CraftsUPrint Treasure Chest Bonus packs project, Vault and Friday Freebie

Some of you may have seen me post previously about the Treasure Chest items I got free with one of my  cut file orders. CraftsUPrint are actually mailing these FREE when you order over £15 ( currently on offer at £10 ) worth of files or card kits.  I have to be honest I wasn’t expecting them to be that great quality,’s free right  lol.  But when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the  sheets..AND the size.  I wasn’t expecting full A4 sheets either.. 15 of them.. and you get to choose the designs you want.

If you missed  my previous post, you can find details below

My Treasure Chest Freebies arrived…. impressed !

Well last night I finally had a moment to sit and play with them… and I made my son some fridge magnets for his word wall.. which incidentally is one side of my upright freezer lol. It’s situated near the dining room table so always in view of him when he is eating or playing.. mommy’s subtle way of keeping him learning no matter what he is doing.

He spends a lot of time playing with Playdoh or coloring etc at the table.. and of course it’s a great way for him to “earn ” snacks during the day.  If you missed previous posts about the Cohas Magnetic sheets (formerly known as ZiggyBoard) I use to make his  wall.. I added some of them to some cheap wood cut circles and some of them I just added the Magnetic strip straight to the back of them.
Now the link is to the commercial product, what I am actually using is what are referred to as “tails” and “seconds” so anyone who is interested in buying some of these for projects, let me know. These are perfect for making magnets, and letter walls and using as small magnetic chalkboards. I have allsorts of projects on the blog using this stuff and I love it (search magnet, or Ziggy on the blog). It cuts like a dream on my Cricut Explore, by hand, my paper cutter, My Sizzix Big Shot… so very versatile and lots of fun to be had. I also used it to hang my metal dies for easy grabbing.. LOVE this stuff.

Well CraftsUPrint also just added a new video about the treasure chest, so I figured I would add that in for anyone interested.  If you have kids who like to craft, or you want some fun card or project toppers.. check them out.  I grab a set every time I buy new cutfiles.. in fact, I’m off to get more when I finish up this post as I see some fun new cut files I need to grab.  These are great for  projects with my 4 year old too as the Treasure Chest also includes sticker sheets.

They have added in lots of new items too, check out the contents of the current Treasure Chest right now not only can you get access to the treasure chest with a £10 order, you also get access to the vault for 24 hours.. and that is filled with freebies too. Lots of great card kits.. and they are all yours.. you have 24 hours to grab them for free.

Right now.. these are part of the vault collection.. which includes card kits, toppers and digital papers

Treasure Chest Instructions

and then of course, we can’t forget the Friday Freebie

3D Wedding and Romance Double Tri Shutter Card
Kit by Carol Clarke

and lastly.. but definitely not least.. you of course get your free game AND a chance to win the Crafty Bob Pot. I have been lucky enough to win this twice now.. the last time was over $80 worth .. I had a blast choosing cut files with that win !.

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My Treasure Chest Freebies arrived…. impressed !

Last month I picked up some extra freebies when I got my latest batch of CraftsUPrint cut files. They have an offer that allows you to choose 15….yes FIFTEEN freebies from the Treasure Chest when you spend £15 or more. Well actually.. guess what?  I just saw they made it even better, it’s now available if you spend £10 or more.  I am  not sure how long that extra offer is available…. so check it  out.

Now to be fair; not only were they offering these freebies, but since it was a phsyical product.. they also offered FREE SHIPPING. Shipping is a huge roadblock for a lot of International buyers… so WOOT for Free Shipping.

Well they arrived this past week, but I confess… I hadn’t checked my mail for a few day..* cough a week lol.

I had two packs in the mail, from two separate orders….so 30 sheets in total. Now I will be honest, I wasn’t really expecting it to be anything great….  It’s a freebie …. right!   Well I was pleasantly surprised; not only were the sheets all full A4 sheets, the quality is not half bad.  I just grabbed them thinking my 4 year old might have fun with them… but I might have to snag a few of these for myself lol.

You get to choose the 15 sheets you want to, it’s not just a random pick they send you. There was a mix of  no cut Decoupage sheets and sticker sheets, so I grabbed a bit of both.
The designs are pretty cute, so if you make “cute” cards… you will like these.  

Cute critters; bears, badgers and hedgehogs and some of them come with various gold foiled sentiments too.  I picked up a few humorous  sheets too and kids decoupage elephants, dragons and knights..  then I grabbed some sticker sheets.  A really nice mix of designs to add to the stash for me and the lil guy.

