Finally..I completed my set of Chameleon Pens ..WOO HOO

I managed to pick up the last 10 of my missing colors just before Christmas and so I have been pushing myself to practice using these pens…. the way they were intended to be used lol.

I confessed previously, that I really haven’t used the blending chambers as much as I probably should have in the year I have had now, I am determined to do  more with that side of their functionality.

The last two packs I needed were floral and warm tones;  so I picked out two of my new Power Poppy images  that I haven’t colored yet, printed them on Canson Mixed Media paper and had a play.  I am quite pleased with these…. they have a soft, almost vintage botanical catalog/book feel to them. I avoided the overly bright modern and strong look I usually favor & kept these two muted.  These were colored with a  mix of pens from the whole set, NOT just the two latest color packs.

I did pop in a shadow  outline effect using my H2o detailer brush and the printer ink from the image.



Chameleon Pens:

PK2 Dusty Rose
RD5 Burgundy
OL3 Olive Green
BL4 Cornflower Blue
BL2 Baby Blue
OR3 Tangerine
YO2 Mellow Yellow
Chameleon Colors:

BR5 Bark
BR1 Taupe
NU4 Caramel
OR3 Tangerine
YO2 Mellow Yellow
OL3 Olive Green
GR1 Green Apple


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Confessions of a Chameleon Pen owner

confession time…

As a lot of you already know, I love my Chameleon Pens, but I haven’t really ever taken the time to really get to grips with the whole blending chamber thing… I use other methods to achieve the results I want.  BUT… earlier this week I found myself sat in an apt with no computer, no internet and no tv.. NADA Just a crate, a magnifier light some pre-printed images and my pens… and my desk top easel balanced on my knees.

…and very spotty 4G service on my phone.

Sooo.. guess who went through all of her pens testing them out and playing with blends.. <<< THIS GAL. Well let me just say it had it’s pros and cons…’s actually pretty dang cool… It’s really not rocket science and with a bit of patience and practice… it’s pretty quick and easy to get results.  The blending function  actually promotes a more relaxed style of coloring as you have to be patient and  not rush into it willy nilly scribbling away like a mad thing lol…even a 5 second’s just that subtle pause in the mania of things.  It gives you time to actually look at the images you are coloring  and take time to see where the shadows  and  highlights should be and just take it easy and chill.  I kinda needed that after the last few crazy months.  I think I’d kind of lost the enjoyment in coloring lately  as it was all about “having to get it done”  instead of just doing it for the pure enjoyment.

Cons.. I waited a year to find that out and some of my original set pen chambers were dry…and my clear blender refill was at the other apt. ( some of you know I am in the process of moving )

But I did have two of the newer 5 pen packs too so I did get to play. Considering my lack of desk, or proper seating and the fact it’s my first REAL time actually doing this… I am impressed.

Now I really want to get my hands on the full set… AND a lot of refills for my clear blender. As soon as I got home, I cleaned out the new bottle I had refilling all the dry chambers I could… so now I need to get more to finish up my set.

Just goes to show that sometimes you really should try, try, and try again…. and not just give up when it doesn’t quite work out the first time.

This was my tester piece

I did this one with the new gray tones pack I won … it’s a Power Poppy digital stamp.  I shall be playing with this a lot more now and incorporating it into my usual style. Excited to see how well the techniques compliment each other on a single piece.
I don’t feel so bad about tackling that gorgeous coloring book that came with these pens in my prize now.  WHEN I have time.

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Crayola got all grown up – Color Escapes Premium Pencils

I just ran across these on my travels around the web… definitely worth a second look for those of you who want some pencils without the huge price tag.  Love the packaging on these too.. very classy.  These would make a great gift for the upcoming holidays.  ( see available discounts below)

They are an online exclusive, available  from the Crayola store only…


• 72 assorted colors in an array of shades
• Perfect for coloring, drawing or sketching
• Color dipped ends for quick selection
• Soft 3.3mm cores for easy blending, layering and shading
• Thoughtful gift for coloring enthusiasts and artists
• Pre-sharpened tips
• Easel packaging for easy storage and display

Free Shipping with $50+ Crayola order

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page

Day 24 Kit and Clowder $15 gift Certificate

PRIZE:  $15 Kit & Clowder Gift Certificate

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NEW !!! Kit and Clowder – Nature Class Released

nature classThe long awaited Nature Class is now available at Kit & Clowder.  If you wanted to learn to color,  or improve your skills… Kit and Clowder is the place to be.

