Who’s ready for Cyber Monday deals at Michaels? 11/27

Michaels is gearing up for cyber Monday with a fab 30% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE…and… FREE SHIPPING (ground shipping, oversized charges may apply)… with no minimum purchase.   So all you ladies who aren’t lucky enough to live in an area like me with a tonne of stores and be surrounded by all of this loveliness..now is your chance !!!

Epic Cyber Monday Deals! 30% Off Entire Online Order + Free Shipping (No Minimum)!

Coupon Code: CYBER30W INCLUDING SALE ITEMS (exclusions apply)

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Have you been checking out the fab deals running right now… tag on this added coupon for all the goodies not already on Sale too…and that makes for one heck of a fun shopping spree.  Coupon valid 11/27  so make sure you go window shop and check out all the goodies and get ready to rumble !!

Here’s a peek at a few of the papercraft deals going on in my area right now…

Laminated Bookmark for Abandonment

We ran out to the store last night to pick up a few things for the little guy and right next to it is a Panera Bread. We’ve never been in one before; but Grandma gave hubby some Gift cards at Christmas, so we figured we would give it a  try. The Broccoli Cheddar  soup was awesome, sandwiches were great … hubby loved the Cinnamon Rolls and lil man gave the Fudge Brownie a BIG thumbs up.

It kind of reminded me of the restaurants and coffee shops we would frequent back in Silicon Valley….very relaxed and a place people come to hang out, read, chat and do homework. So, that inspired this next project…I am going to abandon some pieces here next time we go as part of our Abandoned Art missions.

Here is my January Inspiration for the Cute As A button Inspiration Show case, featuring “IMG00284 Nothing Like A Good Book”  I used my own Sentiment for this project.

She is colored with Chameleon Pens, I added the black digital borders before printing her out. I added a blue panel behind  and then ran it through my laminator and trimmed it up. I punched  a hole and threaded some cute ribbon through it.  Very quick project  for the book lovers.

If you don’t have a laminator, they also sell self sealing laminating pouches.

Inspiration Showcase


CAAB Facebook Group

CAAB Digi Stamp Store

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page

Cricut Luggage ..travel in style!

Have you seen the Cricut Luggage?  I am sorry I can’t bring myself to call it a bag, or storage, or  cart …. this looks too classy….it has to be luggage lol

If you are a Cricut crafter who has to travel a lot to retreats, shows etc  and you want to do it in style.. you have to see these.  Or if you are a looking for a gift for the Cricut Crafter who has EVERYTHING…, and we all know there are a few of those haha.  Check these out…. or as my 4 year old says …

“Check these Bad Boys out !”

cricutluggageDesigned in a stylish, but classic tweed, for use at home or on the go! “These premium crafting bags are thoughtfully designed to provide organization and storage for your Cricut machines and craft supplies”


Rolling Craft Tote


• Easy rolling premium craft bag
• Multiple compartments, pockets and detachable storage
• Specially designed to hold rolls of vinyl, iron-on and more
• Multi-directional wheels roll in any direction
• Machine and supplies sold separately




Machine Tote


• Thoughtfully organized
• Conveniently designed to stack with Rolling Craft Tote
• Side pockets, compartments and sturdy double-snap handle
• Soft padding for added protection
• Machine and rolling tote sold separately





Shoulder Bag


• Thoughtfully designed for mobility
• Padded section for laptop or tablet
• Holds 12”x12” materials
• Inside zipper pocket





rolling Craft Tote +Machine Tote Combo



• Rolling Craft Tote, Tweed
• Machine Tote, Tweed





Sadly me and my Cricut are pretty stationary..but if I was travelling a lot.. these would definitely be on my wish list.   I love the classic tweed look.

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page


Shopping spree…. yeah ..another one lol



I had a bit of a splurge at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree the other day ….well two Michaels actually LOL


There are a whole bunch within driving distance and two on the way to the In Laws…. so I hit those again.




OMG the deals at Michaels right now ….almost everything I got in the first store was on clearance or sale…. and the I had a 50% coupon for a regular price buy.  THEN the little girl at the register pulls out a different coupon and says, “I got another one for you….” yeah it helps to be nice to retail workers….when you are an a$$hole, you only get to use your own coupons LOL.  So she pulls out a 30% off EVERYTHING….sales, clearance the whole shebang…. and adds that on 🙂


Shame the girl at the second store wasn’t so sweet…. but heh….It was all clearance and sales stuff there too anyway.





Picked up a bunch of single sheet paper 7/$1 ….14 cents a pop…. I can handle that, specially with the extra 30% off lol.   And some of them were colored vellum too 🙂  There were a couple I wanted at the first store that were on clearance…. didn’t make sense to get them…but I picked them up at sales price in the second store.  Not all stores have the same clearance items.



I picked up a bunch of Wink of Luna pens….if you haven’t seen them already, check them out.. they are like Wink of Stella, but metallic.  Why the hell are they on clearance already??? not that I am complaining…. I would have grabbed more if I had the spare money this month.  I already spend a tonne of money already this month. I also got some wood frames to decorate, one of which you may have seen in the Grandma project.



