Lil Inkers Dual Stitch Dies sizing

lilinkers_sizingAs promised… here are the measurements  for anyone who was interested in the Dual Stitch Rectangular Dies from Lil’Inkers.

The dimensions are for inner (I) and outer (O) cuts and are approximate.  Sorry no scientific instruments here.. just a good old fashioned ruler 🙂

Now I have shown the sizing here with double stitched frame cuts, using two of the dies together.  This is not exactly their intended use.. but dual stitched dies are pretty cool and very popular.

For those of you struggling to read the chicken scratch on my photo, here they are listed smallest to largest.

Die 1 – (smallest)  1 9/16 inch x 2 13/16
Die 2 –  2 8/16 x 3 12/16 (O) 1 9/16 x 2 13/16 (I)
Die 3 – 3 7/16 x  4 10/16 (O) 2 8/16 x 3 12/16 (I)
Die 4 – 4 4/16 x 5 8/16th (O) 3 7/16 x  4 10/16 (I)

When used singly..

Die 1 1 9/16 x 2 13/16
Die 2 2 8/16 x 3 12/16
Die 3 3 7/16 x  4 10/16

Die 4 cuts a perfect A2 single stitched border around the whole rectangle
and each of the remaining dies will cut a negative and positive as seen below.


The ability to cut double stitched frames  was a big deciding factor when I chose these particular dies, because they looked like they had that ability and…. sure enough….it works.

ExampleSt Patricks Day Card Project

St Patrick’s Day Card

Well I couldn’t resist knocking up a quick card with my new Lil’Inkers dual stitch dies and the cute Bugaboostamps St Patricks Day Hedgehog digital stamp I bought. So here it is…


  • The base card is from a multi-color Recollections pack
  • Lil’ Inkers dual stitch frame is cut on dollar store glitter card….kinda neat and very inexpensive when you can find it.
  • Single stitch mat is  from a Green Recollections pack – Feathered Greens with a stripe of Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust around the stitch edge. ( photo colors are a bit off on that..its more green than teal)
  • Image printed on my awesomely fab new Epson Eco Tank ** I AM SO IN LOVE
  • Image background Ranger Alcohol Adironack Inks with a cotton swab using Blender, Sunshine Yellow & Stream.
  • Image is  fussy cut for a double layer effect and  colored with a mix of Chameleon Pens,  Zig Kurecolor, Ranger Distress Pens and a touch of Wink of Stella White to glam up the hat buckle.
  • Ribbon  – Michaels bargain bin special
  • Entire piece popped on a sheet of Darice adhesive foam


Latest haul – Gina Marie Dies and extras

My Gina Marie Dies arrived today from Scrapbook Outlet … I picked up 5 sets of single stitch dies.. 2 regular and 3 cross stitch patterns. I also picked up a “Welcome” die for a project and snagged a couple stamps and an embossing folder with a vintage key pattern which is rather cool.

Gina Maries dies are very reasonably priced so I thought I would give this brand a try.  I’d never heard of them till now and I know some of my message board ladies aren’t familiar with these for anyone else who hasn’t seen these…. check them out 🙂

I listed the links below for the dies I got, but there are loads more really cool dies, stamps and folders  to check out.  I will definitely be back for more myself 🙂

Gina Marie X stitch Rectangle Die Set

Gina Marie X stitch Circle Die Set

Gina Marie X stitch Square Die Set

Gina Marie “Welcome” Die

Gina Marie Stitched Circular Die Set 

Gina Marie Stitched Rectangle Die Set

I only had time for a quick test on a couple of these…. the Welcome cuts beautifully and I shall be using that a lot this month for a project.   The stitched dies cut real nice too…. I just didn’t get to do much because….it’s my anniversary today and well… you know how it is… your love of crafting has to take a back seat to the love of your life.. right?   BUT he is back to work tomorrow….so all bets are off hahaha.  Look out for upcoming projects using these and I’ll do a review of sizes dimensions etc soon.

Lil’Inker Designs – Dual Stitched Rectangular Dies

NOTE: for those of you who use digital and physical stamps …I’ll be adding dimensions for the cutouts and panels in another post when I get the rest of the dies I want from here. If you need info. on these rectangular dies before then.. leave a comment below and I’ll get my measuring stick out just for you 🙂

First Impression when I opened the envelope was.. wow .. that’s nice.  I am so used to getting things shoved in a jiffy envelope with an invoice…. it’s nice to have someone go that extra  to make a good first impression.  I almost felt guilty busting it open, even something as simple as some tissue paper and a label makes a nice impression.  So bear that in mind if you are buying these as a gift 🙂 … not that I am hinting at anyone,  because my man doesn’t read my blog *rolleyes

Once you get over the guilty feeling of ruining the cute packaging….inside the package the dies are inside a zip lock style bag and mounted on a magnetic sheet… another nice touch.  I hate wrestling dies off that awful gluey stuff and tape some brands use.

..and of course.. the important part.. the Dies.
This set contains 4 dies.  the largest, which is the A2 die is a single stitch die and then there are 3 nested double dies for that negative positive effect. ( see below for example of what you can do with these dies )

I bought these dies for several reasons… there are cheaper single stitch dies available…and there are double stitch dies available in the same price range.  But so far these are the only ones I have found that have this kind of versatility.

I like the fact I have an A2 sized stitched border. I love the fact that the dual edge giving the negative and positive is a great paper saver.  You get two cuts in one.

But what I really love about these is that if you combine two of the can also make a double stitched frame and depending on which dies you use.. you not only get the double stitched frame, you get the single stitched edge for images and the single stitched  cut out frames.

