Spotlight Series Day 10, Samantha – My Little Paper World


Who are you?

My name is Samantha – I started My Little Paper World early this year. I wanted to design some dies – I had an idea, so did some research, and went through the manufacturing process. I decided to use my blog name – because I liked the name and thought it would make a cute design logo.

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 Link to Prices on Blog


Where are you? 

South Australia! G’day Mate J


When did you first start drawing/designing seriously?

I’ve always been interested in Art/Craft but more so being creative. I have no design background, and I don’t have the patience or time (anymore) to draw. So I can honestly say that I started late last year when I decided to stick with it and figure out the design program (after many many tantrums!). I did a lot of Art in high school (20+ years ago now) though and loved it, and I’ve been making cards and scrapbooking for as long as I can remember. But this year is the first where I’ve thought about it seriously enough to create a final product.



What was the first product you ever had for sale?


I designed 4 dies for my first release in February this year. Basic designs but original and mine.





What job did you have BEFORE you started drawing/designing for a living?

Well I don’t really design for a living…I still consider it an extension of my creativity/hobby. I am currently on very very very long leave bringing up 2 boys, soon to be 3 and before that I was/am a Registered Nurse.

If you could hang out with ANYONE in the world….  who would it be?….and what is the one question you would want to ask them?

Honestly, it wouldn’t be anyone famous – though meeting someone like Cleopatra, Eva Cassidy or, even Robin Williams would be interesting.  I’d still choose to hang out with my Oma and I’d want to know her German plum cake recipe!






What is your favourite piece in the whole store?


It would have to be the corner dies. This was my first idea – and something I could get a lot of use out of when creating greeting cards/PL cards/scrapbook pages. I already had created the cards in my head before the die was even designed.


Who is your inspiration/muse?

I draw a lot of inspiration from my surroundings, buildings, architecture. I love geometric shapes, and Scandinavian design. I LOVE Pinterest (who doesn’t!!) I don’t necessarily have a muse or someone that personally inspires me, though I have a lot of admiration and respect for those who are in this industry, those who are still trying to make it, and especially those who are the ones designing behind the scene.

How many people work with/for you?

It’s just me! Though, I regularly bounce ideas off my best friend, sister, and husband. I am currently trying to poach my bestie (who DOES draw and SHOULD make a stamp set for me sometime this year! – If you’re reading this you did say yes? Right?)


What’s your guilty pleasure? Ice-cream, Ice-cream, Ice-cream! I’d eat ice-cream in the freezing winter (not that it really is ever that cold here in Adelaide) but that’s how much I love it!


If you suddenly changed careers and went to work at Disney…what character would you want to be?

That’s a lot of characters to choose from. I know I would NOT want to be a princess… way too much prep. work to get ready for the day! Sleepy the dwarf sounds like he would have a pretty sweet job! J





What is your most popular item in the store/shop?


Square Nesting Dies – TRIBAL I love hearing feedback from my products, and when I designed this die I wanted to be able to create a decent sized card with it. I think that this is why it’s been quite popular.





Who was your first celebrity crush…and have you drawn them?

Have not drawn them – and technically the crush was on a ghost… Casper who happened to turn in to Devon Sawa! If I remember correctly I had a really big poster of him on my wall growing up for the longest time. It’s still probably one of my favourite movies!


If you got locked in an elevator for 6 hours.. who would you most like to be locked in with?

Me, Myself and I! Did I mention I have 2 young boys and another on the way! 6 hours sleep – bring it!












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Spotlight Series … we’re almost there, who will be day one?

So, can you guess who else is  a guest spotlighter on the Crafting Circle Spotlight Series which will run through June?  Some names haven’t been mentioned yet, because I am still waiting on Q&A ‘s to come back and responses to some of  the invitations.


We have so many cool artists and designers signed up already (did you see the list on the other sneaky peek?’s growing) and some  who could and probably should be..aren’t. * sigh   I feel like such a stalker/groupie these days lol.  If you are an artist and you are wondering why you didn’t get invited… check your email junk and  Facebook PM’s… you may well have been invited and just not seen it yet….. or I may not have got to you yet… trust me I am beavering away with all of this.

Who said this?

What should be written on your gravestone when you die?

“Finally, she walks on the shores of Tír na nÓg. “


There are only 30 spots so I apologize if anyone thinks they should be on here and doesn’t get an invite. Feel free to bust me a message on Facebook, even if there aren’t free spots now…  doesn’t mean I can’t pull you in on another crazy project in the future. There is always going to be something going on :)..and you never know I may get some last minute spots open up once all the invites have been accepted, or declined.

