Confessions of a Chameleon Pen owner

confession time…

As a lot of you already know, I love my Chameleon Pens, but I haven’t really ever taken the time to really get to grips with the whole blending chamber thing… I use other methods to achieve the results I want.  BUT… earlier this week I found myself sat in an apt with no computer, no internet and no tv.. NADA Just a crate, a magnifier light some pre-printed images and my pens… and my desk top easel balanced on my knees.

…and very spotty 4G service on my phone.

Sooo.. guess who went through all of her pens testing them out and playing with blends.. <<< THIS GAL. Well let me just say it had it’s pros and cons…’s actually pretty dang cool… It’s really not rocket science and with a bit of patience and practice… it’s pretty quick and easy to get results.  The blending function  actually promotes a more relaxed style of coloring as you have to be patient and  not rush into it willy nilly scribbling away like a mad thing lol…even a 5 second’s just that subtle pause in the mania of things.  It gives you time to actually look at the images you are coloring  and take time to see where the shadows  and  highlights should be and just take it easy and chill.  I kinda needed that after the last few crazy months.  I think I’d kind of lost the enjoyment in coloring lately  as it was all about “having to get it done”  instead of just doing it for the pure enjoyment.

Cons.. I waited a year to find that out and some of my original set pen chambers were dry…and my clear blender refill was at the other apt. ( some of you know I am in the process of moving )

But I did have two of the newer 5 pen packs too so I did get to play. Considering my lack of desk, or proper seating and the fact it’s my first REAL time actually doing this… I am impressed.

Now I really want to get my hands on the full set… AND a lot of refills for my clear blender. As soon as I got home, I cleaned out the new bottle I had refilling all the dry chambers I could… so now I need to get more to finish up my set.

Just goes to show that sometimes you really should try, try, and try again…. and not just give up when it doesn’t quite work out the first time.

This was my tester piece

I did this one with the new gray tones pack I won … it’s a Power Poppy digital stamp.  I shall be playing with this a lot more now and incorporating it into my usual style. Excited to see how well the techniques compliment each other on a single piece.
I don’t feel so bad about tackling that gorgeous coloring book that came with these pens in my prize now.  WHEN I have time.

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Ziggyboard Exclusive discount code – now through Dec 31, 2015

Here is your Exclusive coupon code for  If you are new to the blog you may not have seen the older posts and projects using the ZiggyBoard products.  Use the search bar on the right  to see some of the products available and in use.

To name but a few….  Chalkboard adhesive vinyl sheets… 12×12 sheets  for all your Die cut projects.  I made  chalk boards and a sign and also did some decorative jar labels. If you don’t have a machine like the Cricut Explore, never fear ziggy also offer pre-cut labels in loads of shapes and sizes.

You can see some of those in the project post by Deescraps, she organized her spices and her craft room with these labels.

You can get a sneaky look at some  magnetic sheet in my Jack Skellington Magnet post…this cuts like a dream on my Cricut Explore…and also comes in a white board finish 🙂

and the slate… I got some in my latest review box, but haven’t used it yet… so excited to get stuck into that one  🙂

Chalk Markers of all  sizes and colors.. wet wipe and permanent.

If one of your New Year resolutions is to get organized… or you need some quick and easy gifts for last minute presents… then hop on over and grab some deals.  Ziggyboard offer FREE SHIPPING…. so  don’t miss the boat if you want this before Christmas.


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NanaDonna – Ziggyboard Project – Refrigerator Magnets


ZiggyBoard Chalk Board vinyl magnets

I had seen something like this on Pinterest and when I received this Ziggyboard kit to try, I knew this would be the perfect project.

I made these refrigerator magnets.

I set up the file in Design Space and had my white Galaxy Marker write the swirls on the Chalkboard vinyl. The marker was a little fat writing so I am not entirely happy with how it looks, but as far  as writing on this vinyl it did great..

I then cut out the shape of the vinyl,which cut like butter with my Cricut Explore Then I cut the same shape from magnet material and using transfer tape I mounted the vinyl cutout onto the magnet.

I hand wrote the Notes, Menu, & Groceries on the vinyl using the white Chalkboard Zig Marker we got in the kit. It writes great and leaves a nice clean bold writing. Once it dries it is permanent and won’t wipe off when you have to wipe off your chalk notes.

I am still trying to design or figure out something to hold a piece of chalk on the frig next to the magnets so you can easily write stuff down on them. Plain old sidewalk chalk works great on this vinyl, then is easily wiped off.

I was very impressed with the vinyl and pen writers we got. The vinyl cut great and was very easy to apply to the magnet sheet. The kit was great and can’t wait to make thing out of the die cuts that were included.

The Ziggyboard vinyl products and Zig Posterman pens used in this project were provided free of charge for review purposes.


My Wink of Stella Clear pens are in the mail .. woo hoo

Those of you who frequent the message board and challenges are probably well aware of my hunt for the elusive clear, non glossy accent solution.  One product that is ALWAYS coming up in conversation is Wink of Stella.. so off I went to Joann’s coupons in hand… NADA !

Not a single Wink of Stella to be found.  So off to Michaels I went… coupons in hand.. and of course they didn’t have the clear one.  Not to be deterred, I grabbed a gold glitter to try out and off I went.  Then I did what any sensible crafter on a mission would do,  I hit GOOGLE !!!

I shopped at ( ImageAbility Inc. is an authorized stocking distributor of Zig Wink of Stella and other products.)….. their color selection is obviously great lol and so were the prices and shipping and a 20% discount on top never hurt anyone right?.  So now I am just waiting for my clear pens to arrive.. I ordered both styles, the marker and the brush.  I have a feeling for me personally the marker ones will be more to my liking for the stuff I do… but we shall see.  I do like the gold one I bought, which is a brush tip.

I am pretty sure these pens won’t do the specific thing I had been looking for… BUT …. and this is a Big Butt  .. I have a feeling after trying the gold one I bought locally.. that these will be perfect for other applications on my projects… I guess we shall see how these  hold up against my ever popular Gelly Roll Stardust pens.  Pretty excited to get my hands on these Wink of Stella pens..or “WOS” as they are referred to by our “WOS  users”.

To add to my excitement… I also found an offer on their site for people who use their products and wanted to share reviews and projects.. Oh yeah baby.  We all know I can talk/type the hind leg off a donkey right.  So all you WOS users…  here’s a great way to show off your work and earn a free pen for your troubles..while helping out a company who bring you the products you love 🙂


We will provide a $15.00 coupon if we publish your story on how you use your Wink of Stella products.

Stories should be a minimum of 250 words, no maximum. They should include a photo or a video showing how you use them, or your artwork or decorated item.

Oh ..and  then…. THEN … after responding to my order confirmation… I’m all for thanking people and giving feedback on websites and products…. If it’s appropriate I usually drop them a thank you line.  So I got a response from Steve… who  is a gem.  He made me laugh which is rare with customer service responses..and very welcome in this house LOL.

Well Steve very kindly informed me that not only did he come and took a look at our site when he saw my purchase email.. but he told me all about another great product line they have  that we might be interested in.. so stay tuned for an upcoming product review on this product line too.