christmas stash.

Once he is in bed Mommy will get cracking on some crafting challenge  pieces and get caught up with all the fun stuff like laundry and dishes.