February Artists Challenge

“You suck!!!”


No it’s not a statement, or an observation lol…. it’s the new Artist Challenge theme for February.

A ¬†few ideas to tickle the palette..as always these are just for inspiration.. feel free to use any inspiration that reflects the theme, lots of room for artistic license ūüôā

milk shake
lottery machine
Flowbee.. I know ya’all remember the Flowbee from the 80’s….fess up…. who bought one?


  • Each artist may enter up to 10 individual NEW digital stamp images per given theme.
  • Images¬†can go on sale as soon as they have been entered into the challenge.
  • You may add single images, or link to a blog post with up to 10 images..but each image must be entered in the challenge linky individually.
  • You may showcase the images in color, or projects on your blog links should you wish to show off ¬†inspirational images too.

Lets see what you got!

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Cricut Explore – Loose pen housing and registration mark issues.. FIXED !!!

OMG I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am right now..and it’s all thanks to my message board lady Ms NanaDonna.

A few months back I had mentioned having problems with my Cricut Explore not cutting fine cuts at all and that I had a problem with my Explore,¬†in that it suddenly wouldn’t read registration marks. ¬†NanaDonna bless her heart, mentioned that she had ¬†had a problem with her cuts too and had found help on the old Cricut Forum.¬†The ladies on there cut the exact same file as her and theirs were perfect, so she had contacted support and they told her that they had a problem with some of the blade housings being loose, so they sent her
a new one.  Admittedly her machine had other issues and was actually replaced altogether.

crciut_housingWell I contacted them, explained the problem and I too got a new housing and carbide blade in the mail. For whatever reason,¬†I was not expecting that the replacement “housing” was the same thing you can pick up in stores…. I was expecting the main housing mechanism that held the “blade housing” DOH.
Now I have to be fair here and mention; that before it arrived, I actually resolved my own cutting issue simply by accident. ¬†I decided to try out an old legacy blade that I had from my original Cricut Expression and threw that in my deep blade housing….and it worked. ¬†But I did switch it out for the new set when they arrived and they too, worked perfectly.

I have never been able to cut such fine detail ¬†until I switched out my blade housing…fine_cutCUP files bear arches_trellis_wm footie

















Problem solved… NEXT

Ok so ¬†by this point I had also noticed an issue with my Explore reading registration marks…. suddenly it couldn’t seem to read a dang thing. ¬† After trying all of the usual suggestions you find around the web…. too much light, not enough light, shiny paper etc. none of which helped. ¬†I discovered that my machine could read the registration marks perfectly, ¬†ONLY if I wasn’t printing at the maximum allowed height and width. ¬†My machine could handle a max of 5×7 and that was it…. ¬†so I learnt to live with slightly smaller print and cuts. ¬†The Lady at Cricut email support who fixed my cutting problem, told me to call it in…. Heh….I got busy, what can I say, it worked…. it wasn’t a huge priority for me. ¬†I now had a machine that cut fine cuts like a dream and could print and cut…. on a slightly smaller scale. ¬†Callibration….yeah well that had to be done manually…. but I could live with that ¬†LOL

Ok….so we move on a week or two and suddenly,¬†my Cricut can’t read registration marks worth a damned again…. it would start reading in totally the wrong place…. offset in from the left and top anywhere from a 1/4 inch, to about 1 inch. ¬†So I learnt to run it through and watch to see where it started, and when it failed….I removed the material and re positioned it to match.
So… frustrating, but once again…. problem solved. Fast forward to about a week ago and my print and cut is ¬†now reading from the correct start position every time. ¬†I am pretty sure this machine is not possessed… but anything is possible.

Ok….so last night I am working on a card…. the scoring tool is in and it’s all working perfectly. ¬†I go to bed, wake up this am and do a write and cut…. nothing fancy, just a speech bubble.

And ….NO…. not happening. ¬†It looks like a 95 year old lady tried to write this…. ( no offense to you ladies of advanced years with great handwriting and no shakes… ) something is seriously not right here.

HousingSo I ¬†check my pen and pen adapter (…. Yes as you can see by the ¬†pictures, I do not use the standard Cricut Adapter, this is an Amy Chomas Pen Adapter) and notice that the actual housing ….NOT the pen holder, but the actual¬†mechanism pen¬†housing is moving left to right …. not just up and down. ¬†It’s ¬†shaking around so much, you could make a martini on this thing.


So.. I do my usual google thing…. nothing there, just posts about changing out the pen holder if broken….which is not my problem. ¬†So I go to my¬†email and email back the lady at email support and tell her I¬†have a new problem. ¬†In the meantime, I hopped on over to our message board and posted a message to my ladies asking if anyone had any ideas.

NanaDonna, ¬†who originally told me about the blade housing problem…. damned if she didn’t chirp up with an answer within minutes. ¬†She emailed me a PDF which by the way was given to her as a link by Cricut themselves….with instructions on how to tighten up the ¬†pen housing unit. ¬†This PDF was originally from CricutLoversGuide¬†by¬†Jan Krummrey. ¬†THANK YOU JAN !!!! ¬†The link on Cricut’s site didn’t work for me so here it is..and be sure to say thanks to Cricut LoversGuide and Jan if you go visit.

UPDATE: Cricut Support sent me this PDF via email this am….so I guess they have their own documentation now.

There is a small brass ring that slips out sometimes and that is the reason the housing moves around too much. ¬†The hardest part of this process for me was …. finding a dang screw driver to fit in behind the unit to remove the cover ¬†and the two screws top and bottom of the housing. ¬†My toddler loves Handy Manny and so I have to hide all my micro drivers etc., ¬†or he will disassemble the whole house one day LOL

Ok so I followed the PDF instructions…. and voila…. no more wobbily pen holder. ¬†Ran a test write and it was great, ¬†EXCEPT my cut was now off *rolleyes.

Now bear in mind for months my registration marks won’t read at full size…. and of course that means the calibration sheet won’t read either….so I see another fun manual calibration in my future. ¬†But I decide to run a calibration sheet through my printer anyway so I can mark down my manual settings for reference in case I need them again later.
I figured what the hell…. might as well see if it will read them while I am tinkering around.. and Damned if my Explore didn’t read those dang marks like a pro….and¬†cut the calibration sheet perfectly too.

So now I am running a test on the original image I was trying to write and cut … fingers crossed !!!!

BINGO !!! ¬†as of this point … all of my issues are now resolved simply with a new blade housing and tightening up the pen holder housing.

One extremely happy Cricut Explore owner here ¬†ūüôā