For a bonus Freebie… I am suitably impressed and would definitely grab more if the  offer is still on when I grab more cut files.  You can check out the current Treasure Chest offerings here Treasure Chest

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Attack the Scrap Bucket ! fun project for kids and grown ups

We’ve all seen those fun Magnetic word sets that you use on your fridge, or freezer .. here’s a way to make your own. Great project for crafty homeschoolers, teachers, business signs or people who need something a little bit different from the usual word sets.
I was lucky enough to have some tails from Cohas (formerly ZiggBoard) Magnetic Sheets that I could cut into strips to make these letters and words.  You may have seen previous post where I started making letters and numbers for the lil man .. now we are progressing onto words and  so I got out my MFT Bottlecap letters die and off we went again.  I won’t lie… it’s a time consuming project… we all know it takes a lot  LOT of letters  to make up enough single letters to form a decent amount of words.ziggy_alpha3 I probably cut and assembled at least 10 sets of individual letters.. probably more  and I already cut out at least 8 sets to start forming word magnets. There are going to be a lot of letters you use A LOT and some you don’t use so much.. just store those for later.  As your kids vocabulary grows, you will be able to use those up to expand your set.  Anyone who is homeschooling already knows that it’s time consuming, but VERY rewarding and totally worth the time and money spent.

These dies are totally worth grabbing because you can use them for so many projects, both fun and educational for years to come.

Name tags, labels, cards, magnets,stickers …so many fun things.

Ok so what did I use?… pretty simple project.. as I said.. just time consuming

  • Cohas Magnetic sheet cut into strips
  • 110lb Card from my scrap box…I have a tonne of this from my Cricut Print & cut projects.  Now they are expanding the Print & Cut dimensions to fit almost a full 8.5×11 this will reduce my scraps… but even so..right now I have enough to make alphabet sets for half the neighborhood lol.
  • Mod Podge I use this to cover the strip first and attach the letters then add a coat on top to seal them in.
  • My Favorite Things Bottlecap Alphabet Dies
  • paint brush to apply the Mod Podge
  • TIME.. and Patience.. even if you just do a few strips at a time… it adds up to a decent set  fairly quickly

Of course if you are a good crafter who doesn’t have a pile of scraps lying around waiting for that “maybe one day project”.. you can always print your letters on printable Vinyl or adhesive label sheets and just cut it into strips. Less time consuming but I am determined to attack my scrap bucket  before this year is done!!! lol  Plus it is kind of fun letting him add a couple of strips at a time to the freezer, so he isn’t overwhelmed with a tonne of new words.

On a totally off topic random  thought.. just because we are on a sort of educational thing anyway.  We were in Toys R Us today and a lady was there, obviously overwhelmed by all the toys… she asked him how old he was. And I could tell she was hoping he was around the same age as someone she was shopping for.  Turns out she has a young relative flying in for Christmas and was struggling to find a  suitable gift.  She had a set of Power Ranger figures in her hand and asked him if he thought they were cool.  All she knew was the kid liked Super hero’s.  

Well hot damned if my little guy didn’t jump in like the Bloody Toy Ambassador for Toys R US.. and dragged that poor lady all over the store showing her everything he wanted for Christmas lol… with a toy review and running commentary all the way. We started with Five Nights At Freddy, hit the Educational aisle where he proceeded to tell her how great the squishy Body  kit was..and reeled off  all the body parts shown on the back of the box, dragged her off to see Grossery Gang and the yuck truck on another aisle… then onto Imaginext vehicles and buildings… followed by transformers and finishing up with Octonauts.

Poor lady haha.. he talked her ear off for a solid half hour I think while dragging her round the store haha.  She was  in awe of his knowledge… specially when he started naming all the body parts…  and yes  he is getting that for Christmas, he just doesn’t know it yet LOL. ‘His Big’ sister in Australia is getting him that. It will be a fun start to his homeschooling science learning.

So proud of my lil man… that is the second time this month he has helped someone out in toys R US who was having probs picking gifts.

and back on track again…

Now I know decent Magnetic sheet is not always easy to come by, but I have used this magnetic sheet for all sorts of fun projects myself … from picture magnets,  to Metal Die storage.   If anyone is interested in what I would call it a crafters grab bag those will be available early next year.  These will most likely be pre-cut ready to go pieces in various shapes and sizes.

Need something other than alphabets, numbers and words?  want to make picture blocks, fun gifts, organization tags….or just have some fun and attach fun crafty items to cards etc … or decorate your locker.  This magnetic sheet is awesome,  everyone should have a bag of this in their stash.

Here are a few  of the other items I have made in the past.. search for magnet on the blog or have a wander through the projects tab at the top of the page for details on those projects.  and expect to see more of these projects next year.. I have some ideas I am dabbling with.

CAAB_magnet_canvas_wmd SD_FF_magnet_wmd kk_magnet_velvet

Unity Stamps Happy mail arrived !!!!