Now the real biggie for me.. is something I won’t find out till tomorrow when the other dies I bought arrive.  If these will mix and match with the other dies size wise…. I will be in heaven.  The combinations  available will be awesome.  So we shall have to wait and see if the other set has a similar ratio on their dies.

All I can say right now at this point is..I really like these dies. The combinations available with just this set alone are worth every penny.  Regardless of whether or not they  mix and match with my other dies…I will be grabbing a couple more of these sets in various shapes.. square , circular and oval I think were the choices.  And I think I saw some sets of dotted dies too, I have never tried those so would be curious to see the difference.

Ok here is a quick peek at a few combination cuts I made using these dies on some card scraps….just to give you an idea of the possibilities.  You will see these and  more used in some upcoming project be sure to check them out.

Large Single stitch and Large double stitch combo gives you a double stitched  frame and a single stitch to stamp or decorate


Using the largest double die gives you two useable pieces… an inner piece to  place images on and a stitched cutout  for framing pieces.

This would be fab for those of us who like to do vellum windows or shaker cards.


And .. you can always offset  the smaller die in side of a larger die to create a variety of offset cutouts.  Of course, if you also buy the other shapes.. then you have so many more options for cut out frames. Which I am sure you will see soon, because I plan to buy the other shapes lol.

Now ..I also ordered some other dies.. which I am dying to try out with these too… which … if they work the way I hope are going to make these dies even more versatile.

In a nutshell…  would I recommend these dies…. hell yeah.

If you are on a budget like I am and you really want a set of stitched dies….Lil’Inker Designs would be the brand I  would say start with.   They give you the single and double stitched effect and give you the negative and positive stitches.  I can’t think of another set that does this.  I only got the one set this time, because I wasn’t sure that the double stitch effect I had wanted in another set of dies was possible and this is the first time I had seen or heard of  this particular brand.  Now I know it works…I am getting more of these dual stitched dies… no question.

Stitched Dies – ScrapbookOutlet & Lil Inker Designs

I may have mentioned I have been having a little shopping Spree this month…. *grin

shaker 3
One of the things I have been looking for is stitched dies to use with my shaker card windows. One of our ladies has these fab stitched dies Die-namics – My  Favorite Things which I have coveted for a while..and yes… I’ll be getting some of those too :).  So I went on a shopping expedition looking for some stitched dies.  I ran across a message board post that mentioned Scrapbook Outlet dies and they had a lot of nice things to say about them.. not only quality but the price too.

We all know stitched dies aren’t cheap… well guess what…

They aren’t the double stitched dies I had been looking at.. but I picked up a bunch of single stitch dies from Scrapbook Outlet  at a fab price and also a Die from another company Lil Inker Designs which is quite unique.  I am hoping that these work well in combo with each other and some dies I already have.. we shall see, they should be here early next week.  Just in time to use them for the February challenges over on the message board  and  of course the KennyK Group challenges twice a month 🙂


By the way for anyone interested,  there is a  Design Team Call over at Lil Inker Designs. I’d love to  try out for that, they have some great products…. but I’m not sure I could compete with all the fab card makers who would love that position.  I’ll be posting  Design Team Call information in another post shortly.


Anywho, back to the Dies… what really caught my eye on the Lil Inkers Die I bought was ..One ..the size and Two the design.  I am really hoping that their ratios match some of my other dies so I can mix and match for some unique designs of my own… we shall see. You know me..I like to experiment.

Check this Die range out, it’s pretty cool.  I know I’ll be back for some of the others myself, the thrifty crafters out there are going to love these because of the way they utilize the negative and positive…. we all love less paper waste and time saving..right!

“The largest die in this set cuts an A2 stitched rectangle- something that we’ve not yet featured in any of our rectangle sets. Now you have a stitched rectangle the exact size of your card base! The remaining three dies in this set feature our exclusive Dual Stitching on the inside and outside of the cut line which can be used in so many fun and creative ways!”


The other dies I bought are from Scrapbook Outlet.  Now these are  just single stitch dies, but you can’t beat the price on these and I read good things about the quality of these too. I think these will work nicely with other dies I have….. and intend to have *grin.

The Dies I got are in the  *** GINA MARIE DESIGNS *** range  on the site…and I couldn’t resist a few extras while I was there  lol.

gina sticthed circle


stitched rectangles gina


gina xstitched circle














I also picked up a Rectangle and Square set in the X stitch design , a “Welcome” Die,  a really cool key embossing folder which will be perfect for a project I am working on and a couple of clearance stamps.

I’m super excited  to get my hands on all these new goodies and get cracking on some challenge cards… so  expect to see a bunch of card projects towards the end of this month while I play catch up.



Ever wanted to try Design Memory Craft Gelatos ?

I saw a facebook post for these and thought maybe some of you ladies and gents who color, might be interested to know you can get some coupons for these when you sign up for their newsletter.     I believe its a $5 and a $2 coupon.

Lots of color choices and can be purchases singly or in multipacks… looked pretty cool ..I am kinda tempted to try the Steampunk set

  • Gelatos Color are creamy sticks infused with brilliant color. The color glides easily onto papers and can then be dissolved with water to create watercolor effects or left to dry for vibrant bursts of color
  • Try stamping with the Color Gelatos or apply a field of color and use a stamp to remove the color
  • Color Gelatos work wonderfully on flocked papers and embellishments too
  • Color Gelatos are acid-free and odorless
  • Gelatos Colors: Iced Chai, Black Cherry, Cinnamon, Iced Coffee, stipple brush, dot dabber


Compact acid-free pigment sticks glide on creamy smooth for vibrant color and coverage.  All Gelatos® blend easily with or without water.  Try this unique medium on paper, canvas, or wood!

If you have  already tried these, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think of them and what you used them on…