For those of you who haven’t seen any of the previous sneaky peek posts… you can find them all on the front page of the blog…. or here:


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I have had so much fun reading these answers as I drafted up posts.  Ya’all are just a bunch of comedians… LOVE it!

If you don’t already subscribe to the blog, or  have me on Facebook, Google+ or twitter.. make sure you mark your calendars for this spotlight series.. you won’t want to miss it.

I shall need a vacation at this rate lol..but it’s been a lot of fun so far 🙂

Thank you to everyone who has made this series a possibility.. you all are fab and I am so glad I can be a part of this 🙂



Sneaky Peek……End of Spotlight Series Giveaway !

Well I have been a busy busy BUSY bee… so tired, but so worth it.  Lots of great coupons coming up from our Spotlighter’s on their Q&A spotlights…and … Drum roll please!!!!


The June Spotlight Series will round up with a fab sponsored giveaway…. lots of prizes from spotlighter’s and sponsors.  spotlight Series begins June 1st and the giveaway July 1st, so don’t forget to subscribe for blog updates, or follow Crafting Circle on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for updates…and be sure to follow your favorite artists, designers and vendors on social media  too 🙂

Want a quick sneaky peek at what you could  win??.. and woohoooo.. finally I can  offer some international giveaways.  I always feel so bad making them US only due to shipping costs. I can’t promise they will all be open to International, since it depends on the sponsors… but there will definitely be some this time  🙂

Chameleon Pens –  Win a 5  pack of the new color range International

2 Cute Ink –  win a 6 month Subscription to the 2 cute Ink Stamp Club  International

Rick St Dennis –  Original Artwork  International

Cute As a Button –  Clear Stamps tbd

KennyK –  Digital Stamps  International

NanaDonna’s Card Dreams Blog –  Crystals Border Mega Pack, self adhesive lace and rhinestone borders. tbd

CraftingCircle – Shaker Windows  and maybe a few other miscellaneous small prizes… stay tuned. tbd

Kit & Clowder  –  K&C Gift Card International

Simply B Stamps – Gift Certificates  International


…are you excited yet?    and that’s just  for starters.. more to come  🙂

Be sure to check out the previous Spotlight Series Sneaky Peek Posts….

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Spotlight Series Sneaky Peek part 4

Popping this one up a few hours early.. busy, busy night ahead of me and I wanted to make sure I got this done.


Well the first 7 Q&A’s are back and boy did I have a few giggles at these ones.  Here’s your sneaky peek for tonight…. the  lineup for the first week of  the Spotlight Series goes as follows:

..and another quick sneaky peek

One of these 7 spotlighters answered the question … who do you think it was?

Q. Do you plan to grow old gracefully, or disgracefully?
A.  oOOooooo disgracefully … of course!!

Did you notice a new name in that list…. ?   yes the list is still growing…. invites are still going out and responses awaited to fill up  the remaining spots… but what a  fab list we have so far.

Sadly a couple of declines, but sometimes  the timing isn’t quite right and  much as I hate to lose them from this fab lineup….I totally understand how busy these gals are. Maybe they will change their minds before the spots are all filled up??  if not.. there is always another crazy blog project later on down the road 🙂

I think Facebook might be eating some of my invites.. so I shall have to follow up with a few people to make sure  they got their invites…I know a few didn’t, luckily we connected and now have that straightened out 🙂

Ok ..  lots to do….stay tuned for more sneaky peeks over the weekend.


..More Spotlight Series sneaky peeks….

Well the Q&A sheets are starting to roll back in now… and I am loving these.   Everyone has been so cool and  taken time out of their busy days to answer some fun questions for you guys n gals.  Only one declined invitation so far out of all the ones sent.. that is pretty danged impressive for a last minute series.  Still a few open invitations… but I am beginning to get feedback that some of the PM’s weren’t going through on Facebook, so will have to chase up a few of them via email.

So  what’s tonight’s sneaky peek?  well .. how about a bit of news first.  There will be an end of series giveaway.. sponsored prizes from some of the spotlight guests and some from lil old me too. So be sure to follow the series, share the love and show these fab spotlighters how much we appreciate what they do for our craft!  Details will be posted later on when the series is under way and you will be able to enter the finale giveaway starting July 1st.. it will only be open for about a week… and winners will be posted by July 15th, so be sure to stop by.

A couple of quick WIP images featuring some of our artists & a designer spotlighter 🙂
day3_sneaky ok.. sneaky peek.. WHO DUNNIT? well more accurately.. who said it…..and why?