Well I managed not to scare the neighbors by running out to the mailbox looking like a disaster… but when I saw the “delivered in/at mailbox” alert ..I wasn’t doing more than throwing on some clothes and mascara and I was off!.

I did manage to wait till I got back in the apartment before diving in though… very unlike me with happy mail lol.
.. So I know you are all dying to see which stamps I won….  so I won’t drag this out too long.  I have to say,  these are not stamps I would usually buy…BUT .. that is the reason these are absolutely PERFECT !   I have limited sentiment stamps and when I need one… yup…. never have one that suits.  These are perfectly timed too, because tomorrow is hubby’s birthday and me and the little guy haven’t made his card yet.   Isn’t it funny when someone you have never met, knows what you need more than you do lol… great choice Unity, thank you 🙂

so .. here they are, our first Unity Stamps to add to our collection .. this is the “Love is Grand” sentiment set from Unity Stamps.

unity2 unity1
When I first opened the packet I thought ..oh …ok, they are sheets I need to cut up, but Nope…..  all the work is already done for you.  These sheets are pre-scored for easy separation.  Nice touch.. like that a lot 🙂
unity4I’m off to dig out some ink pads and  stamp these in my book… I keep a huge sketch pad where I stamp all of my rubber stamps.  It’s a quick way to flip through pages and see what I have, when I am looking for something for a particular project.   Specially useful for the unmounted ones for a quick reference.

Stay tuned…. we’ll be working on some cards for hubby later and I’ll share them later today or tomorrow  🙂

Chomas Engraver for the Explore ONE in action (Video)

If you don’t have a Cricut Explore yet… you might be tempted to change that real quick…. Owners of the Original Explore and the Explore Air have  been enjoying the added functionality provided by Chomas Creations  Adapters for  a long time now… and unfortunately the Design of the ONE doesn’t  allow for a pen or marker adapter BUT…. does allow for the new engraver adapter…. yes you lucky Explore ONE owners can now get an engraving adapter.  Check out Amy’s new video showing off the new Explore ONE engravers.

If this doesn’t have you convinced,  be sure to check out all the cool videos on youtube from engraver owners…I’ve had my pen, marker and engraver set for some time now….and I wouldn’t be without them.  The engraver is not something I have used much myself YET… I was too busy having fun with my pen and marker adapters.

A quick video with the Chomas Creations engraving tip for the Explore One in action.

These are available for preorder in the Chomas Creations store!!…
They will be shipping by mid February

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NEWS !!! Amy Chomas Engraver for the Explore ONE


Engraved Sample on the Explore ONE –

Chomas Creations Facebook Page

Check it out  for all the latest news on the prototype development and answers to all your questions.

After the disappointment of finding out that the Explore ONE was not feasible for Pen and Marker adapters like the Original Explore and Air…due to it’s design. It’s fabtastic news to hear that the new engraver is available for pre-order.

I love my Chomas pen and marker adapters and also have an engraver.

Don’t laugh, but I had to buy a spare original Cricut adapter because I never use it anymore and couldn’t find mine when I needed to do a pen review.. lol.
Yeah  my Chomas adapters are a permanent fixture 🙂  They open up the range of pens you can use to write and draw with your Cricut’s awesome!

But never fear ONE users, the Cricut range of pens has improved dramatically since I bought my original Explore a year ago… so you have access to much finer pens than I did in the beginning  🙂

Starting pre-orders in the Chomas Creations store!
Orders will be shipping on or before February 15th.

Sewing Machines Plus, NEW PRODUCT ALERT

BRAND NEW! Pre-order Today, GO! Qubes Start Shipping Nov 9th. Hurry, First shipment selling out fast!

When this popped up in my email this morning and I saw the word Dies.. of course I had to go look.  Now I am not a quilter, but my Grandma in law is an avid quilter and  we have some of her quilting and crocheted blankets  which were gifts over the years for us and the little man.

This new product looks pretty cool if you are a quilter, so I’ll be passing this information along to her and thought I would share it here for the ladies who quilt too.

Product info :

GO! QUBE Mix & Match Blocks

  • NEW! GO! Qube Mix & Match Blocks take fabric die cutting to a whole new level
  • Available in 6″, 8″, 9″ and 12″ block sizes
  • Each GO! Qube™ comes complete with 8 GO! dies, a cutting mat, 13 block patterns, an instructional DVD, plus an innovative self-contained storage system
  • Perfect for gift giving!
  • Everyday Value Priced!

    FREE Eleanor Burns’ GO! Sampler Book, with any GO! Qube Purchase

    Mix & Match 8 dies to create countless block designs

    GO! Qube™ – 6″, 8″, 9″ Sizes (Works with all GO! Cutters)

I noticed they have a payment 6 month 0% interest plan on this, for anyone looking to spread the costs out

* This post contains affiliate links.