This class is JAM PACKED!

– 33 video tutorials (over 26 hours of viewing time)
– Over 158 pages of printable booklet/ebook with step by step tutorials
– All fundamentals and basics including blending videos, colour theory, and more for markers AND pencils
– One on one feedback on any nature image you colour (not just class images) so you really get help to take your colouring where you want
– Whole class is fully downloadable and do at your own pace with LIFETIME access!

– Receive 28 EXCLUSIVE digital stamps for FREE just for class members! Valued at over $80!!
All scene images used in the class are also freebies!
– ALSO! Receive our Lightsource Class FREE when you sign up during our launch! Valued at $15!

For more information and to register, come and join us over at

Kit and Clowder upcoming Create and Learn class


If ever there was a time to grab one of these classes…. this upcoming one would probably be it. We already knew that this upcoming one was going to have bonus backgrounds… BUT ….I saw a sneak peek at one of the class images tonight on the Kit & Clowder Facebook group and I am soooooo taking that class.

If you like mythical… mark your calendar for the 15th…you are going to love this.

New classes are released on the 15th of each month, one for markers and one for pencil. Of course you can buy whichever class you fancy…or both, and no one is going to scream at you for doing it in another media… * whistles innocently… like I would do such a thing.

The Create and Learn classes teach you how to create backgrounds for your colored images and even though I have only been hanging out with the group a couple of months or so… I have seen some really cool stuff.

Check out the store at Kit & Clowder to see the current C&L classes… or wait a few days and get ready to grab the next set of classes. Some of the older Create and Learn classes are available as bundles now too.

If you haven’t already checked out the Free class, “Mindful Me”, you really should. It’s a great introduction to Alyce and her awesome coloring lessons.  The free class gives you a great intriduction to coloring hair and skin as well as using shadows and light direction.  The group consists of all levels so don’t be shy and think you aren’t good enough…. everyone is really nice and  supportive …and Alyce is a great teacher.  Her technique classes include One on One feedback which is really helpful and the videos and course material are really well put  together.

PS if you are not a mythical fan…  Alyce is also working on a new technique class .. so nature lovers..stay tuned for that one.  The sneak peek botanical images from that class have been amazing so far….she is such a tease.

Kit and Clowder January Create and Learn Class Available Now


Just a heads up for anyone who has been following my foray into the world of hand coloring and the Kit & Clowder classes.

Kit & Clowder do a Monthly Create & Learn Class which teaches you how to create backgrounds for your projects ….as well as skin, hair and clothing.  January classes are now live. Don’t forget to upload  for a chance to win January Prizes.

This class is designed to teach you a broad variety of techniques to help you enhance your colouring, and quickly! You will learn all different skills every month including skin, hair, clothing, and backgrounds, that you can then take and apply to your non-class images.

Each class is based on suggestions from the Kit & Clowder Facebook Group and students, so if you have any ideas on something you would like to learn…. jump in and use the form to submit your ideas for consideration.

Each month two images are available….one for Markers and one for Pencils…. you can enroll in one, or both classes.

What do you get each month?

Lifetime access + No Time Limits Once a class is yours, even if that month is over, you will still keep access forever

Video Tutorial Covering each technique in depth – (approx. 2-3 hours)

Step by Step Print Booklet Covering a breakdown of each technique (approx. 15-20 pages)

50% off class digital stamp of the month

Colour conversions for popular brands

Alternative colour schemes Two alternative colour schemes to show you how to apply the techniques with other blends

Techniques are chosen by YOU! We pick our techniques from our class      questionnaire for members each month

One on One Feedback If you are part of our Technique Classes you can upload for one on one feedback

Prizes Challenge each month in our Facebook Group where you can win prizes just for colouring!

“Mindful Me” class project piece


This is a permission slip…. the idea behind it is to remove barriers and obstacles that may be hampering your creativity..I guess is a way to explain it.


But Alyce can explain it much better than me, so take a look at this free class over at Kit & Clowder.  You are supposed to give yourself permission to be, or do things that you have perhaps not been expressing lately. Then you hang it up where you can see it on a daily basis for motivation

Most of  what I would put on mine aren’t for public consumption …. but this about sums it up anyway lol.

This was a crazy piece…. as usual….I ended up experimenting.  ..SURPRISE !!!



close up..