The Turtle is just a prop, my son thought I needed a lil something extra in my picture lol      … but he is available at all good Walmarts.



The Recollections card stock was on offer 5 for $10 again…. so I grabbed a bunch of that.

Martha Stewart corner and border punch sets… CLEARANCE… oh hell yeah.  My little guy loves to punch paper and these are so much easier for him to use than the others, but at $25 a set…. I have to budget for them and wait for coupons etc.  $12.99 on clearance, thank you very kindly!!




Christmas clear cling stamps, 50% off….  and the $1.50 cheapie stamps bins now have the Christmas ones …. I always grab  the cheapie stamps for the lil guys collection 🙂


I picked up a new Ranger Archival ink pad…. the big ones.. 50% off, thank you coupons LOL


I snagged some metallic card, holographic foil, a few plastic cutting mats for playdoh, candles and some pens to try in the Cricut from the DollarTree.com


I got the reindeer stickers, cork mats, felt ornaments and the White Sakura Gelly Roll pens at Hobby Lobby… all Christmas stuff was 50% off and the pens had a 40% off coupon.

The hole punch is a 2 inch throat one from Walmart, I picked that up for doing the shaker card  window game cards,  when I didn’t want to cut holes on the Cricut for that.

My Joann.com order will be here on Saturday…. Hallelujah!!! I can’t wait to try out my new embossing powders.


Looks like we are pretty well set for some serious crafting over the winter 🙂

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WOW .. how cool is that, Blitsy accept competitor coupons
$10 discount for new signups, valid for 24 hours after signup.

Currently the have a sale on spellbinder dies and a huge warehouse sale covering all sorts of crafts… check out the paper section for great deals on paper and paper stacks 🙂   If your local craft stores are cutting back on your favorite supplies, or you don’t live close to the 3 major craft stores… check these guys out.

Capt. Locke 3D Topper Card

There is some debate over the technique name used in this project.. some call them pyramid toppers, some refer to them as Decoupage.  I’m just going to refer to it as a 3D Topper Card …you can make your own mind up after you have seen the project 🙂

This is something I have wanted to try FOREVER !!! and I finally got to do it as part of our July Challenge over on the message board.

It’s not a quick project, but it is fairly easy to  do, and the technique would work for all sorts of different themes and styles. There are lots of artists who sell premade sheets for projects like this, or you can go ahead use your own images and layer sets.


Ok..as a brief introduction to the project here is a supply list of items I used.

    • Digital Image  – Capt.Locke from KennyK’s Steampunk Collection
    • Jasc Paint Shop Pro V7  – used to color Capt. Locke
    • 11×17 110lb card –  for card base & embossed scraps
    • Darice A2 folders – Music, Time pieces, brick and some random borders
    • Black Dye ink pad, any will do but I use CraftSmart for these  dry ink projects
    • Double sided tape
    • Sticky back foam from Walmart for spacers between the layers
    • A set of Paint brushes in various shapes and sizes

STEP 1 – Coloring your main image The first thing I did was choose my image and color it in PSP 7 (there will be a video tutorial soon showing how I digitally color my images). If you prefer you can always hand color, then scan and upload the finished piece into Design space…. or if you are not a Cricut Explore user…. hand cut these images.

STEP 2 – Cutting your layers in Design Space
The image was loaded into my Design Space Account and set up for Print and cut. The image was print and cut 6 times. Because this was a one off card project and rather large, I only cut the main outlines on my Cricut…. the parts I needed to remove for each layer were done by hand. If this was a project I intended to make multiples of, I would have created the individual layers in my graphic program first.
For those of you who need it, there will also be a video for the design space portion of this project too.



Step 3 – handcutting your layers Each layer had some portion of the previous layers removed, it’s easier to show in an image than to explain in text.






STEP 4 – Building your layers  I wanted my layers to be pronounced so I used a sticky back foam sheet from Walmart.  If you don’t have it, or don’t want to buy it… there are other alternatives. If you simply don’t want to give it such an exaggerated depth… either use no spacers at all, or something much thinner like a sheet of card.






Step 5 – Assemble your 3D Topper  As you can see Capt. Locke has some depth to her now.  I personally do not like the white edges that are left after cutting dark images.  Even if your Cricut is perfectly aligned, the actual paper edge is still going to be white.. so before I assemble my cards, whether they be single layers or multilayered like this one… I run a crayola marker along the edges.
and there she is …. one completed 3D Topper, multi-layers of  Steampunk Hawtness!!




STEP 6 – Now the background… that is  totally up to you based on your design and style.  for this project I simply took 110lb card stock ripped it into sizes that would fit my embossing folders.  Ran it through my Texture Boutique and then I dry brushed these  to pick up the embossing and to make the ripped edges  pop.  The Base card was an 11×17 110lb card stock, it was folded in a similar fashion to a 3/4 fold card and then dry inked  for a vintage look.

STEP 7 – Assembly Finally I stuck on my embossing and inked pieces and Capt. Locke took her pride of place.  Now this card could easily be blinged out with sentiments and  some steampunk style objects..  but right now I haven’t decided exactly what I want to do with her. So she shall sit safely tucked away till I do.

So here she is…  click for bigger view