One of our spotlight series guests answered this to a question …. and I have to admit  this is not the FULL answer…. so  may be  slightly misleading, but heh.. that is half the fun right

….  the answer was “one that runs smooth, BLACK, and bad ass”

Now … what do you suppose that was about? ….. leave a comment if you think you know who said it and what the original Question was.



Spotlight Series – Sneaky Peek Part II


I know some of you are curious as to what those 50 questions our Spotlight Series guests are going to be answering…  sooo here are just a couple of them.  Just remember that everyone has a choice to pick and choose what, how many and how they answer.. so you may never ever know the answer to all of your favorite artists and designers deep, dark secrets muahahaha.spotlight_sneaky2

If you missed yesterday’s post with the current list of guests… just click on the home tab at the top…you can find that post.


Of the list posted yesterday…. who do you think is most likely to answer this one with a YES !!!  


“Do you secretly watch WWE wrestling when no one is around?”

…and how about….This one… what do you think  they said to this one?

“Do you plan to grow old gracefully, or disgracefully?”


and last sneaky peek for tonight

“What is your favorite piece in the whole store?”



I’m a coloring foo’   lots of WIP projects featuring our fab artists and  our designer/vendor goodies.  Time is ticking down….

Spotlight Series….. starts June 1st.. sneaky peek

spotlight seriesJune is the blog’s first anniversary… as part of the fun and games, there will be a spotlight series.  In my infinite wisdom I had a wee hours “moment” and this idea just came to me out of nowhere.  Of course I just had to see if it would fly…. and flying it is.  The response so far has been awesome, most all of the initial invites have been responded to… and everyone said YES!  I feel like the man from Del Monte!!!   ( youtube it if that went right over your head )

I am soo  honored that all these fab people are taking time out to do this, so…  just a sneaky peek at the list of artists, designers and vendors you will be getting a fun and sometimes crazy insight into starting June 1st.

Each of these people were sent a list of the same 50 questions.  The only rule was, you had to answer at least 10.   You could answer whichever ones you wanted ….and as many as you wanted, however you wanted.  Yes I know… that could get dangerous with some of these  guys n gals lol.

I am loving the answer sheets I am getting back…. so much fun learning these totally fun random things about people we know and love and chatter with day to day 🙂

Some of them may be new to you, be sure to go check their spotlights out too and leave a comment if you would be so inclined.   Crafting is just one big family… so let’s show these fab people that keep  showering us with all their crafty awesomeness ….some reciprocal lurv!!!….

There will be a few coupon codes, freebies and possibly even a giveaway, or two throughout the month on various spotlights. So feast your eyes on the current list which will grow as we reach the start of the spotlight series. Not necessarily appearing in this order….. we have  the luvvily, talented and admired….

  • Betty Queen of Hallows – Simply B
  • Elena/Kenny K – KennyK Stamps
  • Sherri Baldy – Besties
  • Heidi- 2 cute Ink
  • Samantha- My little Paper World
  • Janice- Scrapper’s Delights
  • Francesca – Cute As A button
  • Amanda Byron –  Faery ink
  • Lisa -Bloobel Stamps
  • Conie Fong – Conie Fong Art
  • Amy Chomas – Chomas Creations
  • Naz – Sasayaki Glitter
  • Carol Clarke – CUP Designer
  • Alyce- Kit & Clowder
  • Julia Spiri

…hmm I wonder who else is coming to the party!  We’ll have to wait n see… Series begins June 1st.. don’t be late 🙂

In the meantime… here’s a little something somethings I was working on  tonight.. still WIP ( works in progress ), but shaping up nicely.




Bloobel Stamps




“My Little Paper World” Happy Mail

I spotted these new dies on one of my Facebook trawls and when I showed them to the girls.. well.. ENABLER ALERT !!!

It went from oh “how cool are these” to ..”OH hook me up, I need these” in 0-60 lol.
Finally.. USPS decided to deliver my packet.  Due to the shipping costs from Australia, a group of us got together and Samantha at “My Little Paper World” very kindly let us do a group buy to save on shipping.  It was way more economical to ship them all to one of our girls, split the cost of International shipping and then have her distribute them and add on the US shipping charges.

One of our girls got hers last Thursday and they were mailed at the same time  *rolleyes.. but anywho.. here they are and that is what matters. Woohoooo

These dies cut beautifully on my Sizzix Big Shot, clean cuts and  the small pieces that don’t drop out when you remove the dies… pop out easily and cleanly.  Very impressed with these dies, can’t wait to see what new designs Samantha is bringing out later in the year.

Currently there are some tribal edging and these corners… Check out the Facebook page for more images and to see how versatile these corners are.

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