The basic principals of the coloring classes are there, it’s just not as obvious as it would be in a regular marker style coloring.  This one was done on White Velvet paper with Chameleon Markers, a HUGE bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol…. $2 at Walmart for a quart of 91%. Water color brushes, a touch of Zig Memory System and a swipe of flesh tone pencils here and there.

It’s perfectly imperfect …. just like me and I like it that way.  I was going to keep going with the blending and touch up and detail, but I sat and looked at it for a bit and realized that it reflects me and my personality just the way it is…. and isn’t that what it’s all about?  It’s very time consuming to do it this way, but a lot of fun….and definitely something I will try again.

It has a French Impressionist feel to it that I like…. that wasn’t my intention when starting… in fact I’m not sure I really had any solid intentions.. it just kind of “happened”. But that is often how my projects go.  I start with an idea and it just takes off with a life of it’s own .. with me tagging along behind LOL.

Anyways .. here is my Permission Slip Project from the ” Mindful Me” Kit & Clowder coloring class.  “Mindful Me” is a Free Class, so hop on over and check it out if you like to, or have always wanted to try your hand at coloring.  If you have any comments or question about how this was done… please login and leave your comments below.




Back to school I go…I am now officially a Kit and Clowder student


I just signed up for the Skin and Hair class.

after joining the facebook groups for KennyK and Kit and Clowder and seeing all the awesome coloring  on both sites and the impressive before and after work of students… I bit the bullet and jumped in and signed up.

Alyce Kreegan …aka “Teach” is really cool and I know the classes are going to be a lot of fun.  If you are new to coloring like me, there are lots of classes to choose from beginner and up.

If you are interested in developing your coloring skills too, you can see all the available technique and project classes here SHOP.

If you want to see the students and K&C followers work…. check out their Facebook Group

…..and you can see all the beautiful cards and projects  done by Alyce herself.. here on the Blog


“Download Diva” from KennyK

I was coloring a cropped and blown up version of  “Download Diva” from KennyK on my practice sheets and all was going well

…then THE CHEEKBONES HAPPENED!! ugg.. the more I tried to fix it the worse it looked.  So I decided to stop procrastinating and signed up.

Poor Alyce…. she has a lot of work to knock me into shape…and I am very set in my ways LOL


Chameleon Pens Sneak Peak – New color Pallette

Luckily for both of us…Chameleon pens are almost ready to launch their new color palette..WOO HOO. I am loving my Chameleon Pens, but I struggle to find any pens with the skin tones I prefer. By the look of things the new color range is pretty wicked… so expect to see  those when become available next month 🙂

This is the class I just signed up for


– One on one personalised feedback on every image you colour with our class instructor (not just class images!)

– Video Tutorials – over 28 downloadable videos

– Exercise Sheets with over 24 cropped images from the class videos for you to practice on

– Booklet – 96 page print at home theory booklet with step by steps

– Study at your own pace with no time limits

– Discounts to all of our class sponsors – over 20 of the leading worldwide stamp and craft supply companies.

Join us to learn more about coloring skin and hair with tutorials in Copics, Spectrum Noir, Promarker, and more!

Image Explosion…. go big….or go home

KennyK Exploded Practice sheet


I was poking around on some facebook pages and saw a card that inspired me to do this practice sheet.  Everyone knows how much I love my KennyK digis … so it should be no big surprise that I chose those to test this out with.

I double checked the TOU (terms of use) make sure I was ok to share this idea online.  So here goes, this is my practice sheet of cropped and blown up KennyK images.

Not all of the images I have, and I have a LOT of them…. are suited to this blown up square…. but would work great blown up in a rectangle or circular frame.. so don’t be surprised if you see more of these.


KennyK Exploded Practice sheet

I  can see me having a lot of fun experimenting with these over the coming months.  It’s also a good way to practice areas you are struggling with… which for most people is hair and skin.

Images shown are:

“Bodacious Bev” digi stamp
“Download Diva” digi stamp
“Brianna Blaster” digi stamp
“Miss Fortune” digi stamp

I’m playing around with a combination of Chameleon pens and Zig Memory System Set on these ones, but I’m still not happy with the skin tones… I still prefer to do skin digitally.  But persevere I shall, and I think I will invest in a set of the brush markers.  I love the ones I have in the memory system set, but since it’s a mixed tip set.. obviously it doesn’t have the entire color range.  I love the Zig chalk pens  that came in the set for the hair, so a set of those in the writing tip is another must for early next year.

 This post contains affiliate and sponsor links....

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